I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 401

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◈ Episode 401: Earth’s movement (1)

Something unexpected happened in the direction of the forest where the mansion was.

Belcart felt a little annoyed.

“I don’t know who the hell did this, but it’s too late to stop it now.”

Belkart looked down at the completely collapsed cliff and summoned his summoners.

The magic beast, the thunder dragon, permeated into his body and was reverse summoned, and the gold bird flew in and carried Belkat on his back.


Cube pieces gathered behind the golden bird’s wings and tail feathers to form a metal ring.

Mana was concentrated in the ring, and eventually, a huge magnetic force was released and pushed the lyrebird’s body away.

Belkat, riding a giltbird, flew towards the forest using the power of magnetism.

Rudger, who saw the scene, was speechless.

‘That’s ridiculous mobility.’

There were literally no fighter jets that were alive and breathing.

Ludger also tried to follow after seeing Belcart, who was so far away that he seemed small in sight.

However, his speed was so fast that it was unclear whether he would be able to catch up in time even if he used floating magic.

At that time, a white owl flew by Ludger’s side.


“Go for a ride. I can’t be his opponent. But it would be different with you.”

Rudger examined Derek’s body.

Red blood dripped from one of his arms.

He was injured in the bombing that followed a little while ago.

Seeing his pale complexion, he seemed to be bleeding profusely.

You won’t be able to fight like this.

It was the same with Barencina.

The swollen wrist looked like a broken bone, and even the weapon, the sword, was shattered.

Even without a sword, the body of a knight is a weapon by itself, but it is only a hindrance against Belkart.

“I have no face. Please stop that monster.”

“All right.”

Ludgar got on top of Derek’s magic water.

Considering the movements the magic beast showed while fighting, there should be no problem in chasing Belcart.


At Ludger’s words, the owl flapped its wings once.

The owl rode the strong wind and shot like a bullet.

* * *


Sempas gasped and took a stance.

However, his weak legs faltered, and even his standing position was precarious.

The surroundings of Sempas were full of traces of all sorts of destruction caused by magic.

However, unlike before, there was one thing that did not disappear, and that was the existence of the green poison mist.

“Crazy dog. True to his nickname, it was definitely dangerous.”

Amar muttered in a weary voice, as if it had been a hard fight.

Amar wiped the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand.

In the fight against Sempas, who ignores the pain and rushes forward, Amar also suffers a lot of damage.

However, it was Sempas who reached the limit first.

“If you hadn’t been poisoned by me in the first place, it would have been me to fall.”

Amar was horrified to see Sempas engaged in battle.

Even in terrible pain, he distorted his face and rushed at him. He was indeed a man worthy of the title of mad dog.

If this side had not believed in the poison and entered the holdout, it would have been defeated.

“You were a great fighter, but I won.”

Sempas glared at Amar with a blurry gaze.

Even though part of his skin was necrotic due to poisoning, he survived without collapsing.

“Why are you fighting so much?”

“Because I made a promise to you.”

Sempas muttered in a half-drowsy state.

okay. He made a promise to the Duke of Hayback.

To help Rudgar to solve the situation that is happening this time.

Amar didn’t understand the answer.

“promise? You fight this far just because of a promise?”


Sempas laughed at Amar.

His expression was blurry, so I couldn’t see it, but I could tell without looking.

“okay. You won’t understand.”

It was because of his origin that Sempas was called a mad dog and mainly engaged in crude fights.

He was a fighter belonging to an illegal arena in the past.

I didn’t go in because I wanted to.

I was forcibly taken as a child when I didn’t know anything.

Young Sempas had a gift for magic.

However, even if there is talent in the world, there are fewer people than expected to benefit from it.



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Especially in the case of orphans who have no parents.

Rather, talent for magic was no different from a curse.

The same was true of the illegal arena where Sempas belonged.

They randomly gathered children talented in magic, taught them magic, and pushed them into the arena.

Most of the learning of magic was accompanied by violence.

If you were late in learning, you were beaten to death, or if you made a minor mistake, you had to starve.

The children who came in had to learn magic like tenacity in order to survive.

Sempas also survived there and developed poisonous spirits.

The children who grew up like that fought in earnest as players in the arena.

It’s not just a fight, it’s a fight where magic comes and goes.

And the victory or defeat of a fight always ended only when someone died.

There was no such thing as a fair magic duel.

Swinging fists, biting, and throwing sand based on magic.

Children who had learned magic together now had to kill each other.

Nevertheless, Sempas had to fight to survive.

It was then that he was called a mad dog.

It was the name people gave him with both admiration and contempt when he killed his last friend by biting his throat with his teeth.

But Sempas knows.

That friend died instead to save himself.

All the friends who came in together and endured all died, and I was left alone.

Then what should I live for now?

The one who saved Sempas was Heyback Kadatushan, the head of the Security Agency at the time.

─It’s miserable. Under the shadow of the Empire, such a terrible thing was being perpetrated.

The Security Bureau stormed into the illegal dumping grounds and wiped out all the criminals.

And freed those who suffered in it.

To Sempas, who had only seen messy people in the underground arena, it gave a great shock that the world collapsed.

There are people like that out there.

The world outside the dim lights of the underground arena is so bright.

Admiration. Ando.

and anger.

Everyone was living in such a peaceful and good world.

Animosity boiled like magma in Sempas’ heart.

So Heyback led his tired body from a long fight and ran toward Heyback.

He was immediately overpowered by the Knights of the Nightcrawler, but in that split second, Heyback vomited his spirit by knocking out as many as five security agents.

—Why, why are you here now!

In the overpowered state, Sempas cried out in anger.

—If you had come a little earlier, my friends could have lived!

I was so upset.

Heyback must have been born into a good family, had good food, and been treated well all his life.

He was a man of a completely different world from himself, stained with blood and filth.

─I’m sorry.

However, Heyback bowed his head and apologized to Sempas.

I’m sorry.

I should have come a little earlier.

Sempas couldn’t help but shed tears at the attitude of feeling sincerity rather than forced words.

Several days have passed since then.

Sempas thought for a long time and finally made a decision.

He went to Hayback and said.

—If I follow you, will people like me stop appearing?

Sempas still remembers that moment.

It was surprising to see Heyback with his eyes wide open, smiling and nodding his head.

─Yes. I’m fighting for that

—Then I will fight. Because that’s all I know how to do.

It was a life in which there was no choice but to fight.

Maybe I will die fighting for the rest of my life.

Endless wandering without meaning or purpose.

So, I tried to find the meaning.

That was the purpose for which Sempas had been given a new life.

“That sublimity… … How can people like you understand that?”

“… … .”

Amar frowned at Sempas’ grin.

“… … There will be no point in further conversation.”

Amar stretched out his arm towards Sempas.

The poison filled his hands shimmered like flames.

The moment he thought that he would melt away everything without even leaving a corpse.

Someone rushed towards Amar.

Amar gave up attacking and immediately switched to defense, and a wall of earth rose before his eyes.


However, the uninvited guest’s leg broke through the thick rock wall and stuck into Amar’s abdomen beyond.


Amar’s body bounced back loudly.

Sempas, who had an intuition of death, laughed at the sudden appearance of a relief pitcher.

“Uncle Sempas. Are you okay?”

An innocent and innocent voice that does not suit this urgent situation.

But there is no voice more welcome than this one.

“Arpanya… … .”

“yes. I’m here to help.”

Arpa approached Sempas, took out an injection ampoule from her pocket, and injected it into Sempas’ throat.


“Even if it hurts, be patient. It’s an antidote. It will take time to recover, but you will be fine now.”

Arfa laid Sempas on the ground and looked at Amar.

At that moment, a long shot of green magic shot through Arfa’s head.

“Kuk-kuk. That’s what happens when you’re not paying attention in front of me.”

Amar laughed at Arfa, who was devoured by the miasma.

However, he couldn’t hide his wonder when he saw Arfa standing there right after.

“Uh, how? It definitely hit my poison properly.”

“Oh, poison? That is of no use to me.”

Poison cannot be eaten by automatons made of machines in the first place.

Poison with strong acidity would corrode metal, but Arpa was not so soft as to be corroded by such things.

“The poison doesn’t work? such nonsense… … !”

“I can’t explain why in detail. sorry. As the situation is, I will finish it quickly.”

Arfa said so and ran towards Amar.

* * *

Belcart, who arrived in the forest on a golden bird, had to doubt his common sense at the scenery unfolding before his eyes.

“The beasts of the forest… … Are you blocking the leyline?”

The beasts of the forest were full around the leylines overflowing from the ruins of the mansion.

The beasts, which had convergently evolved in all forms with the magic of the Kassar Basin, were blocking the entrance of the leyline by emitting their own magic.

It was an amazing sight.

In the world of the weak and the weak, animals that kill and eat each other are moving in unison, escaping from the relationship between predator and prey at this moment.

In particular, among some beasts, a large object with a high risk was also mixed in.

At first, it was embarrassing for Belcart, who thought that someone else was interfering with his plan.

And later, anger flared up.

“Are some beasts trying to disturb my long-cherished dream?”

That anger was expressed through magic.

“I will kill them all.”

The steel cubes created around Belkart began to fall towards the beasts on the ground.

The beasts also responded as if they had sensed Belkart’s magic, but it was too late.

Cubes with intense thunderbolts swept the surroundings with electromagnetic explosions the moment they fell to the ground.


Explosions occurred in succession, and shockwaves exploded.

The beasts of the forest swept away by it were torn to shreds and died.

Either die from being crushed by a mass, or die from being burned by an electric current.

But even so, the number of remaining beasts was large.

For all the beasts that inhabit this whole forest have gathered together.

Belkat tried to activate the magic again.

At that moment, birds burst out from the trees in the forest.


Birds flew in aiming for Belcart.

Blade-sharp beak and fast speed.

Some even contained the power of the wind.

But Belcart did not even respond to such birds.

Their beaks hit his body, but they couldn’t even scratch his armor in iron rod state.

Rather, the beaks of the birds were broken, or the one who hit the head fell to the ground, spraying blood.


At that time, an eagle bigger than a man thrust its claws into Belkat’s head.

The eagle, with its wings spread wide, was about the same size as the lyrebird that Belcart was riding on.

“Like a flying beast. Don’t stand on me.”

Belkat stretched out her arms toward the eagle.

The iron dust gathered around him bound the eagle’s wings and broke them with force.


The eagle broke both wings but did not fall.

It was also a beast that could handle magical powers, so it continued to fly even with broken wings while being surrounded by strong winds.


The eagle’s claws scratched Belkat’s helmet.

Although subtle, it left faint marks on the helmet along the claws.

“It’s pretty sharp.”

To scratch the iron rod god’s armor.

Belkat admired the strength of the eagle’s claws.

But that was all.


When the owner was attacked, the rogue bird became enraged and bit the eagle’s neck.

And it created a storm of electricity around it, blocking the endless flight of birds.

The birds were swept away by a storm of electricity and fell like flies rushing towards fire.

“Leave the flying insects, and deal with the bigger ones first.”

Belkat had his eyes on the wild beasts that play a big role in stabilizing the leyline.

There were quite a few guys with huge magical capacity like Giant Bears.

A bull of rock or a gigantic crocodile that bleeds cold air.

They are menacing men like them.

But those who couldn’t fly were no match for him.

Belkat created a steel harpoon in mid-air towards a target that was only a mere size.

The moment he was about to throw it, a white shadow flew towards Belcart from a distance.

A familiar white owl.

And even the man with the shadow behind him.

“Ludger Chelsea… … .”

Belkat, recognizing him, switched the direction of the harpoon to Ludger and ejected it.

The white owl saw the harpoon and tried to avoid it, but the harpoon moved and relentlessly aimed at the owl.

In the end, the owl was hit by a harpoon, and was recalled back, unable to withstand the shock.

However, Rudger was no longer there.

Rudger had already jumped up from the owl’s back and was running towards Belcart.

Crossing his arms in an X shape, Ludgar, who had penetrated the electromagnetic storm, swung his sword stick at Belcart.

Belkat also responded with a magnetar sword in her hand.


The two weapons imbued with magic collided, creating a huge wave in the air.

“You’re chasing me here. You are very tenacious.”

“It looks like everything will die if left alone, so why don’t you stay still?”

The two entered into a power struggle.

In a situation where each other was chased by time, at that moment, a huge mana burp down there.

It was a power that neither Ludger nor Belcart expected.

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