I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 370

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◈ Episode 370 Proof of the Wizard (1)

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Rudger stared at the person who spoke to him in silence.

He was a young, confident-looking man with a somewhat shiny look.

It was the first face Rudger had ever seen. Even the clothes he was wearing were not imperial.

When Rudger asked Arfa with a look in his eyes if he was worth remembering, Arfa shook his head.

In other words, it was an opponent who was not even worth being wary of.

‘It’s not like I’m going to step down just by saying nice things.’

Wasn’t it the intention of such an energetic young wizard to come all this way and start a fight in the first place?

He is trying to raise his name value in this place where many wizards have gathered.

‘A teacher who only teaches theory, in a way, must look like an easy prey.’

Where should I massage my body with source code magic and kick it out?

When Rudger was thinking about that, a third party intervened between the two.

It was a wizard who looked like a homeless person.

“Is that Ludgar Celish?”

“What are you? Can’t you see we’re talking now?”

The moment the young wizard, who thought he had been disturbed, opened his eyes, the shabby-clad wizard looked back at him.


At that moment, the young wizard’s face turned pale.

“Is there a problem?”

“no. Well, if you have something to do… … I can make some concessions.”

The young wizard made an urgent excuse and then ran away without looking back.

After kicking out the annoying guy, the wizard turned to Ludger.

He was one of the mages that Arfa explained a moment ago as someone to be wary of.

‘I said Sempas.’

It looked like a homeless person, but if you look closely, you can see that the rag-like thing he is wearing is a robe.

At least he’s proving that he’s a wizard.

Instead, the fact that there is no logo or pattern on where he belongs means that he is a free wizard.

Why did such a person talk to himself?

“That’s Rudger Celish. Am I right?”


Once the other person asked for his name, he answered yes.

“I want to fight you once.”

“… … .”

Saying this in the first place was something even medieval knights would not do.

Is there perhaps a tradition of fighting a new influx of wizards on Mystic Nights?

However, Sempas was openly burning his fighting spirit towards Ludger.

It was full of intentions of wanting to fight this side purely.

“Let’s stick together.”

A normal wizard wouldn’t say it, but the reactions around him were rather full of interest rather than surprise.

It’s like how the young wizard recognized his face a while ago and ran away.

I guess he’s already famous for this.

Still, he couldn’t get out of his hands right away, so Rudger responded politely.

“It’s very embarrassing to suddenly say such a thing to an academy teacher.”

“I already know that you are not an ordinary academy teacher.”

Saying that, Sempas’s eyes were already stained with confidence.

It was the look of a fighting maniac burning fighting spirit towards the strong.

It was because the old Pantos had just such eyes.

That’s why I’m not good enough to get away with it.

Looking around, it didn’t seem like they were trying to stop.

Rather, he liked that he had a good spectacle for the remaining time before the expedition departed.

Above all, there was not a little desire to see if Rudgar’s rumors were true.

Sempas is a known mad dog around here, but Ludgar Celish wasn’t like that.

In fact, wizards from other countries did not recognize Ludger.

Although the Exilion Empire, especially Laedervelk and Seorn, was famous for its popularity.

It was because I thought it was exaggerated and inflated, as rumors usually are.

‘If you step back, they’ll laugh at you as a coward. It must be hard to avoid.’

Rudger said to Arfa, who stood by his side.

“Arfa. Stay back.”

“but… … .”

“It will be over soon.”

I don’t really like being an actor on stage, but if it’s out of necessity, I’ll be happy to do it.

The other wizards also made space for them appropriately.

A vacant lot naturally formed around Ludger and Sempas.

Sempas opened his mouth.

“I heard that you can cast magic faster than anyone else.”

“It’s not that great of a speed.”

“They say a famous guy in the industry lost.”

Rudger thought about who it might be, but he immediately remembered it.



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There was a time when I had a fight with someone from Luke at the banquet hall.

At that time, in front of everyone’s eyes, I smashed the other side’s escort wizard with magic through the [source code].

‘I just let it go, but he seems like a pretty famous person.’

Have you heard the news and feel a sense of sympathy for this side?

When Ludger asked with such a gaze, Sempas burned even more fighting spirit.

“I want to see you too. I wonder if it’s really great magic like the rumors say.”

A word full of provocative meaning.

Rudger let out a small sigh.

I felt it while mixing the conversation a few times, but Sempas didn’t have any scheming or intentions.

What I can feel is the transparent, clean sense of goodwill.

‘I might become good friends with Pantos.’

Of course, the two never met.

Rudgar raised the staff in his hand.

Sempas also took out the staff he was holding in his hand as if responding to it.

Unlike Ludger’s wand, which had a clean and simple design, Sempas’ wand looked like a rough wooden stick.

It was full of scratches and dirty here and there, and there were clear traces of long battles and crossing the line of fire.

“What about the seon-gong?”

“I will yield.”

“You will regret it.”

Sempas said that and immediately began to cast magic.

In an instant, a line of magical power was drawn in the air, and the spell was completed.

fast and sophisticated

Even the wizards who were watching around were in low admiration.

The magic completed in an instant became a spear of lightning and was shot at Ludgar.

The throwing speed of the flying magic was twice as fast as that of other wizards.

‘Did he add acceleration to normal magic?’

Rudger seemed to know why Arpa remembered Sempas’ name.

Sempas’ natural amount of magical power and the power he possesses are insignificant.

Instead, he knew how to use the power he possessed to the fullest.

Just looking at the magic he used now, it was like that.

[source code]

When a line of magical power was drawn in the air, a spear of lightning identical to Semphas appeared and broke the magic in the air.

The spectators who were watching the magic that unfolded at that terrifying speed shone in their eyes.

“Is that the famous [source code]?”

“Clearly, Sempas was the first to strike, and the attack was almost on the verge of reaching it, but I blocked it.”

“Obviously, the technique was all about drawing a line in the air.”

“The rumors were true.”

Even though he gave up the first attack, he offset the attack.

At that point, it was obvious who was able to cast their magic faster.

Most wizards would realize the gap and lose their fighting spirit here, but Sempas did not.

His eyes didn’t die.

Rather, it burned stronger than before.

Sempas tried to pressure Ludger by making various magic formulas in the air.

The magic implemented was at a similar speed as before, but there was a slight difference this time.

Right away, the size of the magic was much smaller than before.

However, even if the size decreased, the power did not decrease.

On the contrary, because the mana was compressed, the power was greatly increased.

Instead, it was slower than the spear of lightning he had just shot.

‘I decided that it would not be a match in the speed battle. Even if I shoot quickly, it will be offset, so I’d rather increase the density and power and go to a power contest.’

Even if his magic is easily blocked, he does not panic and seeks a new path.

Rudger highly valued Sempas’ judgment.

It was hard to see him clearly admitting his disadvantages and giving up.

What I liked most of all was his attitude.

He doesn’t get frustrated by the wall in front of him and tries to analyze his way out somehow.

There was no sign of the fighting spirit breaking down.

Rudger praised people who did their best in a given situation.

“But that doesn’t mean losing a game is different.”

Rudgar immediately used the same magic that Sempas had used.

The implementation of the magic formula is faster.

Also, like Sempas, the magic power was also compressed to increase the power.


Magical powers bursting and scattering in the air.

Magic with equal compressive power could not cover the superiority of power.

Sempas, who was confident that he would win this time, cracked his expression.

“The implementation speed is fast and the compression is that much.”

There was a meaningful smile on the corners of Sempas’s mouth as he muttered that.


And his eyes weren’t wrong.

Rudgar Celisi was no ordinary academy teacher either.

I knew it when I faced it.

His rumors were rather downplayed compared to his real skills.

‘How much is this?’

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to fight such a strong person.

Lee Myeong, who is said to be a mad dog or a fighting maniac, has no sense of intimidation in front of that man.

But it didn’t matter.

Only one of the weapons given was broken, but there were many others.

Sempas slammed the floor with his leg.

The wizards around them were puzzled by the sudden sudden action.

But Rudger knew it wasn’t a meaningless action.

Upon closer inspection, I could see the mana spreading through the soles of Sempas’ feet into the ground.

‘Shedding magic?’

The mana that permeated the ground flowed slowly through the ground and gathered right under Ludgar’s feet.

And before long, the scattered mana realized the spell itself, and a stone fist aimed at Ludger’s chin and bounced up.

It was amazing.

Because it was a covert, out-of-the-way attack.

If I hadn’t been paying attention, I would have been greatly taken aback by this surprise.

However, as long as I saw it properly, I had no intention of being victimized.

Rudgar immediately opened a magic barrier and blocked the attack.

‘I didn’t think much of this at first, but now that I’m here, it’s getting interesting.’

Rudger just remembered what Sempas’ magic was.

He sent magic power to the ground, and granted a spell through the magic pass that connects him with the flowed magic power.

At first glance, it was very similar to the coordinate designation technique he was using.

If what Ludger uses is remote control, Semphas’s magic is closer to wired control.

Although it is backwards compatible because it lacks more than the coordinate designation technique.

To others, it must have seemed as if magic had been activated in a strange place.

What was even more surprising was that Sempas had already kicked off his seat and rushed towards Ludger, as if he hadn’t thought that he would defeat Ludger with this.

‘Am I going to engage in close combat here?’

Even after performing this level of magic, he is not convinced.

Even though it was sparring, it was assumed that the worst situation would be one.

‘As expected, the world is wide.’

Rudger greeted Sempas as if he had been waiting.

Avoid the cane that is being swung, and at the same time lightly move your legs to the side.

As Ludger easily dodged his attack, Sempas’ eyes widened.

I don’t know anything else, but I was confident in close combat.

Squeezing through the gap revealed in that instant, Ludger straddled Sempas’ leg.

Sempas, who had fallen backwards, tried to get up immediately, but before he did, a black staff pressed lightly on his neck.

“That’s it.”

Sempas stared down at Ludger.

His eyes were saying it wasn’t over yet, but Rudger lightly ignored them.

“Soon it will be time for the expedition to depart. I can’t afford to hang out with you any more.”

“… … .”

“It’s nice to have a sense of humor, but I want you to cover the time and place.”

At Ludger’s words, the wizards laughed at him inwardly.

Sempas is called a mad dog because once it bites, it won’t let go.

Even if his limbs are all broken and covered in blood, he is a lunatic who is satisfied with just giving the other person a shot.

If it ended well with the word “finish,” there would be no such nickname attached to Sempas.

Even Ludger hurt Sempas’ pride by squeezing him in a good way.

If you’ve come this far, it’s no longer sparring, but a fight reminiscent of a real battle.


“… … lost.”

Surprisingly, Sempas accepted his defeat and reaped his speculation.

Rudger glanced at him and withdrew the staff he was aiming at.

Sempas got up from his seat and brushed the dirt off his robe.

As if he really had no will to fight, he slung his staff around his waist.

Wizards who knew well about Sempas were astonished at his modest behavior.

“So, are you satisfied with Dalian?”

“Satisfies. It’s a rout on this side.”

“That’s what you say, but you look pretty unsatisfied. It must be because I haven’t used all my cards yet, right?”

Sempas nodded.

If this had been a real battle rather than sparring, he would have used more methods.

“Looking at their movements, they also use memorization. There are also artifacts secretly hidden in shabby clothes. Besides, a surprise attack or other dirty fighting would be more appropriate than a head-to-head match.”

“… … !”

Sempas asked how he knew that and opened his eyes wide.

However, realizing that there was no way Rudger could explain it, he softened his expression.

“… … I acknowledge you.”

“okay. It was a pretty enjoyable sparring for me too.”

Rudger was content with the feeling of meeting his own kind.

Sempas’ fighting style was similar to his own.

Magic is just a tool. All the more in that they do not choose any means or methods to win.

However, he did not neglect magic either.

Even in terms of the acceleration and compression of magical power, he was an excellent War Mage.

There is a limit to talent, but it must be possible because there was endless effort to be able to utilize it right before the limit line.

It was the same with Sempas who overestimated the opponent.

Seeing Ludgar, who had destroyed and penetrated all of his tactics, Sempas realized that he was no ordinary wizard.

peers similar to themselves.

No, maybe even greater than that… … .

“Are people like you only teaching students? Or maybe Ceorn is just as great a place.”

“Are you interested?”


“I’m glad you took good care of me. If that’s the case, I think I could teach you a real combat class.”

“I am still not good enough to teach anyone.”

Even if he said that, Sempas also had a pretty relieved expression, as if he was very satisfied with this match.

“I’ll see you again when I get a chance someday.”

Sempas left with those words.

Thinking that Rudgar was an interesting guy, he looked at the reactions of the wizards around him.

Most of them recognized Ludger’s skills and looked this way with surprise and wariness.

It seemed that the debut match was properly shown.

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