I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 461

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◈ Episode 461: The Beast Under the Root (2)

“It’s a raid! An enemy has appeared in the castle!”

“Those guarding the nearby area, move quickly! Lord Bereborn is fighting!”

The inner garrison was busy moving.

Well-trained, they did not panic at the news of an enemy attack and quickly went out to support.

However, even the garrison had no choice but to freeze in place the moment they saw Young-soo running wild, shooting blue magic cannons in all directions.

“I-what is that?”

“Youngsu? Why is Yeongsu suddenly in the inner room?”

It was not the moderate or neutral elves who had invaded, but a huge white deer with golden horns, so it was embarrassing.

It’s not even just a deer, it’s a spirit beast.

In the Forest of Life where elves live, there are a few spirit beasts.

However, most of them were on the side of being quiet, with their respective domains in a place far from the kingdom.

It was said that this situation itself far exceeded the common sense of the elves.

“Everyone, don’t panic! Don’t forget what we have to do!”

Nevertheless, they were well-trained warriors.

Even though the gigantic beast fired endless mana in all directions, instead of running away, he thought of fighting with momentum.

‘These guys.’

Looking at that, Hans shuddered inwardly.

With the technology he knew how to use, he was somehow stirring the surroundings and creating a mess, but he was feeling a sense of crisis little by little.

Even the elves, who were flustered at first, started to evade with quick movements when they tried to fire the magic cannon.

Some of the aiming on this side was terrible, but on the contrary, the elves responded in perfect order.

It was about getting used to it.

Right now, I’m going to be able to hold on somehow with my weight class, but if I keep going like this, I’ll be the one who gets hunted in reverse.

‘It is impossible to fight and win. At least I have to hold on, but that won’t last long either.’

Rather than defeating the opponent with his magic cannon, Hans tried to destroy the terrain by sweeping the surrounding area.

The ceiling collapsed and the broken debris fell down in rainwater, blocking the road or limiting the movement of the elves.

Hans took advantage of that gap and rushed to crash into the elves with his horn.

The moment the surprised elves dispersed, Hans turned and moved to Sedina’s side as if he had waited.

[get on!]

“Sir, senior?”

[Now is your chance!]

Sedina immediately grabbed Hans by the fur and climbed onto his back.

It wasn’t the elves who would watch it quietly.

“Prevent them from escaping!”

The elves realized what the purpose of the transliterated Hans was.

Druids of tolerance came forward and used magic.

Inside the castle, tree roots moved and grabbed Hans’ body.

The strong stems wrapped around the legs, and the thick roots blocked the body.

[Something like this!]

As he twisted his body with the physique of a giant spirit beast, the stems and roots were ripped off with a loud sound.

Sedina, riding on Hans’ back, also worked hard to help remove the roots.

Sedina picked up a few pieces of roots that had fallen on the floor and threw them into the air.

Tree roots floating in the air peeled off like onion skins and turned into thin paper.

The paper folded several times in the air and took the shape of a sharp saw blade.

Although it is said to be a circular saw blade made of paper, its power was extraordinary because it contained magical power.

squeak. squeak.

Every time the paper saw blade passed, tree roots were cut in chunks.

But there were far more new ones than roots that were cut off.

The longer the battle in the castle, the more reinforcements, and they united to stop Hans.

[Let’s bounce first!]

“Senior Alex!”

[Your rescue comes first! And the other side can do it on its own!]

As Hans said, Alex was engaged in a fierce battle with Bereborn.

Whenever the two swords intermingled, knife marks were engraved around them as if they had been hit with a jaggery.

Surprisingly, the fight between the two maintained the middle of the day.

Hans was surprised that Alex, fully armed with artifacts, couldn’t catch the opponent in one shot.

Conversely, the elves were surprised that Bereborn was equal with only one human.

However, no one could intervene in the fight between the two.

The movement of the two was so fast that only blurry afterimages could be seen from time to time.

Even with the eyes of an elf, I couldn’t tell them apart, so if I hadn’t rushed to shoot an arrow to support them, it would have been rather Bereborn.

Naturally, the fight between the two remained theirs.

The elves became focused only on Hans, who had been transcribed.

[Adhere to my body!]

Hans shouted and released mana from his whole body.

Then, the roots of the trees that were about to climb up the bridge became powder and scattered.

I ended up using whole-body mana release, which can only be used once.

However, I judged that there is no chance if it is now, and it was actually right.

‘First, go to the hole we came from!’



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Hans tried to escape through the hole leading to the basement, but the quick-witted elves had already plugged the hole with spiritism.

“He keeps trying to run away! All you have to do is hold on!”

“Anyway, as time passes, reinforcements keep coming! We just have to hold on!”

[Damn it.]

Hans looked around and then lifted his head up.

If you can’t go down, go up and you’re done.

As soon as I made a decision, I immediately moved to action.

The legs imbued with blue magic floated up.

“Stop! He’s trying to fly!”

The elves, who had never expected Hans to be able to fly, were delayed in responding.


Hans tried to escape through the ceiling and out of the castle.

“Oops. You can’t do that.”

Just then, someone’s voice rang in my ears.

I looked around to see who it was, but I couldn’t find the owner of the voice.

“If you try to find me, you won’t find me.”

Voices were coming from all directions.

Sedina couldn’t forget that voice.

“Beh, Bentmin Refre?”

“Judging by the fact that he is trying to take that child away, it seems that he is no ordinary Young-soo. Whatever the case, you have to pay the price for bothering me.”

The entire castle vibrated.

Hans felt a sense of danger that if he did not escape immediately, he would be in danger.

The animal’s instinct for survival sounded the alarm.

‘Flee like this… … !’

Hans tried to break the ceiling and fly out, but he could only hold his breath as the enormous pressure suddenly weighed down on his body.

One of the walls had crumbled and something huge had come out and hit Hans like a tentacle.

Hans crashed to the floor, and Sedina also bounced off and rolled on the floor.

Sedina lifted her head with difficulty.

“Wait, what the heck… … .”

What popped out of the wall was the trunk of a huge tree.

A size different from that used by other druids.

“Are you curious?”

A voice came from right next to Sedina.

As I turned my head, a small tree root swayed from side to side as if greeting me.

The voice was flowing from its roots.

“This is the power of the World Tree. It is a unique privilege that can only be used by nobles who can access the World Tree.”

Even the power of the World Tree that Bentmin used now was part of the surface layer, not even 1% of the total.

Even though it was just that, it was to subdue the spiritualized Hans with one giant stem.

At that moment, a flash of light flew in and cut off the end of the stem.

Then Alex slipped out and stood beside Sedina.

“Stop, senior.”


“I’m still fine, but things aren’t good right now.”

Alex chuckled and clicked his tongue.

It was good until he first appeared as a surprise and took Sedina with him.

In fact, it almost came to the verge of success.

But when Bentmin stepped in, everything changed.

He didn’t do it himself, he just used the power of the World Tree from inside the cradle.

Even so, Hans, who had transformed into a spiritual figure, was overpowered and the situation reached its worst.

“Humans there. Isn’t that too rude?”

New stems sprouted from the stems that were cut off.

Alex didn’t know that it was blatantly laughing at the hopeless situation on this side.

Bereborn, who had been chasing Alex, bowed his head toward the stem.

“My lord. sorry. I should have handled it on my own.”

“done. Who would have predicted that it would suddenly emerge from the underground? It’s weirder than that.”

Bentmin looked at Alex and Hans alternately.

is human

Even before they showed up, I didn’t notice their existence.

It makes no sense.

How could he, who can connect to the World Tree and find out even a single bug near the capital, miss it?

“say. Which of you——”

Bentmin’s voice, which tried to convey words through the stem, crackled like noise.

Bentmin was taken aback.

The person who used the authority of the World Tree was intervened by someone.


Belaluna, who was looking for an opportunity from below, burst out.

Bellaluna, who had access to the World Tree in an instant and disrupted control, opened a path blocked by a giant root and shouted to the party.

“Everyone this way!”

It wasn’t the elves who would miss it, but Bellaluna cleverly closed the root she opened and blocked their path.

Bereborn threw his sword at the crack in the root that was about to close.

The sword that flew in a straight line was headed towards the back of Bellaluna, who was fleeing with Sedina.

Throwing the sword was faster than getting in the way.

However, the sword was blocked in the middle by Alex.

“Oh, Mr. Alex?”

Alex smiled through his slowly closing roots.

“I’ll stop here, so go first. And if I leave him alone, who will help?”

Eventually, the roots completely blocked the passage.

It was virtually suicidal to remain alone in a place with so many troops.

Sedina bit her lip at the sight.

It was Bellaluna’s urgent hand pulling her hand that awakened her thoughts.

“It’s been a while since I jammed! I can’t last long, so I have to run underground… … !”

Once I took a breather, I had to immediately run away down to the root.

However, Bellaluna’s plan was shattered by a flower bud that broke through the floor.

The pink buds that drilled through the hard marble floor like a drill were in full bloom.

Amid the splendid scattering of petals, a smooth leg flew in and kicked Bellaluna’s side.

Bellaluna, distracted by the sight in front of her eyes, could not avoid it.


Bellaluna was thrown to the side powerlessly and flew away.

But it wasn’t pointless.

In that short time, she took out a reagent bottle from her pouch and threw it at the other person.

Venom from a broken reagent bottle spilled onto the attacker’s head.

“How. In the meantime, do you write something toxic like this?”

But the other person’s voice was calm.

Bellaluna gasped and stared at her opponent.

The enemy that emerged from the flower bud was an elf who looked noble even at first glance.

She glanced at the venom that soaked her body, ran her fingers through it, and licked it with her tongue.

“But I’m sorry, so what? For me, who is protected by the World Tree, all poisons made from extracting plant materials like this are meaningless.”

Bentmin Refre.

She, who should have been in the cradle, came all the way here in that short moment.

“I was more surprised than that. I never thought there would be an elf who could access the World Tree. It’s so subtle that it tricks my eyes.”

Bentmin’s eyes staring at Bella Luna were cool like fallen leaves on a moonlit night.

“It is you. What I encountered through the roots of the dead world tree in the human world. You dare come all the way here, knowing that your life is not worth it while surviving the pursuer I sent you?”

“Uh, how did we get here… … .”

“The ability of the World Tree does not stop at simply looking at the surroundings. Wherever its roots reach, it is possible to move as quickly as possible. Just like before.”

Complete immunity to poison.

Mobility that allows you to move quickly wherever your roots reach.

You can see your opponent from a distance and even have the authority to command.

It is this much power even though it only fetched a cup of water from a huge lake that knows no bounds.

This was the power of the World Tree.

“When I saw you, I thought how to tear you apart, but seeing you like this, I hesitate again because my heart is too tender. I’ll give you a compliment though. No way, it’s because I’m not from a noble family, and it’s a feat that no one else has ever accomplished for a mere wandering elf to access the World Tree smoothly to this extent.”

Bentmin laughed at Bellaluna and snapped his fingers.

The roots that Bellaluna had been desperately blocking were slowly opening, revealing the landscape beyond.

“Stop, senior.”

There, he saw Alex, covered in wounds and collapsed.

The breath was attached, but it was barely enough to feel that it was close.

“An outstanding knight and an unknown young beast. And even a wandering elf who can access the World Tree.”

Bentmin shook his head as he looked at the inner guards belatedly bowing to him.

“John Doe. You do really fun things. I never thought I could grow this far with just a handful of people. I guess I should say I saw you again.”

Bentmin, who tapped his lips with his finger, smiled brightly as if he had an interesting idea.

“You are lucky. Originally, I was going to kill you right away, but I changed my mind.”

At Bentmin’s command, the roots of the tree picked up the fallen bodies of Alex, Hans, and Bellaluna.

“I will invite you directly to the cradle. Watch John Doe die there. It will be really fun.”

Caught by the roots, all the party were brought to the cradle.

A huge cavity covered on all sides with tree roots.

What you see in the center is a pond created by the sap of the World Tree.

Sedina shuddered at the sight.

It is the center of access to the World Tree, and a place for conducting rituals.

He ended up coming where he should never have come.

Bentmin roughly tossed the stunned three nearby and turned his head towards Sedina.

“Should we finish our business now?”

Sedina stepped back, but there was no escape from this dead end.

Even if you run away, you won’t be able to escape from Bentmin, who controls the power of the World Tree.

“You can see the fear on your face now.”

Bentmin could not hold back his joy when he saw through Sedina’s heart.

“I will show you what happened like this. Where is John Doe now and what is he doing?”

Bentmin lightly beckoned, and the inside of the cradle was filled with soft light.

When exposed to light yellow light like fireflies, a completely different landscape was reflected in front of Sedina’s eyes.

It was the elven soldiers who had sieged in front of my castle walls.

Sedina was able to spot Ludger hiding in the crevices of the crowd.

“They must have planned to send their subordinates first to attract attention, and then infiltrate separately to see what to do with me.”

Bentmin couldn’t hide his laughter when he saw Ludger like that.

“I didn’t know that I could see everything like this. And if you put your mind to it, you can do it like this.”

Bentmin reached out to Ludger and closed his fist.

Then, tree roots protruded from under Ludger’s feet and wrapped themselves around him.

Something that happened without a chance to react.

“Oh, no.”

“bye. John Doe.”

Despite Sedina’s pleas, Bentmin clenched his fists with strength.


It seemed that such a sound came from the scenery in front of me.

Bright red blood splattered between the roots.

“Ah, ah.”

Sedina slumped in her seat.

Bentmin watched the scene with a face full of joy and opened his mouth.



But her words didn’t come out.

It was because of the sword blade protruding through his chest.

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