I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 434

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◈ Chapter 434 The road to jump over (2)

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The expression on the students’ faces after receiving the question subtly changed.

Everyone felt something out of place in Ludger’s words.

As if belatedly passing through my mind, an incident came to mind.

“The Wakpala Massacre… … .”

The Wakpala massacre was an incident in which frontier soldiers and mercenaries massacred a tribe of beastmen, and it caused quite a stir.

It is not a matter of a day or two for the beastmen and frontier people to fight.

Nonetheless, the reason this case made headlines was because a historian intervened and committed a serious crime.

That is, the act of distorting history.

“A total of 300 people died in the Wakpala massacre. Among them, the number of children and the elderly alone exceeded 150. They were purged without mercy, falsely accused of cannibalism.”

Even more surprising was the fact that the tribe of dead beasts at the time was very friendly to humans.

“Why did that happen?”

Tacy, who lacked knowledge in this area, asked.

It was Leo who answered those words.

“It’s because of the gold mine.”

“A gold mine?”

“okay. There was a gold mine near the lands inhabited by the tribesmen. However, even if they tried to buy the right to mine the gold mine, the Beastmen refused, saying that they could not hand over the land inherited from their ancestors. But people didn’t give up.”

Rudger continued his explanation.

“However, because of the convention at the time, we couldn’t recklessly touch the beastmen. It was after the tribal war ended, so even the smallest disputes were quiet. So they changed their ways. With malicious distortion of information.”

It was historian Jaden Rumpal who stepped up then.

He was a renowned scholar who explored the history and culture of sub-races and compiled them into books.

Even in the academic world, his papers and data were highly valued, and he was famous as a person who did not rise to any rumors.

“Why would such a person do such a thing… … .”

“Because of the lack of funding.”

Jaden has tried unsuccessfully several times to get funding for his research.

Then, as he was impatient, someone offered him a dirty deal.

He asked me to write a column accusing a tribe of beasts of cannibalism.

He added that if he did so, he would provide a huge amount of money for the research.

Jayden didn’t turn down the offer.

“He immediately wrote a censure against the cannibal beasts. He used his authority to incite the good tribe to a cannibalistic and heretical dance. What do you think people did when they heard the news?”

“… … .”

These were the words of an authority who is said to have no one to follow in the history of sub-races.

No one doubted his words.

There was no one who had to check whether it was true or not.

However, their opinions were ignored by the huge flow.

The slaughter of gold-craving pioneers was transformed into the practice of justice to punish evil cannibals.

300 people died like that.

No matter the old or the young.

Since then, the truth has been revealed, but the dead beasts have not returned.

“I still live by hearing that beastmen are savage. It is because both elves and dwarves have their own strengths, but the Beasts do not. It’s just a cultural difference.”

Leo flinched at Ludger’s words.

The image of Iona appeared in Leo’s mind.

“The message of this case is clear. That authority is not the truth. That authority figures are not always good. They are the ones who can lie at any time for their own desires.”

“There are people who don’t.”

“I guess so. Rather, if you leave the ratio, there will be more people who don’t. But this happened. Why do you think Because no one was wary of this situation.”

Rudger’s gaze turned to the students who had been enchanted with his source code.

“There is one thing I want to tell you. Accept my authority and do not rot my magic.”

What Rudger said was really funny.

He told the wizard not to acknowledge his magic and instead strongly recommended remodeling.

But Rudger thought that was right.

It’s really nice to have an educator leading someone.

But I can’t continue to lead forever.

“Because I am human, I also make mistakes. I’m not always right Sometimes it can lead you down the wrong path.”

Such a one-sided relationship will eventually reach its limit and break easily.

The important thing is to learn how to walk on your own.

On a long journey, sometimes leading and sometimes being led.

Sometimes we fight, sometimes we hold hands.

and someday

I hope you surpass yourself.

Being the protagonist of the new era, leading the next people, and teaching them how to move on.

That was what Rudger wanted most as an educator.

“Keep doubting. And challenge and win. You can make better magic.”

Everyone was speechless at that solemn proclamation.

“All I want to say is this. Let’s go.”

* * *

Tacey and Leo walked down the hallway together as they left the office.

Tacey asked Leo, who was still silent.



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“What are you going to do now?”

It was a question with a lot of meaning.

Leo replied slyly.

“I don’t have much to do. After all, I haven’t been handed down all the frameworks of the source code.”

“Can I tell you?”

Tacey subtly took her luck like that.

Not to mention, she consistently placed in the rankings and earned all four pieces of the framework.

If he wanted to, he could have passed on the missing framework piece to Leo.

It will take time, though.

“I didn’t work hard because I longed for it.”


“I just wanted to prove my worth. To break the noses of those aristocrats who fool around only by trusting their family.”

Therefore, Leo did not regret not being able to obtain the source code.

“really? Can I not tell you?”

“That’s because you don’t need it.”

Tacey pursed her lips.

There is a chance to bully Leo, but as expected, it is not easy.

Of course, I had the intention of actually teaching Leo if he asked.

It was purely her ability to obtain this, but there was nothing she couldn’t tell her friends about.

“Rather than that, vacation is coming soon. Time goes by so fast.”

“I mean.”

“Leo. Do you have any plans for vacation?”

“me? I don’t have anything At best, it’s like a visit to the house and a meeting with the family.”

“That is me too. Aidan is… … .”

“That guy will go up to his hometown at least once. Did he say he had a lot of younger siblings at home? He must have suffered a lot too.”

“Brother… … .”

Tacey muttered the word.

“what. Were you an only child?”

“of course. In the first place, where can there be other brothers and sisters for a fallen nobleman?”

“… … It’s a funny prejudice that a fallen aristocrat is always an only child. Well, it’s something to celebrate anyway. Since we got the source code this time, we are closer to rebuilding the family.”


Teishi replied, then suddenly asked.

“By the way, what Mr. Rudger said. Is it true?”

“What, the source code?”

“No, not that. You know that.”

“ah. Are you talking about the Wakpala Massacre? Why is that all of a sudden?”

“Because I didn’t know. That such a terrible thing had happened. Also, the perception of the beast race is still bad. I wonder if Iona has endured that gaze all along.”

“… … .”

When Iona’s name came up, Leo fell silent.

It wasn’t that Leo didn’t think of Iona.

If you sympathize with her situation, you can definitely say so.

But Leo didn’t say that.

“Don’t bring that up in front of Iona.”

“what? why?”

“Because you wouldn’t want to be sympathized with by a friend.”

“… … .”

At those words, Tacey opened her eyes in surprise.

“… … That’s right. I was short-tempered.”

“It’s enough to know.”

“what? Where does it go if I speak softly?”

Eventually, the two joined Aidan and Iona, who were waiting for them.

The four gathered together had a student-like conversation about what they would do during vacation.

At that time, Iona, who was still, said.

“I’m also going to go back to my hometown once during vacation.”

If I had said that, I would have done so.

Since she was living in a foreign country called Seorn, she needed to see her family’s face at least once.

However, what Iona said was enough to surprise the other three.

“My father wants to invite the three of you.”

It’s been quite some time since we got to know each other.

Therefore, the three of them did not know what position Iona was among the beasts and who her father was.

The chief who leads the largest tribe among the current beastmen.

Because that was Iona’s father.

* * *

A coffee cup was placed in front of Ludger, who remained in the principal’s office and was organizing materials.

I could tell without looking.

Sedina had brought coffee.

“Drink well.”

Rudger said so and took a sip of coffee.

Sedina stood silently in her seat and looked at Rudger like that in silence.

This kind of relationship between the two has long since become a familiar daily routine.

“Sedina. It’s vacation soon, do you have any other plans?”

“I don’t have one. I intend to just stay in the dormitory.”

“is it.”

Sedina could see why Rudger had asked her that question.

“You don’t have to worry. Because I’m doing well. Of course, I don’t intend to stay only in Seorn all the time. I intend to go down to Lederbelk and continue to associate with the Owens people.”

“Good luck, then. I must have been fooling around.”

In fact, Ludger himself was wondering why Sedina cared about him.

Something just didn’t feel right.

The moment I saw Sedina, I felt a subtle sense of anxiety tickling my brain.

Rudger didn’t take it lightly.

“Sedina. Isn’t someone watching you these days?”


Sedina wondered why Rudger was asking such a question, but answered steadily.

“doesn’t exist.”


“Basically, I pay special attention not to be noticed by others. Because stealth is a must when it comes to obtaining information.”

“Hmm. I mean.”

Despite hearing Sedina’s confident answer, Rudger was still unsure.

Sedina didn’t understand why Rudger was doing that.

“i get it. Let’s just go inside. There won’t be anything related to classes in the future, so I recommend you to take this opportunity to get enough rest.”

Rudger said that and got up from his seat.

“Where are you going?”

“I have something to check.”

Rudger put on a coat.

The destination was Ledervelk’s hideout.

* * *

A huge underground cavity inside the capital of the Exilion Empire.

The root of the huge world tree existed at the center of it, full of strict security.

And there was an elf who connected to that root.


Elf. Bellaluna took her hands off the root of the World Tree.

I couldn’t remember how many days I had been clinging to the World Tree.

“are you okay?”

It was Mandelina who asked regards to such Bellaluna.

It also served as Bellaluna’s escort and surveillance role.

“It’s just because I stayed in the World Tree for too long.”

“Is there anything like that?”

“Originally, elves who are not permitted to access the World Tree cannot access it. If you go around it and keep wandering around, the consumption of your mental power will become extreme.”

Bellaluna said as she took out an energy bar from her pouch and chewed it up and swallowed it.

“Besides, I noticed traces of my access the other day and paid special attention to security.”

“Is it security?”

“I mean the elven kingdom. I tried to get a glimpse of what was going on there, but it’s not easy.”

At those words, Mandelina opened her eyes wide in surprise.

Considering the distance between the empire’s capital and the elven kingdom, there was no way he could figure it out.

Could it be because of the expression on his face?

Bellaluna continued to explain.

“Three, even though the world trees look individually, they are connected like a dense net through their roots. We call it a network.”

“Then, you mean that you can connect to the world tree of the elven kingdom through this world tree?”

“that’s right. So I tried to do that, but the other side is blocking this side’s access. Even the information stored in this dead world tree was banned in many ways.”

“As much as it can be touched on this side, it means that it can be done on the other side as well.”

“That kept me holding on for days, but now I got the strands right. One more try, and I can break through.”

Mandelina was no stranger to the World Tree, but she knew how great Bellaluna was.

In the first place, it was a great thing for an ordinary elf to access the World Tree.

But it’s not enough to break through the defense network of the elven aristocrats who control the world tree and access it secretly, and even try to read prohibited information?

He had a sloppy expression, stuttered, and had thick dark circles, so he wondered if there was such a strange elf.

But it was definitely as real as the ability.

‘It’s not just that the man took her with her.’

Mandelina nodded in agreement.

In the meantime, Bellaluna, who had replenished her energy, placed her palm on the dead World Tree again and tried to make contact.

At that time, I wondered how long I was going to be doing that this time.

Bellaluna came to her senses earlier than expected.

“… … ah. This is a big deal.”

“What’s going on?”

“yes. This is a bit of a big deal.”

When Mandelina asked what it was, Bellaluna said in a bewildered tone.

“It seems that the elven kingdom is preparing for war.”

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