I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 347

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◈ Episode 347 Non-attribute magical water (2)

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“teacher. Line is okay, right?”

Erendir, who followed Rudger to the infirmary, asked.


“Still, the reason why he suddenly collapsed… … .”

“Probably because of the magic number. Can you feel it too?”

“yes. Everyone was surprised by that unusual magic number.”

“Some of the newly born magical beasts have a very sensitive corner. Sometimes, without realizing it, the owner’s mana is excessively consumed. That’s why Rene fainted.”

Erendir really wanted to ask if that was the reason, but the question didn’t come out of his mouth.

Rudger’s serious expression didn’t allow her to ask.

“Erendir. I know you’re worried about your juniors, but let’s go. Isn’t there a class you need to take?”

“but… … .”

“Leave this to me. I have a lot of time left after that, so I can at least take care of Linen.”

“… … There is no need for a teacher to do it.”

“It happened in my class. If I don’t, who will?”

Erendir eventually had no choice but to leave the hospital room saying he would understand.

Ludger quietly watched Linen, who was soundly asleep on the bed.

─Why are you showing guilt?

The last words Line said before collapsing.

It complicated Ludger’s feelings.

‘It’s just a moment, but through the sealing magic, the energy of the judgment became explosively strong.’

Rudger read about it in the literature.

Judgment is the eye that sees the right person.

But the verdict’s ability wasn’t something that could be defined in a single line.

The judgment is a mysterious power that says that a being who can awaken as a saint has been born since ancient times.

Its power distinguishes the unclean, seeks the hidden darkness, and drives out the interracial.

The first force of the verdict.

An eye that discerns the unclean.

It was thanks to this rudimentary ability that Liné could look at a person and distinguish between a person who was dark at heart and a person who was dangerous.

On the other hand, approaching Erendir or Ludger, who are difficult for others to approach, without hesitation.

This was because the decision did not signal that it was dangerous.

The problem is that as this power becomes stronger, it is a new characteristic that increases.

‘I said it reads emotions.’

No other being can hide its true nature in front of the Judgment.

It is because the judgment sees the evil that is hidden, and distinguishes the lies they speak.

There is a difference between reading your mind and reading your emotions.

However, it was easy to see that the opponent was hostile to him or had some kind of ulterior motive.

The reason Linen asked Ludger why he felt guilty was precisely because of the stronger power of this judgment.

‘Why did you suddenly become stronger? I even used sealing magic on purpose to suppress that power.’

The biggest reason is, of course, the magic number.

A mysterious magical beast that has not been recorded in any literature until now.

The guy showed some strength, and because of that, Line’s decision became explosively strong, albeit in an instant.

‘But it’s strange. Line’s non-attribute magic and judgment must be two different things.’

In fact, there was no story that the owners of previous judgments possessed non-attribute magic.

Conversely, the possessor of non-attribute magic didn’t even have a judgment.

In a way, Line is a deformed child of an era where those two unusual cases merged into one.

Never before, never will be.

It was a unique existence.

‘Are you saying that it can’t be judged carelessly with existing knowledge?’

If anyone knew this, they’d think Line was blessed.

Having two unique talents that others don’t have would be an object of envy to those who don’t have them.

But Rudger knows it’s neither a blessing nor a gift.

—Unwanted power is no different from a curse.

As if he could hear the voices of the gods.

Line, too, must have a lot of suffering, although it is not expressed outwardly.

‘Non-attribute magic. I have to find a solution somehow.’

Non-attribute magic is a rare attribute magic unknown to the world.

Even Rudger had found and read many books and papers, but still couldn’t figure out exactly what kind of magic it was.

However, one thing you can be sure of.

The non-attribute magic is that it eats away the user’s life.


Rudger’s fist naturally gained strength.

The previous owners of non-attribute magical powers eventually died without enduring their own magical powers.

The scene of that day is still vivid in front of my eyes.

‘Even so, I thought I had free time.’

No matter how long the owner of non-attribute magic is, it is difficult to exceed the age of 25.

As the years passed, the mana became stronger, but the body could not stand it.

The mana that gradually builds up is poison to the body.



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If you can’t get it out, the person’s life has no choice but to slowly move towards the end.

‘Considering Line’s age, I thought it would still be a few years old.’

Line’s development was faster than expected.

Could it be because of the book about non-attribute magic that he handed over?

Or is it because they combined with the judgment and created some kind of synergy?

‘It was the first time in my life that I had seen magic water made of non-attribute magic.’

As the guy showed his power, Line’s decision even got stronger.

It was a total mess.

‘In the end, should I contact him?’

There is one person who usually pretends not to have each other.

It’s not to the extent that I personally don’t want to meet him, but if I had to decide whether I like it or not, he’s closer to the latter.

He was Linne’s magic teacher entrusted to him by Ludger after erasing his memories.

‘If you look at his skills, he’s a guy who’s good enough to join Owens as an executive.’

But the reason Rudger didn’t call him was because of his relationship with him.

Rinne’s magic master hated Ludger very much.

Just like dealing with Cheolcheon’s enemy.

Rudger knew the reason, so after entrusting Line to him, he didn’t even contact him, let alone interfere.

There’s also the fact that he doesn’t deserve it, but it’s because he doesn’t like it and causes seizures.

Considering what happened in the past between the two, it was natural.

However, since the two of them agreed on the study of non-attribute magic, they must have studied diligently over the past years.

There must be some kind of achievement.

‘Come to think of it, he had a problem too. I was told to take him with me and raise him gently, so he sent me to Seorn?’

It was Ludger who was annoyed with the guy, but thought there was nothing he could do about it.

‘That stupid bastard. He must have pretended to be solemn on the outside, but he couldn’t have refused if Linee asked her earnestly.’

Since I knew what kind of guy he was, it wasn’t that I couldn’t understand why Linne came to Seorn.

‘I’m not trustworthy, but I wouldn’t have been hanging around until now. His personality is the same, but his skills are genuine.’

In terms of skills alone, he is comparable to Owens’ executive.

Rudgar even thought of a code name for him, assuming that he might join Owens.

‘If only he and I had gotten along a little better.’

His code name must have been <Goethe>.


At that time, Lyne, who was lying down, opened her eyes with a moan.

* * *

Lynne was surprised.

When I opened my eyes, was it the infirmary?

He didn’t realize when he had lost his mind.

What surprised her more than that was that the person who had been taking care of her by her side was Ludger.

“Stand, stand, teacher?! Why, why are you here?!”

“Don’t you remember? You collapsed during class, and I’m the one who brought you here. Don’t you have something to say first?”

“Uh, that. thank you?”


“Yeah, thank you for that. You don’t have to keep waiting.”

“It happened in my class, so it’s a natural thing to do as a teacher in charge.”

Line felt apologetic for nothing at the thought of putting unnecessary burden on Rudger.

“Lene. Are you feeling well?”

“yes? Ah yes. I think I’m fine now.”

Rene checked the condition of her body here and there and answered.

She belatedly remembered why she fainted.

“I-I fainted because of the magic water, right?”

“Can’t you remember what you saw before you passed out?”

“Uh, so… … I summoned a magic beast, and my magic beast gave off some strange power. Then… … .”

Then… … .

Rinne muttered the words, but couldn’t finish.

“I don’t remember.”

“It doesn’t fly?”

“yes. I think I saw something at the end, and it seems like I muttered something without even realizing it. I don’t remember that.”

“… … .”

Rudger studied Line’s appearance carefully.

I wondered if maybe he was pretending not to know even though he knew it.

Looking at his face, it didn’t seem like that at all.

There was a similar case last time.

At that time, Line muttered Ludger’s real name without realizing it.

Maybe the seal of the memories had been finely disturbed.

“What did I say? Didn’t I say something rude?!”

Rudger gave such a prepared answer to Line.

“I didn’t say anything. I just fainted from the shock of summoning the magic beast for the first time.”


“It was good to summon the magic beast for the first time, but this time it was too much.”

Rudger’s worried scolding made Line feel embarrassed.


“But it’s my fault for not mentioning it beforehand, so you don’t have to apologize.”


“Your magical beast is like a newborn baby. It is natural to react sensitively without adapting to the world we encounter for the first time.”

“Are the magicians like that too?”

“A magic beast does not always obey the master’s orders. Sometimes they refuse, and other times they try to eat the owner.”

At those words, Line felt fear for no reason.

Being eaten by a magic beast

Isn’t it scary just to hear it?

“Of course, that is extremely rare.”

“… … I’m not the type of person who knows magic numbers that well. Aren’t my magic numbers extremely rare?”

“that… … .”

Come to think of it, it was.

When Rudger hesitated to answer, Line broke into tears.

“So, will I be eaten?!”

“No, it doesn’t.”

“oh my god! There are still many things I want to do! You go so fast!”


“Does it hurt a lot if you get eaten by a magic beast? There will be no pain, right? Or at least write a will… … ?”

“Calm down. Line.”

Rudger’s determined voice calmed Line’s dizzy mind in an instant.

It felt as if a heavy anchor had landed in the center of my throbbing heart.

“That won’t happen. This is because the magician who was eaten by the magic beast was in a state of mana runaway due to excessive use of mana. Even that was a disaster that happened because he treated his magic beast badly.”

“Is that so?”

“okay. So, as long as you treat the magic beast properly, there will be no risk of being eaten.”

Although it was a matter for later how to deal with the magic number that he had never seen before.

“It looks like you don’t want to die more than that.”

“Does anyone usually like that?”

“Most will hate it. But there are also people who like it. Rather, did you say there are many things you want to do?”

“yes? Oh that… … .”

Line looked quite puzzled as if he didn’t know that Rudger would bring out the words he shouted casually.

“Yeah what… … Is that right?”

“What do you want to do?”

“What do you want to do? Well, I’m worried because there are too many. I want to explore various magics, I want to see various places in the world, and I want to have new experiences.”

“Do you have any future hopes?”

“I want to become a magic researcher.”



Rinne nodded with a brighter face.

“There are still many unknown magics in the world, right? The same goes for my non-attribute magic. I want to become a magic researcher for people other than me who don’t know what magic they have.”

“is it.”

The reason why you chose your future dream is extremely altruistic.

Usually, children of this age only wanted to succeed by succeeding in magic.

“If you’re a magic researcher, it won’t be a difficult road.”

“I still have to do it! It is a dream.”

“To become a researcher, you need to have extensive knowledge about magic, and there will be a lot of thesis reports that you basically have to write. You should excel in the theoretical part, and your own magical achievements should not be low.”

“uh… … Is that enough?”

I thought I wanted to become a magic researcher, but I didn’t know it would be this hard.

“Researchers, especially those who study magic, are what those who sit at the top of the intellect have to do. Sir Clinton, a 7th-tier Impera-level magician in existence right now, is a magic researcher. That’s why you don’t see it in public.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Linen instantly became depressed.

When I realized that the goal I really wanted to be was not an ordinary difficult path, my motivation withered away.

Rudger thought it resembled a dog that had grown sullen from not being able to go out for a walk.

“You don’t have to be so disappointed. If you put in the effort, you’ll be able to become a magic researcher.”


Rinne’s expression brightened up again.

Students who are honest about their feelings.

That was a child named Line.

Ludger cherishes and apologizes again.

That’s why the person who has to repay.

“Because the theoretical part of my class is following me very well. If you manage only your innate magical power well, you will surely become a magic researcher who will remain in the century. I bet you.”

“Even so, it must be difficult after all, right?”

“It will be difficult. Sometimes, it’s so overwhelming that you want to give up.”

“Ugh too. Oh, have you ever experienced something similar?”

“of course. Neither do I.”

“I, really? Miss Rudger is so smart, I thought she was good at everything.”

“Everyone fails, and sometimes gets frustrated by being blocked by the wall of reality. I am not free there either.”

Rinne asked in a cautious voice.

“Then, how did Mr. Rudgar overcome such a case?”

“I have never overcome. I just had to be patient and endure it.”

okay. I just endured it.

Even if these wounds engraved in the soul and memory heal, scars remain.

Because it was impossible to overcome completely.


Rudger said to the eyes staring at him innocently.

“Because it has to be.”

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