I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 108

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Episode 108 The Negative Hand (1)

“… mi, sorry Too bad, to say the least… … .”

Lee Jae-sang scratched his head and apologized.

However, Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung were already in a state of fascination. To be given a failing grade before even taking the test… … .

It was not a very pleasant feeling.

Meanwhile, unlike the two, Eana Seo received rave reviews. Ahn Ho-yeon was also praised for passing her test without difficulty.

Jaehyun thought for a moment and then asked.

“Hyung, is there any way to avoid failing grades? I did well in other grades, but there is no answer if I cut it here.”

“Me too! Oppa, if you mess up your grades here, I’ll be in big trouble!”

“Hahaha, but… … .”

Lee Jae-sang made an expression as if he was troubled by the words of the two people.

After thinking for a moment without saying anything, he opened his mouth with difficulty.

“There is no way at all. that… If you use a special item… … .”


“Yes! It’s okay to use Priest items for Miles’ Alchemy Trial! On the contrary, there is a little problem with this, though… … .”

“phew. thank god… You really thought you were going to die. tell me right away Cost isn’t a problem, so I’ll do it soon… … .”

At Jaehyun’s words, Jaesang Lee interrupted with a pale complexion.

“It is not a problem that can be solved with money. Ah, the items you need to find are so rare even in the country that it’s difficult to find them… … .”

“What is that item called?”

When Kim Yoo-jung asked, Lee Jae-sang answered in a smaller voice.

“That, that… It’s a demon called ‘Moonlight Firefly’… Uh, they only come from very clean areas. B. Even in the black market, less than 100 kids come up every year… Oh, it must be hard to find.”

“Moonlight fireflies… But why are they fireflies?”

“Whoa, if you grind the shell of a moonlight firefly into powder and mix it with other ingredients, it becomes an item that can maximize the performance of potions and potions.

If that’s the case, ah, no matter how many of you are using proper potions… Huh! Mi-I’m sorry.”

“ah… There was something like that.”

The afterword was intentionally left out.

Jaehyun nodded in admiration.

I didn’t know that he was even studying insects, but since he was a potion maker, he seemed to be interested in this and that.

Jaehyun thought about it for a moment, then crossed his arms and said.

“Aside from that, are there any other ingredients we need?”

“Me, everything else is something you can buy or buy on the market.”

“Then, where can I get one?”

“Yes… But, they are hard to find… … .”

“I’ll try my best.”

Jaehyun abandoned the idea of ​​passing the alchemy test with his own skills early on.

Kim Yoo-jung also seemed to be the same.

There was no other way for the two of them. Moonlight fireflies. I have to pass the test even if I have to exterminate those bugs immediately!

The eyes of Jaehyun and Yujeong Kim were filled with determination.

* * *

“But do you know where I am going and follow me?”

Jaehyun, who was walking down the hallway, fired at Kim Yoojung, who was standing next to him.

Kim Yoo-jung replied with a vicious smile.

“You are not the kind of person who will do things without thinking, are you? If I follow you around, something will work out.”

“… Having said that, I really don’t want to take her.”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung screamed.

“hey! What is a good friend!”

“I know, so don’t scream. Pay the right price.”

“okay. I’ll do well as you tell me, so don’t just throw it away. You really have to pass the exam in one go. Are failing grades acceptable in my life?”

Jaehyun gave an appropriate answer to Kim Yoojung’s words and climbed into the elevator.

Kim Yoo-jung opened her eyes wide and asked.

“But why take the elevator upstairs? This is where the seniors are.”

“So get on. I’m going to seek some help from a senior I know.”

“… Do you know any seniors?”

“okay. Someone you know too?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung tilted her head.

Did you know any seniors at Milles Academy?

I don’t remember anyone like that at all.

After a while.

After Jaehyun arrives on the 2nd year floor. She searched the room and found one.

Only then did Kim Yoo-jung realize. Why did she say Jaehyun was looking for someone she knew.

There was a very familiar face in front of Kim Yoo-jung with a puzzled expression.

Soyul Kwon.

One of the members of Sid, one of the most popular circles on campus, and one of the seniors who were outed by two during the freshman hunt.

‘I’m glad. I thought what if I had already gone to the dormitory.’

Jaehyun laughed.

The reason he came to Kwon So-yul was clear.

‘Thanks to Kwon So-yul’s unique skill 《Search》, he can track a designated target up to hundreds of kilometers.

As long as you use this, it’s not unreasonable to find and catch traces of moonlight fireflies.’



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Of course, if you want, you can use a blank card to copy Kwon So-yul’s skill.

Because Jaehyun’s inventory still contains the blank cards he obtained from hunting the king of the Dark Elves.

However, Jaehyun was well aware that such a choice was poison.

‘Even if it’s a unique skill, it’s stupid to use a card for a tracking skill.’


Jaehyun has already roughly decided on the next skill to copy with a blank card.

‘Single extreme skill. I need that.’

It was fine now that the AoE skill was <Judgment of Light> and the newly obtained <Frozen Earth>.

However, in order to deal with boss monsters, extreme skill is inevitably required.

Of course, there is the 《Chain of Lightning》, but it is true that it is a bit ambiguous when looking at the single firepower alone. It wasn’t that he wasn’t as strong as an A-rank, but there are many stronger skills in the world.

In the first place, the reason why Jaehyun uses chain-type magic is because of its utility.

There was no reason for Jaehyun to insist on one skill after defeating the king of the Dark Elves and acquiring all sorts of magical power-enhancing items.

In addition, Jaehyun is already scheduled to fight Hugin and other Aesir gods.

At such an important time, giving up a card just for 《Explore》?

‘It’s stupid. … In addition, it is necessary to be careful about copying the unique skills and active skills.’

It was natural.

S-class skills can be learned by anyone with talent.

However, the unique skills are different.

A unique skill is a skill that is monopolized by an individual or a specific family.

What if you see them randomly copying and using them?

At least, it will be difficult to look good to the top radars with vested interests.

‘Perhaps if my ability is discovered by others… I will definitely be killed by other S-class raiders.’

Jaehyun wasn’t strong enough to deal with S-class raiders yet.

They will have no reason to keep Jaehyun alive, who will gradually grow and threaten their place.

In this situation, recklessly copying a unique skill was a big risk.

‘Now, it’s better to copy skills that are maximally usable and can be used in front of others without any problems.’

Jaehyun nodded slightly and took a step into the room.

Fortunately, Kwon So-yul was reading a book alone in the circle room.

Jaehyun was relieved and let go of his luck.

“ah. I barely found it. hello. Senior Kwon So-yul.”

Kwon So-yul took her eyes off the book and said with a displeased expression.

“… what? Min Jae-hyeon and Kim Yoo-jung… ? Why are you here?”

“Well, nothing else. I have come to ask you something.”

Kwon So-yul frowned at Jae-hyun’s bold words.

“hey. You played with me like that during the freshman hunt, and now what… … .”

“If you help me, I will give you a fair reward. We are also in a hurry.”

“I don’t know what it is, but I won’t listen, so go away.”

“Do you know what I’ll give you and refuse so easily?”


Kwon So-yul’s expression changed at Jae-hyun’s words.

‘Well, it looks like they’ll give you some points at most… what the. How do you view seniors?’

she asked, crossing her arms.

“okay. Say something. What are you going to give me?”

Jaehyun smiled.

If this is the case, it is as if everything has been passed.

Jaehyun was thinking of proposing the most common and snobbish thing among what people want from people.

Jaehyun said in a calm voice.

“I will give you money. in cash.”

“hey! No matter how much I’m a senior, I think I’ll be swayed by money… … .”

“Thirty million won. how is it? If the work goes well, I can take care of more.”

Kwon So-yul’s two eyes turned bright.

Without realizing it, my saliva went down.

“… I’ll listen and see.”

30 million won… It was too large an amount to refuse.

* * *

“… Well, it seems possible.”

“thank god.”

Kwon So-yul nodded his head, saying that it was possible enough after hearing Jae-hyun’s plan.

Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung took a deep breath and were relieved.

Well, it was a unique skill, but it was strange that the fireflies couldn’t find one.

Just before you do a favor. Kwon So-yul said he had two questions.

The first was simple.

No matter how skillful you are, you need traces to find fireflies. But, can anyone find traces of moonlight fireflies here?

“Do not worry. I’m bringing an incredibly talented alchemist with me.”

“hmm… What if it is?”

The second question was also insignificant.

How did you know you had the «Search» skill?

This is a story that has spread all over the school, so I just covered it up.

Kwon So-yul also quickly understood Jae-hyun’s answer because he didn’t ask in an interrogative manner.

Kim Yoo-jung was a bit shy, but quickly became close with Kwon So-yul.

The extreme sociability was demonstrated in the urgency created by the exam period.

“Then let’s leave today. Because the test is coming soon.”

“Well, that’s fine. Are you really giving me 30 million won?”

Even though he wrote the contract and showed it to him, Kwon So-yul did not seem to believe it easily.

Jaehyun nodded as if he didn’t care.

“Ah, because it is. That’s a lot of money.”

“… Yoo Jeong-ah. What kind of gold spoon is he?”

At Kwon So-yul’s question, Kim Yoo-jung shook her head.

Jaehyun, who was next to him, answered instead.

“If I had to put it that way, I am a self-made man. ah! Chancellor hyung, let’s start now.”

“Ah, yes. Ah Okay.”

“… Isn’t he Jaesang Lee? Is he going too?”

“Oh, is it spherical?”

When Jaehyun asked, Kwon Soyul meekly nodded.

“So, we were on the same team in the freshman hunt at first.”

I felt that I had found an unexpected friendship.

Lee Jae-sang said that he had a freshman hunt with the same team as Kwon So-yul last year.

Of course, my grades weren’t that good, and I didn’t play very well.

Jaehyun turned on his smartphone screen to check his watch and said calmly.

“Don’t worry, I prepared all the luggage and necessary expenses. Shall we go then?”

* * *

Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do. Deogyusan area.

The reason Jaehyun and the party came to such a distant place was simple.

Although it is a monster, the moonlight firefly is not a monster that appears in dungeons.

These are monsters that can be found in normal nature, and appear in places where real animals and plants are distributed.

In the society, these monsters are referred to as «Natural Witchbeasts».

There is a lot of talk about the creation principle and ecology of monsters, but most of them say that the mana that stayed in the air and ground after the outbreak of monsters transformed the actual animals and plants into monsters.

Because of this, Jaehyun chose this place as his destination.

Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do is the place where you can find fireflies most easily in the country.

It fits their purpose exactly.

“by the way. It’s still spring, so the weather is pretty cold.”

“sleep. Here are yours, and the chancellor wears them too.”

Jaehyun took out short padding from his inventory and handed it to the party one by one.

I thought the mountain would be cold on the way back, so I bought padding in advance. Of course, as it is a radar with transcendental power, the cold won’t make your body dull… … .

Anyway, I couldn’t neglect my preparations at the point where I had to fight monsters.

Kwon So-yul, who accepted the padding, asked with her eyes shining.

“Now, wait a minute. this padding… Isn’t that very expensive? It was advertised on TV.”

“yes. You know.”

Jaehyun nodded his head appropriately.

Kwon So-yul quickly received and put on the padding and said with a satisfied face.

“hey. Are you giving me this? If you give it away, you’re a real bad guy. you.”

“I will give it to you. Don’t worry and use your skills. I have to work for 30 million won.”

“Miss Ha… Okay, so look for traces.”

A white fog spread in front of the group entering the deep part of the mountain.

His vision was blurry, his vision was unclear, and his son-in-law was dark.

However, Lee Jae-sang was walking around the mountain road covered with dusk. Even though it was a little past ten o’clock in the evening, he seemed very active.

Kim Yoo-jung whispered to Jae-hyun and asked.

“Prime Minister, brother, why are you like that? How about something… You seem excited.”

“I know. Well, he said before riding the portal. He likes bugs.”

“Insects… You like it?”

Kim Yoo-jung trembled and refused with her whole body.

Either that or not, Lee Jae-sang was busy looking for traces of moonlight fireflies.

about an hour after that.

“ah! This, this is the trail of the moonlight fireflies.”

Lee Jae-sang found the bodily fluid of the moonlight fireflies on the tree.

When Jaehyun moved his gaze to Kwon Soyul, she immediately nodded.

“okay. for a moment.”

―Use the active skill 《Search》.

―I found the traces of the moonlight fireflies.

―Guide users to the target ‘Moonlight Firefly’.

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