I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 232

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◈ Episode 232: Traces of Fire (2)

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Facing Albert, Violetta suddenly put her hand to her face.

The burn marks are now gone.

The place throbbed like it was on fire.

ha. ha.

Violetta, breathing heavily, took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

Without taking her eyes off Albert, who was staring this way, Violetta slowly descended the stairs.

With lofty steps that do not lose dignity.

Albert looked at him and frowned.

‘Look at that.’

I was surprised that Violetta is the manager of this place, but that’s all.

Rather, I thought it was easy to use.

Staring at this side with a confident gaze without fear really stimulated his planting.

“What are you doing? customer.”


At the words of Violetta, who drew a line between them, Albert laughed.

“Was it so awkward that we called each other hard?”

“We weren’t close enough to call each other by name.”

“Kuk-kuk. While I couldn’t see you, I became very bold.”

Albert took a quick look around the shop [House of Verdi].

“To be the manager of a store like this. It has come out quite well. How many men have you embraced in your skirt so far? Did you ask for a lot of money?”

“… … .”

“And your face is fine? It must have been a burn that even the priest could not heal. Or did you even wear leather?”

“customer. If you have nothing to say, please leave.”

Albert, who was stroking his chin, frowned at Violetta’s blatant banquet.

“He has grown up a lot. In the past, we wouldn’t have even met eyes, but he proudly told me to leave. Or was the punishment I gave you not enough?”

At the word punishment, Violetta bit her lip.

As the conversation between the two went unusually, words began to come out from around them.

“oh. I guess you two knew each other.”

“More than that, is there something strange about Mr. Albert’s attitude towards the manager here?”

“Listening to the conversation between the two of them, it seems that the manager may have been someone else before.”

Rudger, who was watching the situation, also felt something strange.

Judging from Albert’s attitude and Violetta’s reaction, the two seemed to have known each other in the past.

‘The burn marks on Violetta’s face.’

Rudger has fixed it now, but until then Violetta had been wearing a black veil covering her face.

It was to cover up the ugly burn marks that covered half of her face.

And the person who caused the burn marks.

‘That guy did it.’

A bad relationship from the past that left a scar on Violetta.

It has come back now.


‘Yes, brother.’

Rudger spoke to Hans in a quiet voice.

‘Tell me what kind of guy Albert is. And call Pantos.’

‘I understand.’

Meanwhile, the conversation between Violetta and Albert continued.

“I have nothing more to do with you. It’s all over since that day.”

Violetta is trying hard to pretend she’s okay, but her hands are shaking.

“this. Violetta. I know one, I don’t know the other. You think it’s over, but I’m not.”

“… … Didn’t that day’s work end with scars on my face?”

“It was. But look now. wound? Where do you think it is?”

Albert said with a smirk.

“I don’t know what you did, but it’s great. Healed very neatly. Did any high priest know about it? hey How on earth can you be healed by a priest of that level if you have good night skills?”

The expressions of the staff who were listening impatiently to Albert’s mocking Violetta turned cold.

Most of the staff working at [House of Verdi] belonged to the women of the black rose.

And among the staff in this room, there was no one who hadn’t received help from Violetta.

If it wasn’t for her help, I would have grown up in trouble in this slum.

In a society where even dreaming is not allowed, it was the owner and Violetta who helped her live like a human being.

That Violetta was being insulted now.

The atmosphere suddenly turned grim.

Even the quick-witted ladies noticed that the atmosphere in the store had changed and stopped talking.

“If you’re going to keep talking, let’s do it in a quiet place.”

“why me?”

Violetta tried to move, but Albert refused.

“Just talk here. Oh, can’t you? I don’t want it to be revealed that the owner of that fancy dress shop was a person who sold his body.”

“… … you.”

Violetta was enraged by Albert’s words, but looked at the reaction around her.

Violetta now works as the manager of a prestigious dress salon in Royal Street.



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Her previous occupation was a prostitute.

Now, if a courtesan runs a salon frequented by rich ladies, he will surely be affected.

Sales will decrease, and rumors will spread and affect others adversely.

Contrary to what I thought some of the noble ladies who were shocked by Albert’s words would make a fuss even now.

The reaction was something strange.

‘what? Be quiet.’

The reaction was that although I was watching this side, I couldn’t hear the conversation between the two.

No, more than that, the surroundings were so quiet that I couldn’t even hear their breathing.

It was the same with Albert who realized the strangeness.

“What is this? Magical response?”

Albert realized that magic was unfolding around him and Violetta.

‘When the hell is this kind of magic?’

What surprised Albert the most was that he hadn’t noticed the magic even after it had fully unfolded.

‘Could it be this year?’

Albert thought Violetta had played a trick.

A stray cat who stole magic from herself and learned it.

As a punishment for that, I had burn marks on my face like a stigma, but I wonder what the heck did I do, and I was on a winning streak.

I thought that if I developed the magic I learned then, I might do something like this.

But after seeing Violetta’s reaction, Albert realized that wasn’t the case.

The one who used magic was a different person.

‘Then who the hell are you?’

Albert, looking around, noticed a man approaching this way.

“What are you again?”

Albert frowned and glared at the masked man.

Instinctively, he realized that this magic had been performed by him.

“customer. Do you have any business in our store?”

Rudger snapped his fingers as he said that.

The sound blocking magic installed around them was canceled at once.

“Who is that person?”

“Since when have you been here?”

When the guests were puzzled, all the employees who recognized Rudger bowed their heads toward Rudger at the same time.

“Meet the owner.”

Having said that, it was impossible not to know his true identity.

“Is that the owner?”

“A party to the revival of Royal Street!”

Violetta also recognized Rudger and opened her eyes wide.

“Oh, sir. What’s going on here… … .”

Albert, who heard Violetta’s murmur, smirked at the owner.

“ah. Are you the owner who is said to be the owner of this Royal Street?”

Albert also had ears to hear.

The absurd rumor that Royal Street, a hot street in Ledervelk recently, was rebuilt by just one man.

Owner, who did not reveal his identity by covering his face with a mask, was the person the city’s leading figures wanted to meet.

I’ve heard that it hides its true identity thoroughly, so even if you try to find it, you can’t find it.


When Rudger opened his mouth, the staff reacted in unison.

“I don’t think business will be open any more today, so let’s take the customers outside.”


As the staff moved according to Rudger’s orders, customers complained.

“No, wait! See us and leave!”

“that’s right! We are definitely here as customers!”

“I’m sorry to the guests, but the situation is not good right now. Instead, as an apology to the guests who came to this place, when a new Verdi product comes out, we will give it a gift so that you can try it on first.”

At those words, the noble ladies’ displeasure went into their mouths.

It is true that this situation itself is very interesting as a gossip, but if you think about it a little, new clothes come rolling in just by leaving the store.

Anyway, Royal Street had many places to visit besides here.

Plus, it also helped that they weren’t usually a nuisance when they got caught up in the ramblings of the Albert family.

“Oh my goodness. Then there is nothing you can do.”

“It’s unfortunate, but today isn’t the only day.”

Guests leave with the hospitality of the staff.

As a result, there were only a few people left in the store.

“under. This is true.”

Albert clicked his tongue as if this series of circumstances were absurd.

To his left and right, two escorts sent by the family stood as if protecting him.

“Are you crazy?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you think I would be scared if I let the guests go? Or are you protesting me to drink water? Did the store fail because of you? Do you know who I am?”

“Albert Pablo.”

A wrinkle formed on Albert’s forehead.

“bouncer. Don’t you put your name on the back? If you know me, even if you take off your mask and kneel down right now, it won’t be enough… … .”

“The second of the Pablo family, a famous magic family. His innate magical talent itself isn’t bad, but he’s an idiot who doesn’t measure up to his older brother who won the title of red.”

When his resume leaked out from Ludger, Albert wrinkled his face.

“There are more than 10 cases of drunken assault, and the most serious is a woman relationship. Close to thirty women were sent to the hospital for s@distic tendencies. But with the power of the Pablo family, it never appeared in the newspapers.”

“… … What are you. Could it be that you hit my back?”

“Once, after he was severely scolded for touching the daughter of a baron family, after that, he went around the brothel while paying attention. Even if they harass and break them, they are people who will not listen to nagging. It must have looked like the right prey for you.”

“… … .”

“He sells his name with his older brother’s halo on his back, but he is an idiot who is jealous of him more than anyone else. However, he has no intention of making an effort, and he has relieved his qualifications by finding and harassing only those who are weaker than himself. He is truly a lowly human being.”

There was life in Albert’s eyes.

“hey. Bring that bastard to me.”

Albert gave orders to the escort who followed him.


As Albert shouted, the two escorts slowly approached Ludger.

Rudgar warned the two escorts.

“If you don’t want to get hurt, stay still.”


Upon hearing this, the escorts were dumbfounded.

No matter how foolish he may be, he is definitely a member of the Pablo family.

It was a position where a commoner who did not know his identity could not dare to say this and that.

“I warned you.”

The two escorts ignored the words and tried to move, but couldn’t.

It was because their bodies did not move forward even if they moved their legs.

The two realized belatedly that someone was pulling up the nape of their clothes.

“What, what?”

The vassals who escort Albert are all composed of former knights.

Of course, he was superior in physical ability and was taller than the average person.

Those two sounded like children.

And the one who did it was a fat prisoner with gray hair.

‘What is this guy.’

‘What size… … .’

They are so huge that even knights have to look up at them.

Besides, what about power? Each of them was lifting with one hand the weight of 90kg, which was built up with muscles.

Pantos, who showed the absurd appearance, stared at the two escorts in his hands with a sad gaze.

“… … I came here in a hurry because I had something to do, but these guys are no big deal.”

“what? Now insulting the vassal of the great Pablo family… … .”

“Go to sleep.”


Pantos collided the heads of the two escorts.

Seeing the fainted escort, Albert crumpled his expression.

“you… … You’re so crazy. How dare you touch the Pablo family? Do you know how to do it right now?!”

wow oh

Along with Albert’s cry, magic power was released, creating strong wind pressure around the area.

The pressure of magical power that was flying towards Rudger and Violetta was easily dissipated with Pantos’ light shaking of his hand.

Pantos turned his head slightly to stare at Rudger.

Rudger shook his head when he asked with his eyes what he should do.

“I will take care of him.”

“… … .”

Pantos said he knew and stepped back.

At the sight of it, tendons sprouted from Albert’s forehead.

The appearance of two people treating this side as if they were disobedient children stimulated his wrath.

“Don’t ignore me!”

Albert took out his wand and used the spell.

The spell drawn in an instant was transformed into an orb of flame, containing flames.

It was the moment he was about to throw it at Rudger.


Suddenly, a ball of light pierced the flame and hit Albert’s stomach.


The flames disappeared as if they were scattered, and Albert grabbed his stomach and knelt down.

‘What, what’s up. [Shiny Stone]?’

Albert felt dizzy at the fact that a very basic magic, the shining stone, had destroyed his magic.

What further confuses him is that it was the masked man called Owner who used the magic.

‘I knew it was a wizard, but how?’

No matter how simple the magic was, there was no wand over there. Besides, it was he who used magic first, but he was the one who fell.

Common sense did not understand.

Tboob. Tboob.

Rudger slowly approached Albert.

Albert lifted his head and looked up at Ludger.

“What are you?”

“I told you. I am the owner of this place.”

“Oh, don’t come.”

“why me?”

“If you touch me, the Pablo family will never… … !”


With a cheerful sound, Albert’s head snapped to the side.

Albert did not understand for a moment what had happened.

He realized that he had been beaten by the burning pain felt on his cheek belatedly.

“When did you hit me? me… … ? Me, the descendant of the Pablo family?”


Rudger held Albert’s hair roughly and fixed his eyes on him.

And said in a subdued voice.

“You still can’t understand the situation?”

I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 231I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 233
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