I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 68

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◈ Episode 68 Magical Synesthesia (1)

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“Flora Lumos. What the hell is going on here?”

Flora hesitated and hesitated to answer Ludger’s question.

In fact, there was something I wanted to ask about what happened the other day.

Are you the one who secretly used unusual magic?

‘But how do I say that?’

The smell was all there was to prove that magic had been used.

And it’s not something anyone can smell, it’s a unique scent that only Flora Lumos can smell.

It was because of the smell.

I couldn’t say it even though my mouth was torn.

“Ah, that, so… … .”

Why was Rudger there that night in the first place?

And what is the identity of the medicine cabinet he was carrying?

There were many things I wanted to ask, but at the same time I thought of this.

‘Come now?’

Come to think of it, she wasn’t particularly on good terms with Rudger. Rather, she belongs to the axis that says she is bad.

Rudger himself said he didn’t understand at all, but Flora still didn’t forget the humiliation she suffered on the first day of class.

All of them were defeats caused by his own shortcomings, and even the revenge battle that followed failed spectacularly.


To her, a man named Ludgar Celish was just a man worthy of a challenge for her, a genius.

Flora fiddled with the hem of her uniform.

‘Yeah right. Wake up, Flora Lumos. Mr. Rudger is sick and sleeping, and that’s none of my business, is it?’

Even until Flora sorted out her thoughts, Rudger just stood still and stared at Flora.

Big hum.

Flora cleared her throat and looked at Rudger.

“… … .”

And without realizing it, I turned my eyes to the side.

When he made up his mind and met eyes with Rudger, he felt ashamed.

‘What, what is it? Those eyes.’

Rudger was just staring normally, but that was not the case at all in the situation he was being victimized.

Rudger is a man who can become a pictorial just by keeping his mouth shut. His impression is sharp, and you can feel his charisma just by looking at him.

Those who receive such attention naturally feel intimidated.

There was something in that unshakable intense gaze that was difficult to face for more than three seconds.

It was like dealing with another noble being, higher than the nobility.

“Do you have anything to say?”

Rudger was on his way to work early in the morning, and it was embarrassing to see a student standing in front of the door.

Especially if it is a student who may have witnessed his secret in the past.

‘Did you see it? So you’re going to blackmail me with that?’

A light of vigilance was naturally mixed in Ludger’s gaze.

Flora didn’t even know that, and was just taken aback by Ludger’s hotter (?) gaze.

In the end, Flora had no choice but to bring out her own purpose after hesitating.

“I heard that you are hiring an assistant.”

Actually, I didn’t come here because of something related to the teaching assistant. She tried to ask what she had seen the other day, but she couldn’t bring herself to come out of her mouth.

So, in order to change the topic, I switched to the subject of teaching assistants while pretending not to.

In fact, when Rudger selected an assistant, I was intrigued.

“Surely it was.”

Rudgar nodded in agreement with her words.

“But, why is that?”

“That, so.”

Flora clenched her tiny fists and spoke with courage.

“I-I… … I can give you a teaching assistant, right?”

“… … .”

A word he says by raising one hand and placing it on his chest.

For a moment, Rudger wondered if he had heard something wrong.

“… … What did you just say?”

“I-I said I could help you with your teaching assistant work.”

“So, did you just say you wanted to be my assistant?”

“no. That’s not it!”

Flora immediately rebelled.

To become a teaching assistant! that’s a completely different word.

“Isn’t it?”

“I can help the assistant with his work. It’s not like being a teaching assistant!”

“is it.”

“What is that sluggish reaction? It’s been a long time since I came and said it myself… … .”

Flora pursed her lips.

Still, the head of the 2nd year, he said he would come and help with the work, but if it were another teacher, it would not be enough to say thank you right away and hold his hand.

However, Rudger’s reaction was unreasonable. Isn’t it like someone who just saw something like that?

“Even though I look like this, I am very talented in magic, right?”



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“egg… … , No, you know, but why do you react like that?”

“Because I don’t need an assistant anymore right now.”


Flora’s eyes widened as if she had heard something wrong.

Her long dark blue hair swayed with emotion.

“Well, what now… … .”

“It is as you say. I have already hired one assistant right now, and I don’t need more assistants right now.”

“So I’m thinking of becoming a teaching assistant… … .”

“The same is true of substituting the work of a teaching assistant. More than anything, I see more than magical prowess in this area. You should have already explained it in the last class?”

“It was, it was… … .”

Ludger does not select assistants simply for their magical skills or for the background of the students in question.

only toughness.

How diligent, how faithfully do you do your part.

That was the condition that Rudger had put forward, and he said he would only conduct a brief interview to judge it.

Flora looked slightly shocked, as if she hadn’t known that her words of courage would be rejected so harshly.

She bit her lip slightly and bowed her head.

At that moment, Rudgar’s voice rang in her ears.

“However, I am grateful for your kindness.”


Flora shook her head.

“That, what is that?”

“Wasn’t it just to help?”

“Oh no?! Cha-cha-cha, aren’t you mistaken?!”

“… … .”

Why is he doing this?

Rudger thought that he really didn’t know what a student’s heart was and decided to move on like an adult.

“Then do it like that.”

“That, so it’s not like that.”

“If there’s nothing else to do, I’ll go in first.”

“no! There is one more!”

“one more?”

What do you mean this time again?

Rudgar promised himself that if he was wasting his time on such trivial things again, he would be really bitter this time.

When I stared at Flora with such determination, she was pouty, but her magic powers up.

“Did Mr. Rudger say that? If there is someone who understands his magic, come find him.”

Last class, Ludger showed the students the magic of pointing.

and said

If there is a student who properly analyzes his magic and even imitates it, he has done his homework properly, so he will give him a reward accordingly.

A lot of it too.

But that’s when you can really embody the magic he showed you.

Are you saying that the student in front of you can do that?


Flora said that and created a small drop of water in the empty space between herself and Ludger.

It didn’t stop there. A small piece of ice formed on the ceiling, and the wind blew from across the hallway on the other side.

Ludger’s eyes lit up as he watched the scene.

okay. That was definitely the <Coordinate Designation Spell> he showed in class the other day.

It wasn’t as polished and neat as he showed.

It’s clunky, and even the effect is only weak.

But the basis is definitely the same as what he showed off.

“It really worked.”

“I am a genius.”

When Rudger meekly admitted, Flora naturally raised her nose.

“What do you want? Do you want to receive the store as I said then?”

“At first I thought I’d just get the store.”

“I did?”

Flora thought it would be no fun then.

And halfway through, I changed my mind.

“I want another reward that corresponds to it, other than the store.”

“Another reward, you mean?”

“yes. that’s right.”

Flora’s request was bold, but she fully deserved it.

Rudger thought for a moment, then nodded.

“good night.”


It was just something I had said, but I opened my eyes wide as if I didn’t know that Rudger would gladly allow it.

Of course, she also had her own intentions.

You can’t openly ask to see other magic, and you can’t ask for secrets.

But what if you leave that judgment directly to Rudger?

With his own mouth, he boasted that he would give a huge store.

If you ask Ludgar for a similar reward, Ludgar will think about another reward that fits the store he is trying to give.

‘Because Mr. Rudger is surprisingly straightforward. There’s no way a person like this would give you weird things for nothing.’

The man she had seen so far, Rudger Celish, was a man who would guard what he said.

He is blunt and stiff, and sometimes speaks carelessly, but he is confident in his words.

Should I have a belief?

There’s no way he’s talking nonsense simply to bluff.

“Come in.”

Rudger said that and opened the door to the teachers’ room.

“yes yes?”

“I was told to come in.”

“… … .”

Flora swallowed.

Are you saying that the two of us are going into the teachers’ room now?

Flora had an involuntary thought, but shook her head and brushed it off.

‘okay. He simply asked to come in. Let’s not think strange things by ourselves!’

She said yes and followed Ludger into the office.

What should I say about the teacher’s office inside, I heard a strong perception that it was just a Rudger-like place.

static and neat

It was well organized and there was a strange sense of stability.

The pleasant smell of wood and the scent of ink and paper.

Even the light that subtly illuminates the interior space.

This is Mr. Rudger’s personal space.

“This way.”

Rudger led Flora to a door attached to one wall of the teachers’ room.

It was a private lab dedicated to teachers, where assistants stayed and Ludger himself conducted magic experiments and research.

Rudgar opened the door and went in first, followed by Flora.


Flora had such feelings while looking at Ludger’s laboratory.

Usually, all teachers are supported with labs of a similar size, but Rudger felt particularly large compared to other teachers.

That’s because there was almost no clutter taking up space.

Are you sure you are a soldier?

He didn’t put anything aside except for the minimum amount of books, papers, and materials he needed.

On the long blackboard on one wall, I could see dense magic circles and theories drawn with magic chalk.

‘What the hell did you study?’

Most of them were just things written along with excerpts from papers or books, and they were things that Flora also knew.

However, seeing a single pattern drawn on one end of the magic board, Flora had no choice but to stop involuntarily.

‘This is… … ?’

A clue to the various magics that Ludger is studying.

I didn’t feel particularly inspired by it, but the pattern I’m looking at now is different.

‘pattern? no. Is that a spell?’

However, for a sake, the shape is strange.

Basically, the magic formula takes a three-dimensional form, as if drawing a picture through lines and planes with magic power in the air.

Their appearance varies greatly depending on the type of magic, but there are many that are basically splendid or elegantly beautiful.

However, what Rudger drew was very strange even if it was something strange.

What appeared was an ordinary cube.

If you say draw, you can draw with your eyes closed.

However, if there is another small cube inside the cube, and each corner is connected by a line, the story is different.

‘Did you just draw it? no. It’s not just a drawing.’

The moment she moved closer to confirm the spell, Rudger opened his mouth.

“I was thinking about what to give you. I have agreed to give you many shops with my mouth, so if you want something like that, you have to give or show the equivalent.”

Flora turned to Ludger.

He seemed to have already finished his troubles.

“The coordinate designation technique I showed you. It is to manifest magic from a distance by setting mathematical formulas and coordinates centered on the user, just as you felt and used it. Controlling the mana he used as much as possible, fixing it in the air, and manifesting another spell at the coordinates of the air.”

Of course, even if you say this, students who can’t understand will not understand.

In fact, Flora Lumos is like that too.

The only reason she could use it similarly was because she followed the process she had seen with her own eyes. On top of that, her natural talent made it possible.

“If it’s that kind of you, it would be okay if I show you this.”

Rudger said that and started drawing a spell in front of him.

However, it was very different from the general magic technique.

‘What, what is that.’

Flora’s shoulders trembled without realizing it.

It is not to create a shape by drawing strokes one by one.

It continued without a single stroke.

It draws a graceful curve and becomes a plane, which eventually penetrates the existing plane.

What was completed like that was a revolution beyond magic.

The basic technique is to create a three-dimensional picture by drawing lines of magical power in the air.

By the way, that Ludger showed me just now.

That form called ‘Klein disease’ on Earth.

It was a technique and magic that showed the possibility of another dimension beyond the third dimension.

“… … !”

At the same time, Flora’s ‘synesthesia’ was activated.

A transcendental sense beyond the limits of human five senses.

The moment she met it with her senses of sight and smell, Flora could not stand the shock and passed out.

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