I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 380

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◈ Episode 380 Closed Door (2)

Royna asked in bewilderment.

“Wait. Is the door locked and won’t open? what is that… … .”

“It’s like a literal meaning. Those people can’t get out because the door won’t open.”

At Arfa’s words, Ludger looked at the wizards lingering near the door.

They were looking at the wooden door with serious faces, but their expressions slowly hardened as if they were not making much progress.

“Get out of the way!”

Eventually, an impatient wizard shot his magic at the door.


Red flames with high heat flew towards the door and caused a large explosion.

The wizards who retreated from the aftermath widened their eyes at the scenery they saw after the black smoke dispersed.

“You’re fine.”

“No matter how mysterious power dwells, it can withstand this much power?”

The door was fine as if nothing had happened.

It was even hit by flames, but there was no sign of being scorched.

“Isn’t it lacking in power?”

“Then let’s go stronger.”

This time, 5 wizards cast magic at the same time.

A huge firepower that was incomparable to that of a moment ago hit the door of the mansion.

Explosions occurred in succession with flashes, and the wizards who were watching had to spread their shields to block the aftermath.

An explosion that can be felt even from a distance.

Thinking that this would be enough, the wizards’ expressions had no choice but to harden again.

“It’s okay even with this level of power.”

“Should I open it another way?”

Looking at the flawless door, the wizards let out a sigh.

Those who watched, but those who used magic, were shocked.

They tried to use stronger magic, but the people around them stopped them and they had no choice but to give up.

“no. That door isn’t something you can simply break down with magic. It is probably protected by a huge magical power.”

“If it can’t be done with magic, will it be opened with strong physical force?”

He is a man of great power.

The eyes of the wizards, who had some thoughts, turned to Arfa.

If he had enough strength to hold and wield a Cheshire Tiger with his bare hands, he might have a chance.

“leader. What should I do?”

“Would you like to try it?”

Arfa nodded and went towards the door.

The wizards silently watched Arfa.


Arfa grabbed the door with both hands and started pushing.

Even though I just applied strength, the space around Arpa contained a huge tension that took my breath away.

Arfa didn’t care about that, and raised the output of her body and applied force to the door.


The door, which had been intact even with magic, responded little by little.

The part of the wooden door that was in contact with Arfa’s palm began to tear apart little by little along the grain.

“Ohhhh! Are you really pushing it?”

“It is unbelievable power even after seeing it. Even a knight would not be able to show that level of strength.”

The wizards marveled at Arpa’s power, but at the same time felt that he was no ordinary aspiring knight.

Quite a few wizards here have met knights and know how much power they possess.

That’s why I knew that the power Arfa showed was absolutely not ordinary.

However, I couldn’t ask or wonder about it in the current situation.

For now, the priority is to get out of this secret mansion.

Arfa took a big step.

At the same time, just before the door was almost torn off, a new change took place.


Light flashed between Arfa and the door, and Arfa’s body was thrown backwards.

Arfa immediately took a position in the air and landed safely, but a puzzled light was evident on his face.

It was the same for those who watched.

“The door has been restored!”

The door that Arfa had half-destroyed just a moment ago had been restored to normal before I knew it.

At the sight, the faces of everyone gathered here sank heavily.

The opportunity that might have been the last was gone.

“Arfa. Are you okay?”

“yes. I’m OK.”

“What just happened?”

“I don’t know either. It’s a very fleeting moment, but I feel like something pushed me away. As if the mansion itself was rejecting it.”

“Seeing that the damaged door has been restored to its original state, it seems that way.”

Neither magic nor pure physical force could open the door.

At this moment, everyone in the room had the same thought.

Everyone in this place is trapped in the mansion.



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“How to get out?”

“How much time do you have left?”

“What are the people outside doing?”

The wizards chatted one by one.

The good news is that no one goes into a panic and goes on a rampage.

Rudger also talked with the party about what to do next.

“It seems we are trapped. In fact, it can be regarded as a certainty. The mansion won’t let us go.”

Everyone nodded with heavy faces.

Rudger opened his mouth, deciding that the situation needed to be sorted out first.

“Has anything like this happened before?”

Roina and Sempas shook their heads.

When I looked at Rimray for the last time, he answered seriously as if he also recognized the seriousness of the situation.

“No. If that had happened, it would have been recorded as well.”

“So you’re saying this is the first time.”

“It’s actually like that.”

“How much time do you have left?”

At midnight, monsters begin to roam the mansion.

I don’t know what the monster looks like, how strong it is, or how many there are.

One thing I can be sure of is that at least half of the wizards gathered here will die the moment he rises.

“Four hours. That’s until midnight.”

“You mean you have to find a way to escape from there.”

“Gee, do I really need to do that?”

At that time, it was Roina who gave her opinion.

“The people preparing to evacuate from the outside will also realize that the people inside the mansion are not coming back, so they will take some action. You can’t go out from inside the mansion, but maybe you can open the door from the outside… … .”

“Maybe that will be difficult.”

Rudger shook his head, denying Roina’s hopes.

“Why, why?”

“If it was going to open so easily from the outside, they wouldn’t have locked us up like this in the first place. Probably no matter what the people on the outside do, the door to the mansion will never open.”

“Maybe not.”

“This has never happened before. It’s an overly optimistic view that it’s resolved so easily. We have to assume the worst now.”

“that… … .”

Roina was speechless at Ludger’s relentless reply.

In fact, she knew too.

What he said was just based on uncertain hope.

“And there is one more important fact.”

Rudgar kept his voice as low as possible so that only the party could hear it.

“Everyone has seen it, so you know. There are killers here. And now, no one is allowed to leave the mansion. Do you really think this is a coincidence?”

“You mean, does this have anything to do with the murderers?”

“At least it’s natural to think so.”

Of course, the question still remains.

What did the murderers, the Black Dawn, do to lock everyone inside the mansion?

‘Leslie said she was up to something. And I said I was ready. I don’t think this is the final goal, but at least the process of preparing the mansion will include shutting it down.’

After all, it meant that there was something else that this side didn’t know yet.

In other words, you could open a closed door again if you knew how.

‘If there is a problem, is it the existence of the Black Dawn Society?’

Sempas murmured, as if he had similar thoughts to Ludger.

“It bothers me about the suspicious people who are still mixed in here.”

“Oh, there are still murderers inside?”

“I think yes. Unless they’re idiots, they must have already left the mansion before the door was locked. But I think not all.”

Rudger agreed with Sempas.

“They came to handle the function of the mansion in some way. That means that anyone else can do it well enough. As they are thoroughly prepared, they will try to thoroughly protect their functions.”

“But then, would they die too?”

“Maybe I was prepared enough for that.”

It’s the Black Dawn, because it’s full of crazy people.

When the situation was sorted out, the situation was much more serious than I thought.

closed mansion.

Murderers on the inside.

Even the monsters in the mansion that appear after midnight.

“Do I have to tell other people?”

“That will only lead to more confusion. Conversely, we may be suspicious.”

“That, I guess.”

Roina couldn’t come up with the right way no matter how hard she tried.

“First, shall we find a way to escape?”

Roina carefully brought out her opinion.

The door was locked, but she thought there might be another way out.

“For example, a window.”

“It would be nice if such a simple idea would work, but I don’t think it will.”

Rudger answered, looking at the wizards already knocking on the window.

The windows of the mansion were no different from the doors.

No matter how much I tap and shoot magic, it doesn’t budge.

There were literally no huge walls in the form of windows.

‘If I had to pick a possibility, it would be space movement through shadows.’

Ludger imagined going outside through the Ather Nocturnus.

However, after seeing the full fog outside the window, I decided to give up.

‘The density of magical energy contained in space is too high. The coordinates could be twisted if I made a mistake.’

Although there are many advantages of spatial movement, it is not without its disadvantages.

If the atmosphere is overflowing with magical energy, and the mansion itself is surrounded by mysterious powers.

Rather, if you use spatial movement incorrectly, there is a high possibility that you will fall in an unknown place due to distorted coordinates.

I’d rather fall from the sky.

If buried in the ground, then there is no answer.

‘Besides, revealing that I can teleport is also a big risk.’

Beyond the existence of such magic, there was a possibility that his hidden identity would be exposed if he made a mistake.

Whatever it was, it was a choice full of risks.

“In the end, there is only one way.”

All eyes of the party were focused on Rudger.

“To find out who did this.”

“Are you the culprit?”

“Since they locked us in the mansion, they must have a way out of the mansion. We need to find them and interrogate them.”

“But how?”

“You should think about that from now on.”

Rudger said so and glanced at the wizards gathered in the large hall.

The Black Dawn lurks among them.

The problem is that I don’t know what the number is.

‘Originally, I thought of people gathering in groups of 10, but if some of them left the mansion first, there would be a change in the number of people. I can’t conclude that there are 10 of them.’

Besides, their behavior is very strange.

Although it is a fake identity, Ludger is an executive of the Black Dawn, that is, the First Order.

They probably didn’t know that he entered the mansion, but he did this.

‘Do you want me to die? Or did it proceed because even the First Order couldn’t disrupt the plan?’

There were various things that got in the way, like not making direct contact with them.

Still, Rudger decided to put weight on the latter.

It was a sudden decision for him to participate in the mysterious night and come to the secret mansion.

‘Even so, I can’t ask to be taken out separately. Because I can’t contact them alone.’

The mansion’s rules are absolute.

If you move even a little bit, you will violate the condition of ‘minimum number of people’.

Then what will happen.

Rudger did not want to take a risky adventure.

‘You have to keep the possibility in mind. The mansion has the ability to close the door. And the Black Dawn knows its function, or has reached a space where it can handle it.’

A total of over 300 rooms in the mansion.

It was likely that one of them was related to the ability to open the door.

‘I have to find that room, but in reality the probability converges to zero.’

Having to find a room I don’t know where was such an absurd condition.

People had heard of it several times before Seogoya, so there were some clues.

The place to go is a place that no one knows except for the Black Dawn.

‘information. I need other knowledge related to this secret mansion.’

Rudger got his head together.

“Let’s move.”

“yes? Now?”

“Anyway, even if we put our heads together here and think about how to do it, nothing comes out. It would be much better to walk around and find it yourself.”

“I agree.”

Limray also supported Rudger’s opinion.

Same with Sempas.

“Then where are you going?”

“Go back to the library. We will find clues related to this mansion there.”

Rudger remembered the contents of the book he had read today.

It is said that this mansion had an owner.

Even though it was in the form of a spirit, the fact that it had an owner gave a clue.

The room where the owner of the mansion stayed.

You have to find it.

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