I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 424

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◈ Episode 424 Cinderella (1)

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Merilda was like that before, but this time she got into the flow, so she talked a lot.

Everyone’s eyes are on for the upcoming ball and contest.

Not only the students, but also the teachers, the internal staff, and the people who will be invited from outside.

Merilda poured out not only that, but miscellaneous stories as well.

Recently, the demand for dresses has increased significantly, and Royal Street has become more crowded.

“Maybe that’s why all the famous luxury goods makers are turning on their eyes.”


Bruno, who had just swallowed the mashed potatoes on the plate, asked curiously.

Merilda raised her index finger and waved it.

“You guys don’t know, but Ceorn’s ball is very symbolic, isn’t it? You can see how many guests came just for the Magic Festival, the festival of Seorn.”

Rudger and Bruno glanced at each other and shrugged at the same time.

Seeing that, Merylda glanced at the two with half-open eyes.

But when you think about it, it wasn’t strange.

Rudger, who was both the head of the planning department and a teacher, was an extreme workaholic, and Bruno, on the other hand, was concentrating on touching a mechanical golem full of oil and steam every time.

There was no way they were clear about the earnest aspirations of women at such a ball.

“I should be kind enough to explain to you two. How Seorn is a place that attracts public attention.”

It’s the same with magic festivals. Major figures and high-ranking nobles from each country gathered, and people of all kinds came to visit.

It was the same at this prom.

“Think about it. Even the sponsors, who provide huge amounts of money to Ceorn every year, will not hesitate to support an event like this. And wouldn’t there be people who naturally want to stand out from those people?”

“That’s what you mean by tailor.”

Rudgar immediately nodded as if he understood.

I had been guessing in my heart since the story of the dress came out.

Merylda clapped her hands.

“that’s right. That’s it. Famous tailors, designers, and luxury owners. But would they give up a greater reputation?”

“Opening a contest is actually similar to planning a fashion show.”

This is because of the advertising effect.

I heard that it smells like business somehow, so it was because of this.

“Designers of famous brands will try to present their masterpieces to the public somehow. I need to raise my reputation. And they will try to find a model to match.”


“People who can attend the prom. Among them, those who can accept sponsorship. students and teachers.”

Oh oh.

Bruno, who was sitting next to Ludger, exclaimed as if he finally understood.

“In other words, the ball that is being held this time is not just the fun of students, but a complex and large arena that contains people’s desires and interests.”

Merilda knew everything.

Seeing her talking with her eyes lit, it would be safe to say that she risked her life and death at this prom.

‘Why does he show such passion?’

Rudger and other fellow teachers couldn’t help but wonder.

But Merilda didn’t mind that stare.

‘This contest is very important.’

Merilda thought of herself.

The image of herself appearing at the ball in a beautiful dress.

‘The spotlight is shining on me, and the people around me are constantly exclaiming.’

I could see gentlemen in fancy suits and tuxedos coming up to her and trying to get to know her somehow.

Then, as if he had waited, he would respond arrogantly. Oh, I’m a bit busy right now. I mean with a little smile.

The look of men who look impatient.

What could be happier than just imagining it?

The wings of that imagination were also revealed in his facial expression.

Ludger looked at Merilda’s desire-laden smile and was a little disgusted inwardly.

‘What the hell are you imagining?’

Looking at Selina next to her, she was just there with an innocent look on her face.

Rudger was slightly relieved at Selina’s appearance.

hmm. There will be individual differences for each person.

Then Merilda, who regained her senses, said.

“Anyway, this prom is very important. From getting the dress, to who your partner might be.”


“To bring the story back to square one. Has Ms. Rudger decided on a partner for her?”

“I have no idea.”

Rudger’s answer was consistent.

Selina’s expression, which had been slightly expected, turned sullen.

* * *

Merilda’s wholehearted persuasion made Ludger reconsider the upcoming ball.

If so many people’s interests are intertwined, this side seemed to need to pay attention as well.

‘Besides, the fact that tailors are gathering here can’t be ignored.’

Even if they wanted to hear the news of the Lumensis Church and the elven trackers in the capital, it was not something they could hear.

It would take time, and other than that, there wasn’t much to worry about.

Rudger headed towards Ladder Velk with a lot of time.

This time he was not visiting as Ludgar Celish, but as Oliver, the owner of Royal Street.



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“owner. Are you here?”

Violetta, who had been contacted in advance, greeted Rudger.

Her external status is the manager of [House of Verdi].

At the same time, he was also one of the most famous designers in recent times.

“Is things going well?”

“yes. Business is going well. Sales are steadily rising, and there is no end to customers, perhaps because of word of mouth.”

Violetta replied as she looked at the now booming streets.

But there was a hint of concern in her voice.

Rudger noticed it right away.

“If you have any questions, you can ask.”

“no. That is… … .”

“Is it because of the ball in Seorn?”

Violetta’s eyes widened.

Asking how he knew that was meaningless to Rudger.

He was Ceorn’s teacher and her boss.

“… … yes that’s right. Because of that, there have been a lot of things I have to pay attention to lately.”

“Of course, it must be related to the dress required for the prom.”

“Custom orders have increased, but beyond that, our competitors care a lot about us.”

Violetta shook her head, as if her head was pounding just thinking about it.

“We have the home ground advantage of Leathervelk, but our opponents are also famous brand artisan tailors. It’s hard to compare us to those of us who are just starting to rise to fame. I have to hit big on this opportunity, but the wall is too high for that.”

Artisan tailor, famous fashion designer.

All of them were people who made their names appear in newspapers or made custom-made clothes for high-ranking nobles.

Such people gathered for Ceorn’s ball.

Rudger thought the figure was quite familiar.

‘It’s not like that, but it’s similar to a mysterious night.’

The Night of Mysteries is a place where wizards gather to share knowledge or compete with each other.

Of course, the overheated competition also makes them sharpen their blades against each other.

For Violetta, Ceorn’s ball was like that.

“Is it difficult to simply make clothes?”

“Everyone is not easy. All the famous people in the industry came together. It is difficult to make anything comparable to it.”

Violetta said frankly, as if she had been struggling quite a bit from before.

Upon closer inspection, the area under her eyes was slightly dark.

It seems he hasn’t been sleeping much lately.

“I have a lot of ideas, but so do my opponents. Besides, you can’t just compete with flashing wits every time.”

Violetta’s design talent is natural, but that doesn’t mean that other designers are lacking.

On the contrary, sometimes a person lesser than her could create a greater masterpiece with the brilliant inspiration that strikes at the moment.

This industry was such a place.

“Also, as you know, hangers are just as important as clothes. Even for the same clothes, the reaction varies greatly depending on who is wearing them.”

“hmm. Certainly.”

What is worn by ordinary people who can be seen everywhere and what is worn by tall and high-ranking people inevitably has a different feel.

Moreover, if you are a celebrity, it is all the more so because there is an additional advertising effect just by wearing it.

The worry in Violetta’s voice was due to that part.

“Everyone you might already know has made a pair of their own.”

“yes. As the owner knows, many of Seorn’s students come from a noble class, don’t they? But we have no way to contact them.”

“Why didn’t you ask me for help?”

Rudger is Ceorn’s teacher.

If he had told me in advance, Rudger would have gladly granted the request.

No matter what anyone says, this street was the place where Ludger built it.

At that question, Violetta bit her lips apologetically, but an irreconcilable light shone in her eyes.

“The owner is busy, and I didn’t want to bother him with just this. She’s already got a lot of help, and it’s too shameless to open her hands any more.”

There was sincerity in his voice.

I have already received an indelible grace.

It was too shameless to ask for help with something like this.

“I can’t just get help from the owner forever. We have to stand tall on our own.”

“The will lives high. But sometimes there are things you can’t do on your own.”

It was for this reason that Rudger formed Owens.

Because he can’t handle everything alone.

So I made a colleague you can trust.

“That is why I am helping you. It’s not just receiving when there’s giving. And vice versa. We can just help each other. Because that’s a colleague.”

Rudger’s warm words made Violetta’s eyes slightly moist.

but didn’t spill it.

Because I swore to never cry again.

“Thank you, Owner.”

“So do you need anything?”

“First, as I said, I need someone to wear the dress.”

“Don’t you need a suit?”

At those words, Violetta smiled softly.

“Isn’t that person in front of me right now?”

“okay. Then, saving people first is the priority.”

“yes. Once you see who is wearing it, you can come up with the right shape for it.”

Violetta said that no matter how pretty and fancy a dress is, it is meaningless if the person wearing it cannot digest it.

Rather than making clothes in advance and finding people to match them, it is much better to select people in advance and make the dresses accordingly.

“However, all aristocrats have a certain partner, so I think I should avoid them. There is no room to squeeze in.”

“What about the teachers?”

“It is the same with teachers. Rather, the competition is much fiercer than the students.”

“In the end, we should find it among commoner students.”

My mouth hurts even if I talk about my appearance, so I didn’t bother talking about it.

Rudger crossed his arms and entered his thoughts.

Violetta quietly watched Rudger like that.

At the point of thinking so deeply, I was already full of gratitude.

‘The owner is sincere.’

I felt it from the time I presented the vision of the business to the people in the slums, but Ludger did not pass this on.

He excelled in magic and excelled in other areas as well.

Now it was to the point where I could only feel a sense of awe.

Ludger’s mouth opened as if he had finished his thoughts at that time.


“yes. owner.”

“What do you think about the performance?”


“ah. Maybe you don’t know.”

Rudger, realizing his lack of explanation, gave Violetta a brief explanation.

Clever Violetta understood right away.

“Maximize the image through various external elements and devices. But would that be possible in the ballroom?”

It wasn’t that I hadn’t thought of something similar.

But usually such a self-contained performance ultimately depends on who wears it.

The social status and appearance of the wearer determined it.

“So we have to make it possible. In a way that only you can.”

“what is that?”


Violita’s face was devastated at Ludger’s stern answer.

“It’s magic… … .”

there’s no way that’s possible

Violetta, who was about to say that, suddenly shut her mouth at a crazy thought.

It was at the same time that her eyes scanned Ludger’s figure.

“The magic number the owner used. It must have been in the form of clothing, right?”

Rudgar nodded silently.

This time, Violetta was silent as if she was in trouble.

However, her twinkling eyes clearly showed that countless ideas exploded like fireworks in her brain.

All sorts of thoughts bubbled up in Violetta’s head. But the bubble didn’t burst.

It is a garment infused with magic. There were too many to choose from.

Considering the remaining time, there will be only one suit that can be made.

I couldn’t even do it on my own and needed help.

But if you make it.

And if you show it to people.



“Let me speak.”

“I have to look at the model and decide. The best model for the best clothes.”

Rudger immediately rose from his seat.

“You want to go?”

“If you want to attend Cinderella, you have to move right away.”

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