I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 305

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◈ Episode 305: Subject Third (2)

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The test tube shattered and the model of Ruifault that was sleeping inside fell powerlessly to the ground.

An unknown red liquid flowed around him, like a huge bloody gulp.

“What, what… … .”

Andrei looked at Rudger in disbelief.

I couldn’t believe it even after seeing it with my own eyes that I ignored the solid barrier that was hard to penetrate even with great magic and hit the target.

If he had known that Rudger had this kind of skill, he would have reacted.

But Rudger thoroughly hid it.

He also judged that Andrei would be able to deal with it if he found out that he had such a skill.

So, while waiting for an opportunity, the attack was successful in the gap of the moment.

It’s not that Andrei wasn’t vigilant.

It was an attack that was inevitable if you didn’t know.

‘I can’t believe that I broke the machinery of the underground facility… … !’

Even though he had a sharp dagger, he never revealed it carelessly and fired it at the decisive moment.

Even as Andrei realized that Rudgar was by no means an ordinary magic teacher, he could not contain the anger that welled up in his heart.

“dare! How dare you——!!!”

Andrei glared at Rudger with blackened yellow eyes.

Murderous intentions overflowed in order to somehow kill the enemy who ruined the masterpiece of his life.

The emotion in your eyes is endless hatred.

Even facing it, Rudger did not shrink at all.

Rather, he even stared at Andrei with deep blue eyes.

It was difficult for Andrei to guess what Rudger was thinking as he looked at him.

More than that, his blue eyes were strangely annoying.

From the original eye color, the blue light in his pupils seemed to be something that swirled endlessly.

“You guys. Those eyes… … .”

Andrei was about to say something.

Come now, what the hell does this have to do with anything?

The important thing was that the author had ruined his research, and would now die at his own hands.

When Andrei raised his black magic, everyone tensed up and prepared for battle.

It was fortunate that the experiment was stopped somehow before it woke up, but it wasn’t all over because Andrei was still there.

There was so much tension that it was difficult to breathe.

An imminent situation in which a collision would occur immediately if someone even lifted a finger.

The first to move there was an existence that no one expected.


Louis Fault.

An executive of the Liberation Army and a 6th-level magician who became a test subject for the bioengineering black magicians.

His body is very slight, but it definitely fits.

Everyone had raised their alertness to the limit, so there was no one who couldn’t catch the movement.

Ruifault moved.

It wasn’t post rigor.

Right after that, Ludger and Casey’s magic was activated.

Pasius and Terina also increased their sword skills and stabbed them towards Ruifault.

We knew without talking to each other.

That the guy isn’t dead yet. So he must be killed soon.

However, immediately after that, all attacks were pushed back by the release of magical power explosively bursting from Ruifault’s body.


Terrina stared at Ruifault in disbelief.

Even though it was a surprise attack, it was the blow of a Master’s knight.

To push it away with a simple magic release.

How high should the alternative horse power be to make it possible?

However, even in the midst of surprise, the magic power flowing from Ruifault’s body did not stop.

Magical power rippled around him like a huge whirlpool, and Ruifault’s body slowly began to float in the air.

Ruifault was a man in his mid-thirties with the usual brown hair you see everywhere.

He didn’t tidy up his sparsely grown beard, so he could be believed to be a worker working as a collaborator somewhere rather than a wizard.

But now, he had a huge presence that made everyone in this place nervous.

Floating in the air, Ruifault slowly opened his closed eyes.

He doesn’t look much different from a normal person. However, one eye was stained black, like Andrei’s, who had been infused with demonic power.

The shaking mana stopped all at once and was sucked into Ruifault’s body like a sponge.

The storm a while ago had gone nowhere, and a quiet calm, like a calm lake at dawn, fell over the surrounding area.

Slowly landing on the ground, Ruifault looked around with an expressionless face.

“here is… … .”

Pasius moved at his attitude as if he hadn’t grasped the situation yet.

A stealthy move to pierce the opponent’s loophole.

As the sword master killed the enemy and moved like an assassin, even that Andrey missed the movement for a moment.

Eventually, it was the moment when Pasius was about to swing his sword at Ruifold’s throat.

A face sprouted from Ruifold’s back and stared at Pasius.

“what… … .”



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At the moment when even the experienced Pasius was taken aback by that unbelievable appearance, a bullet of compressed wind was fired at Pasius.

It happened when the raised face opened its mouth.

Pasius retrieved the sword he was about to wield and started to defend himself.

Right after that, the bullet of the wind that struck the sword spun at a terrifying speed and threw Pasius away.

The bullets of the wind that missed passed through the cracks in the roots of the World Tree and landed on the common ceiling.


As the bullets expanded, countless winds tore the surrounding walls to shreds.

“Sir Pasius!”

Veronica shouted and swung her sword.

The cold aura that exploded from the tip of her sword shot toward Louis Fault in the form of a crescent moon.

Ruifault was looking at the flying Pasius, so he didn’t see any attack coming from the other side.

But the odds happened this time too.

When a face appeared on Ruifold’s chest, he opened his mouth again.


This time a fire broke out. The magic flames composed of quick spells collided with Veronica’s aura.

Rather, the flames consumed Veronica’s cold aura and oxidized it in the air.

While everyone looked at him in disbelief, only Andrei stared at Louis Fault with a thrilled face.

“Ohhhh! at las… … !”

Andrei trembled with joy at the fact that the subject he thought had failed had opened its eyes properly.

Didn’t fail.

Its own achievements have seen the light of day.

Seeing that only one of Ruifault’s eyes was stained black, he still seemed incomplete, but how did he not fail?

On the other hand, the expression of the subjugation party was not very good.

The way he grasped Pasius’ surprise attack, and the way he easily blocked Veronica’s blow.

Ruifold’s momentum was unusual.

Especially that person’s face that sprouted on the body.

The moment it opened its mouth, the magic was activated.

‘According to the information I heard in advance, Ruifault said he couldn’t use flame magic.’

It was that part that people including Rudger were most wary of.

Ruifault was originally a wizard who handled ice and lightning based on wind magic.

He couldn’t use fire attribute magic.

All wizards basically have a set of elements that can be used.

There was no way he could suddenly use the fire element unless he was in a position to learn magic for the first time.

“It’s a face.”

Casey opened his mouth.

“That face used magic instead of Ruifault.”

Andrei let out a small laugh as he stared at Casey with a gaze asking if that was true.

“You are more attentive than you look. Yes. He is a masterpiece of experimentation that we poured everything into. Do you know how many ingredients are in there?”


Chris asked what the hell was that about.

Andrei just laughed and didn’t answer.

Instead, it was Terrina who opened her mouth.

“… … You changed the wizard.”

Terrina felt certain about what Louis Fault had shown and what Andrei had said.

“Recently, there was an incident in which mages who were active without their affiliation went missing. It wouldn’t be strange if such people died suddenly anywhere, but there was one fifth-tier wizard among them, so the Empire’s intelligence department took an interest.”

“Huh. After all, you are the leader of the Knights of the Nightcrawler. The news is fast.”

Andrei’s words were in fact an affirmation of Terina’s.

“Ingredients, wizards? If so, that human body right now… … .”

“okay. The missing magicians, who do not know how many they are, are contained in that one body.”

Andrei laughed at that.

“okay. Where would that be? Even the power of demons and the cells of the World Tree. All the essences we have learned through experimentation are put there. That guy is no longer Louis Fault, an officer in the Liberation Army.”

ultimate test subject.

Commonly known as ‘Third’.

“It’s dizzy.”

At that time, Louis Fault, who had been still, opened his mouth.

“And I am hungry. This unknown hunger. I don’t know what it is.”

Ruifault’s gaze stared at the people around him.

A smile spread across his face like a gourmet at a dinner party.

“Looks like there’s a lot to eat here.”

Those eyes were hardly what anyone looking at the same person would have.

The look of a smirk and wrinkles on his face was full of reluctance that was difficult to express in words.

“you… … Are you really Ruifault?”

At that time, the war mage who came with Veronica muttered while looking at Ruifault.

He was originally a person who served in the military along with Ruifault in the past.

In a way, it could be seen as a comrade like him.

They weren’t all that bad with each other.

But after Ruifault deserted, everything went wrong.

So, as a comrade in the past, he applied for this job to finish all of this.

However, after many years, the Ruifault he met again was not the same person he used to be.

“Louis Fault?”

At those words, Ruifault had doubts.

“Ah, that’s right. that was my name no? is not it? Who am I? Louis Fault? David? name keeps popping up Gallaud. Chad. Jenna.”

Incomprehensible sounds began to flow from Louis Fault’s mouth.

He clutched his head in his hands as if he was confused.

Andrei clicked his tongue as he watched it.

All the names Ruifault muttered now were the names of wizards implanted in his body.

It seems that his memory has been confused due to the implantation of several wizards in his body.

‘Well, that’s better. It’s enough to get new data through Ruifault.’

And the test subjects to obtain the data will be the uninvited guests who invaded this place.

Andrei gave orders to Ruifold.

“Test Subject Third.”

“Ugh. Seo, de?”

Ruifault responded to Andrei’s voice.

His pupils, shaking as if in an earthquake, turned to Andrei.

“okay. you are cool And I am your master, Andrei.”

“I, I… … .”

“It doesn’t matter who you are. Aren’t you hungry? Right now, the prey is overflowing in front of my eyes. Shouldn’t you eat it first?”

Ruifault’s trembling stopped at Andrei’s words.

His mouth, which had been muttering as if confusion had come, was also shut.

As if something dramatic had changed.

Eventually, as he removed his hand from his head, Louis Fault’s expression became as calm as when he first released his mana.

“okay. It doesn’t matter who I am right now. The important thing now is how to solve this hunger.”

“okay. That’s it, Sud. So eat it up. Because that is what you were made for!”

Andrei shouted and opened his eyes wide.

And looked down in disbelief.

Ruifold’s hand was lodged in his lower abdomen.

Despite the distance, Ruifold’s arm stretched out and penetrated Andrei’s abdomen.

The strange behavior didn’t stop there.

Black veins began to squirm up Ruifold’s arm and begin to drain power from Andrei’s body.

“You, what are you… … .”

Louis Fault smirked as he saw Andrei staring at him with an expression of disbelief.

“That looks the most delicious.”

“Hey, you crazy bastard! You bite the master!”

Ruifault was now absorbing the demonic power in Andrei’s body.

Andrei gritted his teeth and tried to endure, but to no avail.

Just as a person cannot get out of a whirlpool no matter how hard he swims.

Andrei, who had been injected with purified demonic power, collapsed helplessly before the demonic power, which was closer to the essence.

What Ruifault absorbed didn’t stop with the devil’s power.

He tried to absorb Andrei’s mana as well as the devil’s power.


Andrei yelled and grabbed Ruifold’s forearm with both hands.

As if he would not be easily defeated like this, his eyes were shining with strong will.

At that moment, a blade of compressed wind that flew from somewhere cut off Ruifault’s stretched arm.

When the absorption stopped, Andrei hurriedly stepped back and distanced himself from Ruifault.

Ruifault returned the stretched arm and examined the cross section of his severed arm.

The severed arm was regenerated in no time.

Ruifault’s gaze turned to the intruder.

The black-haired handsome young man who had been staring at me with an arrogant gaze from a while ago.

“you… … .”

Annoyance appeared on Ruifault’s face as if he felt bad about being interrupted.

Seeing this, Ludger let out a cool laugh.

“Were there any fools waiting for the enemy to grow?”

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