I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 114

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Episode 114: Regressor’s Dungeon Strategy (2)

“Kim Yoo-jung. What are you doing? isn’t it happening?”

“Ah Okay. Do not rush.”

Kim Yu-jung grumbled and stood up from her seat.

That would be too. The potion wasn’t finished yet, and the area around it was very hot. In addition, less than 30 minutes had passed since I entered the tent. It was natural for her to want to rest a bit more after fighting the beast all day.

But for Jaehyun, it was best to move now.

today. About 12 hours had elapsed since the test started.

8:00 p.m. is the prime time for viewers.

‘Right now is the best time to hold an event.’

After a while.

The two came out of the tent and encountered the heat again.

As soon as he came out, the camera was again attached to Jaehyun and the broadcast began.

Jaehyun laughed.

The strands of magical power extending from his hand scattered somewhere in subspace.


―The subspace connection is unstable.

―Mute and auto play of background music will be stopped.

I heard the system sound that Jaehyun wanted.

[Anonymous 8: … ? What is this?]

[Anonymous 32: Oh, it seems to be moving again now?]

[Anonymous 71: Kids, stop communicating and get together. I think we’re starting to attack here?]

[Anonymous 3: ?But why are there only two people this time? Where are the other kids?]

[Anonymous 5: Isn’t it already out?]

Jaehyun shook his head lightly as he watched the chat window go up quickly.

“Don’t worry, our team members are fine.”

with those words.

[Anonymous 5: … ? I think I just heard what Min Jaehyun said. what? Have you been possessed by demons?]

[Anonymous 3: I heard it too.. But what did you do hahahahahahahahahahahaha]

[Anonymous 1: Aren’t we supposed to hear what the cadets say?]

[Anonymous 47: Is it like this anywhere else?]

[Anonymous 9: No, I think it’s only here. Is it an error?]

The chat window flared up again.

‘What a natural reaction.’

Jaehyun smiled a little.

Milles’ second practical test is basically a one-way communication.

Viewers can only see the actions of the cadets, but they cannot know what they are talking about.

… Together. A strange thing just happened.

Jaehyun’s voice was clearly heard by the viewers.

Originally, it would be normal to only hear the BGM and battle sound effects.

It was shocking for them to hear the voices of the cadets directly.

Thanks to this, the reaction of the viewers was hot.

[Anonymous 5: What really happened? Who knows?]

[Anonymous 99: I don’t know…;;]

[Anonymous 8: How do you know this?

[Anonymous 2: ㄴㅇㅋ]

Jaehyun smiled lightly. Kim Yoo-jung, who was standing next to her, shook her head.

“I never thought I could really do it… You really are crazy.”

“Wouldn’t you like to speak nicely?”

Despite being bruised, Jaehyun never lost his smile.

Everything is going smoothly according to plan. It was a satisfactory situation.

Note that.

How is Jaehyun conveying his voice to viewers now? The method was surprisingly simple.

It was reconstructed by adjusting the magic formula that builds the subspace.

To put it simply, it can be seen as taking away some of the control rights of the subspace.

Guin and the instructors had forcibly intervened in the formula.

‘I didn’t expect it to be real.’

Even as Jaehyun, I wondered if this would really be possible. It is because intervening in the arithmetic formula that builds a huge magic is a high risk as a magician, and the difficulty is also very high.

However, as a result of scattering mana a little while ago, I realized it clearly.

‘The ceremony itself in this subspace is quite crude. I can easily interfere with this.’

Of course, this is only possible because Jaehyun’s understanding of arithmetic expressions has reached its peak.

However, Jaehyun was uncomplicated in his achievements.

He just thought that the situation was in his favor because Gu Ja-in’s formula was poor.

“Okay then. A lot of people seem to be curious.”

[Anonymous 7: ??? What did Min Jaehyun really do?]

[Anonymous 2: I think so… I don’t know how.]

[Anonymous 81: I heard that the subspace error only opened this room, what is it?]

That’s when the question reached its peak. Jaehyun opened his mouth.

“I touched a little bit on the subspace formula. It’s not fun if you can’t even hear your voice when you’re broadcasting. isn’t it?”



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[Anonymous 3: … … .]

[Anonymous 31: … … ?]

Silence fell in the chat window for a moment. Jaehyun added quickly.

“Nice to meet you. everyone. From now on, I will start the real ‘broadcast’.”

* * *

“I… Gu Ja-in, chairman of the board. Are you really okay?”

“it’s okay. It’s just that I have a brief headache.”

Instructor Park Ha-joon asked worriedly. Gu Jain waved his hand and fixed his gaze on the screen in front of him.

The voice that came from the front was that of someone very familiar.

Jaehyun Min.

He was just a cadet. He was complicating Gu Jain’s head now.

Just now.

Goo Ja-in and Park Ha-joon were watching the second practical video in the control room. This is because we have to watch how the cadets perform and adjust the difficulty of next year’s practice.

however. Gu Jain had just seen a shocking sight.

Jaehyun uses the A-class magic «Ice Rain».


After correcting the ceremony in the sub-space, I carefully observed the way he spoke to the viewers.

This was a serious problem.

The reason Koo Ja-in prevented the audio from being transmitted to viewers when creating sub-space from the beginning was because he thought that the students might make a mistake or make negative comments about Milles.

If the image of Milles Academy is tarnished at all, Gu Ja-in will also suffer considerable damage.

Of course, no matter how hot-blooded the cadets are, I think that such a thing will never happen as long as they know their situation well.

However, in an urgent situation, you don’t know how things will go, so Milles decided not to broadcast the mouth shape or voice itself even on live broadcasts.

This is because it was Gu Jain’s creed to never leave room for future problems.


Min Jae-hyeon said with his own mouth that he intervened in the sub-space ceremony a while ago.

‘It’s nonsense. Intervening in subspace consciousness? Is that even possible?’

An external magic system radar that amounts to dozens of mirrors and myself. He is also a sub-space created by the magic instructors of Milles Academy.

Such a space for cadet motifs. Does that even interfere with the freshman topic?

‘It’s impossible… But Min Jae-hyun actually did it.’

It’s not that there aren’t suspicious sections, but I had no choice but to say that Jaehyun actually did it.

In the first place, there was no trace of interference from the outside in the subspace.

This is a story of an internal intervention and a change.

I think with a confused mind. All of a sudden, Park Ha-joon came up with a word.

“Chairman. I think it’s better to punish Min Jae-hyun… … .”

“Sorry, but that is not the case. There is no provision for this situation.

Who would have known A mere cadet can inversely calculate and modify the subspace formula created by dozens of instructors sticking together.”

“… … .”

Even Park Ha-joon couldn’t reply to that. It wasn’t that he had been an instructor for a long time, but it was the first time he had ever been in a situation like this.

much less He is a fighter-based raider, and he can’t even pretend to know him.

Unless it’s your specialty. It is good for the gods to keep their mouths shut here.

Meanwhile, Goo Jain did not take his eyes off the screen with an annoyed expression on his face.

Jaehyun’s face reflected in the screen was full of composure.

I didn’t know because I didn’t have time to care for a while, but it seems that I’ve grown up in the meantime.

That figure of overdoing A-class skills and casually intervening in the equation. It was a performance that could not be shown without reaching at least the level of an A-class radar.

“It looks like you underestimated Min Jaehyun. I will have to be extra careful from now on.”

“yes. Don’t worry. I will do as you say.”

Despite instructor Park Ha-joon’s cool answer, Gu Ja-in didn’t like it at all.

To be honest, I wanted to distort the subspace right away and put Min Jae-hyun away.

Even if you don’t, there are not one or two things to be concerned about.

I didn’t want to increase other unnecessary worries here.

But there was no way.

Sub-space has already left their hands, and it is impossible for viewers to intervene in it while they are watching.

Annoyance welled up, but there was no way. I just have to watch.

“Well, don’t think too deeply. Instructor Park Ha-joon. As long as Cadet Min Jae-hyeon doesn’t talk nonsense, there won’t be any big problems.”

Fortunately, Gu Ja-in had a corner to believe.

It was an issue written in the contract with the cadets when they first entered the academy.

[Academy cadets must not leak Milles’ confidential information to the outside world.

If this is violated, up to expulsion may be taken.]

It’s a vague sentence, but the effect was amazing.

Miles is an elite military academy that is hard to get into.

If you get out of sight here, it will be difficult to do radar activities later.

At least in South Korea, turning Goo Ja-in into an enemy was a foolish act to live without starving to death on the radar.

Because of this, the academy cadets can never express their dissatisfaction with him to the outside world.

‘Maybe it’s the same for Min Jae-hyun.’

The moment Gu Ja-in nodded and tried to erase the thoughts related to Jaehyun from his head.

Sentences that made me doubt my ears leaked from the speaker on the screen I was watching.

[Chief Gu Ja-in? Oh, there are still a lot of words.]

Jaehyun’s unique calm and weak tone.

Gu Jain raised his head.

The voices continued.

[I’m not sure… Is there smoke coming out of the chimney? commonly?]

Gu Jain’s face stiffened with shock.

What the hell is that bastard talking about?

“Hey, Chairman!”

Park Ha-joon exclaimed urgently.

Gu Jain sat down with his forehead resting on his forehead. He was concentrating on Jaehyun’s next words.

[No, what. That’s right. Same with the guild experience. There are a lot of corners where the back is bruised.]

Jaehyun calmly continued. Gu Jain’s pupils were constantly contracting.

[Are you worried about getting fired? Hey, you don’t have to do that. You know. that good grade

Oh, by the way, viewers may not know that well, so can I tell you something interesting? This is the favorite word of Chairman Gu Ja-in.]

Jaehyun looked at the camera for a moment with a sly expression on his face.

It was clearly an action to provoke Gu Jain.

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow and parted his lips slowly.

[strong self-sufficiency. At Milles Academy, strong people are the law.

If you cut me off with something like this, I’ll become a cheater who can’t keep his own words. Would the chairman do such a thing?]

Jaehyun, who said that, clearly smiled.

“ha ha ha… … .”

Seeing this, Gu Jain laughed as if he had lost his mind.

yet. His eyes tinged with life, and his fists trembled.

“okay… From the beginning, Jaehyun Min was a poisoned Holy Grail. Why did you find out now?”

“Once you return, we will start with disciplinary action. Don’t worry.”

Park Ha-joon responded calmly, but Gu Ja-in shook his head.

“no. I’ll take care of it a bit more definitely. As soon as he returns from the second practical training, expel Min Jae-hyeon.

After the incident calms down, we will send an errand boy to deal with it. Make sure to hire at least 2 people with A-level mid-level or higher. It doesn’t matter how much it costs.”

“… All right.”

There was nothing Park Ha-joon could do other than bow his head.

Meanwhile, Gu Ja-in’s head was filled with only one thought.

‘Min Jae-hyun… I will never let you go.’

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