I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 475

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◈ Episode 475 Mother and Daughter (1)

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Bentmin remembers his childhood as looking up at the world tree that rose high enough to pierce the sky.

I can’t recall what my childhood feelings were like now because they are vague.

Wouldn’t he have worshiped the tree that all elves considered sacred and worshiped, considering himself equally beautiful?

Bentmin was born into a good family.

At that time, the Leafre family was not directly attached to the World Tree as it is now.

It was only in the middle, one short of the seven great families.

However, even in such a family, Bentmin Leafre possessed outstanding talent, and because of that, he could easily enter the upper elf society.

Access to Serendel Castle became possible, and the World Tree could be seen up close.

Bentmin thought he was a chosen elf.

As a druid, his talent was unmatched.

He was confident that he was the future that could lift the Leafre family to a higher place.

However, that confidence was shattered the moment he saw an elf.

The Plante family has been supporting the World Tree for generations.

It was because of an elf who became the youngest head of household there.

Ella Plante.

Being only her own age, she had the best world tree fitness ever.

He heard the voice of the World Tree more clearly than anyone else, and felt its will.

Even within the Plante family, it was an ability that could be called a mutant.

For the elves who worshiped the World Tree like a god, Ela Plante was an apostle who conveyed the will of the gods and was an object of admiration.

Bentmin felt awe and jealousy of Ella.

But he didn’t show his jealousy right away.

I thought I was lacking, so I focused on working harder.

In this way, Bentmin was able to further develop his achievements as a druid, which was originally high.

It was natural to be the same age, and he became a talented person that even the elders of the family could not follow.

As a result, it was natural for his name to rise even within the Elven Kingdom.

But Bentmin was not satisfied.

could not be satisfied

He will become a greater elf.

He will rise to a higher position and leave behind a great name that no one can dispute in the history of the Elven Kingdom.

Even after reaching a high position in the family, Bentmin did not neglect his efforts.

I lived intensely every day.

Bentmin’s behavior was unusual for an elf who always had a spare life because of his long lifespan.

In a world where everyone walks leisurely, the act of running non-stop while shedding blood and sweat was an act that the elf couldn’t understand.

Bentmin still didn’t care.

The consequences of that action soon became apparent.

Thanks to the overlap of natural talent and hard work, Bentmin was able to win.

They were allowed closer to the World Tree than the other elves, and only a few were able to read the ritual through the roots of the World Tree.

As a result, it was almost confirmed as the next head of the Leafre family.


Bentmin was still not satisfied.

No matter how hard she tried, became stronger and climbed higher, there was always someone proudly above her head.

Ella Plante.

I didn’t understand.

Why can’t I catch up with her?

I really tried to bleed.

I lived hard without wasting even a minute or a second, not every day.

Even so, the gap with Ella did not narrow.

Did Ela Plante work as hard as she did?

It wasn’t.

Bentmin had secretly looked at what Ela Plante was doing one day.

What she did was simple.

They took a leisurely nap, wandered around the forest after eating, or ran away from the gaze of the family members because the ceremony was annoying.

How can an elf who is revered by everyone have such a laid-back attitude?

Bentmin was stunned by the sight.

I’m sure he’s making other efforts in a place he doesn’t know.

Ela Plante must now be wearing a mask that deceives everyone.

I followed her around like that, and as a result, a kite reached me and I was able to get closer to Ella.

The reason was really nothing.

The Plante family, which guards the World Tree, used to periodically hold a ceremony against the World Tree, but they ran away because it was too old-fashioned.

It could be said that Ella, who was running away, ran into Bentmin, who was following her, as a trick of fate.

-hi? is it you An elf who recently came up showing great skills. Did you say Bentmin Refre? Nice to meet you.

Ella recognized Bentmin and greeted him.

No matter how famous she is these days, Ella, who communicates directly with the World Tree, was not interested.

Even so, she was praising herself as if she had heard it a lot.

-The elders of the family always said that. A child named Bentmin from the Leafre family works really hard, but why is the head of the family doing that? me really Did I become the family head for this? Don’t you know why they’re doing it as they please?

Ella was a mysterious elf.

First of all, he was talkative, and his actions were light and frivolous.



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When he laughed, he laughed without fidelity, and when he ate food, he ate at random with his hands without discreetness.

What kind of barbaric behavior is this?

It was such a big shock to think that the usual image of Ela Plante was a noble and sacred perception.

Of course, Bentmin also had no choice but to act like the elder of the family she hated so much against Ella.

keep your body tight

What the hell is the world tree priestess doing?

act like a housekeeper

Consciousness runs away in moderation. I also get tied up and listen to nagging.

Even as he said that, Bentmin felt skeptical.

what am i doing now

How could you say that you would rather help your competitor? It was strange even to think about it.

But when I saw that figure, something I couldn’t stand inside came up and I couldn’t help it.

I nagged her so much that her ears were covered with scabs, but Ella didn’t listen.

Rather, he said that he would show her something interesting, and even dragged her into the cradle, a sanctuary that was forbidden to enter.

okay. The action was clearly out of goodwill.

Ela Plante treated Bentmin as a friend.

Ambella, a vassal family guarding his side, did not feel sorry for Bentmin, but Ella even asked them to get along well with each other.

Bentmin was dumbfounded.

she is funny

Do you treat yourself as a friend who is chasing you far away with your eyes on that you will surpass yourself right away?

Are you saying you don’t even realize that this side is a competitor?

Bentmin was not the type to keep it to himself.

So Bentmin fired at Ella.

I wonder if it’s okay for me to take my seat away from myself after being so relaxed.

It may have been Bentmin’s own goodwill that he dared to say such a thing.

Since he was the one who treated me favorably, I thought it would be fair to give him a warning as well.

What was Ela Plante’s reaction back then?

Hearing his words, he opened his eyes wide, and soon Paha! she burst out laughing.

-okay? Then, it will be more convenient for you to do the troublesome work for me!

Words that don’t feel attached to their place at all.

While being able to empathize with the World Tree more deeply than anyone else, he has a sense of transcendence that does not regard it as a privilege.


Ella’s sincere words made Bentmin feel more despair and jealousy.

“okay. My life has always been a series of struggles to surpass you.”

Bentmin spoke in a venomous voice to Ella Plante in front of him.

This place where I lost my mind and opened my eyes is probably part of the huge consciousness of the World Tree.

I don’t know why Ela Plante is there.

It was probably created when the factor passed down in the blood of Sedina Roshen came into contact with the World Tree.

It didn’t matter.

The important thing now is that there is a girl in front of him that he wanted to overcome so much.

-You haven’t changed in the past or now.

Seeing Ella smile bitterly at him, Bentmin bit his lip.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I tried to destroy your family and sacrificed your daughter as a hostage. And gave the lives of many elves. Are you still looking at me that way?”

-… … .

“You’ve been like that for a long time! No matter how much I scolded her and made sarcastic remarks, she just smiled and passed it over! Still, I couldn’t get past you. why? What was I lacking!”

Not only did she fail to defeat Ela Plante, but what was even more absurd was that her daughter’s connection to the World Tree was suddenly severed as soon as she connected.

Even though she was Plante’s blood relative, Sedina, who first touched the World Tree, couldn’t believe that such a thing was possible.

More than the fact that all of his plans had completely failed, the fact that the end was brought to an end by Plante brought a huge sense of emptiness.

-The work built up through blood and slaughter cannot be justified. Bentmin. That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time.

“Don’t you dare try to discipline me! Everything I’ve done has been an act for my people! Look outside right now! How advanced humans have been! What a war they started 100 years ago! Knowing that, you’re going to say something ideal?”

I’ve had conversations like this before.

These were the words that Ela Plante came up with after contemplating the future with the World Tree in front.

What elves should do in a changing world.

Ella brought out peace and harmony there, but Bentmin didn’t think so.

It is peace and harmony, and in the end it is just a vain hope.

Right now, even in the case of elves, each family has a hierarchy, and there is a difference between those who have power and those who do not.

Even if you look at the elven society, it’s like this, but harmony with other races, including humans.

Bentmin’s argument was that the history of all races was a series of struggles and divisions, and that perfect peace did not exist.

When Ella heard that, she nodded her head, saying she could, but she didn’t lose hope.

The differences of opinion shared 500 years ago have not changed at all even now.

“entire! All of you are the problem! Why are you making me so miserable? What the hell did I do! Is it such a big mistake for the elf to do it for the sake of the elves?! Was it so wrong to fight to preserve the safety and comfort of my people!”

-What about the people who were sacrificed in the process?

“Nothing can be achieved without sacrifice! I don’t know of an elf as talented as you! The Elves struggled desperately day and night to receive the revelation of the World Tree! The world isn’t that equal. If you don’t want to be taken away, you have no choice but to take it away!”

-Don’t you think that the world is wrong?

“so. Did you have such an absurd idea that you had to change the world? So you’re trying to increase the world tree at will? How could you, who received the blessing of the World Tree more closely than anyone else, betray the World Tree?”

Bentmin expressed all the thoughts he had stored in his mind for a long time.

Jealousy towards Ella, a selfish mind for the sake of his own people, and a sense of responsibility as a person in a high position.

All of that was compounded and pushed her even more into despair.

“… … okay. There’s no use in me being so angry. because i failed And that’s for the daughter you left behind.”

Bentmin laughed self-deprecatingly.

I didn’t even have the strength to get angry anymore.

Wasn’t he defeated in the end?

There was nothing as ugly as the complaining of losers.

“Congratulations, Ella Plante. In the end you won.”

Bentmin looked down at his body.

The body was gradually turning into powder from the tip.

To be precise, it seems that he is being swallowed up by the huge data called the World Tree.

Just as the records of all elves who have died so far are stored in the World Tree.

Ella still only looked at Bentmin with pity.

-… … I didn’t want to fight you in the first place. I had no intention of using my daughter to sabotage you.

“Are you even thinking of showing sympathy to the loser now?”

– Everything I say is true. I saw the outside world and realized more. And since I gave birth to my child, Sedina, I’ve been wanting her more to live a life outside of elven society.

“It is a funny story. you are a sinner You betrayed the World Tree we hold dear.”

-That’s what’s wrong.


Bentmin, whose lower body had disappeared before he knew it, asked as if it was absurd.

-From the beginning, I did not betray the World Tree. Rather, this was the will the World Tree wanted.

“What are you talking about. You want me to believe that lie?”

Bentmin tried to ignore the words, but the moment he looked into Ella’s eyes, he couldn’t help but realize.

Ela Plante is telling the truth.

Unless she betrayed the will of the World Tree.

If so, what are they who ruthlessly kicked her out and drove her out?

The moment Bentmin realized that fact, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“ha ha ha. Ahahaha!”

Bentmin couldn’t stop laughing in a situation where his body was gradually disintegrating.

“okay. It was like that. We all thought you were a sinner, but in fact it was the other way around.”

Ela Plante was branded a criminal who dared to betray the will of the World Tree.

All elves were ashamed of her name.

But is it really so?

It was an easy answer, considering who the elf was who really tried to save the World Tree.

Maybe Bentmin knew that too.

Even though I knew it, I had deliberately ignored it, turned away, and pretended not to know it.

Bentmin stared at Ella with clearer eyes and smiled.

“Yeah, I hate you.”

After that, she completely disappeared.

Her mind and memories became fragments of data, becoming nutrients and part of the World Tree.

The end of the Leafre family, who had ruled over the elven kingdom for 500 years.

It was done so quietly and serenely.

Ella stared at the empty seat silently, then turned her head.

Her expression, which had been wet with sadness, brightened.

– In the end, you did it. our daughter

“mom… … .”

-I didn’t expect to see you again so quickly. It was completely unexpected.

After accessing the World Tree again, Sedina came face to face with her mother.

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