I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 364

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◈ Episode 364 The Devil’s Match (2)

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Nikolai’s sarcastic remarks had bones.

John Doe. Why did you fight there for the people of Seorn?

In fact, it was not possible to know exactly whether or not Rudger fought to protect it because he was not at the scene.

However, considering information such as rumors and eyewitness testimony, it was possible to guess circumstantially.

Above all, because of this incident, Ludger was even awarded a medal from the imperial family.

He became a hero who stopped terrorism.

That fact alone was enough to make Nikolai bite Rudger.

“I hope you don’t mean to betray me.”

Of course, that was a superficial cause.

In fact, the reason Nikolai pointed out Rudger was out of anger at him for interfering with his work.

All of his plans to secretly launch the liberation army from behind to carry out terrorism and eliminate John Doe all at once were all thwarted.

Of course, there was a need to somehow hold on to Rudger right here.

However, as if he had expected such words to come out, there was no hesitation in Ludger’s answer.

“You sound strange. In the first place, as a teacher, I didn’t fight to save someone. Rather, those worms just got in the way of me and got rid of them.”

“Then why did you receive the medal?”

“That must be because I killed the most bugs.”

“what? what does that mean now? Even if you stayed still, the Liberation Army could have dealt a heavy blow to Ceorn. To that seorn.”

Nikolai’s voice slowly began to tinge with anger.

Rudger, on the other hand, responded calmly and coldly.

“Anyway, high-ranking magicians and the elite troops of the empire were gathered there. The only big blow was the death of a few new chicks. What can those Liberation Army worms do? In that case, it would have been better for me to further solidify my position.”

“From my point of view, you seem to have no choice but to step out to save some of them. Is it my delusion?”

“Nikolai, you are unusually emotional today. Or did the Liberation Army become your favorite subordinates?”

In fact, it is true that Nikolai urged and instigated the Liberation Army to cause terrorism in the capital.

With the information I’ve been gathering for a long time, I’ve confirmed that there’s a huge abandoned facility under the capital’s basement, and I’ve made it a hideout for the Liberation Army.

“Otherwise, I have no idea why you are so angry.”

“… … .”

The amount of effort, time and money Nikolai put into it was by no means small.

It was all blown away by John Doe in front of him, so how could he not be angry?

“Or do you have something to say?”

“ha ha ha. No way?”

But Nikolai decided to stop there.

If you go out emotionally, you are the one who sees the loss.

If you continue to argue with Rudger here, it will be the one who gets swept away by emotions.

“In the first place, I’m going to call those guys what’s useful. Aren’t you making fun of me?”

Nikolai laughed casually and pretended that he had nothing to do with this incident.

Rudger looked at Nikolai with an unexpected look.

It would not have been a normal blow if this amount of effort had failed, but he quickly accepted the reality.

I wished it came out a little more emotionally, but it turned out unfortunately.

“Everyone has gathered.”

Just in time, Zero Order arrived at the meeting place.

On one side, led by his lieutenant, he sat in the seat of honor as usual.

“The reason I called you today is to introduce you to the newly recruited First Order.”

The newly recruited First Order?

The First Orders gathered at the table showed interest in unison.

I was curious about what kind of existence the new executive of the Black Dawn would be.

The appearance of a colleague or a potential competitor breathed new life into this frozen place.

“Greetings. My name is Helia.”

With the introduction of the Zero Order, the First Order appeared from their seats.

“Hurray! Nice to meet you all! My name is Helia!”

A bright, upbeat voice that doesn’t match the solemn atmosphere at all.

The eyes of all the First Orders on the scene turned fierce.

What else is this guy?

Most of the reactions were similar.

First of all, from the first greeting, the lively way of speaking and the behavior is lighthearted.

I don’t feel the unique grace and charisma of the strong that the First Order should have.

Of course, being the First Order doesn’t have to be graceful.

Just looking at Victor, doesn’t it have nothing to do with elegance or charisma?

But at least Victor proved himself with his abilities. Even more madness.

‘I’m a little crippled. But first of all, Zero Order-nim chose them himself.’

‘It would be good to say that the ability has been verified, right?’

‘Is it more feminine than that? It’s quite a strange coincidence that he came to fill Esmeralda’s empty seat.’

When everyone had their own feelings, Helya asked.

“what. It’s not something everyone is happy about. Still, he’s a colleague I’ll be with from now on, so let’s get close!”

“joy. What kind of colleagues will you be with? Don’t grab my ankle.”

Then someone shot Helya with a fierce voice.


The eyes of the other First Orders were on her.



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Ventmin was glaring at Helya with contempt beyond disapproval.

Even if there were no pupils, everyone in this seat felt that way.

Bentmin’s voice was originally sharp, like a thorn in a rose, but now it’s more emotional than that.

Even the ignorant Victor Dreadful refrained from laughing normally in order not to offend Bentmin’s planting.

“There may be quite a bit of skill as Zero Order picked, but we are definitely different men in the field we work in anyway. So take care of your own business. Don’t talk about useless things like friendship or anything.”

“Come on. I just got hurt by those words.”

Bentmin was furious at the sight of Helya acting with a voice that was not hurt at all.

“He’s really a lowly guy who lacks seriousness.”

“huh? Am I serious about everything?”

“under! are you kidding me? What are you saying so seriously? I don’t care if it’s a joke But you don’t even feel graceful. It’s stupid and even light.”

Despite the harsh words, Helya did not back down.

Rather, he blew a question toward Bentmin innocently.

“Hey. Then, do you think you are a noble and great being?”

“If it wasn’t for this place, you wouldn’t be able to see me face to face and talk to me.”

“Oh yeah? But I have a question.”


“what is your name?”

“… … .”

“Come to think of it, I only introduced myself, didn’t we properly use our full names?”

“under. If you’re so curious, why don’t you find out by yourself?”

Seeing Helya’s still innocent attitude, Bentmin openly ignored her opinion, as if he didn’t even want to reply.

In the end, Leslie, who was worse off, stepped out.

“Bentmin. to stop What kind of ugliness is this in front of Zero Order-nim?”

“Huh. You say your name is Bentmin?”

Helena’s eyes lit up at that moment.

A small ball of black fire stirred once as if it were playful.

It was a moment when everyone wondered at Helya’s changed attitude, as if the other First Orders were the same.

“Hmm? I thought they were using pseudonyms, but some of them just use their real names.”


“Bentmin. isn’t that your real name? What a coincidence! I know that name!”

When he said he knew the name, Bentmin glared at Helia.

It was the moment when Bentmin felt something strange and tried to stop Helya from speaking.

“Is that so? Bentmin is the name of the head of the Leafre family in the elven kingdom.”

Helya quickly spoke the truth.

naive and innocent.

Silence came like a wave and hit the audience.

“That, how… … .”

After saying that, Bentmin realized that he had made a mistake.

I had to pretend not to know here.

Given this reaction, it was like admitting that Helya was right.

“Bentmin. Are you an elf?”

“Oh, Oh Hyo-hyo. oh my god. Not just an elf, but the head of a family.”

“I didn’t know because I’d never met him in person, but this is a bit of a shock.”

The other First Orders also threw out a word, as if they didn’t know this.

Rudger was equally astonished.

‘To think Bentmin was the head of the Leafre family.’

It’s been a while since I fought against Shade Warden’s pursuers.

And it was the head of the Leafre family who sent the Shade Warden.

‘First Order Bentmin. I would have thought he was the head of the Leafre family, which occupies the highest position among the seven elven families.’

Rudger’s gaze naturally turned to Zero Order.

‘Does Zero Order employ such a person as a subordinate?’

Both are very long-lived beings, but I’d say the Zero Order is higher in rank.

Or maybe there was some kind of deal between the two in the past when Basara was sealed.

It was quite embarrassing because it happened so suddenly, but Rudger saw it as an opportunity.

Knowing Bentmin’s identity is a pretty big gain.

This could be a weapon to stab her in the event of a confrontation with her later.

‘Even when I first saw it, it must be the survivors of the Plante family who are looking for something.’

This too was a surprising coincidence.

The survivor of the Plante family she was looking for was actually active as the Second Order of the Black Dawn.

The phrase “it’s dark under the lamp” was a perfect fit.

‘I’ll have to hide the information about Sedina even more.’

After quickly completing the calculation, Ludger looked at Bentmin and Helia again.

Bentmin was still, not lost for words in anger.

Rather, it was about figuring out what to say as best I could.

“… … you. Are you an elf like me?”

“huh? no. Am I not an elf?”

“But you know the information about me… … .”

Bentmin, who was trying to ask something, shook his head.

“okay. Admit it. That you are also a good fit for the First Order.”

“Oh really? Thanks for the recognition!”

“If you happen to visit the kingdom later, be sure to visit me. Because I can treat you with utmost hospitality.”

It seemed that Bentmin decided to reveal his identity coolly while his identity was revealed.

He spoke calmly, but behind the scenes, his intent to kill Helya overflowed.

Helya probably doesn’t know that, but she smiles and nods as if she’s having fun.

‘Is it a confrontation between a long-lived elven elder and a long-lived devil? It’s an amazing matchup.’

Nowhere else in the world can you see such a rare sight.

As he thought so, Zero Order, who had been silent until now, opened his mouth.

“Until there.”

At that word, the audience instantly fell silent.

“The reason I called you guys today is simple. First, introducing the newly acquired First Order Helia. And there is a second one.”

At the second word, everyone sat still and listened.

“For a while, I had to go to a very far place. It sounds like you’re leaving.”

“Are you leaving your seat?”

Leslie asked in disbelief.

Even knowing that it was disloyal, I had no choice but to ask.

“I will come back again. However, if there is a problem with the organization in the meantime, it will be a pity as it is.”

Zero Order said so and tapped the end of the table with his fingertips.

“So I will keep this space as it is. Even if I don’t call you, if you need a meeting, you can gather and share.”

An executive meeting without zero orders.

They wouldn’t do it even if they were forced to do it, but if they were allowed to voluntarily, they would gather around.

Rudgar, of course, knew that Zero Order was saying things he didn’t mean.

In the first place, he had no affection for the Black Dawn organization itself.

Things that are just easy-to-use chess pieces.

If it was really important, I wouldn’t even say that I was away.

‘I don’t know what else Zero Order is trying to vacate. However, in a way, this could be an opportunity for me.’

At least there is a possibility of eliminating another First Order without the Zero Order interfering.

Rudgar’s gaze naturally turned to where Leslie was.

Deeply loyal to the Zero Order, he was quite shocked, and the black fireball’s mind trembled.


“yes! Mr. Zero Order.”


“… … yes. That’s right.”

“I hope your wishes come true.”

“… … !”

Admired by those words, Leslie responded in a thrilling voice.

“yes. I will make it happen.”

Even Rudger doesn’t know exactly what the plan is.

But it wouldn’t be normal if Duke Hayback warned and Leslie boasted.

Something that will bring a big wave to the world of magic.

‘I can’t leave it like that.’

The mere fact that you know something is going to happen is definitely useful.

Without knowing anything, you will not be able to watch things that happen out of nowhere.

Then Zero Order spoke to Rudger.

“John Doe.”

“yes. Mr. Zero Order.”

“I hope you achieve what you want too.”

“… … .”

It’s very meaningful for Zero Order to say this at this moment.

You probably know zero order.

That this side participates in the mystery night.

And that you could end up losing Leslie and Chuck.

Even knowing it, I’m telling you to try it.


“yes. All right.”

I have no choice but to be willing to respond.

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