I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 238

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◈ Episode 238: Coincidence (5)

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Rudger reached out his hand without realizing it and caught the dark spirit rushing towards his face.

While marveling at the soft touch of his fingertips, he was puzzled by the sudden action of the dark spirit.

‘The spirits aren’t afraid of me?’

Ludgar, who handles the power of God, is an object that spirits shun.

Of course, depending on the level of the spirit, the attitude towards them will change.

Intermediate level spirits can cooperate with each other if they are of the same mind.

However, other than that, the middle level spirits basically had a strong tendency to avoid or be hostile to Ludger.

‘But this guy ran at me as soon as he saw me.’

Are you full of courage or fearless?

Or, contrary to appearances, his level as a spirit might be quite high.


Selina screamed after realizing that her spirit had attacked Ludger and was caught in one hand.

“Lu, Mr. Rudger! are you okay?”

“yes. Rather here.”

Rudgar held out the spirit in his hand.

Even the moment he was caught in Ludger’s hand, he was still glaring at him.

Selina took the black cotton ball and held it tightly in her arms.

“Boy. I can’t use it if I run amok.”

The spirit wriggled disapprovingly, but Selina put on a stern expression and refused to let go of the spirit.

No matter how you look at it, she looked like a mother scolding her child.

“It’s amazing. I can’t believe it’s really a dark spirit.”

“Ah yes. I’ve only heard of it, but this is the first time I’ve seen it actually exist.”

“What is the reaction of the other animology teachers?”

“yes? You only showed it to Mr. Rudger for the first time?”

“ah. It was.”

Rudger stroked his chin and examined the spirit of darkness.

‘That’s amazing.’

At least within his knowledge, the rarity and value of the Dark Spirit could not be guessed.

However, Selina did not seem to know much about the rareness of this spirit.

It would be better to tell them in advance, just in case, to avoid surprise later.

“Miss Selina. Do you know what kind of spirit the dark spirit is?”


Looking at that reaction, it seemed like I didn’t know very well.

“Aren’t dark spirits just rare objects?”

“It’s not something that can be simply addressed. Miss Selina. What do you think darkness is?”

“uh… … Do I have to answer now?”

Selina was taken aback by Ludger’s sudden appearance as a teacher, as if a switch had been switched on.

“What do you think?”

It was an atmosphere where an answer had to be given, so Selina thought seriously before coming up with an answer.

“Yeah, the darkness is pitch-black, where there is literally nothing. Isn’t that the opposite of light?”

“I usually think so, but… … .”

“ah. It is not.”

Ludgar’s reaction seemed wrong, so Selina sulked.

“Miss Selina. What would it be like if there were nothing in this world?”


“yes. The grass, the trees, the earth, the wind, and the water. And even the light. Complete nothingness and emptiness without all of that. What shape do you think it is?”

“that… … .”

Selina’s gaze fell on the spirit holding her in her arms without realizing it.

“Could it be this child?”

“you’re right. It is darkness.”

Rudger pointed to the narrow alley where he and Selina were standing.

To be precise, the shadows cast on the street corner.

“A state of absence where there is nothing. Darkness is just that. The opposite of light is not darkness. The absence of light and all else is the state of darkness.”

“then… … .”

“The fundamental significance of the element of darkness is far greater and far greater than Selina-sensei thinks.”

For example, there is the night after sunset.

Even on a pitch-black night, there is no complete darkness.

Even in the midnight forest where there is no light, there are things that can be seen.

The same goes for the starlight and moonlight in the sky, because there is light, albeit in a very feeble amount.

Even if dark clouds cover it, it is the same.

Any object reflects light, albeit very weakly.

So, scholars also call the concept of darkness the ‘minimization’ of light.

Because it is practically impossible that light does not exist.

The same goes for dark attribute magic.

In the end, dark attribute magic is nothing more than ‘imitating’ darkness with mana.

[Ater Nocturnus], the magic beast that Ludger handles, is also the same.

It looked like a pitch-black shadow, but it couldn’t be seen as complete darkness either.



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That’s why even in the Mage Tower, color titles are given for each attribute element.

The place of black, meaning the dark attribute, always remained blank.

However, the spirit of darkness that Selina commands is pure darkness without any impurities or noise.

Considering that spirits are spiritual beings born from pure elements of nature.

The spirit of darkness was not simply a fake imitated by magic, but the true darkness.

“Maybe it’s a really great spirit.”

“yes? Is this child that good?”

Selina couldn’t understand what Rudger was talking about.

Well, that’s because the dark spirit she’s holding in her arms is so small and cute.

Even if you say that such a cute child is amazing, it doesn’t come intuitively.

Rudger stroked his chin as if pondering for a moment and opened his mouth.

“This may seem like a bit of an odd question, but does Selina-sensei believe in the existence of God?”

“Uh, um. Maybe? If it’s a matter of believing or not believing, it’s probably on the believing side.”

“Why do you believe?”

why do you believe

Selina was taken aback by the question, but answered calmly.

“That’s right, there are many people who believe in God, and in fact, events like God’s grace are recorded in history.”

“Then let me ask you something else. Do you think demons exist?”

“no way. that’s not it No matter how much I like rumors and ghost stories, I don’t believe in them.”

Selina thought Rudger was joking, but Rudger asked seriously.

“Why do you think there is no?”

“yes? Hey, there are no demons, right? He said that there is nothing that does not exist.”

“Can you prove to me that the devil does not exist?”

Selina was speechless at Ludger’s words.

Basically, proof is limited to ‘what exists’.

How do you prove that there is no

Seeing Selina’s cryptic appearance, Ludger laughed and said,

“Miss Selina. For those who believe there is a God, it is easy to prove it. Because if you show me just one proof that God exists, that’s enough.”


“But on the other hand, if you want to say that demons don’t exist, you have to prove ‘everyone’ that there are no demons anywhere in the world.”

Selina’s eyes widened at the word everyone.

He understood what Rudger was trying to say.

“Yes. Even if I claim that there are no demons, there might be demons somewhere in the world that have gone unnoticed by anyone.”

Selina was also interested in Ludger’s theory, as if she hadn’t become Seorn’s teacher for nothing.

“you’re right. It is easy to prove existence, but impossible to prove absence. and that child.”

Rudger pointed to the dark spirit Selina was holding in her arms.

“That dark spirit is literally a being born from pure darkness. Darkness is the complete absence of light. It is an existence that proves its absence.”

“It was like that.”

Selina nodded as if she understood why Ludgar had said this when he saw the Dark Spirit.

Realizing something belatedly, Selina asked with her shoulders trembling.

“Uh, then you’re not experimenting on this kid or anything like that, are you?”

“Why am I like that?”

“uh? Wasn’t it?”

“I’m just saying this because Selina-sensei doesn’t seem to know the value of the newly contracted spirit.”

In the first place, Ludger had no particular interest in the existence of spirits.

“If you want to be interested in the spirits and devote yourself to research, you must have a connection with the spirits. It is far from me.”

“Oh right. It did.”

Selina recalled that Ludgar was hated by the spirits.

In fact, the small and petite lower spirits were scared when they saw Rudger and avoided them.

“But why did this kid run at Mr. Rudger?”

“I don’t know that either.”

Rudger said that while staring at the cotton ball in Selina’s arms.

The guy was glaring at Ludger as if he would not lose.

While puzzled by Lee Yu-mo’s hostility, Ludger felt a strange sense of deja vu.

“What did you name this new contracted spirit?”

“ah. You mean this kid?”

Selina said with a smile.

“It’s Esmeralda.”

* * *

At the scene where people gathered noisily after the splash, Merilda and Sheryl realized that there was no point in fighting each other.

‘I missed Selina!’

‘Mr. Rudger is gone!’

Rudger and Selina disappeared in a sudden uproar.

Although Merilda and Cheryl have conflicting goals, both of them were anxious about the same thing.

Merilda is worried that Selina will not be able to do anything alone.

Conversely, Cheryl was worried that something might happen because the two of them were together.

‘What can I do? I can’t find a person by myself.’

‘Oh my gosh. If we keep going like this, the date between the two of us will end safely.’

The two, who were worried about each other, naturally exchanged glances.

“Until you find one.”

“We move together.”

The temporary alliance thus formed.

However, finding a person who disappeared just because his hand had increased from one to two seemed far off.

“Where did the two of you go?”

“Didn’t you move to the place with the highest probability of going in this area?”

“for example… … ?”

“It’s like a dating spot… … ?”

There are many tourist attractions on Royal Street, but if you pick one place that you are most likely to go to for a date, there is only one.

‘Musical Theater!’

A place rumored to be a must-visit if you come to Royal Street.

Rudgar might not know, but Selina would have suggested to Rudger to go there.

However, the problem here was that the two did not yet know the geography of the place.

If you were looking for a sign, you wouldn’t know, but there were so many people walking around that it was far from possible.

I didn’t want to waste time in the position where I had to go after Rudger and Selina as soon as possible.

Then I had to find someone who knew the geography of the place.

However, no matter how much I looked around the street, I could only see customers from outside.

‘I don’t want to miss it like this.’

Then, Merylda and Cheryl saw a man.

“Uhm. The sign of a beautiful woman who is in trouble somewhere.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

The blonde haired handsome man with exotic skin was lightly dressed as if he had just gone for a walk.

No matter how you look at it, it could only be seen as a resident living here, but the problem was the unique frivolity felt in him.


‘He seems like a person who would get tired if he got involved.’

Normally, he would have avoided it, but given the circumstances, Merilda gathered up the courage to approach the man as an elder.

“excuse me. I have a question for you.”

“yes. you tell me beautiful girl. Would you like to have a cup of tea? Oh dear. You have eyes to see.”

How could you say that from the beginning? not normal human

‘What is this man? Do I look easy?’


Merilda thought so and crossed her arms.

“this. sorry. When I see pretty people, I don’t know.”

“… … Well, then let’s move on.”

Merilda was taken aback by the man’s compliments that followed.

‘… … Miss Merylda. The guard is too weak.’

Cheryl looked at him with a subtle gaze from the side.

Meanwhile, the conversation between Merilda and the man continued.

“ah. Are you looking for a musical venue? I know very well. Let me guide you.”

“oh! Thank you very much!”

Although it is not reliable, Cheryl decided to follow along.

* * *

“… … Esmeralda, you mean?”


“Why did you name it that way?”

“I just felt that way. The name I heard many times in my dreams. I thought there was a good reason why this kid signed a contract with me.”

“… … Is that so.”

Rudger remembered Esmeralda.

Originally, she should have been Selina’s real personality.

Her soul was bound by Quasimodo and she was treated like a doll, but she became free and ascended to the sky.

Obviously, that spirit has nothing to do with the real Esmeralda.

If anything similar, it was all black, similar to her hair color.

Even so.

“I think that is a good name.”

At those words, Selina’s expression brightened.

I thought that if I continued the flow in this state, I would be able to naturally suggest the next destination to Rudger.

It was the moment when Selina was worried about how to bring out the rush.


Esmeralda, the spirit of darkness held in Selina’s arms, trembled and was reverse summoned as if running away.

“Uh huh? Is it Esmeralda?”

The ideal did not stop there.

Rudger’s face, which had been still, suddenly became severely chilled.

“Rudger, sir?”

Selina called her name, but Ludger didn’t respond.

His gaze was fixed at the end of a narrow, uninhabited street.

Rudger was always calm, but this time it was different.

‘Are you afraid? What?’

Rudgar was clearly showing fear.

Surprised that there was something that Ludgar Celish was afraid of, Selina’s gaze naturally turned to Ludgar’s.

There was a girl there.

She was a beautiful blonde girl like a doll.

She was wearing a wine-colored dress with lots of frills, and in one hand she was holding a parasol to block out the sun.

It looked like a woman from an aristocratic family was out for a walk alone.

The girl stood there staring at me for some time.

The moment Selina’s ruby-red eyes touched her, she trembled without realizing it.

‘Something, a strange feeling… … .’

Then the girl’s pink lips moved.

“It’s been a while. disciple.”

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