I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 77

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◈ Episode 77: Sheridan Iron Feet (1)

With Violetta’s active use of wind magic, the remnants of the enemy society were quickly dealt with.

There must have been a pretty big uproar, but the cops didn’t come all the way here.

This is a deserted alleyway, and the cops treat it like it’s nobody’s business even when they hear the commotion.

That’s why murder happens like eating rice here.

“Are you done?”

“yes. It doesn’t seem like it anymore.”

Violetta patted her hands and said so.

Perhaps it was because she wasted quite a bit of mana using offensive magic, her voice was slightly tired.

Standing still, I secretly took out a pill and chewed it.

“… … Really. If you’re fine like that, help me.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s Okay. This is a light test to check my skills, something like that?”

“… … .”

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Oh, is it because I’m quietly watching the remnants of the Red Society be cleaned up?

It’s me, I can’t use mana recklessly right now, so I just stayed still.

Wouldn’t it be a hindrance if you dare to get in the middle of your allies using magic?

Apparently, Violetta interpreted my attitude a little differently.

‘It doesn’t matter.’

It didn’t seem necessary to correct the misunderstanding.

Rather, recovering mana is the priority.

“More than that, these guys did a pretty splendid thing. In a situation where the organization was completely destroyed, they tried to gather people and launch a surprise attack.”

“It must have been that desperate. Or maybe she was just as greedy.”

“Well, they must have thought that they could have everything if they killed it. But unless you’re an idiot, you should know that you can’t be harmed… … .”

Violetta couldn’t finish her words properly, as if something was bothering her from earlier.

Come to think of it, the enemy society hired an Assassin from the Kalsa faction.

No matter how new they are, they are highly trained Assassins.

It would have been quite expensive to hire such people for money.

‘Did the guys who had already robbed the business have that much money?’

It wouldn’t have been easy even if I had the slush funds I secretly left behind.

The method of paying back after killing does not work.

Originally, Assassins, even if they are not Khalsapa, do not do traumatic things.

Besides, these guys, even though they knew that Assassin had failed to kill us, they didn’t run away and rushed at us.

Do you think you’re out of power? Didn’t the guys who lived in the back alleys know that?

‘I couldn’t escape.’

I couldn’t escape, I had no choice but to fight this side.

Then why couldn’t he run away?

“I was pushed on my back.”


“The remnants of the remaining enemy society.”

At my point, Violetta also exclaimed ‘Ah’ as ​​if she realized something.

“… … So, that means other people are involved in this matter.”

“Where did it relate? I even openly encouraged this situation to happen. They probably provided the money to hire the Assassins.”

“Who are you? There won’t be anyone like that in the afterlife anymore… … .”

I shook my head.

“I am not from this world.”

“I don’t think so… … .”

“okay. It must be that a human from upstairs, who is not happy with this situation, is involved.”

Also, someone who is somewhat up to date on the situation here, and who can secretly provide money.

“I thought there was none other than Bellbot Rickson, but that’s not it either.”

“… … There were suspicions that Dutree had ties to Bellbot Rickson.”

“There is no suspicion. I actually had connections.”


“I’ve heard it directly from Dutri, so I’m sure.”

“Now, wait a minute. You heard it yourself? when? Before I kill you?”

“I haven’t killed him yet. Right now, Dutri has been imprisoned by my subordinate. It barely saved his life.”

Would it have been shocking to know that Dutri, the leader of the enemy society, was alive?

Violetta was speechless for a while.

“Almost everything has been sorted out, but he’s still the head of a bad society. If there was anything more I knew, I should have spit it out.”

“… … You are thorough.”

“Dootri used the enemy society to team up with Bellbot Rickson. He took his money and did the dirty work instead.”

“But Bellbot Rickson is dead. I saw him in the newspaper, and he was attacked and killed by a werewolf some time ago.”

“I killed him.”

“… … yes?”

“It was I who killed Bellbot Rickson.”

“… … .”

“It’s a known truth about being attacked by werewolves, but the reality is different. Bellbot Rickson secretly had an enemy society conduct human experiments on humans.”



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“Dae, why? No, more than that, why do you tell me that fact?”

When the story of the mysterious case came out of my mouth, Violetta looked extremely flustered.

The truth that I didn’t even expect, it would be rather embarrassing to hear it.

“So I killed Bellbot Rickson. He gave a worthy end to a guy who was destroying human dignity. And after looking through his safe and ledger, I caught the tail of the enemy society.”

“… … Is that why you eliminated the enemy society?”

“Anyway, I am also a body that has to settle here. Because I didn’t really want to stand with those guys.”

“… … .”

Well, I understand your surprise. And you may be wondering why I am saying this.

“… … I will definitely keep this a secret.”

“It’s good that you understand quickly.”

This is the part.

With this, Violetta will not think of betraying me.

This is a mild warning.

Although she had already fought together and presented a vision for her organization to move forward.

Originally, even if people receive this or that benefit, they will soon forget it and stab themselves in the back.

That’s why it’s completely unbelievable.

‘This is a kind of blackmail.’

I killed Bellbot Rickson. It was the assassination of one of the richest men in Ledervelk.

In other words, unless I was a nobleman, I could kill him if I wanted to.

Even her in front of you.

Just this fact alone would make my presence even greater for Violetta.

And most of all, what I said pointedly at her.

“You are a clever woman. You will understand what I am trying to do.”

“We must find the person who instigated the enemy society that attacked us this time.”


“I must be very busy. I have to go ahead with the business you told me about.”

“Can’t you?”

At my question, Violetta shook her head.

“no. That’s something that touches your pride. Both, I’ll take care of it for sure.”

“okay. it should be If you don’t show that much performance, this will be difficult. I won’t hand over Du-Tree to you guys as a sign of working hard.”

“Dootrie? Isn’t that what you’re carrying?”

“I am in a state of semi-defective people who can’t even walk properly anyway. You can use it to extract information or kill it as you like.”


The sound of Violetta swallowing was heard.

I smiled softly.

“I usually have a lot of things piled up, so it’s okay to use any method. Because he is cheap even if he suffers like that. This is also a gift from me to you.”

Actually, the first thing I wanted to do was to tell you about Dutri.

The reason Dutree was saved was not to extract information, but to give him a good impression by handing him over to the other three organizations.

As much as they are usually associated with enemy societies, they must be the ones who want to kill Dutree more than anyone else.

“I will work hard. More than you would expect.”

“That’s a good answer. I’ll be on my way, so you can go in too.”

“The corpse… … .”

“The cause of death is not asked in the back alley. Because the dead don’t talk.”

“… … yes. all right.”

Violetta politely bowed her head towards me.

Still nominally she was my equal partner, but already she had sworn allegiance to me.

It wasn’t a bad feeling.

* * *

“Is your brother here?”


“… … Some suspicious group went to the place where my brother was. Have you met?”

Instead of answering, I lazily removed the monocle from my face and took off my coat.

Hans nodded knowingly.

“I think I’ve got everything sorted out.”

“He even hired an assassin. He was an assassin of the Kalsa faction.”

“This crazy. The Khalsapa guys?”

“It wasn’t real. At best, they were newbies to gain experience.”

“But isn’t the Khalsa faction the Khalsa faction? Wouldn’t the ransom be a joke?”

“okay. So you should move a little too.”


“There are people who instigated us behind the scenes to kill us. It seems that the enemy society has disappeared and it is quite ironic that a new one has entered.”

“No, I’m dying to check the Kunst Auction House for sale… … .”

“If you can’t do it, don’t.”

“No, I will. It’s directly related to my life, but I can’t do it carelessly.”

Bounce while doing it.

The moment I hung my outer coat on the hanger, the door opened violently with a bang.

This is our secret base where few people come even from the back alleys.

It was a place that ordinary guests would never come.

However, the door opened and appeared.

“Is it Sheridan?”


At my words, a small girl who had just entered the room looked at me and her eyes lit up.

“As expected, it was the master!”

Lightly tanned brown skin, white hair tied comfortably in two pigtails. The raised eyes and corners of the lips look full of playfulness.

The loose-fitting skinny pants and loose-fitting top were soaked with oil.

Had I been touching something a while ago?

Sheridan Iron Feet.

I am a dwarf girl who is the developer and inventor of the wire launcher I use.

“It is still strong and noisy.”

Saying that, I unfastened the girdle I had attached to my left arm and threw it at Sheridan.


She jumped up from her place, grabbed her leg, and immediately checked her condition.

“hmm. It must have been pretty rough these days? The tip of the launcher is worn out, and a few screws on the cogs are loose. Besides, I have to change the wire once.”

“I had a lot to write about.”

“Rather than a lot, this joint has come loose? I think this happened because one more person was added than the original weight? lily! I told you to be careful! It’s for one person! It’s barely even possible to lift someone who has all sorts of things piled up like him!”

“It’s strong, so I just wrote it that way.”

“Don’t you know that machines are delicate?!”

“So you can’t fix it?”

“Ten minutes is enough!”

“That’s enough.”

When it comes to machines, she can be said to be an expert more than anyone else.

Self-proclaimed Gongdori, no Gongsuni.

The sword stick and saw blade boomerang I use were all made by her.

Of course, it was me who provided the idea.

When I have a rough idea, she gets stuck and invents like mad.

What a great input and output.

“Hey, assistant! Help me out!”

“Who is the assistant!”

When Sheridan called, Hans shouted out loud.

“Jjasik, if sister comes, she will come! aren’t you coming? really?”

“Ah, ah, I got it! So get rid of those mouse teeth!”

“Kihihi. im you What if you don’t listen to me? I’m getting stabbed by this. okay?”

“Damn it. older brother. Please stop this idiot.”

“It looks nice, but why?”

That’s what I said, but actually I can’t stop Sheridan either.

Because even I dare not control that beagle that I was born with.

At least, I’m just glad it didn’t cause such a fuss with me.

Of course, for Hans who couldn’t do that, it would be a matter of death.

Sheridan’s violence was mainly directed at Hans.

In particular, when Hans is stabbed by a beast’s teeth, he accepts the factor of the beast and turns into a monster.

Sheridan knew his weakness and purposely carried around something like a mouse’s tooth to threaten Hans.

“Then, I’ll go to the studio first! Come quickly!”

Hans clenched his fists as he saw her leaving like a storm holding my belt.

“Ah-oh. That little idiot really is.”

“Even if he looks like that, he’s older than you.”

Sheridan looks like a kid, but he only looks that way because he’s a dwarf, and he’s actually older than Hans.

“I know. damn. Why are you doing this only to me?”

“Yeah… … .”

Because I’m satisfied

I couldn’t even do that. I know that Hans is suffering.

But even if I didn’t say anything, Hans himself must have been aware of it, and his expression quickly became gloomy.

“… … Are there more people coming here? Hell.”

“Suffer. By the way, don’t let Seridan touch the gunpowder.”

“You know that. Because I don’t want to die either.”

Sheridan Iron Feet.

She is a great inventor and developer, but perhaps because of her terrifying spirit of challenge, she was also a woman like a ticking time bomb.

However, the problem is that this ticking time bomb is not a metaphor.

She tries to make all kinds of bombs if she has real gunpowder.

“Do you remember when hyung-nim and I first saw that idiot?”

“It was an underground mine in the Delica Kingdom. They illegally enslaved different races and forced them to mine day and night.”

“It did. He was also held there.”

“It is absurd to say that it was captured.”

“Well, I think so too.”

Anyway, when I was in the identity of James Moriarty, I secretly infiltrated the mining yard with Hans.

Then I met Sheridan.

To be precise, she was secretly making a huge bomb to blow up the tunnel itself.

“If it exploded, we’d all be dead, right?”

“okay. If the tunnel collapses 1km underground, even a knight commander-level strong person will die.”

“… … To think I had to take care of that madman who tried to collapse the shaft.”

“Good job.”

Hans has a lot of trouble.

And surprisingly, only one member of our new organization has been added.

It’s just funny that there are still more candidates.

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