I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 355

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◈ Episode 355: I’m sorry reflected in the water (1)

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“What is that mansion like?”

“I don’t know much about that either. It’s been 73 years since I first checked that mysterious place. It’s only three days a year, and even if you add up the time you actually stayed there, it’s still less than a year.”

It’s been less than a year, so that time is absurdly short.

Even exploring the unknown takes at least a few years.

Considering that, Kasar Basin still lacked time to explore anything.

“Of course, since so many wizards from all over the world gather, even if it’s three days, the density will be different. Even so, it hasn’t been that long since the mansion has been known. Has it been 10 years now?”

“It’s much shorter than I thought.”

“Even the road to the mansion is full of mystical power. Even the mystical power of the Cassar Basin lingers inside the mansion. Of course, the mansion itself is no different from the demonic realm.”

It is a place where all the land around the mansion is covered with unknowns.

Hearing this is usually not interesting.

“But who are the wizards? Aren’t they people whose eyes roll over when it comes to knowledge of unknown magic?”

“I will not deny that.”

“They’ve been researching a lot about the mansion for about 10 years. who built it when was it built how it was built And, as it turns out, the mansion is at least hundreds of years old.”

“Hundreds of years?”

“Yes. However, the mansion is said to be in good condition even without any maintenance work. Besides, it is assumed that the owner of the mansion was a wizard. That’s because there have been several cases like that.”

Wizards who explored the mansion say they found books on various magics inside.

It was difficult to interpret because most of them were ancient languages ​​that had been lost in the past, but according to some analyzed data, it was highly likely that they were lost magic.

“And I heard that the teacher said that he had recently finished interpreting the Larsile language. He also disclosed the method of interpretation.”

“yes. It was.”

“Aren’t you curious? If you are a teacher, you will be able to interpret the contents of the book inside. You will be able to uncover knowledge about magic from hundreds of years ago.”


Rudger didn’t like it very much.

Knowledge of magic from hundreds of years ago was appealing to him, but it was because he had living witnesses of magic that had been alive for hundreds of years now.

‘But Master didn’t teach me old magic.’

I don’t know if it’s because of my lack of ability, or because the time is tight to teach even that.

Grander’s whims were meaningless to guess like tomorrow’s weather information.

Considering that, it seemed like there was nothing wrong with participating in the Mystery Night.

“Are you sure there is information about non-attribute magic there?”

“teacher. How many people do you think have possessed non-attribute magic so far?”

“For now, as Duke Heyback said, there are only two of us.”

“It did. But even before that, I knew about people with non-attribute magic. Even three people. didn’t you say There are more of them than you think. And they all had something in common.”

“It means you don’t live long.”

Heyback nodded.

“You know that. Most non-attribute magical power holders have a hard time getting past the age of 25. It’s unfortunate. A life that even half of the common people can’t live. But do you know what else they have in common?”

“What else?”

“All the owners of non-attribute magic that I know participated in the mysterious night. As if trying to find something in it.”

This was a fact that even Ludger did not know.

“Those who shoulder the fate of a terminally ill person who does not live long. They all gathered together on a night of mystery. What do you think that means?”

“You mean there’s a way to improve your own cursed constitution?”

“That’s it.”

Rudger pondered for a moment before opening his mouth.

“But that’s just a leap. There is no certainty that there is really information about non-attribute magic in it, and there is a possibility that they went with hope instead of certainty.”

“haha. Having said that, I also have nothing to refute. But I mean.”

Heyback looked at Rudger with a deep, weary gaze.

“There is a stark difference between not being able to find anything and having some possibility.”

“… … .”

“And would they have risked their lives for such a stupid thing? I don’t think so. They saw some potential, so they headed for the Cassar Basin like moths drawn to the flames.”

“In an unknown land where nothing has been properly revealed yet?”

“It must be all the more so because it is an unknown land. And even if nothing has been revealed in detail, aren’t the big facts known? The mansion was built a long time ago, and the knowledge of magic existed hundreds of years ago.”

Rudger was troubled.

Hayback’s words were certainly persuasive.

A mansion containing magical knowledge that was lost hundreds of years ago?

It was certainly attractive, and in a way, it seemed to have the potential to uncover knowledge that had not been found so far.

‘Non-attribute magic is a constitution that even Master can’t solve. By the way, there might be data on non-attribute magic in the mysterious mansion in Kasar Basin?’

It wasn’t completely impossible.

Although his master is a long-lived archmage and vampire, she didn’t know all the magic in the world.

Rather, he is a person who spent most of his time bored because of his long life.

Considering that, it was only natural that he did not know about the mysterious night.

‘Master himself said that he doesn’t know all magic.’

then maybe

I really didn’t know that the mysterious mansion might have that material.

Besides, it’s hundreds of years old. That too is simply an estimate.

It may be even older than that.

And besides non-attribute magic, there could have been other information.

‘Something about Relic that has been around for a long time.’

Intriguing and intriguing.

There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with going.



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Of course, there were things to be done.

‘It must be the First Order that the impurities Duke Heyback spoke of are.’

First Order Leslie.

He was plotting some kind of plan to infiltrate the mysterious night and eliminate the wizards.

He himself said that to Zero Order, so it would not be a lie.

Judging by his actions, it seemed that he valued discipline and was loyal to the Zero Order.

At the time, it wasn’t directly related to Seorn, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

‘Now that it’s like this, I have no choice but to get along.’

Heyback furrowed his eyes, probably noticing the change in Ludgar’s expression.

“Are you ready to do it now?”

“I just thought there was nothing wrong with being below.”

“haha. I’m glad you liked the information I gave you as an advance payment. teacher rather than that. I have a question for you.”

“What are you curious about?”

“It must be because of that disciple that you are worried about non-attribute magic, right? But I think that’s a little odd.”

Rudger frowned.

“Is there anything strange?”

“no. There’s nothing strange about a teacher finding out something for a student. In particular, judging from the way the teacher showed against the Lumos family head at the banquet hall last time, she seems to care very much for her students.”

“I don’t care that much.”

“If you are a teacher, count it that way. But as this old man gets older, he sees more than what he can see.”

Heyback laughed and said, but his eyes were sharp as if trying to pierce Ludger’s heart.

“From my point of view, it didn’t seem like the teacher was simply looking for material for non-attribute magic for the student. Rather, there seems to be another reason. Something deeper, more emotional.”

“… … .”

“So I made this guess.”

Rudger was nervous for a moment.

I wondered if this person would approach the truth of the day.

If it’s someone like Heyback, there’s a good chance… … .

“It’s like falling in forbidden love with a student!”

“… … .”

“Isn’t it like researching data in all directions for the woman you love? Could there be a more reasonable reason than this?”

Right? am i right?

Heyback looked at Ludger with that gaze.

Ludger’s expression, which had been a little tense, became cold.

More than that, the gaze towards the other person has changed to something that sees something pathetic.

“what? teacher. The eyes looking at me now seem to be looking at something less than human. Could it be my mistake?”

“As you well know, I won’t tell you directly.”

“Huh. That’s how I pointed it out correctly.”

“It’s the complete opposite.”

Rudgar’s voice was slightly irritated.

“Hmm? Am I wrong? Strange. If you usually act like that, isn’t there something selfish about you?”

“He is a student, and I am a teacher.”

“Teacher and student romance! Isn’t that a common story?”

“Is it common? Where is such a case?”

“It’s because the teacher doesn’t know anything! Surprisingly, it is an annual event in Seorn where teachers and students get into an accident due to eye contact. Isn’t it because the teacher in charge of the class right now, the former teacher got into an affair with the student and withdrew.”

no. Is that why this seat was vacant?

Rudgar was dizzy.

“… … I’m not particularly curious about my former teacher’s story. Isn’t that a story that has nothing to do with me?”

“no. What should the teacher be curious about? Because the teacher at the former college was like that, and the former college was also like that. Strangely, it is said that the teachers of the Appearance Department often do things like that with the students. It’s not a place where there’s a demon.”

No, it’s not necessarily a place to have s*x with students, what kind of jinx is that?

“So you think I will be like that too?”

“Isn’t it? Even the teacher is better than any other teacher so far. His face is handsome, and his ability is excellent. I bet you have a lot of female students suffering from love sickness.”

“I am not interested. Aren’t they kids anyway?”

“Aren’t children attending Seorn legally adults? Are you old enough to be married already?”

“You’re holding a gosa by asking me to be a maga.”

“No, it’s not always like that, and sometimes things can happen that are different from what you think. Well, did the former teachers come to Seorn to teach the manifestation class for the purpose of enticing students?”

I’m going crazy.

Rudger pressed his finger to the throbbing brow.

It is said that when you get old, you become more arrogant, and Heyback’s actions were just like that.

“Anyway, I’m not interested in that.”

“haha. is it? Oh, if so, would you like to meet my granddaughter? Even if he looks like this, he is intelligent enough to inherit the family, and he is quite beautiful because he resembles me.”

No, not some kind of matchmaker, all of a sudden?

Rudger murmured as if it were absurd.

“Actually, that was the point.”

“I heard you.”

Heyback licked his lips in regret.

Rudger sighed.

“Could you please stop saying that, even as a joke?”

“I wasn’t kidding?”

“… … Anyway, I will accept the request.”

Rudgar said the story was over and kicked Hayback out of the office.

I felt like I would lose my mind if I talked to him any longer.

* * *

Rudgar came down the streets of Ledervelk.

It was to check how the trend was going because he had managed a huge amount of money this time.

“Are you here?”

Perhaps it was because he had warned him in advance, Hans greeted Ludger as if he had waited.

“How is the situation?”

“It’s as smooth as the wind pushing your back from behind. The huge Lanfaltz company is terribly disintegrating like a grasshopper being bitten by ants.”

“Landpaltz won’t stand still. Were there any other moves? I usually ask for help using my personal connections in the political and business world.”

“I keep watching, just in case you didn’t know, but no one gave a helping hand, as if Seung-gi was definitely energized.”

Just, Hans continued.

“Where did Drahen, the chairman of Lanpaltz, go in a hurry?”

“Did you?”

“That was the territory of Lumos, one of the three major ducal families.”


“… … Egye? Is that all your reaction?”

Thinking it was quite a big deal for Hans, I weighed it up and said it, but the answer that came back was very boring.

“Did you know?”

“I heard that there is someone who instigated behind the scenes.”

“Chit. I just liked myself.”

“What else?”

“You know the guy that older brother kicked out at the time. It’s Albert.”

“You mean the Pablo family’s wretch?”

“They sent some people as a retaliatory measure. Albert, because that madman is so broken that even everyday life is impossible. Shouldn’t he have done something as a father? Of course, I didn’t ask for an official apology, but in a dirty way.”

“So how did you do it?”

“You set an example. No damage on this side. You caught all the rats.”

Rudger, who understood the meaning of those words, nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Good job. Let’s continue to show that we are the ones we shouldn’t touch.”

“Wouldn’t that be better? Usually back alley guys will bow their heads if you show your strength like this, but those from prestigious families don’t.”

If it didn’t work this time, it was clear that he would send a stronger force next time.

Especially when a wizard intervenes, the story changes.

But Rudger laughed silently.

“It’s been a while since it’s been hard to watch the elite troops play.”

“What if it is?”

“Anything else?”

“No. The business is good, and the money is good. Oh, but there is one.”

“What do you mean?”

“You have the Casey Selmore you talked about. He said to watch just in case.”

“It did.”

I never thought that name would come out of nowhere.

Rudger looked at Hans’ expression and asked.

“What’s wrong?”

“hmm. Ever since the detective lady returned from the capital, he has been confined to his room.”

“In my room?”

“yes. First of all, the opponent is the opponent, so I can’t keep an eye on the inside, but… … It doesn’t look very good.”

“is it.”

Rudger nodded, and Hans, sensing something, widened his eyes.

“older brother?”

“It’s time to go find one.”

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