I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 4

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◈ Episode 4 The Great Train Raid Case (2)



The wizards stood in a line, pushing the people blocking the entrance.

They glared at the man who was left alone in car #4 with slightly nervous faces.

A black frock coat with gold thread was worn over a neat suit that clung to the body.

Long black hair tied in a tight ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Even the sharp eyes that feel colder than the cold wind blowing outside.

From their appearance to their exhaled spirit, they were all unusual.

In fact, at his hands, their compatriots who rushed in from the rear of the train died.

‘Who the hell is he?’

The terrorist who led the train raid frowned at the man in front of him.

I never thought that a wizard like that was on board this train.

Was it too late to obtain information in advance?

‘no. I don’t care what happened. There are only five wizards here.’

A large number of people who could be said to be high-class personnel who had learned magic were recruited.

Even if there is any internal security personnel, it is a level that can be wiped out with overwhelming force.

I didn’t expect that there would be a wizard, but even so, there was only one opponent. Even if you consider that your skills are outstanding, you won’t be able to respond anymore if the number on this side reaches 5.

Besides, Mayhem, who can be said to be the leader among the wizards here, is a fourth-tier wizard.

‘Unless the opponent is a famous wizard of at least 5th tier or higher, I will never be able to respond.’

There are not many wizards with that level of skill in the entire continent.

In particular, if he had reached 5th place or higher at such a young age, rumors would have already spread.

Then, no matter how high the opponent is set, he will be in the 4th rank.

It was exactly the equivalent of Mayhem on our side.

The man in front of him knew that too, so he didn’t hesitate to use magic.

“hmm. There are five wizards. Certainly.”

“You are surprisingly quick to agree. But it was too late.”

“Then, this side has to change the method a little.”

The man said that, and then threw himself out of the broken train, fluttering the hem of his frock coat.

“Uh huh? Did you jump?”

“Did you decide to commit suicide because you thought you couldn’t win?”

Curious terrorists.

One of the wizards poked his head out over the broken bulkhead, just in case, but he couldn’t see anything far below the precipice.

“It looks like it fell down and died!”

“I thought I could do anything, but I was just a coward.”

The moment everyone is trying to make that conclusion.


A flash of light pierced the head of the wizard who was sticking his head out.

The unbalanced body leaned forward and fell outside the train.

“What, what!”

“Hanson is dead!”

dead? why? Rather, where did that flash come from?

While everyone was puzzled, Mayhem, the leader of the mages, looked up with a distorted face.

“Up! He’s on the roof!”

“On the train? But didn’t you just jump outside?”

“Did you use flight magic?”

“Is it possible to catch up with a running train with flying magic and get on it?!”

“Noisy, hurry and chase him!”

* * *

‘It’s too bad. I was going to take another one after I caught her off guard.’

Loud noise coming from below.

Realizing that this side is alive, they will now try to kill me with all their might.

I pretended to jump down, hung up on the wall, and climbed right up to catch them off guard.

I have no choice but to be content with taking one of the five wizards.

“Come on up!”

“Kill him!”

A voice echoed between the vehicles, and then one by one they climbed up the ladder and started climbing up to the roof.

But it won’t be that easy.

As if I had waited, I fired tangible magical energy at them, turned my back and ran towards the car behind me.

Those who tried to climb up had no choice but to go down again due to the attack passing overhead. A roof without cover is only a target if you climb it.

thump thump thump

I deliberately made footsteps and ran, and the guys waiting in the car heard the sound and followed me.

“Back! He retreats to the rear vehicle!”


It’s really easy to understand.

Apparently, getting rid of one wizard seemed to have a pretty big effect.

Even if they were prepared to die and self-destruct, would they not tolerate the death of their comrades at the hands of others?

It is indeed a contradictory mindset.



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‘I’d be more grateful if he came out emotionally like this.’

The more it does, the easier it is to shake.

* * *

The terrorists split the crew in half to catch the wizard who escaped to the rear of the train.

As long as the opponent is a wizard anyway, if it’s not the same wizard, it’s just a hindrance.

Except for a few people who would assist the wizards, the rest decided to aim for the first class of the No. 1 vehicle that had not been penetrated yet.

Among the two groups that split up in the No. 4 vehicle, the magician troops headed to the rear.

“damn! Where are you?”

“What about the compatriots who climbed to the top? Why don’t you say anything!”

“Anyway, let’s go back!”

The moment you hurriedly lead the way and open the door.


The door exploded and red flames engulfed the terrorists.

In an instant, the five people turned to black coals and collapsed on the ground.

The flame created by magic went out like a candle after faithfully fulfilling its role.

“This, you wicked bastard!”

“Setting a trap in front of the door!”

The leader of the wizards, Mayhem, looked at the corpses of his dead compatriots and let out a sigh.

‘In that short time, you set a trap with magic in front of the door?’

The quickness was surprising, but what made him more nervous was the other person’s actions.

Usually, the aristocratic wizards he knows are steeped in arrogance from birth, so they are extremely reluctant to move their bodies.

When they use magic, they always stand in their seats and show off their magic.

But the man he was chasing now did not.

‘When the situation seems to be unfavorable, I immediately run away like a knife, and then, after arousing the opponent’s vigilance, I attack. This can’t be the way a normal wizard does.’

Too practical and thorough.

Isn’t this a movement closer to a mercenary or a hunter than a wizard.

‘What the hell is that guy… … .’

At first, I thought he was just a sorcerer who killed his compatriots.

Most of the people who boarded this train were nobles or wealthy merchants anyway.

They are all those who sucked the blood of poor commoners and stood on top of them.

It was enough for anyone to die.

‘But he’s different.’

What does the alternative identity mean?

While worrying so much, Mayhem opened her mouth with an even heavier expression.

“Everyone be careful. From now on, we take the lead. You don’t know what trap he might have set, so move with the utmost care.”


The wizards, led by Mayhem, took the lead and moved, checking to see if there were any traps installed in the corridors or walls.

As a result, a considerable amount of time was consumed each time I passed between trains.

“Don’t be in a hurry. He can’t get out of the end of the train anyway.”

In the end, it is said that it is no different from a rat in a poison.

It was certain that he had escaped to the car behind him.

Mayhem, the leader of the wizards, walked slowly and suddenly stopped.

It was a feeling of alienation that could not be described in words.

I quickly realized the reason for why I was suddenly feeling this lighthearted.

rattle! Kiyiying!

A loud noise echoed from the end of the train.

When the slow-moving terrorists heard the noise, they instinctively realized that something was wrong.

“Oops! Detach the train and run away!”

It was too late to realize that the heat was rising in my head.

In the first place, the opponent didn’t have to fight this side. It was enough to just run away while wasting time.

After deliberately raising our awareness through the trap and turning off the time.

He is trying to escape safely by jumping into the last vehicle.

“Chase! Don’t let him run away!”

Now that they were in a hurry, they had no choice but to pursue and kill the wizard who had run away and fell asleep.

They hurriedly ran the train, and before long, they arrived right in front of the last car No. 12.

The moment they opened the door, what they saw was not the scenery of vehicle No. 12 as it should have been, but only snow-capped mountains and railroad tracks.

Mayhem gritted it.

‘I made a mistake. He had to keep reminding himself that he didn’t have to fight us.’

In the heat of my head, I overlooked the important fact.

No way, who would have predicted that the opponent would run away with such determination.

“Damn, did I miss it?”

“That child. I remembered the impression. I will definitely find it and kill it.”

When everyone gritted their teeth and stared out like that.

Mayhem felt a wave of intense magic power behind her back and gave goose bumps all over her body.

“What is this… … .”

He hurriedly turned his head and looked back.

and what I saw

It was the figure of the man who should have disappeared along with the separated vehicle No. 12.

“Why are you here… … .”

But the important thing was not that man’s existence.

What he should be most concerned about is the magic that was completed in front of him, almost on the verge of being activated.

It was also a very ferocious and dangerous type of elemental magic.

“Avoid everyone!”

As Mayhem shouted, she raised her magic power as much as possible.

In the short amount of time, he raised his ability to the maximum and created a magical barrier as strong as possible.


Right after that, huge magic engulfed the entire vehicle #11 and swept the inside like a storm.

A dazzling white flame.

The embers of the same color as the blizzard gently swirling outside.

It wiped out all the terrorists who could not evacuate or react.

* * *

“Is it over?”

I murmured as I watched the magic flame gradually disappear.

They thought I was going to run away in the 12th car and were focused on that.

I guess so. Dig traps to take time, and in the meantime, disconnect the vehicle, and anyone will think so.

But that’s also a trap.

At first, they ran away pretending to kill time by surprise.

Running away was nothing more than a deception tactic to deceive them in the end.

It also helped that the heat on their heads was properly raised.

Thanks to that, I was able to take the flow, and I was able to gather it in one place and hit it once.

‘It looks like there are still some guys left in the lead car, but it shouldn’t matter since all the wizards have been dealt with.’

As I thought so, something rose from the rubble.

“You managed to stay alive.”

“You bastard… … .”

The one who stood up was the leader who led the wizards. At that moment, he was spared his life as if he had spread the barrier to defend himself.

But that’s all.

His physical condition was so pitiful that he was barely alive.

It was blocked, but it was not completely blocked, and the face was half melted, and the whole body was burned. Even one of his arms is missing.

Even breathing seemed painful, so I thought I wouldn’t last long anyway, so I decided to just leave it alone.

“Why did you kill me? Don’t you feel sorry for our compatriots who are working hard for the world?”


What the hell did you say? Isn’t this too new bullshit again?

When I shut my mouth in bewilderment, he glared at me with angry eyes, wondering how he accepted it.

“Aren’t you pitiful for the people who died at your hands!”

“I thought they were crazy people from the beginning, but they turned out to be more crazy people than I thought.”


“Then you guys attacked the train and killed all the passengers, why are you talking so well?”

This is why I am dumbfounded.

These guys stormed the train and killed every passenger on it.

They grit their teeth and treat me like a bad guy because their teammates are dead, honestly, it just annoys me.

“They were cheap even if they died!”

“Aren’t you the one who tried to kill me in the first place? We are already in a situation where we have to kill each other, so what are you talking about, are you bad?”

“That, that… … .”

“If you tried to kill me and couldn’t, you should die.”

“You guys… … Who the hell are you?”

The guy gave up his argument and asked me about my identity.

But I couldn’t answer that.

It was because he saw countless shadows flying towards him from the outside beyond him.


The sound of drawing a sword could be heard terrifyingly even in the middle of a raging blizzard.

A white flash of light flashed through the wide open back door, splitting the wizard in half.


A solid line is drawn from the top of the head to the groin. And the moment the pure white shadow jumped over the wizard and landed on the ground, his body split apart and fell to the side.

No blood flowed from the corpse. Because the cut section was frozen solid with pure white ice.

What can be seen beyond the fallen corpse is the figure of a female knight with a fluttering white cloak.

“Are you okay?”

I replied with a nod to the woman’s question as she turned around and asked with concern.

The pattern attached to the shoulder epaulet is the shape of a pure white eagle.

It was the mark of the Knights of the Border Guard in charge of defending the empire.

“Don’t worry anymore. Because our border guards stepped in.”

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