I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 234

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◈ Episode 234: Coincidence (1)

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Rudger came down from the second floor almost two hours later.

Hans, who was waiting with his arms crossed below, grumbled when he noticed Ludger trudging down.

“Why are you so late? I thought I was dying from waiting.”

“… … I am not late because I want to be late.”

Even this was the result of somehow reducing the time that would have taken more than originally.

“I don’t know what the heck happened up there, but I think you’ve got a nice outfit.”

Hans took a peek at the clothes Rudger was wearing.

Ludger usually wears luxurious clothes well, but this time, I felt strongly that he put more effort into it.

A garment decorated with finely crafted silver on a material based on black.

The combination of only two colors, black and silver, far from looking boring, created an extreme antiquity through moderation.

The water thread is also gorgeous, and even the color matched well as if it were tailored to the person named Ludger Celish.

It seems that he is not aware of it, but the guests already gathered around him were admiring Ludger’s appearance.

“Who is that person? Where did you get those clothes from?”

“wait for a sec. Isn’t that guy Ludgar Cellisi?”

“Ludger Chelsea? Could it be that the person who published the magic thesis this time?”

One by one, people began to recognize Rudger.

“older brother. I think we should get out of here soon.”

“I guess so.”

Rudger also tried to avoid the seat after checking the reaction around him.

Once outside, when I was trying to decide where to go, I ran into people who came into the store just in time.

“uh? Mr. Rudger?”

“Miss Selina. And Ms. Merilda?”

Both Selina and Merilda looked at Ludger and widened their eyes.

It was a reaction that I did not expect to meet in a place like this.

“What is Mr. Rudgar doing here?”

“I came here to buy new clothes.”

“Ah, that’s right. but. Ms. Rudger seemed very interested in her clothes, so it wouldn’t be strange if she came here.”

In fact, Rudger often changed clothes even in Ceorn, so it was no surprise to think that he was interested in fashion.

‘That’s a habit I’ve gotten from dressing up every time.’

As Rudger, it was comfortable to misunderstand that he was just interested in fashion, so he didn’t deny it.

Then Merilda hit Selina with her forearm.

Selina looked back at Merilda, asking what was going on, and she said with a look.

‘what are you doing. Are you going to miss this opportunity?’


Selina also realized something belatedly and opened her mouth.

‘Uh, what should I do?’

Merylda shook her head and let out a small sigh.

Then, with a smile, he said to Rudger.

“oh. Mr Rudger. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Originally, Selina and I went shopping today. But what about this? I suddenly had an appointment, what is it?”

“A promise?”

“yes. That’s because I just remembered it a while ago! I can’t believe I can’t think of an important appointment that I made in advance. How was my mind too? Ho ho ho. Do you have any idea what you ate this morning?”

Shouldn’t you be taking dementia medicine at that point?

Rudgar’s words went down his throat, but he managed to hold it in.

“So, by the way, I’m going to go! Miss Selina. Go for it!”

“yes yes?!”


Soon after, Meryl disappears.

Selina and Rudger didn’t even have time to catch her.

The atmosphere was about to become awkward, but in the meantime, the gaze towards this direction increased even more in the store.

Rudger took Selina’s hand and walked out of the House of Verdi.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

“Uh huh?”

Rudger took his hand, and Selina, unable to say a word, followed his hand and was dragged outside.

The two, naturally mingled with the crowd, were able to stop only after reaching a moderately quiet street.

Rudger glanced back.

I wondered if anyone was chasing me from the store, but luckily no one was.

The crowded streets helped in this regard.

“Miss Selina. Are you okay?”

“… … .”

Selina didn’t answer.

She was staring at Ludger’s hand, which was holding hers with a blushing face.

“Miss Selina?”

“yes yes?! Did you call?!”

“Are you okay?”

“What, what?!”



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“Your face is red. Do you have any pain somewhere?”

“iced coffee!”

Selina hurriedly let go of Rudger’s hand, and then gently touched her cheek with both hands.

Her cheeks were full of heat.

To the point where her face looked more red than her pink hair.

“More, I guess it’s because it’s hot.”

“but. It has been very hot these days.”

“yes. Yes.”

“I am more than sorry. It looks like you had business at the clothing store, but you got caught up in it because of me.”

“Oh no! I’m fine! Rather, I am grateful.”

“What do you mean by thank you?”

“it’s nothing!”

Selina squeezed and opened her hand.

I had been holding Ludger’s hand with this hand until just a moment ago.

I could still feel that vivid touch and warmth.

Then I suddenly realized.

Why did Merylda move away?

Selina instinctively thought that this opportunity should not be missed.

“Hey, Mr. Rudger!”

“yes. Why do you do that? Sing it out loud like that.”

“Ho, are you busy right now?!”

To Selina’s question, Ludger pondered for a while before coming up with an answer.

“I am not particularly busy. The reason why I came here in the first place is that I came here as a kind of rest.”

At those words, Selina’s face turned red.

“Well, then. Mr Rudger. if… … Would you like to have a meal together?”

“… … .”

“Oh, can’t I?”

Ludger pondered for a moment at Selina’s anxious look.

At the point of already getting out of this place, Hans quickly stepped back.

‘I don’t think I can ask Hans for guidance at this rate.’

It doesn’t matter if you go around alone, but it was strange to refuse the offer after meeting a colleague at the same workplace.

Exactly, I didn’t even think of a good reason to refuse.

“yes. Let’s do it.”

A bright smile bloomed on Selina’s face, who was almost depressed at the thought of being rejected.

At the same time, it seemed that flowers were also blooming around them.

“Well, yes! Let’s go eat together!”

“All right.”

Whoa. Whoa.

Selina took a deep breath and took Rudger’s hand.

Rudger just watched the scene without saying a word.

“Hey, this way!”

Selina deliberately turned her head away so as not to show her blushing face.

She couldn’t hide her red earlobes through the cracks in her pink hair that shone dazzlingly in the sunlight.

‘oh my god. I got my hand!’

Selina had to struggle to suppress the corners of her mouth that kept trying to rise as she pulled Rudger’s hand.

Although I was worried that if I pretended to be crazy and held hands, Ludger might turn away with a straight face.

Still, I couldn’t miss the chance to become a genius, so I mustered up my courage.

Thankfully, Rudgar didn’t reject or brush her touch.

It must have been out of consideration for this side, but Selina’s mood seemed to fly through the sky with just that.

“I found a good store. Go there.”

Selina took Rudger’s hand and took the lead.

Merilda, watching the scene from afar, clenched her fists.

‘good job! Selina!’

I was worried about what would happen if Selina couldn’t accept and eat even if this side made room for me.

Selina, who is so shy, was very likely to break up without ever having a proper word with her.

Besides, recently I tried to contact Rudger several times, but it failed in succession, so I was depressed.

If I missed that opportunity again, I thought that it would be really helpless for Merilda.

‘You’ve grown up. Selina.’

Merylda shed tears of emotion at the growth of her fellow teacher who was like a baby bird, but she couldn’t completely let go of her heart yet.

It is said that Selina mustered up her courage and took a step forward now, but we cannot guarantee that the process will flow perfectly to the next stage.

‘Besides, this meeting was a complete coincidence that no one expected. It looks like they’re trying to guide you to the restaurant they were supposed to eat at first, but will Selina be able to do it well after that?’

If you use up all the prepared bullets, waiting is inevitable.

It was possible to expect Ludger’s lead, but if you think about it, it was too hopeful to expect that from Ludger.

Rudger didn’t seem to be interested in dating.

It is also true that he recently published a thesis in Arcane Chamber, and should I say that he is like a person who invests his life only in one quest?

‘It’s too greedy to want a lead from such a person.’

In the end, Selina’s role was important, and Merilda had a duty to watch over it.

Merilda naturally blended into the crowd, following Rudger and Selina.

There were a lot of people, so it would be easy to miss it, but Selina’s pink hair is quite rare, so it was easy to spot even in the crowd.

Meryl, who started following her like that.

There was one more person following him.

‘What is that woman?’

Hans, who had disappeared, looked suspiciously at Merilda, who was chasing after Ludger and Selina.

‘It looks like Seorn’s teacher, why are you following my older brother?’

Merilda left Selina behind, saying that she suddenly had an appointment from the moment she met Ludgar.

The action was so unnatural and so suspicious.

‘For a teacher like her, her attitude is quite suspicious.’

no way?

Hans suddenly felt uneasy.

‘Am I doubting my older brother’s identity?’

Seeing her tailing like that, it seemed possible.

When I thought about it that far, the fact that I moved with Selina also bothered me.

‘Besides, that pink-haired girl. He’s the person at the festival then.’

Hans was one of those who knew about what had happened on the last day of the festival.

Selina now remembers most of the events of the day and said that she was fine, but Merylda, who was attached to Selina, did not look so pure.

‘Maybe he’s aiming for something of his older brother.’

At this rate, my brother is in danger.

Hans was troubled.

I had to get that purple-haired woman away from my older brother, but I couldn’t do that with my own strength.

Even if the opponent looks like that, he is the teacher of Seorn. He must have been much stronger than he was.

‘Ask for help, and I’ll keep following you.’

Hans immediately had a mouse bite the note.

“Go and tell them.”


The rat seemed to respond to Hans’ words with a cry, then quickly disappeared into the alleyway.

After letting the mouse go, Hans made up his mind and carefully followed Merilda.

The bizarre pursuit of tail after tail began.

* * *

“Miss Rudger. It is here.”

The place Selina guided was a restaurant along the main street where many people walked.

Quite a popular place, the restaurant was crowded with customers even outside.

“I have a reservation. This is a very popular place. Come on in.”

Selina, who was thinking of showing the good points of the conversion shop she found out quickly.

But she ran into an unexpected big problem.

“yes? Yes, you don’t have a reservation?”

“Is the reservation date right for today?”

“yes. Lunch is right today.”

“Let’s see. Is there no Merilda?”

“uh… … .”

Selina felt sorry for her.

When I made a reservation for the shop, I had given it Merylda.

“Well, since I’m your companion, I came instead.”

“I’m sorry, sir. According to the store rules, you must be the person who is listed on the reservation list.”

“And how long will it take to get inside?”

“There are more than 30 teams of customers waiting outside. I think you will have to wait at least two hours.”

“Oh, it can’t be.”

Selina felt like the sky was falling.

If it hadn’t been for Rudger, I might have really flopped to the floor.

“What’s wrong?”

“ah. Mr. Rudger.”


When Rudger stepped forward and asked about the situation, the store clerk recognized Rudger and widened his eyes.

“Now, please wait!”

He hurried inside, talked to the chef, and then came over to Rudger and Selina gasping.

“Huh. Huh Eok. customer. You’re in luck. I got a spot just in time.”

“yes? The seats were full a while ago… … .”

“Just now! A team of reserved guests canceled their reservation! You are really lucky with your customers. Opportunities like this are rare!”

“and. really?”

Selina is genuinely happy.

But Rudger knew.

That the answer changed after the employee saw his face.

They probably took an empty table from the furnishings room of the store restaurant and forcibly created a seat that didn’t exist.

No matter how much I thought about it, it was clear that I recognized myself.

In addition to the staff who actually guarded the entrance, some staff came out and were watching.

‘I don’t have to go that far.’

Isn’t it embarrassing because this side seems to have noticed?

Still, Selina was happy thanks to that, so it might have been a good thing in the end.

“Guests. Have a nice meal.”

As Rudger entered the store, he patted the head of the bowing employee on the shoulder with his hand.

in the sense of doing well.

The employee opened his eyes wide at the sight, and soon lowered his head as if he was thrilled.

“Miss Rudger. I’m so glad there are still vacancies. I feel really lucky today!”

Selina had a feeling.

Today is the real day!

“Taking this momentum today, I will definitely guide you! Be prepared!”

“Ah, yes.”

is it a promise

‘Don’t they usually tell you to look forward to it?’

Selina was elated, unaware of her slip of the tongue.

Seeing that, Rudger decided to just keep his mouth shut.

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