I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 488

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◈ Episode 488: Accidental Opportunity (1)

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Casey’s eyes widened as she watched the bullet pierce the carpet.

Later, I discovered that the glass window had cracks like spider webs along with holes.

“sniping? assassination?”

The assassination itself was not much of a surprise.

It is natural to get involved with a criminal organization while working as a detective.

As a result, there were inevitably cases of death threats and actual assassination attempts.

But what surprised Casey the most was that she was now in the Selmore family.

How dare you openly attempt an assassination here without the perpetrator going mad?

In a sense, it’s a way to catch people off guard that no one thought of, so I should praise it as great.

Casey pushed Rudgar away and stood up at the window.

It was risky to step out like this if the opponent was a sniper, but it wasn’t the case with Casey.

I wouldn’t know if it was when I was ambushed from beyond my cognition, but the moment I realized that there was an ambush, I was able to block it even if I fired a cannon instead of a sniper rifle.

However, it was the same for the other party to be aware of such compatibility.

There was no further attack.

The moment he confirmed that the first shot had missed, the sniper immediately retreated.

Rudger also stood next to Casey and looked at the situation outside.

Spreading out under the gloomy sky was the mansion’s extensive flower garden.

What was visible beyond them were ridges full of lush forest.

The sniper is probably somewhere in the woods.

The distance was quite far from tracking it right away.

‘In the first place, the distance is more than 1.6km away. From that distance, he aimed exactly at Casey’s head. The opponent’s skills are incomparable.’

Maybe because Casey knew that too, she just stared out the window with a hard face.

Rudger threw a joke to lighten the mood.

“Seeing that the assassin came to scare me to say it, it seems that he has the skill of calling misfortune.”

“… … I didn’t expect an accident to come directly to me.”

“Can you guess who it is? From the looks of it, he seems to have acquired quite a grudge.”

“I don’t know. I should have bought quite a lot. It’s not enough to line up at our mansion if you take a number ticket for the criminals who want to kill me.”

“Even so, it is rare to find someone with this level of shooting ability.”

Casey narrowed her eyes.

“So puzzled. A sniper like this would have come from the military, but at least in my memory, I don’t remember being involved with such a person. Or that one?”

Casey asked Rudger in reverse.

“Even if you target me, it doesn’t mean that you are unconditionally hostile toward me. On the other hand, it could be that he had a grudge against you and took a method of killing someone nearby.”

“I don’t have a number tag.”


“Because I cleaned up the cleanup so that no one would line up.”

Casey snorted as if it were ridiculous.

“You did very well.”

“On the contrary, it may not be you and me. Isn’t today the first time we’ve been here in the first place?”

“… … That’s right. No matter how good a sniper is, I can’t help but think that he’s been preparing for quite a while to aim with such precision.”

“It was only us who got caught, and if we had targeted this mansion beforehand, then the target would be… … .”

“There must be only one.”

Rudger’s and Casey’s gazes simultaneously turned to the door.

From beyond the door, cold energy was rushing in like a snowstorm.

A chill that can be felt on the skin.

As he exhaled, frost formed in the air, creating steam.

‘It’s a terrible chill.’

Even though this is far away, this is about it.

At that moment, the chill that seemed to cut through the skin disappeared in an instant.

Right after that, there was a smart knock on the door.

“Are you there?”

“come in.”

As soon as Casey could speak, the door opened.

Casey’s sister, Marias Selmore, smirked, came inside.

“Are you okay?”

“As you can see. I am fine.”

“thank god.”

Casey’s expression crumpled as Marias stroked her chest.

“Aren’t you supposed to explain how this happened? No matter how you look at it, this isn’t normal. An assassination almost happened at our Selmore mansion. say. What happened?”

“… … I’m so sorry. It hasn’t been a day or two since there has been a duke against me from the beginning, but I can’t believe it would have been done on a day like today.”

“There was a duke? Judging from what you’re talking about, it seems to have gotten worse lately.”

“okay. There are a lot of black magicians rampaging in Korea these days. Because of that, it was a pain in my head in many ways. Still, I thought it was over safely by knocking out an organization recently.

Marias Selmore was still smiling, but a shadow fell over her.

“I dare say, from the Selmore family, to my sister.”


Frost began to form around Marias.

Rudger felt a chill run through his skin again and tensed up.

The inside of the room, which had been warm, suddenly became cold enough to resemble a severe winter.



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‘That’s the power of a blue magician who directly deals with cold.’

Those who had the title of color were like that.

Beyond simply interfering with nature, displaying tremendous power beyond that.

It’s just Ludger’s guess, but if Marias puts her mind to it.

It might even make it snow in the heart of the hot desert.


The clouds in the sky vibrated loudly, and then began pouring their contents to the ground.

It was pure white snowflakes that slowly descended along with the wind.

Although the climate here is basically cool, it was never snowy.

It snows nonetheless.

And only around Selmore’s mansion.


At that moment, Rudger felt a warm feeling in one side of his chest.

Not in a figurative sense, but in a literal sense.


Pasca, in the form of a spirit stone, was emitting heat in Ludger’s arms.

Feelings that are felt softly in the heat are unpleasant.

It seems that the reaction came because of the opposite environment, and the low temperature due to Marias’ mood, which was not natural at all.

As warmth spread around Ludger, Casey stared at him with an unexpected look.

‘Are you resisting her coldness?’

Beyond simple resistance, the surroundings did not lose warmth and continued to be warm.

Perhaps because of that, Casey felt the tension created by Marias’s rage release.

“sister. stop. Even if I get angry now, nothing will change. What matters is who the opponent is and how we deal with it in the future.”

“… … That’s right. The fever must have risen a little without me knowing.”

Marias, who regained her sanity, laughed.

‘I get a fever, but the surroundings freeze. What an ironic person.’

Rudger let go of those silly thoughts and inspected the bullet mark on the floor.

“It’s pretty deep. Even though it was shot from a distance, it penetrated all the way under the floor.”

Rudger pierced the floor with his telekinesis magic and pulled out the bullet that was stuck in it.

The bullet shattered as it hit the floor.

Ludger took out all the fragments and hit the broken bullets like cubes in the air with telekinesis.

Hundreds of fragments smaller than the tip of a fingernail moved in the air and began to take shape.

As Marias watched the scene, the corners of her eyes were torn a little longer.

‘No matter how simple the psychosomatic magic is, it’s such a detailed control.’

No one is surprised to hear that he lifted something heavy with telekinesis magic.

Because the output of magic is proportional to the amount of mana.

It’s enough to just raise the magic power with all your might.

However, it was very difficult to use the mana weakly, even weak enough to pull out a small piece of debris.

Proof that Ludger’s mana control is beyond the ordinary level.

‘I heard that the teachers at Seorn Academy only select outstanding people from the beginning, but this is really beyond my imagination.’

Marias glanced at Casey.

Even at the sight of reassembling the fragmented bullets, Casey’s expression didn’t look very impressive.

‘You’re used to it?’

Marias understood why Casey had brought Ludger.

With that level of skill, it was enough to catch the eyes of a conceited younger sister.

‘But there’s still something quite suspicious about it.’

After investigating Ludger’s whereabouts, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of difference that couldn’t be hidden.

If others say it, they will say what a sense of heterogeneity.

Because Ludger’s actions were really neat.

But the neatness is so perfect.

Marias felt suspicious there.

For Rudger’s past, he was overly competent.

Moreover, even for a moment, the power to resist one’s own coldness.

‘I’ll have to watch it a little longer.’

She was thinking of taking a closer look at what kind of person the man who dared to cling to (?) her sister was.

“The bullets are quite unusual.”

Seeing the finished bullet, Casey muttered while examining it carefully.

Its size was insignificant, but the shape itself maximized its penetrating power as the tip was twisted into a spiral like a whirlpool.

“Besides, there’s a faint, but something, finish on the tip of the bullet.”

“Probably, there is a drug applied that prevents the condensation of magical power.”

“hmm. That’s right. Slightly sour yet spicy scent. It is the smell that can be smelled from the dried and treated garland grass.”

“I guess I can break through the 4th tier defense magic. Besides, the size of this bullet. It is a specially manufactured bullet that is currently discontinued. The military stopped production, but the existing production must have flowed in. It will be easy to specify because there are not many stocks.”

“Using this means that the sniper is from the military. Using a discontinued bullet must mean that you have a deep knowledge of the underworld.”

“If you think of the right medicine, it has something to do with warlocks.”

“In that case, we should first find and track down the arms trafficker.”

The two people who finished their reasoning in an instant looked at Marias at the same time.

“Now that it’s like this, I’ll go out and see.”

“… … suddenly?”

“It was an attack aimed at me. Of course, the real purpose is older sister. Because sniping doesn’t happen overnight.”

According to Marias, the opponent was related to warlocks, and there was a strong possibility that the veterans were also mixed in.

Even the vicious ones didn’t target Marias herself, but the two who came as guests.

“The intelligence is also very good. Even if we don’t know where we’ll be staying, it’s just like seeing today as the day we just came back.”

“Anyway, he must have noticed us from the moment we got off the train. You should already know what the target’s younger sister looks like.”

“I feel a little bad. Am I easy enough?”

Casey crossed his arms and frowned.

Even though she seemed irritated, she seemed to be pondering something.

“I remember? A shabby bar on 31st Street.”

At first, Marias didn’t understand the context of the words that came out of Casey’s mouth.

But Rudger nodded as if he understood.

“beard. whiskers. scar on cheek. Whiskey bottle in hand. Am I right?”

“huh. An unusually shaped scar was also engraved on the raised forearm. with a cross over a circle. He was watching our car. I remember her eyes being clear for a person who drinks.”

“The scar on his forearm must be a mark of where he belongs. It must be certain that people from the military, especially certain units, regard engraving an indelible mark on their skin as an initiation ceremony.”

“Then it will be easier to find. Are there any troops with a similar shape?”

“You should ask your sister about that part, not me.”

Marias couldn’t help but be quite surprised by the conversation between the two that followed in an instant.

Should I pretend to pretend?

It was amazing to see that they matched so well even though they did not conspire with each other in advance.

Still, that’s not what’s important right now.

“If it’s the shape of the scar, I can guess.”

* * *

Rudger and Casey made their way out of the stuffy mansion and into the city.

“iced coffee. It’s finally out!”

Casey exclaimed how good it was to be out there.

“If you solve it anyway, you have to go back.”

“Well, how are you? It’s nice to be able to breathe like this.”

“Even so, it’s surprising that my sister didn’t step forward.”

“Still, I am the head of the family, but I can’t move recklessly. Rather, it may be what the enemy wants. it’s better that way Things get worse when you step in.”


“Because the capital will face an ice age.”

Casey’s voice when he said that was serious without any playfulness.

Rudgar remembered Marias’ ability.

In an instant, snow fell around the mansion.

The cold air reached even the dark clouds in the sky.

Considering that even that wasn’t power, it wouldn’t be impossible to cover a city with ice.

“Is this here?”

Casey inspected the shabby factory.

When the two of them left the mansion, they sneaked out separately.

There was no need to show the enemy our movements.

And from the moment they entered the city, Casey refracted light around a thin film of water, so they could reach their destination without being noticed by anyone.

“If you’re talking about it, it means there’s a remnant on this side.”

“It looks like you put a lot of effort into it, but there are still traces you can’t hide.”

It’s a factory that doesn’t even operate, but footprints are engraved everywhere.

Among them, there were mud marks that seemed to have been carved a while ago.

“What are you going to do?”

Casey’s question meant to plan an assault strategy.

Rudger shook his head.

“Just finish it quickly.”

Ludgar concentrated his mana and blew the factory door away.

A cloud of dust spread in all directions along with the explosion.

Cries and footsteps of bewilderment could be heard from inside.

“Because we have a lot of work to do.”

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