I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 390

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◈ Episode 390: Rising from the rubble (1)

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The shaking of the mansion seemed as if the mansion itself was warning those who stayed inside.

Something will happen soon, run away.

“leader! What could this be?”

“I don’t know either.”

Ludger, supported by Arfa, reached the place where Roina and Sempas were.

Perhaps because of the huge vibration, the two of them woke up just in time.

“Um, what’s going on?”

Rudger gave a brief explanation of what had just happened to Roina, who was taken aback.

Rimray’s betrayal. And even the situation of the mansion that became like this after the fight between the two.

Sempas let out a sigh and opened his mouth.

“What about the old man?”

“Backed off.”


It was said to Rudger, and it was not sarcasm, but genuine admiration.

Rimrey is a 6th tier mage.

It wasn’t an opponent that Rudger could deal with.

Sempas, of course, does not think that hierarchy is everything in a magician’s actual fight.

However, hierarchy is the total amount of power, and it was right to occupy the largest role.

Much more, Rimray is not a wizard confined to a small room and devoted only to research, but a real fighter who explores magic while wandering the world.

It’s a miracle just to hold on against such a Limray, but rather, Rimray stepped down.

I would have been even more surprised if I heard that they fought on an equal footing and kicked them out.

Of course, Ludger did not explain the details of the battle.

I just said that he ran away in line with the situation in this mansion.

Roina couldn’t escape the shock of betrayal.

“Unbelievable. Why did Sage Rimrey do such a thing… … .”

“That is not what is important now. Look out there.”

Sempas gestured out the window with his chin.

At that action, all eyes turned to the window.

And everyone couldn’t help but be surprised.

The scenery beyond the window, which should have been foggy due to a mysterious phenomenon, was clear.

To the extent that the appearance of the outside of the mansion, which had never been seen before, was clearly visible.

It was only then that the party noticed the change in the mansion.

“A mysterious phenomenon… … It is fading.”

Roina’s muttered words made Ludger realize what the hell this was all about.

‘Could it be that this happened in the aftermath of a fight between me and the old man?’

There were plenty of possibilities.

Come to think of it, no matter what happened to the original mansion, the scars were quickly restored.

It was even strong enough to withstand even moderately powerful magic.

However, the fight between Rimray and Ludgar a while ago had gone far beyond what the mansion could accommodate.

It’s a clash of 6th tier magic.

The magic of the two pushed away the high-density mana surrounding the mansion and exploded as they collided.

The shock caused by that had to go, no matter how much the mansion was protected by the mysterious phenomenon.

The biggest reason above all was the place where Rudger and Rimray fought.

‘The summoning circle that summons the shadow knights. It was the nucleus of the mansion’s core defense system.’

The location of the core was also a channel through which energy was drawn from the leylines beneath the mansion.

fought over it.

In fact, it was like setting off fireworks in a powder keg.

Since the passageway used to pull up the leyline flowing underground was destroyed, the mansion could no longer receive magical power from the leyline.

But that didn’t mean it stopped the flow.

Even more than that, the twisted flow of the leyline began to affect the mansion in reverse.

As if to prove it, the entire mansion trembled violently, and the walls were weakly cracked.

“I-I’m going to collapse at this rate!”

Rudger agreed with Roina’s cry.

Of course I had to escape.

At that moment, Rudger remembered something he hadn’t confirmed yet.


A secret room hidden inside the library.

I hadn’t even looked at the book that was there.

Did they catch Ludgar’s weak changes?

Arfa said to Rudger.

“leader. Bye.”

Rudger, who had not expected to receive such consideration from Arfa, was surprised for a moment, but then nodded.


Rudgar got up from his seat.

In the meantime, my stamina has recovered quite a bit.

The depleted mana was also being recharged thanks to the medicine.

My head throbbed, but it was tolerable.



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“I have a place to stop by and come to for a while. The rest of you, please escape first. Now, you should be able to go out of the mansion.”

After saying that, Ludger ran down the hallway without looking back.

I heard Roina shouting something from behind, but I ignored it.

‘We need to find it as soon as possible.’

The vibration got bigger.

Cracks formed in the walls, and dust fell from the ceiling.

The mansion, which had been protected by the leyline, was now in the process of being destroyed by the power of the leyline.

Rudger stopped in his tracks as he ran down the shaky hallway.

Ahead, the door opened and a series of groups appeared.

“Everyone, move! Bring everything you need!”

“The mystery guarding the mansion is gone! I can take it out!”

“Take good care of the most important books!”

They were magicians of the School of Truth.

They were holding an armful of books tightly packed.

Among them, there was one that caught my attention.

It was Tortei, the representative of the School of Truth, who had a fight with Ludger.

Unlike the others, he held only one book in his hand.

Rudger recognized at once what the book was.

‘A book about non-attribute magic!’

The item Rudger was desperately looking for.

Tortei was carrying it now.

Just as Ludger discovered the School of Truth, the magicians of the School of Truth also discovered Ludgar.

“What. You didn’t die.”

Tortey recognized Ludger and smirked.

They were the ones who were hiding only in the library while a series of incidents occurred.

But he didn’t know that something was happening outside.

Rudger didn’t bother to answer that.

Instead, his gaze moved silently to the book Tortei was holding.


Tortei was no fool.

When he realized that Ludger was coveting what he had, he laughed to the fullest.

“why. Do you like this?”

“… … .”

“From the reaction, you know this is an important item. You must have found that hidden room before us, right?”

Tortei was lucky.

When the mansion shook, Seogo couldn’t escape the impact.

At that time, some bookshelves collapsed, and it was luck to find a hidden space there.

The endless greed for knowledge did not miss the opportunity.

Tortei swept everything inside.

The most important of these, he took care of himself.

“It’s more certain that you reacted like that. What do you do with regret? A discovery of this century was missed right under our noses.”

Rudger didn’t answer.

Instead, he just stared at Tortei with a hard face.

Tortei tried to say something more because the reaction looked good for no reason, but he realized something belatedly.

‘That bastard. Aren’t you looking at me?’

What Rudger sees is not Tortei, but the back.

He was looking at something over his shoulder.

“What the hell… … .”

The moment Tortei said something and looked back, a huge explosion hit him.

The ever-vibrating mansion shook violently again, and Tortey, swept away by the shock of the explosion, fell to the floor.

It was an explosion that would have been shattered on the spot if the defensive magic had not been deployed in a hurry.

In fact, several Truth School magicians who were caught up in it were lying down with great wounds.

“What, what… … !”

Tortei tried to tell me what was going on, but realized his hands were empty.

The book he was holding was thrown out in front of him.

Even at Ludger’s feet.

“Hey, wait!”

Rudger lowered his head and picked up the book that had fallen to the floor.

He lightly brushed the dust off the book with his hand.

“this… … ! What are you doing! Give it up! It’s mine!”

Tortei exclaimed in a fit of fuss.

His wrinkled face, contorted with anger, was full of greed.

“Now that it’s in my hands, why am I handing it over?”

“Is this guy trying to play with me right now!”

“No pun intended. And you seem to have forgotten just now, you were just ambushed.”

It was.

Tortey, who belatedly realized the situation at Rudger’s advice, stood up and looked back.

What kind of guy dared to attack himself, a wizard of the School of Truth?

Tortey’s face was covered with embarrassment.

“You still have the habit of getting angry without understanding the situation. Tortei.”

“… … Lim Ray.”

There was an old colleague of his.

“What the hell is this?”

Tortei couldn’t understand why Rimray attacked him.

“Did we have such a great enemy? no. Weren’t we exploring the truth together?”

“You would have thought otherwise.”

Rimray snorted at Tortei’s words.

Just his cynical attitude was enough to infer how disingenuous Tortei’s words were.

“Tortei. you are always like that He says everything he does is out of good will.”

“what? No wonder! I move only to seek knowledge! If that’s not good intentions, something!”

“okay. so that’s the problem He believes that he is the one who best understands knowledge. Even if a hundred or a thousand other people die, he thinks he only needs to live.”


“You don’t even care if people die. I don’t regret it, I don’t feel sad about it. Let’s ask one seriously. Were you really sad?”

“What are you sad about… … .”

“My daughter.”

“… … .”

Tortei shut his mouth as if he felt something at that moment.

“… … it was an accident Why do you talk like it’s my responsibility?”

“Because it was an accident that could have been prevented.”

With a chilly sneer, Rimrey raised his sword and pointed at the tortei.

“If you hadn’t run away with your immediate disciples on the spot, no one would have died.”

“… … .”

“Did you know I didn’t know? Did you think it didn’t matter because the people present kept their mouths shut and the people involved died? you’re welcome.”

Rimray said that and took something out of his waist.

It was a bell-shaped artifact.

with my daughter

As Rimray shook it, grizzled spirits appeared from all over the mansion and circled around him.

“Tortei. You know what? This mansion is full of the spirits of the dead. The whole Kassar Basin is the same. Those who close their eyes here will be confined here for the rest of their lives.”

At Tortei’s bewilderment, Rimray chuckled and laughed lowly.

“This place is like a giant birdcage. A terrible cage that keeps people’s souls from resting.”

“Well, what… … .”

“My daughter died here. In this place where she has no rest. So are these souls. It just keeps wandering somewhere in this prison.”

with my daughter with my daughter

Rimray continued to wave the bell.

“What the hell did they do wrong? Why should I suffer in a place like this?”

“What does that have to do with me!”

“Why doesn’t it matter? The souls of the people you secretly killed by coming here and the souls of the people who were swept away by your excessive greed and unreasonable actions are also here.”

“… … .”

The magicians of the School of Truth flinched.

It was more of a response to the revelation of the truth he had wanted to hide, rather than being surprised by an unexpected fact.

The School of Truth were also those who did not mind killing people for their own purposes and desires.

It was only that the fact was not known to the world, and if it was revealed, they had nothing to say even if they were treated as warlocks.

Tortei glared at Rimray with a cold gaze.

“okay. Did they talk like that? To avenge your enemies? Killing all the people in the mansion?”

“You asked what I would do?”

Limray asked.

But this time, it wasn’t to Tortei.

Beyond that, it was what I said to Rudger.

“I want salvation. I don’t know what happens to other people. But my daughter is different. She’s the child’s soul, she’s still trapped here. So why not let it go? find rest.”

Even if the rest is mean.

It’s better than being locked up in a place like this.

It was a really selfish reason.

But Rudger couldn’t argue with Rimray.

This is because Rimray himself knows better than anyone else.

“Did you aim to make this mansion like this?”

Limray shrugged.

It’s like it’s up to you to decide.

“Soon the mansion will collapse. Since the flow of the leyline was twisted, it would rather not be able to withstand the power of the leyline. I can’t guarantee what the runaway magic will cause. So if you want to escape, you will have to do it now.”

The person who fought with all his might a moment ago now advises him to keep his life.

Which one is the real him?


Maybe everything is real.

Because people don’t have only one aspect.

Suddenly, Tortei, who was caught between Ludgar and Rimray, exploded in anger.

He wasn’t stupid enough to overhear the conversation between Rudger and Rimray.

“Rimray! Even if you’re crazy, you’re crazy! Did you do all of this? What an important place this is!”

“okay. i’m crazy But I think you are crazy too.”


“Is that all? The same goes for the old people around you. we are all crazy Crazy for knowledge, crazy for lust, crazy for revenge. They are the ones who should not exist in this world.”

Rimray, who muttered as if to help himself, sharply opened his eyes.

“So, shouldn’t crazy people disappear for the sake of this world?”

“this person… … !”

Tortei tried to shout something, but hurriedly implemented the spell.

Rimray’s surprise attack scattered over the barrier.

“We don’t have much time, so let’s stop talking about small talk. Because this is not all I want.”

“… … okay. If it comes out like that, I won’t even look at it.”

When Tortei said that, the Truth School wizards around them each pulled out their wands and held them.

The terrifying magic power flowing from their bodies pressed Rimray all at once.

However, Rimray maintained his balance even in the torrent of magic power.

More than that, he opened his mouth leisurely.

“ruler. Let the outsiders go away.”

That’s what he said, but Rudger knows.

Rimrey was not in perfect condition right now.

He must have urgently treated the wounds he suffered while fighting himself, but the blood that was spilled cannot be collected.

Even if he drank the potion, he would not have been able to recover all of his consumed mana.

Nevertheless, he remained in this collapsing mansion.

Rudger saw the vision again.

Rimray stood in the midst of the blazing fire this time.

But this time he wasn’t alone.

Because he had all the people he would leave with gathered here.

Was the hell that existed in his image just for this?

“Where are you going! You can’t go either!”

Tortei glared at Ludger with eyes bloodshot with anger.

It was a natural reaction since he had overheard the truth and even took the book he had been eyeing.

“Tortei. You shouldn’t be in a position to care about others right now.”

Tortei’s stubbornness had no choice but to be broken by Rim Ray.

Rimray rallied, telling him to focus only on himself.

Tortei was forced to focus on Rimray.

“Get out of here.”

“… … .”

Rudger saw Rimray one last time before leaving.

Rimray was also looking at Ludger, so they could see each other.

Did you know that you would become like this? Did you notice that the portrait in the frame you saw as a mysterious phenomenon was yourself?

Rudger didn’t ask that.

It was because Rimrey laughed at himself.

That smile was that of a benevolent grandfather that only Arpa could see.

‘is it.’

he knew it all

Rudger nodded, then turned and left his seat.

‘bye. Hey.’

It was as if he heard Rimray’s voice behind Ludgar, who was leaving.

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