I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 414

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◈ Episode 414 Mysterious Gift (1)

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After checking Alex, who was almost in a trance, Ludger looked at the arena where the fight broke out again.

The crashing sound gradually grew louder.

Excluding the sword and harpoon, the sound of the chain dragging resonated everywhere as Pantos used the anchor chain in earnest.


The black chains tearing through the air and swinging around were definitely menacing.

It is a weapon that is difficult for even a few knights to carry, but Pantos wields it ignorantly with one hand.

In fact, it was more like a whip than a chain.

Just then, the end of the chain stuck into the ground where Pasius was standing.

The entire arena rumbled and dust clouds rose high.

Pasius broke through the smoke and fell back.

It was thanks to the judgment that it was dangerous to shed it and avoided it.

A large tunnel-like hole was opened in the dust cloud that had not yet subsided, and the Pantos protruded.

At the same time, the right arm holding the harpoon became blurry.

puffer pung.

Three consecutive stabs fired again.

At that moment, Pasius’ upper body also split into three.

It was a phenomenon caused by moving too fast.

Pasius’ leg, which avoided all stabs by a single piece of paper, soared vertically, aiming for Pantos’ chin.

Pantos blocked the attack with his left forearm and swung the handle of the harpoon stabbed in, aiming for Pasius’ temple.


Pasius lightly blocked the attack with the pommel at the end of the sword handle.

A swordsmanship that intervenes by stabbing a weapon in the middle before wielding it properly.

Suddenly, the flow of the Pantos attack was cut off.

At that moment, Pasius held the sword in reverse and spun rapidly in his seat.

Pantos raised his left arm vertically. A black chain was wrapped around his forearm.

Kagaga River!

A series of sparks flew in the air, illuminating the two faces red.

Pantos and Pasius.

The two were smiling like they were having fun.

‘They’ve come to a full boil with each other.’

Rudger thought so and distinguished the difference between Pasius and Pantos.

In terms of overall physical ability, Pantos was superior.

Pasius was also a master level, so in terms of physical ability alone, he was already at the level of a superman, but Pantos was superior to him.

Since his birth, he has been a beastman with superior physical abilities than humans, and he has the best talent among such beastmen.

The power was definitely greater, and so was the speed.

‘There is a general perception that the bigger the body, the slower it is, but the instantaneous energy from the muscles is stronger.’

Unless you know if it’s a long run, when you show instant quick movements in close combat like this, of course, strength comes first.

In both power and speed, Pantos is superior.

Still, Pasius was on a par with such a Pantos.

What could be the reason?

‘As for the technique, Pasius is far more overwhelming.’

There was not a single movement in which Pasius used excessive force.

At every moment, with the right amount of strength and skill, Pantos’ attacks were shed, dodged, and blocked.

‘It seems to be more restrained than when I saw it in the underground cavity.’

This was not an illusion.

In fact, after the fight in the underground cavity, Pasius became stronger than before.

Master-class knights are complete beings on their own.

When they reach that level, most of them stop where they are now rather than aspire to the next level.

Because you’re already strong.

because it’s enough

Even if he tried to train more than that, the body’s threshold was too high, so it was great that he could not be stimulated in moderate fights.

Like going from 0 to 80 is much harder to get from 80 to 90 than it is to go from 0 to 80.

However, what would happen if master-level knights were given sufficient environment and opportunities?

What if they were given such an extreme situation that they would aspire to become stronger?

‘Is that right now?’

Pasius faced the wall.

Since most of them end up not even finding it, finding the wall was a huge step forward.

Even if he couldn’t overcome it, standing in front of him meant that he could see ‘possibility’.

‘And I didn’t leave that possibility as a mere illusion.’

Damn it.

Pasius pushed Pantos with much more restrained movements.

The sword he swung was as fast as lightning, but at times it raged like the wind and was as smooth as water.

Pasius realized while fighting Ruifault.

Now fighting only with output is meaningless.

That there are people with more power than you in the world.

Wouldn’t it be the case with the leader of Lutus Wardot right now?

So I changed my mind.



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I decided to take the posture of a challenger looking up from below again.

What matters is the mindset.

The moment he realized that, the sword called Pasius was forged even sharper than before.

And even at this moment when we collide with Pantos.

Pasius was being tempered like iron being hammered continuously.

It was the same with Pantos.

The two now stood nailed to their seats and continued to share their sum.

It was clearly revealed that they would never let each other take a single step behind them.

Every time the weapons collided, the floor between the two cracked apart and fragments flew out.

A storm raging in all directions.

In the atmosphere that gradually intensified, Ludger saw two sparks that were stronger than before.

‘It’s getting more and more complete.’

The more you fight, the more you fight.

Like dull and rusted iron being polished and shaved away.

change and move on to the next stage.

Pasius’s sword grew faster and sharper.

Pantos’ harpoons and chains became increasingly sophisticated.

The two distanced themselves again.

It happened at the same time, no matter which one came first.

The appearance of Pantos was completely different from when they first entered the fight.

Chi profit.

White steam rising around the body.

Every time I inhaled and exhaled, the muscles throughout my body twitched explosively.

The fat attached to the muscles has long since been burned by the fight so far.

It was proof that Pantos showed extreme moves in the confrontation with Pasius.

Pasius let out the breath he had been holding back.

Sweat ran down his forehead.

The master-class knight’s muscles moved so violently that he let out a scream.

But neither of them said to quit first.

Both of them had already fallen into selflessness and prepared for the next clash.

“this… … .”

Eileen’s eyes twitched as she watched the scene.

“Looks like you need to dry it soon.”

Everyone in the seat, including her, felt it.

If a little while ago it was sparring, from now on it will be a real fight.

In fact, the air in the arena became even colder.

The atmosphere of the fight was felt even beyond the VIP room protected by magic.


Hans stroked his forearm as if it were cold.

“What, what?”

Hans’ face was that he couldn’t understand why he was reacting this way.

It was the same with Sheridan, Bellaluna, and Violetta.

Rudgar slowly rose from his seat.


Alex, who had been quiet until now, stood up as if responding to Ludger’s call.


“Are you ready?”

“It’s a little vague, but um. It seems possible. Because I got the hang of it.”

Alex’s muttering was hard to understand.

Rudger nodded lightly as if that was a sufficient answer.

“good night. I take Pantos.”

“Then I’ll take the other side.”


At the same time as the shadow engulfs Ludger and Alex.

Pantos and Pasius, who raised their spirits to the fullest, rushed at each other.

A blow that forgot that it was sparring and gave up on power control.

It was neither Pasius nor Pantos that decided the outcome in the urgent situation where someone could be seriously injured if they made a mistake.

“Until there.”

Ludger, wearing Ather Nocturnus, grabbed Pantos’ harpoon with his large shadow-covered arm.

“How about you do it in moderation too?”

The sword that Alex pulled out blocked Pasius’ sword in the middle, which had a sharp anticipation that it would cut through anything.

The atmosphere that had heated up to the critical point was just like a doll with a thread cut off.

“… … .”

Pasius stared at Alex with his signature frivolous smile.

Those eyes were so ferocious that Alex exaggeratedly shrugged, saying, “Go away.”

Pasius slowly withdrew his sword, probably regaining his reason.

It wasn’t until he returned the sword to its scabbard that Alex let go of his guard.

“leader. It’s over here. Where?”

Alex said and looked back.

The other side was still in the middle of a fight.

“Pantos. stop stop The sparring is over.”

“… … .”

Pantos with the eyes of a predator glared at Ludger.

A plague doctor mask made of black shadows.

Even though he met Rudger’s eyes, Pantos did not respond.

Pantos’ momentum did not seem to be waning.

Rather, it flared up even more because it was interrupted at an important moment.

Rudgar stuck out his tongue at the sight.

They said they would dry it as quickly as possible, but Pantos was rather clamoring that it was not enough.

Rather, it was causing strong speculation in Rudger, who had come to stop him.

It’s not that I don’t understand.

It was not yet time.

“Can I help you?”

As Alex said that and tried to approach him, Ludger stopped Alex with his free hand.

His eyes were still fixed on Pantos.

At that unusual energy, Alex stopped walking towards Ludger.

Rudger focused his senses on Pantos again and opened his mouth slowly.

“Or, would you like to finish the match you couldn’t finish here?”

“… … .”

Inside the Plague Doctor’s mask, a change occurred in the blue eyes.

Although it was very slight, the red energy began to mix with it.


Pantos felt the hairs all over his body stand up.

The beastman ears on his head stood erect, as if nervous.

Soon, the speculation flowing from Pantos was neatly captured.

When Pantos relaxed the harpoon, Ludger also lightly released it.

“Good idea.”

“… … .”

Pantos, who regained his sanity, gave Rudger a slightly disapproving look.

It was a very long dinner.

But since that was interrupted, even the leader has no choice but to look precious.

Rudger released Ather Nocturnus and said to Pantos like a joke.

“If you eat too much, you get sick.”

“… … I could digest it.”

Rudger silently tapped Pantos’ forearm with his hand.

Pantos sniffed and snorted wildly, but that was all.

Pantos looked at Pasius and said.

“Someday, let’s compete against each other.”

“I will gladly accept it.”

It was the same with Pasius who was dissatisfied inside, but he still had much more patience than the Beasts.

It was sad, of course.

Now that I’ve reached the master level, I know that opportunities like now don’t come often.

However, it wasn’t like Pantos was thirsty for a fight, and there was one more thing that attracted Pasius’ attention more than anything else.

It was Alex who blocked his own sword.

‘That’s strange.’

Her eyes narrowed as much as possible as she carefully examined Alex’s appearance.

Obviously he was weaker than Pantos.

Of course, it’s relatively weak, but it’s true that Alex is also quite talented.

At least a senior knight level. But not master level.

Still, Alex just blocked his sword.

It’s also very neat.

‘strength? speed? Or some other unknown ability?’


Alex blocked his sword with pure ‘swordsmanship’.

Exactly, with the same swordsmanship as the swordsman he used.

A technique to puncture a loophole in the middle of the flow and sever the flow.

It was what Alex had shown to Pantos once, and used it on himself.

Perhaps feeling Pasius’ gaze just in time, Alex glanced back at him, then smiled and shrugged.

Seeing that, Pasius couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

‘this. I wondered why that person was also in the position of an executive.’

Alex had an uncanny talent of his own.

Right away, the ability to imitate the opponent’s swordsmanship.

Swordsmanship is not something you can do by just watching and copying it.

Even if you try to imitate halfway, it takes at least several years of training to be able to do it.

But Alex didn’t.

‘There’s no way you’ve seen my swordsmanship anywhere. That means that I just watched and analyzed the fight with that beast warrior.’

In that short time, did you penetrate and absorb this side’s swordsmanship to its core?

All martial arts basically take years to master.

And martial artists of different strains had to spend years learning other martial arts again, even if it was shorter than before.

The same goes for swordsmanship.

Non-swordsmanship passed down from the family, or swordsmanship learned through schools.

The moment you learn one, it’s practically difficult to learn another swordsmanship.

This is because the optimal body shape created for each swordsmanship is different.

If he became a master-class knight, he would be freed from the limitations of his body, but it was another thing to perfectly perform his movements even if he had a good body.

But the man in front of him, Alex, was able to do that.

The eye to see swordsmanship, the brain to analyze it, and even the body to reproduce it intact.

‘A beastman warrior who becomes stronger while fighting, and a knight who becomes stronger just by watching them fight.’

Where the hell did you get these two crazy talents from?

“you. What is your name?”

“You mean me?”

At Pasius’ question, Alex pointed at himself and asked.

“Alex. Just call me Alex.”

“It’s strange why a person like you doesn’t know the name.”

Pasius was purely saying his opponent’s skills highly, but Alex couldn’t help but smile bitterly at those words.

“I mean.”

Alex’s subtle reply made Pasius realize that he had a bad past.

The feeling of being more embarrassed than the person who did the bad thing.

I didn’t bother to ask.

Because it might be a nuisance to the other person.

In the first place, now wasn’t the time to care about that.

“ha. I thought it would have gotten better, but I never thought I would experience humility like this again.”

Pasius smiled embarrassedly.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t something gained from the fight, but there was much more that the other side gained.

Just in time, Eileen and other executives from Owens also came down the field.

After everyone gathered like that, Eileen asked Ludger.

“Dalian looked good. Definitely strong. That beastman warrior must be the strongest among your comrades, right?”

Rudger shook his head.

Eileen, who had even had some certainty, widened her eyes.

“No? Then who is the strongest?”

“This is Hans.”

Rudger said that and pointed at Hans, who was still bewildered.

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