I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 495

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◈ Episode 495 The Blue Wizard (1)

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A green wave rising in the middle of the night.

Opposing it was a cold, iridescent stream of water.

The two intertwined elements collide and offset each other, creating a rough shockwave.

Where hellfire predominated, the water vaporized, and where water prevailed, the flames were extinguished.

However, most of them were on the same level as each other, and perhaps because of that, the surroundings were full of white steam reminiscent of dawn fog.

Even in the rising steam, Casey and Hellfire continued to exchange attacks, aiming for each other.

“What, what power.”

“There’s not even an inch of jungle against that monster. I can’t see any room to intervene.”

The magic intelligence agents who were watching the scene from a distance couldn’t help but be surprised.

He knew that Casey was Marias’ sister and a wizard with the title of color.

But in their hearts, they had a sense of superiority that they might be better than Casey.

Actually, it was jealousy.

Even though Casey was gifted with great talent, he was wasting it on being a detective.

On the other hand, they trained hard, wiped out criminals, and continued to fight for their lives.

Of course, they thought that they could play a role in this operation.

However, I realized that it was an illusion, watching Casey’s fight.

“The level itself is different from ours.”

I can’t say I’ve never been envious of being a user of a single attribute element.

However, I was confident that if I tried once, I would not lose.

The skill of magic is not determined simply by how powerful it is.

Because practice is different. I don’t know if I go into a fight again.

such a stupid idea.

At this moment, everything was washed away.

The skeleton, burning with green flames, is a monster that unleashes attacks that cannot be defended by simply exhaling.

Casey Selmore was fighting such a monster head-on.

This phenomenon could not be denied by saying that there was a difference in compatibility.

In the first place, at the point of freely handling the enormous water of thousands of tons, there was no compatibility or anything.

“Back off.”

At that time, a cold voice flew towards the agents of the intelligence department.

This was what Rudger said to those watching the situation.

“you are… … .”

“This is not a place for you guys.”

“Are you saying we can’t help?”


The faces of the agents were stained with contempt, as if they didn’t know how to make such an assertion.

That they weren’t wrong made them even more ashamed.

“The situation has escalated too much. We’re controlling the number of people, but since we’ve done it so extravagantly, people will hear the commotion from far away and people will be interested and flock to it.”

Ludger’s pupils captured the green light that flowed from within the misty steam.

“Expand your lines of control. And don’t let anyone come inside. That’s what you can do right now.”

“Everything, what the hell do you know!”

It was the young wizard who got angry at those words.

A person who quarreled with Rudger and at the same time saved Rudger’s life.

“We are also risking our lives for our country! But do you want me to get out of here?”

He knew that Rudger was far stronger than he was.

At the same time, he recognized that he was the savior of his life.

However, he couldn’t bear to treat himself and other seniors in this way.

“We didn’t come all the way here just to do that!”

“Then, did you come all the way here to force yourself with your abilities?”

“that… … .”

“Keep your mind straight. If you really are working for the country, start with the smallest things you can do right away.”

When Ludgar’s cold eyes met him, the young wizard fell silent.

He didn’t know that what he said was stubborn in the end.

Seeing the junior who bit his lip in resentment, the team leader said in a mixed voice.

“… … It’s not wrong. We back off.”

I could feel the reason why Marias called those two people specially.

As a team leader, he made the most rational choice.

Rather than lose their lives meaninglessly, let’s do the best we can.

even if it is insignificant.

The team leader said to Rudger.

“Deal with that monster even for us.”

“I was thinking of that anyway.”

The Magic Intelligence Department agents stepped back with heavy steps.

I’m glad I didn’t force it or anything.

The situation would have been more complicated if they had come forward to help.

Rudgar looked at Casey, who was still fighting.

‘Casey is still running wild.’

Perhaps because of the resentment that he was not active often, Casey was using all kinds of magic that he could use against the Black Skull.



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The steam created by the collision with the fire was also water in the end.

Unless even that was completely eliminated, this fight had no choice but to turn in Casey’s favor.

Water circulates endlessly.

Casey scooped up the misty steam and again created a torrent of hundreds of tons.


A huge stream of water spun like an angelic halo above the black skull’s head.

The firepower of the green flame grew stronger, as if he felt bad that he dared to have water above him.

A surge of green flame engulfed the halo of water.

The Black Skull, who was trying to evaporate everything like this, realized something was wrong.

There is no end to evaporating or evaporating.

Even though they tried to get rid of everything without leaving even steam, the water continued to flow from somewhere and did not stop.

The reason was immediately clear.

“hey. skull bag. Have you forgotten where this is? This is near the port.”

Casey laughed at the black skull that was Carloto’s body.

“You can’t fight me near the beach.”

Streams of water floating in the air and wriggling as if alive.

Like huge silks embroidering the sky, countless waters continued to add to the halo of water, covering the night sky.

This is a port city and a logistics warehouse near the sea.

There was plenty of refillable water nearby.

There is an amount of sea water that can be called infinite.

Casey was able to keep taking it and using it as a weapon without much effort.

“But what about you? Do you have the confidence to evaporate all the seawater that exists in this world with that trivial flame?”

As if in response to the provocation, stronger flames erupted from the body of the black skeleton.

Its firepower is so powerful that the term hellfire really suits it.

The surrounding area was instantly dyed with green light.

About 3 seconds.

Shoot Aaaaa!

Artificial rain pouring down from the sky.

A squall from a local area extinguished all the green flames.

The Black Skull realized.

If he went on to pure firefight like this, he would eventually lose to Casey after wasting his strength.

The Black Skull extended a finger towards Casey.

Then, the flames of hell gathered at her fingertips exploded in the shape of a cross, becoming a ray of light and shooting toward her.

A surprise attack that is difficult for Casey, who is dealing with a large amount of water, to react.

However, the green light ray bent and soared toward the sky as if space had been twisted in the middle.

“Looks like you forgot me.”

Ludger, shimmering in a black shadow, stood in front of Casey.

Although he didn’t know about a wide range of attacks, an attack that hit such a small area could be bent.

“what. Could I have stopped it without your help?”

“At times like this, you can honestly say thank you.”

“… … Who, who is thanking you!”

Casey groaned.

As if to relieve this irritation, she poured more intense rain toward the black skull.

The black skull, the target of Amon’s anger, couldn’t even resist with its unique green flame.

The black skull, which had become submerged in water, was swept around in it.

It was as if a clear bucket was filled with water and swirled around like a whirlpool.

The vortex that materialized on the ground began to slowly carve away the black skeleton’s body.

You will die if you go on like this.

The guy felt threatened.

How long has it been since they stole the owner’s body, and did it end here?

That desperation and impatience created stronger firepower.


The hell magic that exploded inside her body broke the vortex from the inside.

Casey wasn’t surprised by that either.

She gathered the water that was scattered in all directions and tried to surround him.

At that time, the Black Skull reacted abnormally.

Unlike the time when the flames flew in all directions, he compressed the green flames into his body even more.

The black skeleton wrapped in compressed flames kicked the ground.


Green flames sprayed from both legs provided momentum.

Casey opened her eyes wide when she saw the guy floating high in the sky in an instant.

“What is that again?”

“It seems he has learned how to use his new powers.”

I learned how to handle power differently from attacking recklessly.

The clue to that method was dimly felt when he compressed the flames from his fingers and shot them.

“not good. Judging from that growth rate, if it survives here, it will grow into a more dangerous being.”

“What he’s aiming for now is that magic circle, right?”

“okay. He’s not going to run away like this. You must have some pride.”

It was as Ludger said.

A green ball of fire shot up into the air, turned, and landed on one side of the ground.

The way it moved leaving a long tail behind it was like a meteorite falling.

The two did not even speak, but they moved like knives.

Casey created countless water barriers around its moving trajectory.

It was good to change the direction with this, and it was good to reduce his firepower.

In the meantime, Rudger approached the magic circle.

Two of Carloto’s students who had just finished work looked at Ludger and shuddered.

However, the fear was short-lived, and they showed their teeth and glared at Rudger as if they were going to kill him.

“How dare you, Master!”

“You don’t feel a little unfair about that part, do you?”

The human being called the teacher could not control his strength and exploded.

I wondered if it was a bit of shifting responsibility for this side to talk like the teacher’s enemy.

‘Of course, it’s not that I didn’t influence it.’

What does that mean?

That’s not what’s important now.

“you guys. If you don’t want to die, leave now.”

“Do not be ridiculous!”

The two disciples raised the magic of hell and implemented magic.

Rudger said he knew this and drew a magic spell faster.

Then Casey’s warning rang out from behind.

“be careful! He keeps going!”

The eyes of Rudger and Carloto’s two pupils turned to the sky.

I saw a green meteorite falling through the film of countless waters carved into the air.

Its size and firepower diminished markedly with each pass through the water barrier, but it seemed unwilling to stop.

Rudger contemplated whether to strike him back, or just blow him away.

If it reaches the magic circle like this, it will absorb the hellish magic gathered at the center and explode it as it is.


Along with judgment, Ludgar’s mana manifested magic at an incredible speed.

There is no time to add elements. A magic cannon that created the most powerful power with pure magic.

That blue flash was shot at the center of the magic circle where hellish magic gathered.

The two disciples of Carloto, who were distracted by the green meteorite, failed to react.

“Muh, what!”

The eyes of the first disciple opened wide after seeing the magic circle that gradually began to stabilize.

It was not something that could be stopped simply by destroying the magic circle with hellish power.

But Rudger took an entirely different approach instead.

He put his own magic power into the core of the magic circle.

Blue magic is mixed with green magic.

The two magical powers seemed to collide with each other, but they were synchronized.

Ludgar’s magic entwined the hellish magic and led the flow to another place.

That was enough.

A magic circle that requires a certain amount of magic power to flow along a given route loses more than half of its effectiveness, if not neatly, with this method alone.

It wasn’t destroyed by impact from the outside, but rocked from the inside.

In addition, the normal wizard was controlling the most ferocious and strongest hell magic in reverse.

“This, this is something even Master can’t do… … .”

Having done that, Rudger had to back away from the green meteorite that fell immediately after.

Clouds of dust rose with a huge explosion.

Another shock wave exploded from its center, tearing up the dust cloud.

Standing in the center of the magic circle, the black skeleton realized that the hellish power he wanted to absorb was far from enough.

Its gaze moved here and there, then to Carloto’s disciple who was lying near him.

second closest.

The Black Skull stretched out its hand towards him.

“What, what! Aagh!”

The second disciple let out a scream of pain.

Green magic flowed out through his eyes, nose and mouth, and was absorbed through the black skeleton’s hand.

The second disciple, who had his magic power stolen, died with his eyes closed.

The black skull, supplemented with hellish power, spewed even stronger flames.

“Oh really. I barely killed some, but suddenly you charge it?”

Casey was annoyed at the sight, but immediately tried to subdue him.

But an unexpected voice intervened and stopped her.

“You’ve been through a lot.”

A soft, yet full-bodied voice.

Before Casey could even react.

Damn it.

The black skull was frozen in white frost.

I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 494I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 496
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