I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 257

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◈ Episode 257: Dean Gord (2)

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“… … What is that all of a sudden?”

Gord asked again as if he did not understand Ludger’s question.

“Did I ever do something wrong to you?”

“Could that be? The dean has been nice to me. Yes, enough.”

“But why are you asking such a question… … .”

“I am not asking why you did this to me.”

Ludger’s gaze in the mask stared at Commissioner Gord.

The moment Gorde met those red eyes, he felt an indescribable chill.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“Then I should be a little more precise.”

Rudger got up from the sofa and slowly approached Gord.


“What, something. Don’t come closer.”

“Why did you apply for the Steel Choir project research?”

Gord widened his eyes.

It was like how this side knew about it.

“Didn’t I tell you? I went in there and checked it myself.”

“Oh, that can’t be… … .”

“Dean. I have answered the question. I asked a question, now it’s the dean’s turn to answer.”

Standing in front of Dean Gordes, Rudger looked down at him.

“Speak. Why did you do that?”

“I-I don’t know… … Aaaaagh!”

Gord tried to escape, but the intense pain felt on the back of his hand screamed out.

Suddenly, a dagger was lodged in the back of his hand.

“Ouch. my, my hand… … !”

“Dean. This is a game.”

Ludger whispered a small whisper to the dean who was writhing in pain.

“It’s a game of telling each other the truth. ask questions and tell the truth The dean asked a question, and I told the truth. Then shouldn’t the dean also tell the truth?”

“Turn it off!”

“But lying is against the rules.”

“My, what do you want to hear from me!”

At Dean Gord’s cry, Ludger pulled out the dagger stuck in the back of his hand.

Blood spattered, and Dean Gordes’ scream resounded in the dean’s office.

“All I want to hear is that the dean tell you everything related to this case.”

“Do you think I would say that?”

“Dean. The question is over. I gave you the second answer by answering a moment ago.”


Gord’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“What do you want to hear?” was a question a while ago, and Rudger answered it.

“That, that kind of nonsense… … !”

“The dean asked a question, so now it’s my turn.”

“Hey, you madman!”

“Dean Gord. What are the names of the people involved in this incident?”

Gord’s face contorted miserably.

“I-I don’t know! I don’t know!”

“This is embarrassing. Did you think it would be possible to keep your mouth shut when you sold people out of your desire to go beyond the position of dean and enter politics?”

“… … !”

Gordes shook his shoulders as the desire he had kept in his heart without being noticed by anyone leaked out of Ludger’s mouth.

But what surprised Gord even more than that was that Ludger had already come to know everything about him.

Even so, you said you would play a game of exchange of questions and answers.

“I, I… … !”

“Since the dean still shows hesitation, I will help as a gracious body.”

“What, what are you trying to do!”

“No big deal.”

Rudger held out the dagger he had cut the back of his hand a moment ago.

Red blood was dripping from the dagger, which shone sharply in the light of the room.

“I’m trying to push you on the back so that the dean can gain courage.”

“You’re going to torture me?!”

“Don’t you like it? If so, you can answer now. who did it Who is behind it?”

“I, I… … !”

Dean Gordes shook his head with a pale face.

“I can’t speak. I can’t speak!”

“Is that so?”

Rudger looked at Gord and said.

“I’m glad.”

Immediately after that, the dean’s office was filled with screams.

* * *



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“James Moriarty!”

The door to the dean’s office was thrown open, and Casey Selmore burst in.

“You are here too! Get away from him!”

“Casey Selmore.”

Rudgar looked back at Casey Selmore and took a step back.

It was only then that Casey Selmore could see the horrors hidden from Rudger.

“you… … !”

Dean Gordes Himbel was covered in blood, gasping for breath.

After being severely tortured, he was barely breathing and was almost a corpse.

Casey gritted his teeth at the sight of Dean Gordes covered in blood.

“How! How could you do this to someone who recommended you as a professor!”


Casey’s words made Ludger understand why she was angry.

“Right. It could have seemed that way.”


“no. Nothing.”

“Whatever happens, stay away from him!”

Casey Selmore warned Rudgar, but he couldn’t use magic recklessly.

Ludgar couldn’t be hit with halfway magic, but if he used powerful magic, Gord, who was taken hostage, could be swept away.

Rudger, noticing that Casey was at a loss, asked with his red eyes under the mask.

“Is it difficult to move because of the hostages? Then I will help you.”

“… … for a moment!”

Casey tried to stop him, but it was too late.

Ludger’s hand moved, and the sharp dagger flew straight into Dean Gordes’ forehead.


Seeing that Dean Gordes, who was barely alive, had stopped breathing, Casey shouted with a contorted face.

“James Moriarty!!!”

A huge splash of water rose and filled the entire dean’s office.


Rudger threw himself out of the window, and shortly thereafter a huge water cannon swept past him.

Broken windows and debris from the walls fell, but Ludger stretched out his left arm instead.

The wire launcher attached to his left arm was fired and caught on the high spire of the university, and his body was pulled up into the sky.

Standing by the broken window, Casey spotted Ludger standing on the roof of the building and glared at him with a hostile gaze.

“how! How can you do this?”

Rudger looked at Casey and opened his mouth.

“I think I already answered enough of that question. Casey Selmore. Your senses are quite sharp, but you’re late again.”

“you. What are you thinking of doing!”

“That is an interesting question. I’ll try to guess like a detective, but.”

Casey Selmore raised her spell as if she had no intention of listening to it any longer.

Moisture in the air condensed under her feet, and even a fountain rose up.

“James Moriarty!”

Casey Selmore, riding a stream of water, ran toward Ludger.

Rudger looked at it and turned his back.

“at there!”

Casey shot several spears of water, but Ludger avoided them all with great movements.

Casey Selmore landed on the roof where Ludger was and immediately tried to chase him.

“doesn’t exist?”

But Ludger was nowhere to be seen.

Whether it rose into the sky or fell to the ground, his traces disappeared as if they had been completely cut off.

‘How on earth?’

It was only a moment as they landed on the ground that they lost sight of Ludger.

Meanwhile, Rudger disappeared.

Casey was baffled at not showing any signs.

[Casey Selmore. I recommend not following me any further.]

At that moment, at the sound of Ludger’s voice, Casey let go of his anger and raised the corner of his mouth.

“under. After provoking me, you want me to stop now? Do you think I would?”

[Are you bluffing? That spirit should be high.]

“Where can you say such a thing even if you get caught by me?”

[Isn’t life worth it?]

Casey answered the question without hesitation.

“I wouldn’t have done this if my life was worth it.”

[Then, try chasing after me diligently. This is a game.]

Casey frowned at the word game.


[You chase me, and I run away from you. Of course, in the meantime, I intend to finish the work spread across the kingdom beyond this city.]

“… … Do you think I’ll let it go?”

[The beauty of the game is not knowing who will win. But if I go on like this, I think I’ll have an advantage, so I’ll give you a hint.]

“Whoever wants!”

[I’ll move to d’Artense, the big city next time. If you want to catch me, come over there.]

Casey asked in a tone full of doubts at the blatant remark.

“Why should I believe what you say? I don’t know if I’ll run away to another place.”

[If you’re scared, you don’t have to come. It would be your choice to belatedly regret it only after the person dies there.]

Casey clenched her fists at Ludger’s words, which blatantly touched the pride of this side.

Provocation is also provocation, but I didn’t like his behavior of calling death a game.

as a detective.

No, beyond that, as a person.

Absolutely could not tolerate it.

“okay. I’ll go Wash your head there and wait.”

[Not expecting it.]

The voice that sounded like mocking yet satisfied disappeared like an echo.

* * *

Ludger, who finished Dean Gordes’ treatment, immediately joined Hans and headed for the large city of d’Artense.

Dartense, one of the largest cities in the Delica Kingdom, was the heart of the kingdom and had the largest number of factories.

Rudger’s target was one of those factories.

“A new experiment?”

Hans asked while on the train heading to Dartens.

The disguised Ludger nodded.

“Hans. The Steel Choir project was certainly a risky experiment. That’s enough to change the game on the battlefield. But isn’t there something strange?”

“What do you mean?”

“With that alone, do you think a country can prepare for war without paying attention to neighboring countries?”

Hans’ expression hardened at Ludger’s words.

“I’m assuming there are more.”

“The Steel Choir is a project that extracts knight-level power indefinitely, within the limits of resources.”

The problem arises here.

If a special automaton created by the Steel Choir project replaces the knight.

How can a wizard who can still be said to be half of the world’s power be replaced?

“What, making an automaton that uses magic?”

“no. They do not replace wizards.”

“Then what are you planning to do?”

“Hans. Why do you think mages are still very powerful in modern warfare?”

“That [Silence of Fire] is not it. It suppresses the action of gunpowder, making it impossible to fire guns and making bombs useless.”

Rudger nodded.

“okay. Such wizards can never be replaced, no matter how much the automaton is modified and strengthened. So the people working on the project changed their way of thinking.”

“You changed direction?”

“If you can’t make wizards, you’re making their magic useless.”


Hans still had a face that didn’t understand.

“To make magic useless. You mean you can’t use magic itself? There was no way that would be possible in the first place.”

“okay. there’s no way it’s possible It’s magic that removes magic. Something like that… … .”

Rudger paused for a moment before speaking.

“older brother?”

“… … It’s not there, but only special people can use it. Of course, it’s not something that can be used generally.”

“Then how do you make mages useless?”

“Didn’t you just say that?”

“What am I? Could it be that you were talking about that [silence of fire] earlier?”


Rudger watched the passing scenery outside the train window.

In the distance, I could see factory chimneys and a city full of black smoke.

It was d’Artense, the big city.

“Hans. What do you think would happen if you could shoot a gun in a situation where the [Silence of Fire] used by the wizard couldn’t neutralize the gunpowder?”

“Uh, that… … .”

Hans pondered and came up with an answer.

“Danger, right? Of course, a mage won’t die easily because of that.”

“okay. It’s enough to use defensive magic. but… … At least a gunpowder weapon will exert its power.”

“no way… … You mean the kingdom just made something dangerous like that?”

Hans asked just in case, but he hoped it wasn’t like that.

Unfortunately, however, Ludger betrayed Hans’ expectations.

“They made special gunpowder. Gunpowder that is unaffected by the silence of fire.”

Hans swallowed.

“Well, that would definitely be dangerous. But how did you make it?”

“I don’t know.”

The magician’s strongest power in modern warfare is none other than [Silence of Fire].

Weapons that handle gunpowder with this alone are still powerless.

That’s why knights who dodge bullets and wizards who can neutralize weapons still occupy high positions.

However, the knight is replaced by an iron weapon.

If the magicians’ advantage with gunpowder weapons is gone.

what will happen then

Terrible chaos.

The embers of war will spread in an instant and engulf the entire continent.

“There’s a secret factory somewhere in that city that makes that gunpowder.”

“… … I want to turn around.”

“So Hans.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Find it. The deadline is one day.”

“… … .”

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