I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 445

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◈ Episode 445 Rescue Operation (2)

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All preparations to go rescue Sedina were completed in just two days.

Originally, it would have taken a few more days.

But the vast amount of money made it possible.

“I guess we’re leaving now.”

Standing in the large empty lot of the Roschen mansion, Vierano murmured.

Rudger silently nodded in agreement.

“Are these four starting out?”

Bellaluna asked.

Gathered at the present place were Rudger and Vierano, and Alex and Bellaluna.

If you look at the face of the people gathered, there is no shortage of skills.

However, there were too few feelings for infiltrating the kingdom and rescuing a kidnapped person.

“Don’t worry. One more will come.”

“Who the hell… … .”

What will happen if one more person comes?

Just as Bellaluna thought so, a steam truck approached from the other side.

The car stopped and the back seat door opened, revealing the last member.


Bellaluna’s eyes widened at the appearance of Hans.

Hans’ expression was quite serious, as if he had heard all the news on the way.

“older brother.”

“okay. Hans. Is the arrangement complete?”

“First of all, I took care of things to go well without me. Violetta’s help was great. Of course, it’s dangerous to be away for a long time.”

“It won’t. There’s nothing good about dragging this job on for a long time.”

“Whoa. Are you really going?”

He was talking about the elven kingdom.

Sedina has been kidnapped, and we have been told all about what will happen.

However, it was not something that I was worried about when I went in blindly.

I know Rudger’s skills well.

But this time, it was beyond common sense.

If you make a mistake, you may have to fight the entire country.

“After worrying so much, you came out without running away.”

“That’s it… … I can’t stay still when I hear that.”

In particular, Sedina was a meaningful child to Hans in her own way.

“If that kid disappears, the work I have to deal with has at least doubled.”

Hans tried his best to hide his true intentions and said grumbledly.

Rudger looked at it and laughed inwardly.

not being honest.

“Besides, it doesn’t seem like an impossible task again.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Anyway, I should have finished all preparations, but are you leaving right now?”

“okay. Soon.”

Hans nodded in agreement and checked the other party.

The first time Hans met him at this place was Vierano.

But Hans recognized who Vierano was at once.

The personal information of Seorn’s teachers is already known.

In addition, in the case of Vierano, he had no choice but to remember because he was an elf and his origin was great in the elf society.

“nice to meet you. My name is Vierano Dentis.”

“… … This is Hans.”

Hans shook hands with Vierano.

He looks like a boy who looks much younger than himself, but the years he has lived are far more than 10 times his own.

Surprisingly, the elf’s characteristic arrogance was not visible.

It was rumored that he was kind and gentle to everyone.

‘It’s more surprising than that. He didn’t even ask who I was.’

Hans couldn’t help but ask.

“Aren’t you curious who I am?”

“If Mr. Rudger called, he must be someone who will be of help in this matter. That’s it.”

Hans was speechless at Vierano’s reply.

That’s what it should be, but I didn’t expect to trust Rudger that much.

Of course, Vierano also had many questions about Hans, Alex, and Bellaluna.

As for the identity of Ludger, who knows the three of them well.

However, the fact that he did not bother to ask was due to the age of the person who had lived a long time.

Rudger, at least in Vierano’s judgment, was both an excellent wizard and a great teacher.

It is the same now.

Taking risks to save the kidnapped Sedina was a difficult thing for an ordinary person to do.

So you don’t have to ask.

This was a kind of consideration of the elders.

“I didn’t know it would turn out like this from the start of vacation.”



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Vierano said, changing the situation a bit.

“It wouldn’t hurt to take this opportunity to take a vacation.”

“Can the Planning Director go on vacation?”

“I told the president in advance.”

“Hmm. Considering President Elisa’s personality, she probably wouldn’t have let her go easily.”

“I recently posted a big performance, and I benefited from it. On the contrary, when I asked him to take a vacation, he was very relieved. He says he’s a little more human now.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

If so, that was fortunate.

Just in time, Walter arrived.

He asked after looking around at the five people who were about to depart.

“Are you finished with all your preparations?”


“All right. Anything I say here would be nagging. Now, this is the last thing I can do for you.”

As Walter said that, a sound came from the air.

Should I say the sound of the engine roaring?

At the same time, a huge shadow was cast over the sky.

A little surprise spread on the faces of the people who thought it was a cloud and raised their heads.


A huge vehicle that can fly through the sky through buoyancy.

Everyone was surprised by the appearance of the airship.

“I will take you to the Elven Forest.”

The airship descended slowly from the sky and landed on the ground.

Looking closer, it was not an ordinary airship.

It was a specially made item with magical treatment everywhere, and it was a guy that could be used for military purposes.

This was the last hand Walter had prepared.

The party all boarded the airship.

The horse power engine started, and the airship began to slowly rise toward the sky.

Walter stood alone in the clearing, looking up at the scene.

The airship flew through the air at a speed unsuitable for its gigantic size and disappeared beyond the sky.

* * *

“oh my god. it’s unfair Besides, this model… … .”

Hans muttered as he looked down at the scenery outside the airship.

Even though it was used for military purposes, the inside was prepared with all the necessary items for living so that you could take a sufficient rest.

You could even call it a premium hotel room flying through the sky.

Even the warehouse in the back beyond the door was filled with artifacts necessary for this operation.

Also the Roshen family. As much as money, it was a lot of awesome.

“With this, you will be able to arrive at the kingdom much faster than expected.”

Vierano admired the scenery flowing beneath the clouds.

To get to the Elven Kingdom, it would take at least a few days even if you were traveling by train.

In particular, there are no railroads or roads near the forest, so from then on, I had to move on my own two legs, which was inconvenient.

Considering the load to be moved, it even requires a considerable amount of manpower.

However, with this airship, the whole process could be dismissed at once.

“Is this going straight to the kingdom?”

“If you think of the forest, you need a place to land, so you won’t be able to enter the kingdom right away. But even taking that into account, it definitely cut down on time. At this rate, we will probably reach our destination in two days at the latest.”

Rather, it might be able to arrive faster than the Shade Warden who kidnapped Sedina.

Of course, that would be an overly hopeful observation.

“If it’s this big, won’t it be noticed just by approaching the forest?”

“You won’t have to worry about that.”

It was Hans who answered Bellaluna’s worried words instead.

“This model. It’s a model chapelin used by the military. It’s just that it’s a different dimension than a transport airship. Because it was made with magic engineering. One of them is that it is capable of covert maneuvers.”

In fact, when this airship first appeared in the Roshen family, the party didn’t notice it until they spotted a shadow.

It’s fast, but also quiet.

What made it possible was all kinds of magic treatment.

“Of course, if you visit in broad daylight, the elves with good eyes will find out, but if it’s at night, you won’t have to worry about that.”

Then the door to the c*ckpit opened and the airship aviator entered.

He was a handsome man in his 40s.

“Are there five people going? What a great squad.”

“you are… … .”

“ah. My introduction is late. My name is Robert. He’s the captain of this airship. He is also the errand boy who transports you safely to your destination.”

I could see the pleasant personality of the man named Robert in the way he called himself an errand boy.

“Were you from the military?”

“Oh, is it obvious?”

In response to Ludger’s question, Robert did not bother to hide it.

Did they think there was no need to hide it on the way to secretly accompany each other anyway?

“I once served in the Air Force. I drove some biplanes. Although now it has become an old-fashioned closet.”

“After going through that, you work for a large company and are good at piloting the latest airships. I must have been an ace pilot in the Air Force.”

“Well, people saw me at the time and called me Top Gun. I am currently working as a test pilot for the aircraft at Roshen.”

A test pilot is a pilot who flies a newly developed aircraft and checks its condition.

Even if he said that, the test pilot was a position that only veterans with a long flight experience and various experiences could do.

This is because it is possible to pilot an aircraft whose stability is not secured only by risking one’s life.

“As you all know, this matter must never be known outside the country because it has to cross the borders of the elven kingdom. There is no such thing as a conversation that we meet and have. If you drop everyone off, I’ll step back. As an employee, I don’t want to hurt my employer. Please note that.”

If the airships are exposed to the elves, then it really becomes a problem on a national level.

If the airship were to be discovered by the elves, Lawshen would surely fall as an example.

Walter was unaware of the danger.

Even so, it has been supported so far.

“Does not matter. It is enough to have this help to get there.”

At Ludger’s words, Robert’s eyes lit up.

“I heard that you are going to find a family lady.”

“Did you know?”

“Even though it looks like this, I am quite close to my employer, Mr. Walter. The destination is the elven kingdom. But only five people go. Even two of them are elves. This is the first such suspicious and secret mission in my life.”

Robert said and smiled.

“So we will do our best to support you. At least until you reach your destination, there will be no inconvenience.”

“I like that.”

“And I’m only saying this because my employer isn’t there. I think a grace period of a few days is possible.”

“If it is a delay of a few days… … .”

“Originally, I have to drop you off at your destination and then return. But you don’t have to go back right away. I plan to return after wandering around the area at high altitude.”

Robert struggled to turn around, but his meaning was firm.

He said that if the operation went better than expected and he rescued Sedina quickly and returned, he would pick her up from here.

“Isn’t that a violation of the order?”

“A certain degree of autonomy is guaranteed.”

“If you wait at a high altitude without going down to the ground, it wouldn’t be too difficult.”

Even if food is all prepared, the important thing is that there is no day or night.

You won’t be able to sleep because you never know when the air current will change, and you won’t be able to let go of the control stick for long as you have to keep wandering around.

Of course, these airships will not be without sub-pilots.

When you’re away like now, that person will be holding the steering wheel instead.

But that doesn’t mean that the two of them can survive in two shifts at high altitudes for days and days without going down to the ground?

It was impossible even with a fair amount of mental and physical strength.

Moreover, it is all the more so because I have to assume the work when I return.

There was absolutely no reason to take on the hard work.

Robert smiled and said, probably feeling Ludger’s questioning gaze.

“Isn’t it something related to the lady? It’s a bit too much for me to just let go.”

“If so, isn’t it someone else’s job?”

“Yes. But, well, I fully understand the feelings of my employer as I have a wife and children. My employer, even if you pretend to be cool on the outside, you are softer on the inside than you think. To the point of being stupid.”

Robert, who had been giggling, immediately looked at Ludger with serious eyes.

“So please. It’s because that nobleman is clumsy in this way. As a father, it’s because he doesn’t know what to do with his daughter.”

“Is this an excuse on behalf of the employer?”

“I can’t help it when it sounds like that.”

Robert shrugged.

“But, even if you are a father to the world, you don’t always make the right and great choices. On the contrary, he made a lot of mistakes because it was his first time. Because of that, I also fought with my wife several times, and even had a crisis of family breakdown. There were things I was right about, but conversely, there were many things I was wrong about. It was my wife who corrected that.”

Robert sighed as he said that.

“But the nobleman has no one to correct his wrongdoing. I was always alone.”

There was pity and sympathy on his face.

“I tried hard not to collapse, pretended to be strong, and always wore a mask. Who would tell such a person what and how?”

“So you can’t help it even if you regret it?”

“I am not saying no regrets. That’s it. Shouldn’t it be given a chance? Whether you kneel afterwards or shed tears is your employer’s choice. At least I don’t want this situation to end in vain. So I ignored the order to return and decided to remain at my own discretion.”

After saying that, Robert bowed his head towards Ludger.

“So please. Please bring the girl safely. All I can trust is you.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t know who it is. But if your employer entrusted you with this job, you must be an outstanding person.”

“… … I can’t.”

Robert smiled mischievously and nodded his head.

“I’m usually good at flattering in this way.”

“Shouldn’t you have done it in the presence of the employer?”

“this. It would have been nice to have recorded this scene.”

“done. Anyway, it’s enough to take you to your destination.”

“I will take you to the nearby forest.”

At that, Rudger shook his head.

“no. No need to. right above the forest. You can drop it off there.”

“… … But then they’ll find out right away, right? Besides, there is no good place to land.”

“There is no need to land.”

Rudger glanced at the scenery outside the window and said.

“We’ll go down on our own.”

I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 444I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 446
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