I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 324

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◈ Episode 324: Conferment Ceremony in the White Mirror (2)

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The awarding ceremony went off without a hitch.

Quite a number of people gathered in the hall to watch it, but no one paid more attention to Rudger than expected.

Most of the credit was thanks to Pasius taking it.

It was concluded that this terror attack by the Liberation Army was led by the Royal Guard, Pasius, and another sword master, Terina Lionhowl, made a great contribution.

To be precise, the imperial family was closer to covering up the truth with that conclusion.

Of course, it was not possible to completely cover all the truth.

‘Because there were too many eyewitnesses in the case of the black storm that took place on the ground.’

The demon Basara attacked the students who were fleeing to the imperial palace and knocked them all out.

After that, a huge storm raged and the Third Square was completely ruined.

No matter how hard they tried to block information, they couldn’t cover up this truth.

Perhaps because of that, reporters were already turning their eyes on what the hell had happened.

The fortunate thing was that the students involved at the time did not remember what had happened.

The reason for this was that he was deeply traumatized.

‘Of course, there are people who have full memories.’

Flora Lumos.


and Aidan.

First of all, the memory of these three remained intact.

Two of the three didn’t faint, and one woke up right away and was caught in the middle of the incident.

But there was no need to worry.

In the case of Flora, it was because Rudger kept it a secret.

I was thinking of giving a separate word to Rinne as well.

The remaining one is Aidan, but Mandelina decided to take responsibility for that, so I decided not to care.

Considering Mandelina’s usual words and actions, it could not be said that there was no anxiety.

But, surprisingly, she did what she was told to do.

‘So he must have belonged to the Black Ops Alpha Team.’

When Rudger sorted out the situation in his head like that, he felt the gaze directed this way.

When I looked sideways in the direction of my gaze, I saw a man staring at me there.

2nd Prince Ibellon.

Among the medal recipients in the hall, he showed interest in Rudger.

Rudger also thought it was a coincidence at first, but changed his mind after meeting his eyes once.

According to rumors, the 2nd prince had a soft heart and did not have much political ability.

Instead, he showed outstanding talent in artistic areas such as painting and music, and he himself liked it so much that he gave up the right to the throne.

However, the second prince he actually met did not do that at all.

I was sure because it was Ludger who had met many people and had gone through countless incidents.

‘He’s got a monster inside his chest.’

Did you say that peers recognize peers?

It was clear that the second prince of Evellon felt the same way as Ludger felt.

Ibellon’s eyes towards Ludger contained feelings of interest.

But it was only a fleeting moment.

It was because the award ceremony, which seemed to last for a long time, was over.

Pasius, who received the attention and applause of the people as a representative, bowed lightly to the audience.

“Pasius! Pasius!”

“Terrina! Terina!”

People cheered and scattered pollen for the heroes who saved the country.

Rudger was relieved at the enthusiastic response.

That reaction was proof that our smoke screen operation had worked.

Rudger thought so, but did not take his eyes off the second prince easily.

* * *

After the ceremony, Rudger joined the other teachers.

“Miss Rudger! Are you feeling well?”

Many teachers showed interest in the return of Rudger and Chris.

Even though it was to help other than combat, the fact that the two went to a dangerous place did not change.

Since those two people came back alive and even received medals, of course there was no choice but to pay attention.

Seeing Selina looking at her with a worried gaze, Ludger nodded lightly and replied that it was okay.

“There was nothing very dangerous. It is thanks to the hard work of others.”

In reality, it was true that both Rudger and Chris had been through dangerous things, but there was no need to explain even that in detail.

“I’m so glad you look fine. Everyone was very worried.”

At that time, Merylda approached Selina and said playfully.

“sure. In particular, do you know how earnestly Selina prayed for Mr. Ludgar to return safely?”

“Mr. Merylda!”

“huh? why. Did I just say what actually happened?”

“Ah, anyway… … .”

Selina blushed and glanced sideways at Ludger.

It was usually not something to be ashamed of when Rudger heard the fact that he had done such a thing.

“Thank you for your concern.”

When Ludgar said that, Selina’s face brightened.



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A facial expression that reveals the change of emotion too blatantly.

Merilda looked at him and gave a small chuckle.

Selina shoots Merylda through the ax eye. Merilda is so hot! With a smile on her face, she slipped away from Selina.

Then he smiled and said to Rudger.

“Anyway, I’m also glad that Mr. Rudger came back intact. So do other people. I’m sorry about that man over there.”

Merilda’s gaze turned to Chris, who was surrounded by aristocratic teachers.

“Is he not hurt anywhere?”

Words that blatantly reveal the feelings of wanting to be there even if you don’t have it.

It was a natural reaction, considering that Chris usually showed disrespectful words and actions, there was nothing strange about Merilda’s hostility.

“hmm. Well, it can’t be said that there are no injuries.”

“Oh, really? I just said it as a joke, but I thought it was real. Isn’t that bad? So, where did you get hurt?”

“It is the heart.”


Merilda asked what the hell he was talking about, but Ludger didn’t answer further.

“So, when are the others going back to Seorn?”

“We don’t know that yet. I hope the president will inform you of the detailed schedule.”

Selina told me that the Academic Office is currently busy with the messed up field trip.

“Perhaps because of that, we are staying in the imperial family and waiting for an answer from that side.”

“I see. Besides, students need to get enough rest, so maybe we should stay in the capital a little longer.”

“yes. Because of that, the academic schedule for the future has been twisted a lot. I’m already worried about how much of the overdue classes I will have to skip.”

Selina, who muttered that, apologized to Ludger.


“What are you sorry about?”

“There is nothing I can do to help.”

Rudger wondered if there was a need to apologize for such a thing.

However, looking at Selina’s expression, it was not empty words, but sincerity.

“I put too much burden on Mr. Rudger. She teacher saved her students and went down to the ditch where the terrorists are. Even though she didn’t have to do that.”

“Miss Selina.”

“I didn’t like that. I stayed in a safe place in the imperial family, and the students outside were having a hard time, but I couldn’t help them a bit.”

Selina couldn’t help but feel it.

I thought I had done something I couldn’t do as a teacher of Seorn.

No, as Dori, who has become more human than that, I naturally felt a sense of responsibility to directly step forward in this situation.

Of course, it’s not Selina’s responsibility.

It was because the imperial castle prevented people inside from going outside.

But to Selina, that didn’t matter.

“There were things I could have done, but I couldn’t do anything.”

Selina lowered her head in a somber tone.

Rudger stared at Selina like that before opening his mouth.

“Miss Selina. What happened in the capital this time is obviously regrettable. However, practically no students were seriously injured.”

In this incident, the three students miraculously did not become victims.

It was all thanks to the mentors who did their best to protect them.

Some students suffered minor injuries from the Chimera’s attack, but no fatal injuries.

There were many students who suffered from Basara’s mental wave, but they were able to shake it off quickly without any aftereffects.

It was safe to say that there were no actual casualties.

“But even if the students are safe, it doesn’t mean that there are no victims at all. Many of the citizens living in the capital have been killed or injured. Many also lost their homes. Those people are still having a hard time in the relief barracks.”

“I will not deny that.”

“It bothers me that I couldn’t help those people with their work. At least if I had stepped in, I might have saved at least a few more people.”

“… … .”

Selina was right.

If she, an excellent elementalist, had stepped forward, the damage would have been reduced.

The death of a person is a very heavy thing.

However, most people are insensitive to the death of others who have nothing to do with themselves.

Although they may feel pity, they cannot express sincere sorrow and condolences.

because it’s not your business

But Selina was different.

She grieved even the death of an unknown person.

Rudger suddenly remembered what Selina had been through in the past.

They lost their precious people and the village was burned. I witnessed the hell of public tax with my own two eyes.

Originally, it was something Esmeralda experienced, and it had nothing to do with Selina.

Because Selina was nothing more than an artificial spirit created by Esmeralda, remembering herself when she was innocent.

A false personality in a way.

I mean, it was fake.

But are the emotions and feelings she shows now really fake?

It wasn’t.

“Miss Selina’s reaction is understandable. But in the end, this has already happened. You can be sad and sorry for that, but that’s all. There is no need to be buried in it any longer.”

Selina’s eyes widened at the unexpected words.

Just as I was about to ask why he spoke so coldly, Rudger continued.

“On the way to the capital, I saw the situation outside. On the broken and ruined streets, workers worked hard moving materials and clearing debris. It had only been a day since the terrible thing happened.”

“that… … .”

“It is not that they are unaffected by this devastation. You must feel sad, angry, and hopeless. But those people were there. While sweating and working hard to rebuild. Do you know what this means?”

Selina answered after hesitation.

“I do not know.”

“In the end, you will win.”

Selina’s eyes widened.

she retorted timidly in a trembling voice.

“Ha, but maybe there are people who didn’t.”

“Yes, it will. These people will definitely need help.”

“then… … .”

“But, after all, we are not the ones who lead them. That role is the grieving person’s neighbor, friend, or family member. People who can sympathize with you in your heartfelt sorrow.”

“… … .”

“So we don’t have to be sad. It’s just believing. I hope they can get through it.”

At that moment, Selina realized why Rudger was talking to her like this.

he is now

He said it because he was worried about himself who was overly buried in sadness.

To reassure myself not to be too self-blameful and drown in bitterness.

That caring heart came to Selina very much.

“I’m not sure if I gave Mr. Selina the right answer.”

“… … no. Rather, it overflows. I heard and saw it. I must have been fooling around.”

Selina replied and smiled at Ludger.

It was a smile of a warm spring day, as if flowers were in full bloom around them.

“I feel like I always get help from Mr. Rudger. thank you.”

“… … Not at all.”

Rudger is momentarily speechless at Selina’s smile.

He immediately regained his composure and replied, but there was no way Merylda, who had secretly overheard the moment, missed it.

“Oh my, oh my.”

When Merilda let go of that chuimsae, Selina belatedly regained her sanity and blushed.

“Mr. Merylda!”

“huh? why?”

“That, what kind of reaction was that?”

“What reaction? I’m not sure Selina, isn’t it because you were stabbed?”

“That, that… … !”

At that time, Pasius spotted Rudger from a distance and approached him.

“Ah, you are here. Mr. Ludgar Celish.”

When Pasius, who made a great contribution to resolving this terror, appeared, all eyes of the people focused on him.

Pasius didn’t care about that gaze and spoke to Ludger.

“The Princess asks to meet separately to praise the credit of those who resolved this situation. One minute at a time, step by step.”

Ludgar replied that he knew and begged Selina and Merilda for their understanding.

“Then I will leave the place for a while.”

“Ah yes.”

Rudger immediately followed after Pasius, who was walking in the lead.

Eventually, the two arrived at a luxurious drawing room.

“Did you come?”

Eileen, who was waiting there, turned to Ludger and asked.

The pure white sunlight streaming in from outside the window illuminated her silver hair.

Eileen was like a jewel that shined by itself.

Starting with his restrained actions, each expression stood out with his charisma and the qualities of a ruler.

“I am tired of waiting.”

“Aren’t we meeting in the garden we saw that day this time?”

“This is the yard where even my mother and younger siblings moved. There’s no need to grab people’s attention. It doesn’t matter if I can see it, but doesn’t it?”

In short, he said that he was enduring such troublesome things out of consideration for Ludger’s position.

“Is that so. I don’t know what to do with my gratitude.”

“okay. to thank you more Because you owe me.”

“I would have been more grateful if I hadn’t said that.”

“But if I didn’t say it this far, you must have intended to pretend you didn’t know until the end.”

A word that hits the spot.

Instead of answering, Rudger casually sat down in the empty seat across from Eileen.

Aileen’s jewel-like eyes glowed, and she held the pod with both hands and rested it on her chin.

“so. Let’s talk about what happened underground.”

I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 323I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 325
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