I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 349

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◈ Episode 349: The wildcat beyond the fence (2)

Entering the audience room, Pasius knelt in front of Eileen.

Eileen, who was sitting still, asked with one hand on her chin.

“Any news?”

“The Bretus envoys haven’t shown much movement so far. It seems that the other side has no intention of provoking us either.”

“Don’t be careless though. You never know when they’ll make a sudden, reckless move.”

“yes. All right.”

Currently, the delegation led by priest Lemlia was trying to find traces of the devil by roaming the underground waterways.

It wasn’t something I could find, but I didn’t know what else to do with the Bretus Castle.

Eileen was somehow preventing them from going to the underground cavity, but she knew it was just to buy time.

Since they were the ones I didn’t like in the first place, Eileen was thinking of interfering as much as possible.

‘Because I don’t know the absurd demands of the empire under the pretext that the devil appeared.’

If they bother to bring up excommunication, there will be a problem.

What Eileen holds in check is not their international political power.

rather the opposite.

They really do have the ability to ‘excommunicate’ the royal family of a country, apart from the will of the continental nations.

I don’t know exactly how it goes, but it’s said that the kingdom changed like that before the empire was formed.

‘For now, I’m glad you stayed quietly, so there were fewer things to worry about. But I can’t be careless.’

Aileen asked Pasius, vowing to be vigilant against Lemria and the delegation.

“okay. Other than that, seeing that I came to report directly like this, there must be something else, right?”

“You are also the princess. Your eyes really look like ghosts.”

“Enough of the nonsensical chatter, go ahead and say it.”

“A message came from my senior.”

“Is that man?”

At the word that Rudger had contacted her, interest in Eileen’s eyes turned.

It hadn’t been that long since the man returned to Seorn, but he was already contacting him.

“What was the reason?”

“I am asking for funding.”


For a moment, Eileen knew she had heard something wrong.

“What do you want?”

“He wants money.”

“… … Don’t play around and tell me straight up without leaving a single word.”

At Eileen’s stinging point, Pasius finally changed his attitude.

“Do you know that something interesting has been happening in Ceorn lately?”

“I do not know.”

“Oh, really?”

“Why should I care about that? There are a lot of things that need to be dealt with right now.”

“Still, Seorn is also funded by the imperial family, so it’s worth knowing about it.”

“Wasn’t it your role to find out about it and report it to me instead?”

It was.

Pasius shrugged his shoulders, saying he couldn’t help it, and continued his explanation.

“Recently, it is said that there are suspicious movements among investors who provide huge amounts of money to Ceorn.”


“yes. They say that companies that receive various patents and interests from Ceorn are the main ones, and they are working together to put pressure on Ceorn.”

Eileen put a smile on her lips as if she was interested.

“That is fun. If Seorn is shaken by this incident, will the money-mad hyenas try to squeeze their teeth through the cracks?”

“Aren’t corporations always seeking profit?”

“That level is too high. It’s like a snake trying to swallow what it dares not to swallow.”

“Anyway, it looks like there will be a very big hole in Ceorn’s finances.”

Eileen removed her hand from her chin.

“It’s not just a threat, it’s really trying to go out strong, so I guess you’re not trying to waste this time.”

“Those who are in charge of 30% of the total finances have formed an alliance at once. They must have thought that if it wasn’t now, there would be no chance.”

“Hmm. Is that why the man asked me for help?”

“What would you like?”

Pasius asked Eileen’s intentions.

As for what it was like, Eileen was the one who didn’t feel the need to help Ceorn.

Seorn is in the territory of the empire, but a separate existence outside the sphere of influence of the empire.

Eileen was also thinking of making even Ceorn her own someday.

However, that solid castle will never be shaken no matter how much you try to shake it.

If such a castle is now endangered by other enemies, it is better to remain neutral and watch rather than help.

Nevertheless, Rudger contacted Eileen to help.

“There must be a reason why that man asked me?”

“Actually, it wasn’t even a request. It is just a suggestion.”

“proposal? in this situation? That’s fun.”

“Mr. Rudger said that he would further increase the influence of the imperial castle in Seorn.”


“They asked if that was what they wanted.”



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“ha ha ha!”

Eileen couldn’t hold back her laughter the moment she heard those words.

“I’m going to call the tigers of the empire to deal with those seungnyangs! What an arrogant man. Does he dare to handle the imperial family?”

“Not necessarily.”

“However, it is too much to ask for 30% of the budget to be filled with just a request. No matter how much I am, I have a vague idea of ​​how much budget the Ceorn Academy needs in a year.”

Of course, if the imperial family’s remarks were open, it was possible to provide support at least once.

However, Eileen was a thorough calculationist.

“If I help, what can he do for me?”

“Mr. Rudger Celish said it was not just asking for help.”

“under. Aren’t you asking for help while hoping for the imperial family’s support?”

“They said there was no need for the imperial family to cover all 30%.”


Eileen’s eyebrows curled subtly.

Pasius told what he had heard.

“Of the 30% of the budget with holes, the amount requested from the imperial family is only 5%.”

only 5%.

Of course, considering Seorn’s annual budget, even 5% is by no means a small amount.

However, Eileen did not understand because the original amount had been reduced to 1/6.

“So, are you saying that there is another way to cover the remaining 25% of the funds?”

“yes. He just said that he sent a call like this because he needed this opportunity to drive out a greedy bastard.”

Eileen didn’t laugh this time.

Instead, he tapped the armrest with his finger and went into trouble.

Pasius waited patiently because he knew that Eileen was seriously weighing the scales.

How long did the silence last?

Eileen’s crimson lips moved as she finished the calculation.

“Nothing bad will happen to us.”

“yes. I guess so.”

Pasius nodded as if agreeing with Eileen’s words.

The moment Seorn is in crisis, if the imperial family releases more money to support him, it goes to the imperial family’s benefit.

It will cost quite a bit of money, but beyond that, you will have the opportunity to become the largest investor in Seorn and exert your influence at the same time.

In fact, this opportunity was a very attractive prey to Eileen.

Eileen’s father, the current emperor, only supported Seorn with a certain amount of money, but did not want loyalty or obedience from them.

Eileen didn’t like that.

If you are a ruler, shouldn’t you be looked up to by all people?

So, if there was an opportunity, he wanted to somehow increase his influence.

‘However, Seorn is a place where many people have been frantic to stick their forks and knives in.’

No matter how much the royal family was, they couldn’t force themselves into it.

Then, an opportunity arose.

That’s what’s left of the big piece of meat.

‘But I don’t like it very much.’

Eileen had the personality to be filled with anger when she had to seize an opportunity like this on her own.

It was rather a matter of hurting my pride to eat something that someone had prepared for me as if to show off.

But this one was too coveted to be proud of.

‘He is truly a shrewd and cunning man. He doesn’t hang on to me for a chance, but on the contrary, he puts up an offer in the position of giving me a chance.’

It hurts my ego, but it’s an enticing proposition even after all that.

“okay. It’s about 5 percent, and I personally can support as much as I want.”

“Are you okay?”

“Because even Obama would have made the same decision. You can’t miss this rare opportunity. I don’t like it, but.”

“Then I will assume that you have agreed and send me a reply.”

“I’m more curious than that. If you refuse to accept my help, where will you get 25 percent of Ceorn’s remaining budget? Where did you find a genie?”

“Oh, is that it?”

Pasius said in a tone that was not a big deal.

“You want to pay?”


* * *

“How did you do it?”

next day.

President Elisa came to Rudger, who was working on paperwork in the office of the Director of Planning, and asked a question.

“What do you mean?”

Rudger took his eyes off the papers and said, taking off his rimless glasses.

“ah. You can keep wearing your glasses.”


“Because it looks good. It’s okay to be intelligent like this.”

“Are you kidding?”

“I wasn’t kidding. Anyway, how did you do that?”

“If you ask around like that, I don’t have anything to answer.”

“That’s it! investor!”


It was only then that Rudger realized why the president had come to see him.

“Didn’t I tell you I could get investors?”

Rudger asked innocently.

It’s already over, so why come now?

Elisa was thrilled to see Ludger asking sincerely.

Is this person doing this on purpose?

“yes. I said I would save you.”

“So you didn’t save it? Then, I think the problem is over.”

“I didn’t expect to do that in one day. Besides, 25 percent of this year’s budget is covered all at once.”

Elisa asked, uncharacteristically revealing her emotions from her facial expression.

“Who the hell is this ‘Oliver’?”

“The owner of the recently burgeoning Royal Street, the fastest-growing man in Ledervelk.”

“Royal Street? Is the owner wearing the mask Oliver?”

“You know.”

“Because I hear the news from the nearby city. So this person will support our Seorn, right?”

“yes. What’s wrong?”

“As far as I’d say it’s a problem… … .”

Nothing to say was a problem.

It was not black money, it was money earned through legitimate business, so there was nothing to be blamed after receiving it.

As long as he had received a confirmation from the imperial family that he would support even the remaining scarce funds, he did not have to play around with the heinous wild beasts.

However, Elisha could not wash away the strange feeling of difference clinging to her clothes.

Like the hazy mist of dawn, it feels like it is slowly soaking through your clothes.

I should have been happy with this situation, which would have worked out for me if I thought rationally.

Her instincts, having kept the position of president for a long time, did not.

“What does he want?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I said pure favor.”

“Because there is nothing like that in the world.”

“We requested permission for the monopoly and patent rights of magic items that were in charge of the existing investors, and close collaboration with Ceorn.”

“That’s it, that’s not bad. I thought you would say unreasonable conditions again, but you want less than what the hyenas are trying to rip you out in the past?”

“The rest was at the president’s discretion, so I asked what more he could give me.”

“I will leave the rest of the options up to you, is this? I can see your intent not to overtly offend me.”

“So you don’t like it?”

Elisha changed her complexion and said,

“oh. don’t like it Still, wouldn’t it be much better to give and receive each other than to ask for nothing?”

“That’s good.”

Elisa, who had lowered her guard even more, asked with a smile.

“Isn’t it funny? It’s like you can’t trust someone’s kindness. Have you ever been disappointed?”

“What is there to be disappointed about? The President is the highest person in charge of Ceorn. It’s only natural that they react like this, given the great responsibility that comes with it.”

“Thank you for your understanding. Are you deeply understanding? Or is it because there are many people like me who have to take responsibility?”

Rudger also smiled and replied to the president’s playful question.

“Everyone lives with a sense of responsibility. It has nothing to do with high or low positions.”

“But there are people who don’t, right?”

“So you have to let them know.”

Ludger’s eyes shone sharply through his glasses.

“What happens when you neglect your responsibilities and forget your situation?”

* * *

The eldest son sipped wine while looking at the scenery outside the window in his splendid home.

‘No matter how much President Elisa tries to withdraw, she won’t be able to refuse even this.’

He let out a low laugh.

‘I’m already excited to think that he’ll bow his head and send the letter.’

The eldest hand dipped the remaining wine in the glass at once.

I usually stay away from alcohol, but on a day like today, I felt like I could get drunk comfortably.

“Me, Chairman.”


Unless suddenly his secretary came to visit.

“Did you send an urgent message from Seorn? Are you willing to accept the terms?”

“That, that… … Opposite. Rather, they reject our terms and say they will terminate the contract as it is.”

“… … Has the president gone out of his mind? If this amount of investors fall in at once, you will be at a disadvantage, right?”

“He said he saved it.”

“Save? What did you ask for? Speak straight!”

“Investors, investors. Someone has appeared to take the place we were missing. So you don’t need a contract with us anymore… … .”



The wine glass the big hand was holding fell to the floor and shattered.

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