I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 103

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Episode 103: King of the Dark Elves (6)

―Active skill <Chain of Fire Demon> is activated.

The mana fired from Jaehyun’s hand transformed into a chain containing flames.

It was a new magic, <Chain of Fire>, not the <Chain of Lightning> that was originally used.

Jaehyun smiled softly.

* * *

a few days ago from now.

Jae-hyun came to realize the last concept in the 4-star grimoire.


It wasn’t about making something out of nothing.

Combining existing magic appropriately and recreating it anew. That was the creation mentioned in the four-star grimoire.

Also, Jaehyun was already well aware of this precedent.

The 《Chain of Lightning》 that Jaehyun uses is originally a skill that was created by combining the «Mana Chain» and the electrical magic.

In this way, magic creation is a series of processes in which new magic formulas are added to the base magic and unnecessary parts are corrected.

After much effort, Jaehyun finally succeeded in mastering this.

Although the problem was that it was incomplete and the probability of success was low. Now that wasn’t a problem at all.

《Mana Chain》 is Jaehyun’s favorite skill.

The upper derived skill 《Chain Rain》 was also realized through this.

It went without saying that he was mastering the food perfectly.

The result was the <Chain of Fire>, which contained the flame right in front of my eyes.

Jaehyun fired his magic at the dark elves running towards him.

The sound of metal clashing surrounded Jaehyun and spread out in all directions. The chain rain that was shot down began to devastate the area.


The chain imbued with magical power turns into a blade, and then wipes out the enemies.

Jaehyun’s current level is approaching 40. Dealing with dozens of chains is no longer a problem for him.


“Sah, live… … .”

I could hear the screams and rustles of the Dark Elves.

The time when Jaehyun used his chains to annihilate the enemies one by one.

Kainan, whose complexion became pale, stammered and shouted at Jaehyun.

“Yes, you bastard! dare… Do you dare to live with such a thing!”

Jaehyun laughed. Kainan gritted his teeth and snared.

“You will definitely regret it! Even if you kill me here, the other seven kings will surely… … .”


Jaehyun’s fist, which narrowed the distance before he knew it, hit Kainan’s face directly.

His brows were twisted as if he didn’t want to hear it anymore.


Kainan’s body flew away and hit the wall, and a handful of blood gushed out from his mouth.

Jaehyun took a step towards Kainan and spoke in a low voice.

“I don’t know about that. If you twist them, tell them to come find me.”

A small smile crept across Jaehyun’s lips.

“Of course, that’s only if you can get out of here.”

* * *

―Activate the active skill 《Sacrifice》.

―The designated target is deeply wounded. Treatment takes a considerable amount of time.

A drop of cold sweat flowed down and Yu Seong-eun’s hand trembled while using the skill.

‘As expected, this skill puts a strain on the body. If it wasn’t for Jaehyun, I would have died a long time ago.’

Yoo Seong-eun was treating Seong-jae Park and Ho-yeon Ahn, who had fallen with deep wounds.

A little while ago, all the Dark Elves who were attacking the party had been slain.

Although non-combat, the Dark Elf elite knight was not a very difficult opponent for Yoo Sung-eun, an S-class raider. Even if it was the SS, it was the same.

The only problem left now is to treat the injured party and return them to normal condition.

The problem of their life and death was solved, but Yoo Sung-eun’s expression was not very bright.

‘Hoyeon’s condition is more serious than I thought.’

Rather, in the case of Park Seong-jae, the treatment was not difficult. All I had to do was attach the severed arm and refill my physical strength through divine power. If you have a little bit of skill, it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, An Ho-yeon’s case was different.

All the blood vessels in the body were twisted, screaming at every moment, and the nerve strands that used mana were semi-permanently damaged.

Even if he had been a little late, An Ho-yeon would have been crippled, unable to handle magical powers for the rest of his life.

―The treatment of the designated target has been completed.

―The user’s HP is permanently reduced by 2%.

“after… … .”

The soft green light that enveloped Ahn Ho-yeon faded, and his rough breathing stabilized.

The party, who had been watching An Ho-yeon with worried expressions, asked while sweeping their chests.

“Is Hoyeon okay now?”

“okay. don’t worry. Get some rest for a while and you’ll be fine.”

“thank god… … .”

A little while ago, Ahn Ho-yeon used his season to protect them.

《The New Swordsman’s Day》. A truly fraudulent skill that transcends the extremes of nothingness and unites oneself and the sword.

In general, A-class raiders use it with difficulty, and it was «New Swordsman» that it was only possible to use it properly when it became an S-class raider.



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However, Ahn Ho-yeon opened the door by forcibly activating the skill on the C-class subject.

She tried to forcibly peek into the next stage by crossing the limit with her own life as security.

Thanks to that, I collapsed like this with my body turned into rags, but the effect was amazing.

It was a success in cornering an enemy that was never thought to be able to deal with.

Meanwhile, Joo Seong-chan chewed his lips and recalled the battle with Ahn Ho-yeon earlier.

‘… Whatever the situation, it was too risky… Hoyeon actually used the skill with the intention of dying.’

I never knew how he could have shown such will.

That he would risk his own life to protect those without a drop of blood?

Joo Seong-chan thought of Jae-hyun at the same time.

The appearance of Jaehyun, who overpowered the enemy Hoyeon Ahn had to deal with until he opened the ‘door’.

‘That was hardly at the level of a cadet.’

Everyone in the party here had the same thoughts as Joo Seong-chan.

An Ho-yeon, who risked his life against the enemy, was that much. But, does it mean that reproduction is stronger than that?

More than Ahn Ho-yeon, who risked his life by opening the door?

After a moment of silence, Seo Ina raised her head and asked.

“… Anyway, Jaehyun is really good, right? If you get seriously injured… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung, Ha Yeon-joo, and Joo Seong-chan, who had the same worries in their hearts, also raised their heads.

Yoo Sung-eun nodded lightly with a benevolent smile.

“don’t worry. As I said before, Jaehyun doesn’t die that easily. I guarantee you.”

Of course, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried at all.

But there was no need to worry more than necessary.

Jaehyun had a skill that could break all magic.

And the Dark Elves are a race that is very vulnerable to fields other than magic, especially Bakjutsu. On the other hand, Jaehyun has excellent talents in both martial arts and magic.

Because of this, Yoo Sung-eun never thought that his student would die in a place like this.

Of course, even so, in order to save the other cadets, he had to act quickly.

Because the most important thing in treatment is not to exceed the golden time, which is nothing else.

Yoo Seong-eun got up without even having time to rest.

“Then you guys are taking good care of the wounded here. I’m going to the boss room.”

“Ah yes! and… Min Jaehyun, please take good care of me.”

“… me too.”

At the words of Kim Yoo-jung and Seo In-na, Yoo Seong-eun smiled and winked.

“Don’t worry, just relax.”

* * *

Kainan, the eighth-ranked king of the Dark Elves.

He has been a king since his birth.

Born as the son of the first king, he will later gain supremacy throughout Svartal Fame.

A born king, and one who reigns.

‘That’s me, Kainan. … It must be so!’

Right now, he is only hit by a human-like attack and is pinned to a wall.

Is this really possible?

‘shit… … ! If this is the case, there is nothing you can do! I have to let the other brothers know about this!’

Kainan made up his mind. That person can’t deal with himself.

An opponent you can’t beat. If that’s the case, I should at least let my brothers know who he is!

“Listen to all elite knights! Protect me now and escape… … !”



“Ooh, lord! save me… … .”

Screams erupted from everywhere, and Kainan couldn’t finish his words. His spark-clad chains pierced through all of his soldiers.

The elite knights were literally falling like dominoes and building a tower.

Contemplation stained Kainan’s face.

‘I can’t help it now. I have no choice but to run away alone!’

Kainan forced himself up and started running with all his might.

With the desire to get away from that monstrous human right away.


It wasn’t Jaehyun to watch it blankly.

He was blocking Kainan’s way before he knew it, and had his characteristic cold expression.

“Where are you trying to escape?”


Jaehyun grabbed Kainan’s head with one hand and tightened his grip.

The skull tightened and a voice that seemed to break slowly leaked out.

“Pray… eat… … !”

Jaehyun didn’t stop there and used chains to block all of Kainan’s limbs.

“I can’t run away anymore. Die gracefully.”

However, Kainan only smiled at Jaehyun’s words.

He glared at Jaehyun with a venomous expression on his face and pursed his lips.

“Do you want to die alone… … ! I’ll make you my companion on the way to Helheim!”

At that moment, powerful magic power began to flow from Kainan’s body, and soon covered the entire boss room. A cold chill penetrated Jaehyun’s body.

Kainan’s trump card, a secret skill that only the king of the Dark Elves can learn.

《Land of Ice》.

It was a magic that instantly freezes anything that exists on the field with an S-class skill.

Just now. The reason why Kainan didn’t use this magic was because he couldn’t properly handle the 《Frozen Earth》, and it could cause great damage to his allies.

But now it’s meaningless.

At the point where everyone is about to die, such a thing is useless worry.

Kainan decided to use the skill with his own death as collateral.

To blow that damn human off.


“Is this an unexpected harvest?”

Jaehyun laughed.

Kainan couldn’t help but shudder at the goose bumps running down his spine.

‘Ahead of the dark elves’ king’s secret… Are you laughing?’

Jaehyun opened his magic and at the same time opened his inventory and took out an item.

blank card.

It was something I had acquired a while ago and had been saving for a long time.

“I didn’t expect to use this in a place like this.”

―You can learn new skills.

―Do you want to register «Frozen Earth» on the blank card?


―I have registered «Frozen Earth» on the blank card!

Jaehyun waited for the blank card to completely copy the skill, and then did it right away.

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».

―Destroy «The Frozen Land».

I broke the 《Frozen Earth》.

The ice barrier that covered the boss room faded, and Kainan’s face was stained with astonishment.

“You should have attacked while watching the opponent.”

Jaehyun didn’t hesitate and broke Kainan’s neck.

at the same time.

―You defeated Kainan, the king of the Dark Elves.

―Achieve indescribable achievements.

―You have acquired the title 《The One Who Killed the King of the Dark Elves》.

―You have acquired the material item 《Essence of the Dark Elf King》.

―You have acquired the equipment item 《Dark Elf King’s Pauldrons》.

“You and I are opposites.”

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