I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 464

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◈ Episode 464: The Crying World (1)

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Rudger took out all the artifacts he had brought.

Ather Nocturnus complained a little about the empty feeling in his arms, but Ludgar ignored it lightly.

It was Bentmin who became a monster by merging with the World Tree.

Artifacts that were available had to be used to the fullest.

“under. okay. I don’t know where you got those artifacts from, but what are you going to do with me with just those artifacts?”

“You’ll know that when you see it.”

Rudger moved two artifacts as an example.

The two artifacts that resonate with magical power were in the form of spears.

A splendid spear was fired at Bentmin with a slight delay according to Ludger’s command.

Bentmin snorted at the flying spear and built a barrier with tree roots.

Huge roots, more than 5 meters thick, pierced the bottom of the cradle and entangled each other.

The barrier created in this way felt like a mountain of pressure.

It is not an ordinary tree, but the root of the world tree.

No matter how much it was an artifact, there was no way it could penetrate it.

Bentmin made his own rational calculation that that would be impossible.

Rudger also thought Bentmin’s judgment was not wrong.

‘Unless this is an ordinary artifact.’


One of the spears fired first became lodged in the tangled roots.

The size difference between the two was so great that it was as if a toothpick had been stuck in the giant’s body.

It made me wonder what I could do with just that one spear.

However, the results that followed were not at all like that.


The spear embedded in the wall of the root vibrated violently and gradually began to glow.

The magical power inherent in the spear exceeded the critical point and ran out of control, and the magical energy that had been released from the limiter ran rampant.

Artifact serial numbering 412.

Commonly known as [Stinger].

As an artifact for hunting cryptids, it is automatically retrieved after being thrown.

In addition, there was also a function to automatically aim at enemies while ignoring air resistance with the magic of wind.

However, the Stinger, which was modified by Seridan, abandoned everything for another function.

in the form of an explosion.


A dazzling light illuminated the entire cradle with noise tearing through the air.

It wasn’t just an explosion, it was a forced explosion of the manastone.

magic explosion.

No matter how solid the roots of the world tree were, they could not be completely free from the magic explosion.

The explosion ripped out the roots and scattered fragments in all directions.

A huge hole was punched in the center of the huge barrier.

The second spear thrown through the gap flew towards Bentmin.

“What is this… … !”

Bentmin was stunned by the sight in front of him, but did not neglect his response.

The trunks of the trees that rose while scolding covered Bentmin’s body in a dome shape.

The dense, small stems were the first to cover it, and then the thick roots gradually covered it as if reinforcing it.

It was like seeing a turtle hiding inside its shell.

Above it, the Artifact Stinger, which reached the critical point, was stuck.


And a gigantic explosion followed like flowing water.

A huge shockwave swept around.

The spiritualized Hans stood in front of Sedina and blocked the aftermath with his body.

[oh my god. It is unbelievable power even after seeing it.]

Hans shuddered at the destructive power of the artifact’s explosion.

Artifacts usually have multiple effects attached to them, and can be fixed after using them several times.

However, the Artifact, which went through Sheridan’s transformation, focused on a single act of destroying all of them.

All the power and stability of the artifact, even the potential for future use.

It could not be called an artifact any longer, as it closed all of them and focused only on one explosion.


It was the most expensive bullet in the world.

Ludger was the strongest gun that could fire those expensive bullets.

The shield, which was covered like a turtle’s shell, was shattered by the explosion.

Bentmin, who hid in it, was also not safe.

Half of her face was scorched from the heat of the explosion, and one side of her upper body was completely blown away.


Her wounded body regenerated like a rapidly growing tree.

However, Bentmin’s spirit was not intact.

Are you using artifacts like that? Rather than using it multiple times, use it once and throw it away?

Bentmin wasn’t completely ignorant of the situation in the human world, though he wasn’t quite as ignorant.

He had a vague idea of ​​the usefulness and value of artifacts created by humans.



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The value of the artifact that just hit her is enough to buy at least one house.

However, Rudger used it like a disposable consumable that was used once and thrown away.

“Didn’t you tell me? I have a weapon against the Legion.”

Bentmin gritted his teeth at the words of Ludger, who was floating in the air and looking down this way.

Wasn’t that just a bluff?

Only then did Bentmin realize why Ludger was so confident.

“okay. Is this right?”

Even so, there was no way that this side’s will to fight was broken.

I was a little flustered, but that was all.

If Rudger didn’t have a weakness, that wasn’t it.

Ludger must be consuming a lot of mental power just by floating huge artifacts in the air.

If so, it was as if there was no mobility.

Of course, that alone allowed Ludger to exert the power of an angel who sowed countless deaths in the sky.

But on this side, there was a world tree that could be said to be the mother of all life.


Roots protruding from the floor rose up into the cradle’s open air.

The roots all aimed at Rudger.

Artifacts are menacing, but without Rudger, they are nothing more than flimsy weapons.

As expected, Rudger did not distance himself or enter evasion even when he saw the roots approaching him.


Bentmin thought to himself.

I’ll hold you like this, and then slowly squeeze you through the pain to kill you.

But that thought disappeared when he saw the magic Ludger was using.

Cube pieces made of steel began to rise around Ludgar.

“… … Leslie?”

The scene reminded Bentmin of a report he had heard in the past.

First Order Leslie.

The poison magic he used was that steel cube.

But Leslie is dead.

But how did Rudgar do that?

Clap! Clap!

The steel cubes eventually gathered in one place and took a single shape.

A pointed beak made of steel and a streamlined, sharp design.

A strong wing like a blade spread wide on both sides.

It resembles the golden fowl used by Leslie in the Cassar Basin.

A lyrebird, created by mixing the shape of a fighter and a bird on Earth, carried Ludger on his back.

But he still had more to show.

Rudger placed his palm on the golden bird’s back.

The shadow that had covered Ludger’s body began to slither and seep into the golden bird.

Artifacts also nestled in the lyrebird’s shadow and were absorbed inside.

The shadowy bird of steel turned into a giant crow.

Kieh Aeg!

It opened its beak covered in pitch-black shadows and let out a scream.

A new magic that fuses metal magic and magical water into one.

fusion magic.

[Steel Raven]

Ater Nocturnus screamed as if he liked his new body, then glared at Bentmin fiercely.

“how… … .”

Why does John Doe use Leslie’s magic?

That question melted like ice under the scorching sun at the sight that followed.

The steel raven carrying Ludger showed incredible mobility and avoided all the roots.

The roots that couldn’t hold on to the target hovered in the empty air.

Whenever a Steel Raven passed over it, artifacts were dropped and exploded.

Looking at the shattered roots, Bentmin was the flagship.

The firepower that can even damage the roots of the world tree, and even the mobility that moves the air freely?

Even if I sent out my roots to somehow catch it, Steel Raven lightly entered an evasive maneuver as if to tease Bentmin.

On the contrary, the roots they were trying to capture were pulverized by the artifact.

Unbelievably, Bentmin bit his lip, not knowing that John Doe was hiding such power.

The soft lips hardened like the bark of an old tree.

Bentmin noticed that the sensations in his body were dulling.

It was a side effect caused by merging with the World Tree.

Because of its side effects, Bentmin still hasn’t crossed the last ‘line’.

However, the moment he saw the magic Ludger was using, Bentmin had no choice but to be prepared.

“okay. If it’s for the cause, it’s right for us to be prepared to give our all.”

Bentmin’s expression when he said that seemed to have transcended somewhere or, conversely, seemed relieved.

Rudger, watching the scene from high above, felt something strange.

‘I don’t know what he’s trying to do.’

It is enough to take advantage of this opportunity to gain an advantage and destroy it in one fell swoop.

If they tried to regenerate through the roots that made up the cradle, they planned to blow up all the roots in the area.

The Steel Raven turned and plummeted straight down towards Bentmin from a high altitude.

Rudgar unpacked the 10 artifacts built into it.

Artifacts of different shapes shimmered and trembled in their own colors.

Steel Raven circled its orbit and barely passed over Bentmin’s head, and prepared artifacts fell on Bentmin’s head.

The moment he tried to erase the entire area, including Bentmin, as it were.

Bentmin’s body changed.

two hands and two arms.

Bentmin’s body, which had maintained at least the shape of an elf, greatly expanded.

Her lower body completely took root, and her body became gigantic like a statue.

Bentmin’s body, growing like a rapidly growing tree, touched the 10 dropped artifacts.

However, the artifact did not explode.

The artifact, which seemed to explode at any moment, rather calmed down and lost its light.


Rudger frowned at the sight.

“No way, you absorbed mana?”

With the power of the World Tree, which even took away the life force, it was not impossible.

But if I had been able to use that, I wouldn’t have suffered one-sidedly just a moment ago.

It was clear that Bentmin was tricking something into absorbing the artifact’s mana and suppressing the explosion.

And it must be related to that appearance of Bentmin who even lost his original form.

‘Did I use more power from the World Tree?’

Bentmin, who maintained his ego even after merging with the World Tree, was no longer there.

To put it bluntly, the ratio has now shifted more towards the World Tree.

“John Doe!!!”

Bentmin’s annoyed shouts reverberated through the air.

Bentmin’s face slightly protruded from the shape of the twisted tree, glaring at Ludger.


A golden aura began to form around Bentmin.

The moment the number reached 100, it eventually became an arrow of light and shot toward the Steel Raven.

Ludger, who saw the golden arrow shooting up like a firecracker, immediately went into an evasive maneuver.

Steel Raven’s body swung sideways, and a golden arrow passed through the empty space.

Ludger evaded and at the same time dropped the runaway artifact onto Bentmin’s head.

However, it was faster for Bentmin to reach out and grab the artifact than for the falling artifact to explode.

The artifact caught on the stem was stripped of all its enormous magic power, lost its light, and crumbled with a crunching sound.

Bentmin, who had completely absorbed his magic power, fired more golden arrows.

‘It absorbs this side’s power in reverse and shoots it back.’

Rudger was dumbfounded by the sight, but he thought of a method in his head.

Bentmin widened his distance and looked up at the circling steel raven, his lips twisting crookedly.

I could feel his movement trying to kill himself somehow.

But I think the same thing here too.

Because Bentmin also wants to kill Ludger.

‘But what is it?’

Bentmin felt a strange sensation.

It was hunger.

Why? The feeling of wanting to relieve this hunger that rings deep in the soul right away.

‘Something to eat.’

Normally, she should have considered the vegetarian diet made with elves’ food, but strangely, she didn’t think so now.

‘There are many around.’

Now that the world tree and senses have been assimilated, Bentmin felt various life forces throughout the inside and outside.

Bentmin’s feelings after seeing it were one.

looks delicious.

The moment that thought sprouted properly in his heart, a change occurred in the World Tree.

The leaves of the huge world tree swayed violently.

shoot it

The sound of the tens of thousands of leaves interlocking was enough to tear away all the heat of the battlefield.

Soldiers who could not approach the inner castle, those who went to sit-in in the inner castle, and ordinary elves who fled to the outside of the castle to avoid the war.

saw all

Seeing the world tree cry out.

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