I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 59

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◈ Episode 59: Almighty Stone (1)

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The all-round stone exists.

The remark was so out of the blue that I didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“Are you surprised?”

“It sounds sudden.”

If the president smiled and said ‘I’m joking’, he would have dismissed it as just a joke from his boss.

It seems that her reaction is sincere.

“Ugh. I guess I need to explain the almighty stone first.”

The president said that and lightly flicked his finger.

A very natural and light action.

However, the result was not.

The huge and vivid magic that radiated from the president’s fingertips moved and took a shape in front of me.

It was definitely a stone that looked like a hologram in the air.

How do you implement magic in that way? Is he really the president of the three Orns?

It was an amazing sight, but I managed my expression and studied the shape of the stone in detail.

It was called an all-purpose stone, but rather than a common stone, it was closer to an unpolished gemstone, that is, a gemstone.

“As you can see, this all-purpose stone exists, and it has existed for a very long time. It is an object that is so old that it is hard to guess how old it is, but still possesses unknown and mysterious powers. There is a saying in the world about it.”

“It’s a relic.”

Relic. In other words, an ancient artifact.

It refers to old objects with mysterious powers.

“You knew.”

“yes. I have heard something.”

It is different from Relics and Artifacts.

Artifacts are more like magical artifacts created artificially for one effect.

But Relic is not like that.

Unidentified. year unknown. lack of ability.

It is not known who made it, nor is it known how it was made or how it works.

At the same time, its effect and power are at least 100 times greater than the artifacts created by the Archmage.

In a way, each one is comparable to a strategic weapon that requires careful management.

That’s what Relic is.

However, as much as they have great power, the number of Relics is so small that it is difficult to find them even on the entire continent.

That such a relic is in Seorn?

“Mr. Rudger must have heard something, so it would be easy to explain. yes. There is a Relic called the <Almighty Stone> in Seorn. To be precise, it has been kept in Seorn for a very long time.”

“Is it so?”

I nodded once.

Well, I heard that the person himself is there, but here ‘I can’t do that!’ Because there is no reason to be surprised.

However, if there is a problem, why is the president calling me to talk about this?

No matter how you look at it, isn’t this confidential?

“I need Mr. Rudger’s help.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Currently, rumors about the <Almighty Stone> are spreading among students. I mean, most people in Seorn already know about it.”

I nodded.

That was the question Aidan asked me right after class today.

At the time, I thought it was just nonsense and told me to study or work hard.

I hope it was real

It’s just that I’m embarrassed.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“The point is that this rumor shouldn’t have spread in the first place.”

Oh, was it really like that?

“The fact that rumors about Relic, which should have been kept secret by nature, spread, means that information inside was leaked to the outside.”

“You’re saying that someone didn’t keep the secret properly.”

“yes. Well, I guess there is one reason. Since the all-powerful stone is a relic with great power, it needs to be stored periodically.”

To sum up what the president said, this was it.

An <Almighty Stone> that grants wishes. The relic is a stone that emits strong power by itself.

It is kept in a secret place away from the attention of others, but because of the power emitted by the relic itself, whether it is a storage box or a place, it does not play its role.

‘Of course, periodic maintenance and repairs are essential.’

If so, you have to move the relic to another place for a while while fixing the storage location and bring it back, but the problem is that the information leaked out during this preparation process.

That eventually becomes a rumor and circulates among students.

To say it was a coincidence, the president seemed to be taking this matter quite seriously.

“Someone is intentionally leaking information.”


“It is for this reason that I called Mr. Rudger. I need your help.”


Even if you don’t listen to what the president is talking about, you will know.

The person who leaked the information must be asking for help in finding the unsavory molecule that permeates inside this Ceorn.

Or to keep the Relic safe.

I immediately nodded.

“All right.”



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“Are you accepting it surprisingly easily?”

The president opened his eyes wide and asked if he hadn’t thought that I would immediately agree.

The reaction is understandable. Normally, ‘why are you telling me that?’ Because it was my turn to ask.

But I didn’t bother to ask that.

because there was no need for that.

‘Ask why you ask me to do it here, that alone is the same as having doubts about the trust the president shows me.’

honestly i know

That the president didn’t entrust me with this job because he truly believed in me.

First of all, based on the history of my camouflage status, I am also a former military officer, and because of the attitude I usually show, I must have asked me for this job.

She’s still suspicious of me, and there’s a good chance she’ll want to use this incident to reveal a secret I’ve hidden.

‘In that case, I’d rather not show off and silently accept it.’

If I argue with the president here, the action itself will inevitably be viewed as antipathy towards her.

In order to show trust to her, it was necessary to first show that you believed on this side.

Because trust toward each other is not a one-way street, but a two-way exchange.

Trust is built in just this way.

In other words, when I immediately said that I would believe and obey her words, I was not your enemy, and it was no different than saying that I fully believed in your words.

‘In the long run, it’s good to have a good relationship with the president. If I get her help here, it will also erase the debt in my heart.’

The reason I answered right away was because there was such a calculation.

Of course, it emphasizes the aspect of a soldier who silently carries out the orders of a superior without showing it outwardly.

“Mr. Rudger, please be careful of the rumors of the students, and if anyone shows any suspicious activity, please let me know immediately. Other than that, Relic’s transport will require a hand.”

“All right. When can I start moving?”

“The sooner the better.”

“Are there any other teachers involved in this matter besides me?”

“yes. There are, but first of all, we will not have to face each other because our duties are different.”


Does that mean you don’t care?

Even so, to call me, a new teacher, by pointing out like this.

You seem to be wary of me.

Through a bet with Mr. Chris, he provided candy to Mr. Hugo’s faction, but was that not enough?

“First of all, Mr. Rudger, please behave as usual. There is still time until we move the Relic.”

“All right.”

When the Relic was taken out of a safe place, if the incident happened.

At that time, the forces that intentionally spread the rumors of Relic will aim for it and move.

And the faction was very likely to be the Black Dawn.

‘Things are going interestingly. For now, I, who is nominally the First Order of the Black Dawn, is entrusted with the task of finding members.’

It can’t be a joke of fate.

Was it a coincidence or was it intentional?

If it’s the latter, the president probably thinks that if I’m a traitor, I won’t be able to do something like this.

But that’s a mistake.

‘Because no one wants to expel the Black Dawn from Ceorn like me right now.’

They are shackles to me.

You never know when and where you’ll suddenly do something crazy. If they find out that I’m fake, they’ll do anything to kill me.

‘Let’s take this opportunity to check how great the Black Dawn are.’

Whatever it is, the fact that I have one more thing to solve remains the same.

You did a good job of picking the assistant in advance.

It’s ironic that the instructor is a henchman of the Black Dawn.

“I will contact you later.”

“yes. All right.”

I got up from my seat, bowed to the president, and left the president’s office.

* * *

After Rudger leaves the chancellor’s office.

Rector Elisa Willow stopped sorting through her papers at the sound of a knock on the door and looked up.

“Come on in.”

Permission was given and the door opened quietly.

Soon, Wilford, holding a silver tray in one hand, entered the chancellor’s office.

Freshly brewed hot tea and cookies were on the tray.

“Eat and do it.”

“ah. thank you.”

“What? This is my job.”

Elisa stretched herself to relieve her sulking body, then immediately picked up a cookie and put it in her mouth.

“Whoa. After all, Grandpa’s cooking skills are always good to taste.”

“You look pretty tired.”

“Well, it is.”

The president usually doesn’t show his feelings, but Wilford was an exception.

Because he was a loyalist who had been aiding him for a long time.

“So did Mr. Ludgar Celish accept the offer?”

“yes. Surprisingly, he nodded his head so meekly.”

Elisha was still amazed when she thought of that time.

Still, I was surprised and even thought about asking a question.

The moment you hear it, you immediately grasp the situation and accept it naturally.

“Soldiers who absolutely obey orders from their superiors… … I guess you could say that.”

At first, I was also suspicious of Rudger Celish.

Because I knew that there were people who showed suspicious movements infiltrating this seorn.

Their presence was so subtle that it was impossible to distinguish whether they were servants, students, or teachers.

That’s why Elisa was suspicious of the newly hired teachers, and among them, she was suspicious of Ludger, whose past activities were relatively vague.

However, after seeing his progress, I had no choice but to change my mind.

“Although it was surprising that my eyes were not eaten. Judging by his behavior, it must be that his mental strength is that strong.”

Evaluations among students are also overwhelmingly good.

In particular, the magic called ‘source code’ that he created was enough to stimulate Elisa’s curiosity even though she had only heard rumors about it.

Had she not held the weighty position of President Lee, she would have gone to Rudger before anyone else.

“haha. Didn’t I tell you that? He’s someone you can trust.”

“Even Mr. Wilford had doubts at first.”

“That was until I went to meet him at the station.”

Sedina was suspicious because she didn’t trust Rudger, but she thought it was okay to trust him now.

More than anyone else, he made the Hugo faction, which was usually annoying like a thorn in the eye, greatly embarrassed.

With that alone, I was able to relieve the stress I had received for a year while working as president.

Still can’t quite believe it.

That is why I was entrusted with this task.

‘Miss Rudger. This is the last time. I hope you can show me more than expected.’

The president muttered that and chewed on the cookie.

* * *


I was reading my thesis in the faculty room when I heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it.”

“This is Sedina, sir. I came after finishing the assignment.”

“Is it Sedina? Come in.”

After I gave my permission, Sedina opened the door and entered.

Her face was tired as she organized the 80-person assignment, but there was also a sense of pride that she had completed it.

“Here is the summary.”

“okay. It was a lot of work.”


I took off the rimless glasses I was wearing on my face and carefully examined the data that Sedina had organized.

Sedina stared at me with a blank expression.

“hmm. No problem. Good job.”

“Oh, no. It was convenient because all I had to do was tidy up.”

“is it. Good work. Just go in and get some rest. I’m going to work too.”

“Ah yes! Thank you for your effort!”

Sedina’s face lit up at my praise and she left the office with excited steps.

Left alone again, I sorted out the pile of assignments Sedina had put together and turned my head to stare out the window.

The sun had set, and the sky had turned black.

The starlight studded on it was so dazzling and brilliant that it was hard to see on the earth where I lived.

Is it already night?

‘The president will call me again in the next few days.’

A Relic stored in Seorn.

And the Black Dawn, an organization aiming for it.

The president had been aware of the existence of the Black Dawn from before. Perhaps this will be the first proper fight between Seorn and the Black Dawn.

I got involved in it

‘I can’t make a quick decision because I haven’t decided what to do yet, but I’m sure this is a turning point.’

More than that, I never imagined that even if it was the largest magic academy on the continent, there would be a Relic in a place like this.

Relics are not simple objects.

It is an object with an immense mystery that even wizards cannot identify.


I took the medicine out of the medicine cabinet and poured it into my mouth.

I felt my mana rising with a refreshing feeling, and suddenly something came to my mind, so I took an item out of my pocket.

The president must have thought that since I was a former military officer, I would have heard a little about Relic, but in reality I am not.

There’s only one reason why I wasn’t too surprised when I heard about the Relic.

‘Is it a Relic?’

that I took out of my pocket.

A piece of metal of unknown material that looks like a splinter from something round.

‘I didn’t expect to find it in a place like this.’

Because I also had a Relic.

To be precise, the ‘piece’ of what was a Relic.

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