I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 57

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◈ Episode 57 Recruitment of Teaching Assistant (2)

In response to Selina’s question, I quietly put the cutlery I was holding on the table and said,

“I haven’t felt the need yet.”

It’s a lie.

In fact, I didn’t even know there was an assistant.

‘Coming to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen other teachers go alone.’

Most of the teachers had people around them.

At the time, I didn’t even know it was a teaching assistant, I thought it was just a student following the teacher to ask questions personally.

Or, a servant who orders chores.

that was a teaching assistant

Then, could it be that everyone except me was selecting assistants and pampering them? Wasn’t I the only one who didn’t know that?

Selina-sensei was quite surprised by my answer.

“yes? Well, so far, things like assignment arrangements, student lists, and class preparation materials… … .”

“I did everything with my own hands.”

“Oh, aren’t you tired?”

Are you having a hard time?

Oh, it was definitely a bit cumbersome to guide close to 80 students one by one, organize materials, and prepare class content.

In particular, the most difficult thing in this part is to check the list of submitted assignments one by one.

Still, I didn’t feel exhausted, so I shook my head.

“There is nothing very difficult.”

“Yeah, that’s right. How many students were in Mr. Rudger’s classroom?”

“80 people. The garden is full.”

At those words, the sound of swallowing breath came from the other teachers who were eating together.

“Well, then you’ve been taking care of all 80 students since the start of the semester by yourself?”

“Isn’t it usually like this?”

“Not usually.”

“Isn’t it?”


I see.

I haven’t taken a deep look at the other teachers, so I should be able to figure out what I did wrong.

“Then did Selena-sensei also pick an assistant?”

“yes. I still didn’t need a lot of hands, so I only picked three.”

You said you didn’t really need it, so you picked three people?

What, do other people take 10 people at a time?

I glanced around and suddenly noticed a teacher passing outside the cafeteria.

It was Chris Benimore, a teacher with a nervous and hysterical impression.

Eight restless students followed behind him, always at a low pressure since the last bet loss.

… … A lot.

“It’s good that Mr. Rudger is also chosen for this opportunity. I heard that there are even 80 students in the lecture? You’ll need more than five people to do that.”

“I think so.”

Miss Merilda also joined the conversation.

“You may be fine now, but as time goes on, you will become more and more overwhelmed.”

“Do you need it right now?”

“There is no need to pull out all at once, and it doesn’t matter if you increase it little by little.”


hmm. If you recommend it like that, I’m also interested in it.

Besides, looking at the reactions around me, it seems that if I don’t have a teaching assistant, I’m rather attracting other people’s attention too much.

First of all, it seemed necessary to hire the right person in the near future.

“All right. Then I will try to select an assistant as soon as possible.”

“Mr. Rudger is very popular, so if you post an official letter, there will be many students who will apply to each other.”

“Thank you for the compliment, even if it’s just empty words.”

“It’s not empty words… … .”

“Then I’m done eating, so I’ll get up now.”

I got up, said my goodbyes, and left the restaurant.

* * *


Returning to the teachers’ office, I stroked my chin as I read the information on teaching assistant recruitment.

‘Even a new teacher can bring in assistants, usually at least six. I guess I have to pull them out.’

Well, even among wizards, there are teachers and students, but what about magic academy?

Even in the Magic Tower alone, each school had a teacher, and there were dozens of disciples under them.

Of course, it is more like a slave who uses the name of a disciple as a pretext, but it is nominally so.

It has become a kind of tradition, and Seorn, who teaches magic, has not escaped this influence.

Surprisingly, Seorn also had an academy student system.

Instead of giving up graduation after 5th grade, the last of Seorn, researching magic and writing a thesis under the guidance professor… … .

Yes, to put it bluntly, they were graduate students of the 21st century.

This is an innovative academy.

Both in a good sense and in a bad sense.

Anyway, aside from that part.



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‘Right now, I don’t feel the need to hire an assistant because there’s nothing I can do, but it wouldn’t be bad if there was at least one guy who could handle the chores.’

Anyway, this wasn’t a real mage tower, it was an academy, so I didn’t have to worry about security issues that could steal my arcane magic data.

You just have to organize the materials related to the class.

‘Basically, if you become a teaching assistant, it’s all about giving more grades or being able to receive more personal instruction from the teacher.’

There is no obligation to teach arcane magic.

If there was such a treaty in the first place, the teachers would have rather rebelled.

After going through the provisions with my own eyes, I crossed my legs and put a pod in both hands.

‘If I had to choose, it would be better to choose a competent person.’

The simplest way to select an assistant is to post an announcement.

If I say that I will recruit a few teaching assistants with my name on it, there will be applicants, and I am the method of selecting them.

Basically, it is said that many people who are about to graduate become teaching assistants, but there was no particular age limit.

Rather, it was said that new teachers mainly select first and second graders who are taking their classes.

‘Should I choose a student in my class?’

If I choose a teaching assistant from among the students in my class, I will be assigned the role of class president for my lecture only.

If so, you need someone who can lead and guide the students well.

There are a few, if any, that come to mind.

Representative examples are Flora Lumos and Erendir von Exillion.

The two are first of all high-ranking nobles and royalty, and have natural charisma, so they are good at controlling the atmosphere.

‘It’s just that these two aren’t going to be my teaching assistants.’

First of all, Flora Rumos honestly has a lot of points I gave, so it’s hard to pick, and in the case of Princess Erendir, I’m more uncomfortable.

To make the princess an assistant?

No matter how much Seorn insists on equality of status, this goes too far.

Even if she offered to do it, I had to refuse.

‘In the end, is the option pending? I know that if I post an official notice properly, they will come on their own, but it still takes a while. It’s a specification to choose an untested guy.’

If I had to pick one, the one that was easy to pamper would be much better.

Even if I think about it right now, the answer doesn’t come out, so I decided to go back to the dorm.

After putting on my coat and leaving the teachers’ room, I was walking down the hallway and stopped when I suddenly felt a familiar presence.


“Yes, yes!”

At my call, Sedina Lawshen, who was hiding in the corner of the hallway, jumped out in surprise.

Still looking at me in awe, she seems to have been secretly waiting for me.

Doesn’t he have a job?

“What business do you have?”

“Oh, no. It’s not like that… … .”

She seemed to be restless, fearing that I would be scolded.

I was about to tell her to go back, but I thought about her location for a moment and opened my mouth.

“is it. It went well just in time.”

“yes yes?”

“You, become my assistant.”

“yes. Ah yes.”

Sedina reflexively nodded.

And after 5 seconds.

“… … yes?!”

Sedina exclaimed in surprise.

I only said one word, but the response was very diverse.

“Don’t you like it? If you don’t like it, I won’t force you to do it.”

“Oh no! Big!”

To my words, Sedina hurriedly answered no, but ended up biting her tongue.

The sight of him covering his mouth with both hands made him feel like a real squirrel.

“So you’re saying you agree?”


Sedina shook her head violently, unable to open her mouth.

“I’m glad you did. There is still time left, so please fill out the teaching assistant application form and come to my office.”

“Are you sure? Is it really okay for me to be a teaching assistant?”

“There is no reason not to. Or, do I have any reason to lie?”

“Oh no!”

“The duration is two days. to remember.”

I left the seat without saying anything to Sedina.

As a member of the Black Dawn Society, she specializes in gathering information from what she has shown so far.

If you leave her around, you’ll have more chances to find out about the Black Dawn.

Instead of setting up a place and time each time and making contact, if you work as a teacher or teaching assistant, the opportunity to make contact will be much easier.

Above all, you will be able to erase the suspicious gaze of a third party.

Choosing her was not a bad choice.

‘For now, one Sedina is confirmed. The rest can be increased slowly later.’

You got one faithful slave faster than you thought.

* * *

A few days after the public sparring between Aidan and Jevan Pellio.

The story of the Dalian of that day still circulates among the students, but like most students, they want to find new gossip rather than burnt firewood.

And what the students were talking about this time was a topic that was enough to get everyone’s attention.

“what. Is something more noisy than usual?”

Line asked the 3rd princess, Erendir, who was sitting next to her.

Although the difference in class between the princess and the commoner was far away, they were able to get closer faster than anyone else because they had no close friends.

It’s also a personality that doesn’t care about such small things as each other.

“Ah, the junior line is here. Strange rumors seem to be circulating among classmates these days.”

“A strange rumor?”

“uh. Or that Ms. Rudger is recruiting assistants for her.”

“and. That’s a little tempting.”

It was a well-known issue even among students that Ludger Celish did not hire an assistant so far.

Considering that most teachers always hire teaching assistants, it was quite unusual that no new teachers had ever hired one.

As a joke, it was even said that Rudger might not have known that he had to have a teaching assistant.

‘Of course, there’s no way Mr. Rudgar would do that.’

I didn’t think that such a thorough man would have a loophole in that part.

Even the students say it as a joke.

If Rudger said he would hire an assistant, perhaps the front of Ludger’s office would be filled with students shouting for him to be chosen.

If it was Ludger who seemed to hate noisy and annoying things, maybe he didn’t hire an assistant because he didn’t like it.

“Still, the hottest rumor is probably something else.”

“Anything else? What else is there?”

“huh. Have you ever heard of the 7 legends of Seorn, junior Lyne?”

“Seven legends? no. I haven’t heard… … .”

Rene was an outsider in that area, so he couldn’t answer properly.

“ah. You don’t know either.”

“Oh, yes. I don’t know about that… … .”

“Well, that is not natural. In the first place, the 7 legends and such are just rumors.”

However, it was a topic that students were more enthusiastic about.

The Seven Legends of Seorn.

One of the most representative of these is that somewhere in this school, the dungeon of the founder and first president of Ceorn is hidden.

A place called the so-called room of the first generation.

Another famous legend is that there is a beautiful flower tree that will always come true if you confess.

“That’s probably the most raucous thing right now.”

“What is it?”

“An all-purpose stone that grants wishes.”

At Erendir’s words, Line immediately thought she had heard something wrong.

Are there any stones that make wishes come true?

“There’s a rumor that it’s somewhere in Seorn.”

“yes? really?”

Rinne was puzzled by those words.

Are there any stones in the world that grant wishes?

Seeing Line’s reaction, Erendir lifted the beggar and shook it from side to side.

“You don’t know what Lyne’s juniors do.”

“uh… … What?”

“There are so many unknown mysteries in the world that have yet to be revealed. Monsters and demons that existed in ancient times, and cryptids that are still scattered all over the world. Even secret ruins and unknown gods.”

Erendir’s eyes were burning with curiosity toward the unknown.

“In such a world, there is no way that Seorn, which can be said to be the center of all magic, does not have that mysterious stone! Of course, it’s impossible to be omnipotent or grant any wish, but it’s definitely an artifact with the power to match it!”

“Uh, yes.”

Line was taken aback by the unusual appearance of Erendir.

I could never have imagined that Erendir, who maintained her dignity as a princess and always behaved noblely, had such a hobby.

Besides, once you fall for it, it may be quite severe, seeing as you don’t pay attention to the reactions around you.

“Senior is that… … Do you know me well?”

“oh. sorry. I’m kind of interested in this stuff. Did you?”

“Oh no! Rather, it looks better.”

To Line, this image of Erendir was reflected in a fresh way.

Wasn’t she a very high existence that I couldn’t even meet eyes if it was outside of seorn.

The princess, who was always lofty and confident and had to show off her charisma in front of everyone, was actually a person with personal hobbies like everyone else.

There was absolutely no reason to see it badly.

“Anyway, Seorn itself has become noisy because of the almighty stone.”

“Ah, so that’s how it was.”

Except for Rine and Erendir, all the students were talking about the almighty stone.

‘joy. It is an all-purpose stone. I can’t listen to it because it’s childish.’

Flora Lumos snorted inwardly as she overheard the students.

‘If there were such versatile stones in the world, adults would have already taken over them before they reached the ears of students.’

In the first place, if such a thing exists, wouldn’t it be a step forward at the national level?

In the end, the all-powerful stone is just a rumor that was created spontaneously as people gathered together.

To believe in a legend like that with all my heart. Are you still trying to become a wizard?

Seeing the students chattering about looking for them after school later made me feel ashamed that they were students of the same class.

‘Well, I just have to do my own thing.’

Rather, what Flora cared about was the occasional news about Rudger.

‘You’re hiring an assistant? Mr. Ludgar?’

That thoroughgoing, superhuman man chose an assistant.

No, of course, I can pick a teaching assistant because I am a teacher, but when I heard that they were going to pick one, I wondered who they would pick.

‘In the case of normal teaching assistants, they represent the image of a teacher, so people who are lacking would not do it.’

If it was a teacher like Ludger, the assistant would have to have the skills to match it.

If I had to say it, just like myself.

‘Oh dear. What am I thinking?’

Flora shook her head.

To think that he would volunteer to become Ludger’s assistant. that went too far

I wonder if Rudger asked her directly if she would like to become an assistant.

‘Well, if they do that, there’s nothing I can’t worry about.’

I just said I was going to pick something, but there’s no way to pick it up right away, so it won’t be bad if I wait for a while.

As I was thinking that, the front door of the classroom slid open and a female student entered.


All eyes were focused on her.

Short brown hair with a small body and a sense of volume. She put her materials on the podium, clasped in her arms, regardless of the gazes of other students.

“The teacher is coming soon, so please be quiet.”

Flora’s face turned blank at the soft voice she spoke boldly.

‘Have you already selected an assistant?’

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