I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 106

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Episode 106 Midterm Exam (1)

Miles Academy’s regular exams have been infamous since ancient times.

Because of the excessively difficult difficulty and excessive competition, it is called the tomb of many cadets.

The test is mainly theory and practical. consists of two in total.

First of all, the theory takes the test of the subject you are taking like a general university.

For example, 《Magic Science》 or 《Basic Matou Science》 are basic.

In the case of the magic world, here is 《Understanding Magical Operations》. In the case of martial arts, a major subject such as 《Basics of herbivory》 is added.

Note that. Jaehyun has already mastered all subjects, regardless of magic or martial arts.

As much as he had to maintain the unprecedented position of 《Battle Mage》, he couldn’t miss the martial arts-related lectures either.

In the case of practicality, it is again divided into two parts.

The first is a potion preparation test based on alchemy.

The second is a strategy test to clear a dungeon prepared in subspace.

In the case of the latter, it can be considered similar to mock dungeon practice, but… … .

The reality is completely different.

The simulated dungeon practice is an event where outsiders are strictly prohibited.

It was not disclosed to the outside, but only internally evaluated.

However, the practical test of the regular exam is broadcast live nationwide through broadcasting stations. Among them, especially the 1st grade exam tends to attract more people.

It is because it is a rare opportunity to see new faces who will shake Korea in the future.

‘If you do well, you will become a celebrity and stand out from other guilds, otherwise you will be disgraced nationwide. It’s a dirty way like Gu Jain.’

In this process, Milles Academy and Gu Jain will earn huge relay fees.

To put it simply, it’s an ulterior motive to use the cadets to do business.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but shake his head at the viciousness.

before regression.

Jaehyun also had memories of being terribly humiliated in the practical exam.

During the final strategy test, the leader of the team used him as a throwaway card and betrayed him.

Thanks to that, Jaehyun became the first member of the team to be eliminated, and the viewers uttered swear words at him that were hard to bear.

Starting with ‘lack of ability’, malicious accusations such as ‘I don’t know how that came to Milles Academy’, ‘Expelling me because the tax is a waste’, ‘Did you enter the school with a shiny face?’ ‘s comments.

This was still clearly embedded in Jaehyun’s brain.

‘Of course, it doesn’t matter now.’

Now, Jaehyun is no longer in a position to worry about the academy exam.

In the first place, the reason why Jaehyun suffered from the test in the past was only because of the practical skills, and now, thanks to the practical skills as well as the written notes, it was not a problem at all.

… Of course, there was no guarantee that others would too.

“Why the hell is Drake’s weak spot on his heel?!”

“… Do I have to memorize all of this? … Is that a lie?”

Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na’s voices sounded close to screaming.

The two lowered their heads almost simultaneously and buried their faces in the desk.

Currently, the party is at the study cafe on the premises of Miles Academy.

This is because not long ago, the two asked Jae-Hyun and Kim Yu-Jung to teach them their studies.

The problem was that both of them had gloomy grades in theory, and they had built a wall from their studies.

Jaehyun laughed.

They’ve been acting like adults lately, but they’re still 17-year-olds.

After all, it was more natural to worry about exams than to catch a witch.

‘by the way… Where should I start teaching? I can’t answer.’

Jaehyun looked at the two of them alternately, deeply troubled.

Of course, I had no intention of taking care of my studies from the beginning.

Even though they are his faction, there is no reason for Jaehyun to go through such trouble.

In the future that Jaehyun knows, the two somehow graduate from Milles.

There was no need for Jaehyun to step in and do something.

However, even so, the two earnestly asked for help, so I accepted the offer, thinking that it would be useful anytime later if I put down the burden.

‘After all, my academy life will be easier if they grow well.’

Meanwhile. Kim Yoo-jung, with her mischievous expression on her face, was contemplating how to tease the two of them.

She didn’t seem to have much resistance to the theory test itself.

Well, it’s natural.

Kim Yoo-jung was so good at theory that she competed for first and second place in the entire school when she was in middle school. It wouldn’t be easy for Jaehyun now to beat Kim Yoojung with her theory.

“You have to do it step by step. How far did you study in middle school?”

“… In middle school, her grandmother said it was okay to play.”

“I also barely studied writing because I was preparing for my practical skills… … .”

Seo Na-na and Ahn Ho-yeon’s voices gradually became smaller, and a shadow fell on Jae-hyun’s face.

However, Kim Yoo-jung had a pleasant expression without such a sign at all.

“Then let me explain from the beginning. Short-term accelerated tutoring. How about having a karaoke room and an after party after exams to pay for tutoring?”

“Ohhh… … !”

“… oh, that’s cool… … .”

The two nodded vigorously, like religious fanatics.

‘Well, Kim Yoo-jung teaches theory well. I was helped too.’

Jaehyun agreed and recalled the past for a while.

When I first started learning about magic. He had taken theory classes from Kim Yoo-jung.

I definitely have good memories back then… shit.

‘The respectful words are still as good as yesterday.’



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Jae-hyun glared at Kim Yoo-jung for a while with eyes filled with a strange murderous look.

Kim Yoo-jung was already forcing the two of them to call themselves teachers with respectful words.

Well, it seems that the two of them, who have already become followers, gladly accepted the offer.

* * *

For the first time, Kim Yoo-jung began teaching the two of them 《Masuhak》.

It is commonly known as the most difficult subject, but with Kim Yoo-jung’s help, I was able to understand the characteristics of demons and learn their weaknesses and habits more fun than I thought.

It was such a fruitful class that even Jaehyun, who already knew the contents, was impressed.

“… Seo, the teacher is a genius.”

Seo Eana said while looking at Kim Yoo-jung with thick tears hanging on her face.

Jaehyun wasn’t just playing around either.

“Ho Yeonah. Hoyeonah. Ahn Ho-yeon! Wake up quickly. Otherwise, you lose.”

… It was a bit drastic, but I couldn’t help it.

A genius who shines first in martial arts aptitude. Ahn Ho-yeon was vulnerable to sleep and books.

“Oh sorry. I get sleepy just reading books… … .”

“After getting a failing grade, just looking at the book will make you jump up in fear.”


Jae-hyun persuaded (?) Ahn Ho-yeon and helped him focus on his studies.

Surprisingly, Seo In-na adapted quickly and finished all the basics of Mathematics, and Ahn Ho-yeon somehow succeeded in following along.

But that was just the beginning.

The following subjects related to magic power and the principle of gate generation, etc.

Consecutive subjects left both of them completely exhausted.

four hours after that.

Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na muttered as they looked at the ceiling with stunned faces.

“I was wrong… … .”

“… See you at the retest site.”

“Both of them. Stop talking nonsense and get up. The next subjects are 《Understanding Wavelength》 and 《Radar Mindset》… … .”

Jaehyun shook his head.

Apparently, this test seemed burdensome to my colleagues in many ways.

* * *

After preparing for the theory test, Jaehyun returned to the hotel around 6pm.

I thought about training a bit more, but maybe it’s because I’ve been working too hard lately.

Besides, I haven’t checked the items I got from defeating the boss of this dungeon yet.

How to check items obtained from boss raids on time. After entering the hotel room, Jaehyun unpacked and sat down on the bed.

“First of all, this.”

Jaehyun looked at the newly acquired title first.

[Title item]

Name: The one who killed the king of the dark elves

Grade: A


An honorable title that can only be obtained by those who killed the King of the Dark Elves.

1. Horsepower + 30

2. Adds 10% attack power against dark attribute monsters.

*When you wear the title, you will incur the wrath of all Dark Elves and become a target.

“… Are all title items such a scam?”

It was such a good item that I thought so.

It’s not enough to support a whopping 30 mana, so it increases attack power by 10% when facing dark attribute monsters?

Items like this were rare and hard to find.

Even grade A.

If it was listed on the auction house, it was a fraudulent item that would start with at least 10 billion won.

‘what. To begin with, I’m the only one with a title item, so it makes no sense to compare them.’

Of course, there is a phrase that will incur the wrath of the Dark Elves, but… To Jaehyun, who possesses absolute arithmetic, the dark elves were just food.

After trying to calm down the corner of his mouth that was about to rise, Jaehyun checked the next item.

[material item]

Name: Essence of the Dark Elf King

Rating: A+


Essence of magic possessed by Kainan, the eighth king of the Dark Elves.

If prepared well, it can be a great medicine.

1. Permanently increases magic stat (10 ~ ??) according to the degree of preparation when consumed.

“This is good too. Because the magic stat is always lacking.”

This item was great too.

Ingredients for an excellent medicine that can aim for a permanent increase in magic stats.

“The chancellor will be happy if I bring it to my brother.”

As much as Lee Jae-sang likes to work with new medicinal materials, Jae-hyun intended to bring the essence to him and ask him to prepare it.

Next was the equipment item.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Pauldrons of the Dark Elf King

Grade: A


Pauldrons of Kainan, King of the Dark Elves. top quality.

1. Strength +25 / Horsepower +25

2. Stamina +1,500

There was no separate skill attached, but this was also more than Jaehyun expected.

Jaehyun immediately put on the pauldron and moved his body lightly.

It was the first item that greatly increased the strength stat after regression.

This would be a great experience when working as a battle mage in the future.

The last thing to check was skill.

Obtained from the sealed magic book after killing the king of the Dark Elves.

Jaehyun opened the window without hesitation.

[Active skill]

Name: Formation of magic tools (LV. 1)

Rating: EX

A skill that uses mana to shape weapons necessary for battle.

The higher the grade, the higher grade the weapon can be produced.

Weapons will disappear if you don’t continuously inject magical energy into them.

1. Shape the magic tool.

2. Options and grades are given randomly according to level (current minimum grade – C).

3. If the grade of the weapon is too high, the grade will drop according to the user’s level.

Jaehyun looked at the skill window again and again as if he couldn’t believe it.

It was such a good skill.

He felt the reward of holding the king of the Dark Elves with great difficulty.

A skill that can shape arms?

Until now, Jaehyun was unheard of.

Even a C-class weapon costs thousands of dollars to purchase at the auction house, and in the case of a B-class weapon, it easily exceeds hundreds of millions to billions.

Not much more to say than that.

However, this skill can create weapons beyond C-class in real time every battle, just by growing it.

Even the kind you want.

The fact that the options were random wasn’t a downside at all.

Jaehyun decided to try the skill right away.

He lightly injected mana into his palm.

Then, along with the sound of rotating magic power, the light that emerged from the palm began to take the shape of a weapon.

The first thing he produced was a dagger with a short blade.

―You have succeeded in crafting an equipment item!

―Displays item information.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Mana Blade

Grade: C


A basic mana blade with magic power.

Attack Power: + 30

Durability: 100/100

“… It’s a scam.”

Jaehyun left such an impressionistic comment.

Of course, the options in the C class are not that great. However, there was an enormous utility that could not be compared to that.


But this wasn’t the end.

After a while. The blue effect was applied to the weapon he made, and he was promoted to B-class.

“What, what?!”

Jaehyun was perplexed and examined the weapon here and there.

Then, a system sound was heard.

―Equipment item <<Misteltain>> reacts.

―All the effects of «Mistiltein» will be unlocked when the conditions are met!

―You have acquired the passive skill 《Genius of Arms Manufacturing》.

―From now on, the grade of all equipment produced by the user will increase by 1.

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