I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 111

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Episode 111 Practical Test (2)

“Sit down for now.”

At Jaehyun’s recommendation, Kim Yoojung sat down next to her with her eyes narrowed.

A moment of suffocating silence flows. Kim Yoo-jung opened her mouth first.

“under… Jaehyun Min. Let me endure somehow. But did you really choose them because you’re okay?”

“What do you want to say?”

“You know. What am I talking about.”

The two people in front froze at Kim Yoo-jung’s stiff tone.

Jaehyun knew why she reacted so coldly.

‘Kim Jin-ah, Park Seong-woo. They were the kids who saved me before the return, but in the current timeline, they’re perceived as irresponsible cadets who almost killed me.’

Mock dungeon incident.

In an event you could call a tragedy, Jae-Hyun actually nearly died.

At that time, Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-woo ran away leaving Jae-hyun and Seo Ea-na behind.

To follow the leader, Jae-Hyun’s instructions, and to call the instructors outside.

However, the problem was that the dungeon at the time was in the form of a closed dungeon, and it was impossible to enter inside from the outside.

As a result, the two were criticized by others.

A cowardly raider who ran away without being able to protect his comrades.

He took on the stigma that Jaehyun used in the past.

Jaehyun looked at Kim Yoojung and said calmly.

“You said that too. Ina and I sent them outside. Isn’t it too harsh to blame the two of you?”

“Ha, yes. It can be harsh. however. That doesn’t mean that these two people didn’t abandon you and run away. Honestly, I don’t understand why you made this choice.”

“are you okay. And realistically, catching these two was the best.”

Of course, this statement is somewhat ambiguous.

Jaehyun is currently ranked #1.

Able to work with any cadet. To put it simply, I had the free pass in my hand.

It is not difficult to form a team with other cadets if you put your mind to it.

But in the end, Jaehyun chose these two people.

The reason was simple.

‘Thanks to the two of them running away from the simulated dungeon, the cost is relatively undervalued compared to their skills. It’s not the Ughan Castle that’s really cheap, but this one.’

All of Miles’ class grades are actively used in this evaluation. In order to give an appropriate cost, the data at the time of the mock dungeon practice had to be used as well.

‘Park Seong-woo and Kim Jin-ah abandoned their colleagues in a mock dungeon and ran away. It’s impossible to get a good evaluation no matter what.’

After a while.

Kim Yoo-jung, who heard all the explanations, nodded with a shy face.

“… Well, there is a point. but… It’s kind of weird though. You can get a perfect score on the practical test by yourself. Why are you taking the two of you?”

At Kim Yoo-jung’s words, Park Sung-woo and Kim Jin-ah also raised their heads.

It was a question that the two of them also wanted to ask.

‘It’s sharp.’

“It’s all because I have thoughts. Did you see me doing things for no reason?”

Jaehyun laughed.

In this exercise, there were several prerequisites for Jaehyun to form a team member.

one of them is right.

‘Enmity toward Gu Jain.’

Jaehyun made a plan for this second practice.

In order to realize this, the hostility towards Gu Jain. He also needed a heavy mouth to listen to himself.

‘I made an appointment in advance for a time like this. No problem.’

Jaehyun briefly recalled the phone call he had with Kim Jinah a few days ago.

[…] You want to be on the same team as us? I’m fine, but… … .]

[Instead, you have to listen to one condition.]


[okay. Never disclose what happened in this second practical test to the outside world. That’s the condition.]

[Well, if that’s the case, it’s not difficult.]

[Then it’s okay. Oh right. We need to write a simple contract for this condition. Are you fine?]

[huh. are you okay. If it’s okay with us, we’ll help you with anything.]

The real reason for choosing the two. that.

“Guardian. In this event, we will bring him down.”

“… what?”

Kim Yoo-jung was surprised by Jae-hyun’s words and asked back.

The other two also looked at Jaehyun, and soon became distraught.

‘Jaehyun… Are you serious?’

Kim Jin-ah trembled in disbelief.

Of course, he and Park Seong-woo also heard from Jae-hyun and knew about it. That Chairman Gu Ja-in deliberately set them into a trap.

That what happened in the mock dungeon that day was no coincidence.

but… … .


How the hell did you bring him down, who had absolute power?

This was something that even the Radar Management Headquarters could not easily accomplish.


While receiving the attention of the three, Jaehyun was just smiling.



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All plans were already in his head.

‘Guardian. If you can get out of the network again this time. Let’s see.’

* * *

“hello. everyone. I am Instructor Park Ha-joon, who will supervise the second practical test for this midterm exam.”

on the day of the test.

Jaehyun gathered in the auditorium with his teammates to take the second practical exercise.

The instructor in charge of this exam is Park Ha-joon.

According to Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s report, he is one of Gu Ja-in’s new henchmen.

Jaehyun sneered and looked at his behavior.

‘Well, it’s obvious. A new right-hand man to fill the vacancy after losing Kim Seok-gi.’

However, there will be nothing to see.

Recruiting a talented person like Kim Seok-ki is difficult, no matter how old he is.

Kim Seok-gi was an elite raider who was at the top of the A-class. Now Park Ha-joon is also A-class, but there was a difference in rank from him.

As for Jaehyun, he’s an opponent who doesn’t need to be nervous at all.

‘by the way. I can’t believe Gu Ja-in still didn’t notice Instructor Jeong Yi-soo’s brainwashing.’

I thought it was unexpectedly insensitive.

The other day, Jae-hyeon cast a brainwashing spell on Instructor Jeong Yi-soo.

It was to use her, Gu Jain’s confidant, to steal important information about Miles.

However, after the guild experience.

Quite a long time has passed, but there is no message from Gu Jain.

The brainwashing that Instructor Jeong Yi-soo is also still in effect.

Given the circumstances, it was correct to assume that Ja-in Gu did not notice Instructor Yi-soo Jeong’s brainwashing.

There was no reason not to use it as a representation.

“hey. But are you really okay?”

Unexpectedly, Kim Yoo-jung, standing next to her, tilted her head and asked.

When Jaehyun didn’t respond, Kim Yoojung seemed frustrated and added.

“that… that’s your job The one who said he was going to bring Gu Jain down.”

Kim Yoo-jung spoke in a noticeably smaller voice.

Jaehyun smiled and nodded.

“don’t worry. Whatever happens, I will take responsibility.”

“hey! Where is that word? It’s the same team. Ugh. done. I just asked.”

Kim Yoo-jung grumbled and put both hands in the pockets of her skirt.

Park Seong-woo and Kim Jin-ah, standing next to them, seemed nervous and were trembling.

After a while.

Instructor Park Ha-joon’s words about the exam came to an end.

“… So, from now on, all of the second practical tests will be accompanied by a helicam.

The video to be filmed will be broadcast live across the country without delay, and large bonus points will be awarded separately to cadets who achieve good grades. Please do your best.”

All explanations were soon over.

Jaehyun took a deep breath, recalling what he had just heard.

The mana that slowly fills up in the lungs.

‘The ceremony in the auditorium is working.’

Giing… … .

A jet-black abyss with its mouth wide open appeared from the floor.

It was almost the same shape as the one I saw during the freshman hunt in the past.

If there’s something different about it.

‘The expression is divided. It seems like this formula was created to transmit one group at a time.’

“Okay then.”

A small smile spread across Jaehyun’s lips.

“This time, even you won’t be able to get out. Guin.”

* * *

Milles Academy Director’s Office.

Gu Ja-in, who is sitting on a chair, is skimming through the articles on the portal site with a stiff expression.

Every article that appeared in the headlines was just against the plant.

[Crisis Milles Academy… Do you want to return Korea’s most prestigious title?]

[Gujain driving innocent cadets to death. The resignation protest continues.]

[Radar management headquarters. Milles Academy, which does not guarantee the safety of the cadets, is wrong.]

[The center of the incident accident. trouble maker. Who is Gu Jain, the chairman of Miles?]

“shit… … ! Dog-like litters! How much money did I feed you to write an article like this?!”


Gu Jain slammed the desk and clenched his fists. It couldn’t have been more exasperating for him.

They shot billions of dollars into the accounts of reporters and asked them to block this guild experience article.

But, hit the back of the head like this?

Gu Jain gritted his teeth and slowly vomited it out.

“All the media is turning their back on me. dare me from Gu Jain.”

Gu Jain’s eyes cooled.

he already knew

Who intervened in this incident and roasted the reporters?

“Yeonhwa Guild… Yuseong intervened in the incident. ”

The cause is certain.

To contain Gu Ja-in’s forces and grow Yeon-hwa’s pie.

But it’s also true that I don’t understand right away.

Wasn’t this guild experience prepared with great care?

In order to make up for the mistakes made in the mock dungeon, all preparations were strictly kept secret.

No matter how good your nose was, it would have been impossible to dig into this case.

“after… … .”

Gu Jain let out a rough breath and raised his head.

“Yooseong… What is the reason Why are you suddenly interfering with me?”

Of course, while pretending to be with the Yeonhwa Guild until now, he has earned the resentment of many people.

However, as much as he made many enemies, he also recruited many allies and prepared for this situation.

After thinking for a while, Gu Jain came to a conclusion.

“There is a traitor within. Some of the instructors are negotiating with the enemy.”

If it wasn’t for that, it wouldn’t make sense that this incident leaked out.

“I can’t help it. For the time being, I have no choice but to save myself. At least until this midterm… No, you’d better be careful until the second semester starts.”

Of course, he would have to take some damage, but it was better than having his position threatened.

After a while, the incident will subside.

After all, he is the founder of Milles Academy, and is supported by the entire nation.

There is nothing to break down here.

‘Soon the midterm exam will begin. When the live broadcast starts, all the attention will be on it. I just need to hold out for a little bit.’

The timing wasn’t bad.

By the time the midterm exams were over, the guild experience would have been put to rest.

No matter how much Yeonhwa guild was, it was not strong enough to bring him down right away.

“For a while, I act like I am dead. When the press calms down, we can go back to our original plan.”

Gu Jain forcibly regained his calm expression and muttered that.

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