I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 309

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◈ Chapter 309 Teaching (2)

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‘Should I?’

Hans was now at the crossroads of his life.

I thought about it several times, but I couldn’t come up with a clear answer.

I hesitated so many times.

The uneasiness that Hans had been feeling since a moment before rose to the top of his head.

In the end, Hans, who couldn’t stand it, mustered up the courage to open his mouth.

“Are you not going?”


Grander, who was lying on the sofa, turned his head slightly to stare at Hans.

Facing the red eyes that clearly showed signs of annoyance, Hans felt the fear of falling down an endless cliff.

Let’s not be scared.

But since he’s my brother’s teacher, I won’t hit him.

Hans swallowed and opened his mouth.

“I asked if you were not going to help your brother.”

“Is that the story again? I remember that I already gave enough answers to that.”

“Yes, it was. But, don’t you know?”

“What do you mean you know?”

“You said there was something underground. And when I actually checked, the warlocks were secretly experimenting with demonic powers.”

At the word devil, Grander smiled softly.

“Hmm. I gave you a hint, but you figured it out sooner than I thought. But what is it like? Anyway, that power is sealed in a shell.”

“Now it is. But the Warlocks and the Liberation Army are conducting an experiment. Perhaps that sealed power might be awakened.”

“Why do you think so?”

Grander didn’t tell me not to talk nonsense.

Instead, she asked Hans with curiosity in her ruby-like eyes.

why do you think so


“I asked why you think so.”

“That, that… … .”

Hans hesitated as to what to answer.

To be honest, it wasn’t something I came up with thinking rationally and working my head hard.

Intuition, if you have to ask.

It was close to animal intuition.

But I can’t say that it’s because I feel it openly.

You will think you are ignoring yourself.

While Hans hesitates what to answer.

Grander stared at Hans.

The moment Hans looked into those eyes, he didn’t know why, but he said what he thought he shouldn’t say.

“It’s because of the senses.”


Hans wanted to say goodbye.

He wondered why he had said such a thing, and at the same time, anxiety crept over him.

It was no wonder that Grander got angry at him, asking if he was making fun of him by glaring at him.

But contrary to Hans’ worries, Grander wasn’t angry.

Rather, after sitting up on the sofa, he asked with interest.

“Hoo? It’s sense. What did you feel with that feeling?”

“yes? well, what did you feel? just… … If things go on like this, something will happen… … .”

“You just thought something was going to happen?”

“… … yes.”

“hmm. Is it an ability that you are not fully aware of yet? Your pupil picked up something really interesting.”


The moment Hans was about to ask why, Grander said,

“Actually, I was going to move even if you didn’t tell me this.”


“I wonder if I didn’t feel what you felt. I was the one who told you that something was underground.”

But why is it not moving?

He didn’t ask directly, but the look in his eyes seemed to show that emotion.

“There is only one reason I am not going. I don’t feel the need to move.”

“No, I meant to move, but I didn’t feel the need.”

“Can’t you feel it?”


When Hans asked again, Grander shook his head, saying no.

“Anyway, it seems that your instincts are extremely developed only for the sense of crisis.”

“No, what the hell is that… … .”

“It happened. Even if you complain, it doesn’t change what you don’t need to do. You just have to wait and see.”

Grander smiled at the wave of power he felt underground.

It is like the smile of a mother proud of her well-grown child.

“Because it would be possible for him.”



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* * *

Ruifault tensed his arms and tried to get himself up.

But his arms didn’t move, as if he had a heavy lump of lead on his back.

It’s a strange thing.

His body, which handles demonic power, far surpassed that of a sword master.

He had the strength to lift it even if it was crushed by a rock the size of a house, but now it was difficult to even control his own body.

“What have you done?”

In a situation where he couldn’t even breathe properly, Ruifault managed to open his mouth.

this huge pressure.

It was clear that Rudger had done something, but he had no idea what it was.

A disturbing thought passed through Ruifold’s mind.

Could this really be real magic?

A magic that only a darling of talent can use that he doesn’t know about?


It can’t be.

I’ve never heard of such magic.

What’s more, as a handful… … .

“You must have thought that with just beastmen, you couldn’t exert this level of power.”

“… … .”

Thinking that his thoughts had been read, Ruifault kept his mouth shut.

In fact, there was nothing to do but read and sleep.

It was only natural that such a reaction would come out.

Judging from Rudger’s words, it was clear that this attack was a hit.

Ruifault was even more difficult to understand.

Prisoners are already an outdated method.

More accurate and certain magic would be difficult to activate without magic, but its power was remarkably weak.

Besides, what is that simple hand gesture?

In order to activate magic with a beastman’s hand, he had to move his hand busily back and forth.

It didn’t work just by reaching out like that.

“Didn’t you tell me? It’s real magic.”

“Don’t be funny, don’t! I’ve never heard of magic like this!”

Ruifault shouted through gritted teeth, but somewhere in his head it occurred to him that the words might be true.

‘The devil’s power causes a backlash.’

Moreover, what surprised Ruifault was the golden aura that oppressed his whole body.

The devil’s power was unable to resist in front of that golden aura.

‘This side is trying to get up with all their might, but with just one hand movement, they have to lie flat like a frog?’

It’s nonsense.

How could that power be pushed back by the devil’s power?

Isn’t that divine power?

“It hurts.”

Rudger opened his mouth to Louis Fault, who was lying flat on the floor.

“Judging by the look on his face, he seems to feel shame much more than physical pain.”

“You, this, bastard… … .”

Louis Fault bit his lip at Ludger’s words.

The gaze of the other person looking down on him seemed to squeeze out more of his grief.

Ruifold superimposed the appearances of other people on Rudger.

The appearance of those who looked at themselves with contempt for reaching their limits.

The sarcasm of the person who laughs at you saying you won’t be able to do it.

So I wanted to kill them all.

Thread veins all over the body stood out.

Black blood flowed from Louis Fault’s lips and nose.

“I will kill you. No, I won’t just kill you, I’ll make you suffer as much as possible! Please let me beg you to kill me!”

“The stuffed specimen looks like it’s alive and well.”

“shut up!!”

Ruifault shouted as if in a fit.

Rudger pressed harder on Ruifault’s body.

The devil’s power is definitely a threat.

However, it was useless in front of the hangmachokjiin he was dealing with.

It was the moment I was about to conceive of destroying him completely by pushing harder.


For an instant, Ludger had the illusion that someone was riding on Ruifold’s back.

No, it was not an illusion.

A black shadow in the shape of a human was whispering something while pressing its face into Ruifault’s ear.

‘It’ looked up at Rudger and then grinned.

A pure white crescent moon was drawn on the pitch-black face without facial features.

Rudgar felt a creepy feeling that he couldn’t figure out the reason for.

The moment I tried to take action, it disappeared like a mirage.

And right after that, a change occurred from Ruifault.



The sound of muscles and bones twisting came from Ruifault’s body lying on the floor.

Ruifault, who did not suffer from any kind of attack, let out a scream as if in agony.

The faces of the wizards transplanted into Louis Fault’s body also widened their eyes and opened their mouths, screaming together.

The change did not stop while several screams resounded as if overlapping.

Instead of the hugely swollen arms returning to their original size, more arms pierced through both shoulders and protruded one by one.

Four arms slowly pushed the body off the ground.

Surprisingly, Ruifault was slowly getting up, resisting Ludger’s anti-friction.

‘The power has become stronger.’

Rudger also frowned at the change in Ruifault.

With the right hand held out, he raised only his index and middle fingers with his left hand, which had been erected, and aimed at Louis Fault.

The magic fog that swirled around formed the magic formula.

The ground moved like a shudder. A sharp rock awl pierced Ruifold’s palm and immobilized him.

all four arms.

But then something surprising happened.

up up

The stone pillar that pierced through the palm of his hand and protruded from the back of his hand had begun to be eaten by Louis Fault’s hand.

The pierced part had turned into the mouth of something that was crushing the rock awl.

A mouth protrudes from the palm of your hand.

Although his body had changed before that, it was a pity to call him a human now.


Rudger looked back at Andrei, who was watching from afar, and opened his mouth.

“Hey guy, do you know why he’s doing that?”

“Why did you do that to me… … .”

“Didn’t that make him that way? Shouldn’t you know why you’re doing that?”

The moment Andrei heard that, he was speechless.

They had been fighting each other until just a moment ago, but they never thought that they would suddenly ask such a question here.

Besides, you’re honorable.

If it had been the usual Andrei, he wouldn’t have even responded.

However, it was the same that he also felt a sense of danger from Ruifault’s grotesque form.

“I don’t know.”

“… … Are you kidding me?”

Rudger tried to argue, but concentrated again and suppressed Ruifault.

Even now, it is being pushed back in real time, but if you don’t concentrate, Ruifault will be released and rampage.

I had to hold back as much as possible to buy time.

“Then, what about guessing?”

“that… … .”

Ludger clicked his tongue at Andrei’s hesitant answer.

“Well, you asked something. I hoped that I would do too much for a person who almost died from being deprived of his powers by his test subject.”

Ludger’s sarcasm made Andrei cry, but he did not lose his temper.

Because it was as he said.

He was beaten by a test subject he had created, and part of the devil’s power was taken away.

Besides, even the past he had been hiding was revealed through his mouth, what could be more disgraceful than this?

“… … Perhaps he is being swallowed up by demonic power.”

A reaction came as if the provocation had worked.

“You keep talking.”

“I don’t know if all demonic powers are like this. It’s just that the demon sealed at the root of that dead world tree reacts to negative emotions.”

In fact, the black wavelength used as the devil’s power penetrated into the human mind and neutralized them in an instant.

“… … It’s not just about influencing others.”

“Negative emotions must also affect you. Unless you’re a demon, demonic power is nothing more than borrowed power after all.”

“okay. I know that he is running out of control because of his inferiority complex. So how do you stop him? Don’t you?”

“I don’t even know about that. What I was trying to create in the first place was the ultimate life form.”

“You are lying. Is it because I don’t know that that guy is also a passing experiment?”

At those words, Andrei’s eyes widened.

I couldn’t understand how one teacher or the like could see through to that part.


In the first place, from the power Ludger is showing now, everything that doesn’t make sense.

Since I had come this far, I had nothing to hide, so I confessed it openly.

“The power of the devil, which originates from the mental part, was originally in conflict with the life force of the World Tree.”

“You’re fine like that, but you said it was a contradiction?”

“Because it was the point of the experiment to fuse them together. The life force of the World Tree and the power of demons rebelled against each other, but the human body did not. It was a great neutralizer.”

life force and demon power.

It was the human body that filled the gap between the two energies.

Like a surfactant that makes water and oil mix.

Because the human body could accept the life force of the World Tree and the power of demons.

What was created through countless trials and errors was the experimental subject Third, the current Ruifault.

“I thought that if I did that, I would be able to handle the power of demons. The devil’s power in a human body and the life force of the world tree. If only that, humans could have evolved into greater beings. No physical defect or incurable disease… … With a perfect body.”

Andrei’s expression, which had been muttering weakly, was slightly damp, as if he remembered something from the past.

Is it because some of the devil’s power was taken away?

His melancholy eyes were clearer than before.

“But looking at it, it seems to be the opposite. The demonic power we thought we could handle was actually controlling us.”

“Does that mean that demonic powers are rampaging out of control right now?”

“It’s not about running amok. Rather, it moves with willpower.”

“What is that… … .”


The moment Ludger tried to argue, Ruifault succeeded in completely shaking off the power that held him back.

Intense magic power was released and a storm raged that made it difficult to open one’s eyes properly.

Before he knew it, Andrei had grown four arms and even horns on top of his head.

It felt like something cold and huge was pressing down on my whole body, as if I was submerged in the deep black depths of the sea.

Ruifault, whose demonization was completely finished, raised one hand and pointed at the base of the World Tree.

Then a change occurred from the World Tree.

Like worms crawling inside the roots, the wriggling and moving things began to gather in one place.

It was the same with Andrew.

“Cheuk! Cool!”

Andrei opened his eyes and vomited black blood.

I wonder if all the water in my body is draining out in such a large amount.

In fact, Andrei’s skin was flabby, and his cheeks were getting thinner.

Andrei was greatly perplexed by the condition of his body.

“What is this?”

At the same time, the root of the World Tree swelled up.

Ludger’s eyes captured the swollen form of his eyes.

‘That’s… … .’

When I first entered this underground facility, something in the shape of a person protruded from the tip of the root of the world tree.

Something similar to it, but much stronger and larger, was about to burst through the roots now.


Eventually, one root of the swollen World Tree exploded and black liquid poured out like a waterfall.

The black liquid fell as if swallowing Louis Fault.

‘If it was the devil’s power that was trapped inside the World Tree.’

That black liquid gushing out now.

And now, Ruifault, who has completely covered it… … .

Rudger, who had thought so far, had a headache.

The black shadow of the smiley face I saw earlier.

Because I know what he is.

I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 308I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 310
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