I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 115

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Episode 115: Regressor’s Dungeon Strategy (3)

[strong self-sufficiency. At Milles Academy, strong people are the law.

If you cut me off with something like this, I’ll become a cheater who can’t keep his own words. Would the chairman do such a thing?]

Jaehyun’s comments about Gu Jain set the chat window on fire again.

[Anonymous 23: blah blah blah blah blah he has such a good personality. I don’t have it.]

[Anonymous 92: But if you do that, won’t you get scolded later? In terms of the military, you cursed regardless.]

[Anonymous 2: If a cadet talks like this, what’s really wrong? That’s why Jaehyun Min is the man with the gun. If there are other kids, wouldn’t it be pouring out soon?]

[Anonymous 3: Certainly. Gujain has never been properly investigated despite being a lot of noise until now, isn’t it?]

[Anonymous 88: ㅇ;; What the hell did you do to make that sound come out of your mouth ;;]

Viewers’ reactions were generally favorable to Jaehyun.

It was natural.

Right now, the media is not on Gu Jain’s side.

Thanks to the activities of the Yeonhwa Guild and Yoo Sung-eun, his position has fallen to the bottom.

All that remains now is to use this board appropriately and bring down Gu Jain.

‘Anyway, I think it was a good strategy.’

Jaehyun smiled lightly and recalled the situation a while ago.

before entering the tent for the first time.

Jae-hyun had already succeeded in figuring out all the equations of the sub-space, and made plans to modify the settings as he wanted by interfering with them.

The most important thing is, of course, to let the audience hear your own words.

That is, communication.

Of course, not being able to talk to them didn’t ruin his plans.

However, in order to properly feed Goo Ja-in, it was necessary to make viewers feel more stimulating scenes and thrilling catharsis.

So he decided to change the formula to communicate directly with viewers. The formula built so that the voices of the cadets could not be heard was reversed.

Thanks to this, viewers can now clearly hear the voices of Jaehyun and the party.

This would certainly have been of great help in executing the plan of reenactment more clearly.

Everything was according to Jaehyun’s plan.

much less

‘Even if Gu Jain knows this, there’s nothing he can do about it.’

In the past freshman hunt, Gu Ja-in intervened in sub-space.

But this time, it is impossible to take control of this place in the same way.

This is because the viewer’s eyes are basically there, and the arithmetic formulas that make up this subspace now are several times higher than before.

The reason Jaehyun was able to intervene so easily in the subspace formula was thanks to <Odin’s Lost Eye> to help understand the arithmetic formula.

Of course, there is no way Guin and the instructors know this fact.

furthermore. There is no provision in itself that says that one should not intervene in subspace formulas by calculating them before dealing with such minor issues.

In the first place, except for Jaehyun, there is no cadet who can do this.

“why? Don’t you like it?”

When Jaehyun smiled and said that, the viewers who were dazed for a moment exploded in reaction. Comments continuously surged upward, creating waves without a break.

[Anonymous 33: Intervening in the arithmetic equation and communicating with Shiva?]

[Anonymous 99: I don’t think that would even be an S-class artifact, but what did you do lol]

[Anonymous 6: ㄴI can’t even bring the priest’s equipment here in the first place. It’s just that my talent is crazy.]

[Anonymous 98: It’s amazing to use A-class skills, but they even fix other things at will;]

Viewers comments were hot.

Jaehyun immediately realized that the atmosphere he wanted was created.

“Then, we will proceed with the dungeon raid broadcast in earnest. Please enjoy it.”

[Anonymous 76: It’s as smooth as flowing water hahahaha isn’t this the original lintel BJ haha]

[Anonymous 43: I think there will be a video worth watching in a while. I heard the story earlier, so it’s not even a master piece? I’m really looking forward to it.]

[Anonymous 7: ㄴIt’s not a structure that can be made in the first place haha ​​unless it was made by Milles itself. It doesn’t make sense for a single cadet to manipulate the test here.]

[Anonymous 1: That’s Jaehyun Min, right? Shibeol is f*cking handsome… write; It’s a bit inconvenient 😉

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Kim Yu-jung’s face was stained with contemplation at the calm reply.

“Hey, but something about these people… It’s kind of scary.”

It seems that Kim Yoo-jung has never experienced the spiciness of internet broadcasting.

… In a way, it’s a good thing, though.

Comments came up again as if they were having fun with Kim Yoo-jung’s reaction.

[Anonymous 22: Is that Kim Yoo-jung then? He said he was good at fighting. It doesn’t look good.]

[Anonymous 77: Ah— get away from Jaehyun’s brother;; (sluggishly)]

Kim Yoo-jung, who was reading the comments, sighed and quickly closed the window.

Stepping back as if running away, she frowned and said.

“I feel like I’ve been stripped of something, so it’s a bit unpleasant.”

“Hold on a little. You talked about it earlier. I have no choice but to do it according to plan.”

“It is, but it is.”

Of course, Jaehyun also didn’t particularly like viewers.

If I had to ask, it was closer to the side I hated.

‘Because I can’t count how many times I wanted to die because of malicious comments in the past.’

He was the one who was under intense fire from malicious commenters in the past.

After Jae-hyeon was used as a throwaway card by Han-seong Chu and his teammates, he was out. He was constantly insulted by viewers.

Being bombarded with long lengthy swear words in an e-mail that you have never been informed of, or getting ridiculed in the community with the subject of “Features of a student with no skills” after making a humiliating meme.

It didn’t happen for a day or two.



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Jaehyun decided not to be swayed by them this time.

To the Gu Ja-in and to the viewers.

I was going to push through at my own pace and prove that it was right.

Jaehyun walked diligently and stood in front of the stone wall at the end of the subspace.

There was a volcano spouting magma in front, and at the top there was a small gap that two or three people could only step on.

Jaehyun nodded his head in satisfaction.

‘found. It’s here.’

[Anonymous 3: But where are you going now? Did you catch all the mobs?]

[Anonymous82: Wrong. What’s here?]

“Of course I came because I had something to see. I want to show you something fun from now on.”

[Anonymous 2: ?]

[Anonymous 90: Just looking at your face is fun…♥]

[Anonymous 91: Get out of the way ;; It’s uncomfortable to see comments.]

[Anonymous 21: All the other kids are laughing, but there is one serious guy alone;; smile a little ^^]

Jaehyun said while passing the reaction of the comment moderately.

“From now on, we will find the hidden peace of this subspace.”

Jaehyun smiled softly.

After a while. The two arrived at the outskirts of the first floor.

Jaehyun knew. The fact that an outrageous item that is the key to clearing the dungeon is hidden in this seemingly insignificant place.

“Then let’s begin.”


Kim Yoo-jung immediately raised her magic and immediately used speed correction magic.

Haste and Wind Boost. Finally, he uses Gravity to reduce the resistance of gravity.

The stacking of these skills makes the body lighter and helps to move more agilely.

The two sprayed water to keep the flames from reaching their skin.

What you have to do now is very difficult, but if you succeed, the rewards will be sweeter than ever.

Jaehyun smiled.

From here, it’s time to show the regressor’s dungeon strategy.


Jaehyun grabbed Kim Yoojung by the waist and gave strength to her legs lightly to leap into the air.

The scenery below quickly recedes, and bodies are shot at incredible speed.

Kim Yoo-jung put her left hand on Jae-hyun’s neck. It seemed as if he enjoyed holding on to something as if he would die if he missed it.

At first glance, it looks like a wrestling skill.

The audience chattered loudly.

[Anonymous 2: Ah haha ​​I thought it was a romance, but it was UFC ha ha ha ha]

[Anonymous 87: Is that a headlock no matter who sees it? I’d rather die from Kim Yoo-jung than the monster?]

[Anonymous 73: Kim Yoo-jung was the strongest in the world hahaha]

[Anonymous 9: But why are they jumping in the air all of a sudden?]

Even without seeing Jaehyun, he already knew how they would react.

seconds later.

The speed gradually decreases, and the bodies of the two begin to descend due to gravity.

[Anonymous 11: ?What did you jump for? .]

[Anonymous 29: Confused… .]

When the negative reaction continued.


[Anonymous 20: … … ??]

[Anonymous 32: In the air… Did you stand?]

[Anonymous 2: … What kind of empty answer is this?]

Jaehyun smiled and said.

“Prepare all clips. This is the start of the show.”

* * *

“Min Jaehyun! It’s exactly what you said! There was a hidden scaffolding here!”

Kim Yoo-jung made a fuss and said.

Jaehyun replied calmly.

“Hold tight and cast spells properly. Calculate flight time well.”

“Tch, okay, don’t miss it. If you put even one in the bay, you will die, really.”

After that, I stepped into the air several times and moved upward little by little.

Jaehyun first said that there is a hidden platform here. In addition to that, the person who discovered the hidden piece was sincerely respected.

It’s an item that can only be found by repeating such a f*cking pattern over and over again.

No matter how you think about it, it was evil.

‘Of course, it’s probably because Gu Jain doesn’t want to give away expensive items.’

Jaehyun continued to move, repeating the hidden piece strategy.

‘First of all, after making a big leap with the volcano in front. While in flight, it senses the slight amount of mana flowing out of the air. After that, step on the hidden footrest where you can feel the magic and wait for a while…

After that, all you have to do is repeat this process and climb to the top of the volcano.’

… Of course, few people can do this right.

This is only possible because it is a representation that is far beyond the stats of a freshman.

“Ahh! Hey, move a little bit.”

Jaehyun didn’t care about Kim Yoojung’s voice.

If you don’t move quickly, the platform you’re standing on will disappear. It is very difficult to find and step on an invisible platform in the air.

Perhaps it wouldn’t have been easy if Jaehyun didn’t have the <Magic Perception> skill as well.

After a while.

at the end of a frantic journey. Jaehyun was able to reach his destination.

After Jaehyun let go of Kim Yoojung’s waist, he relaxed his shoulders and looked around.

top of the stone wall.

An entrance that looks like a small volcano.

I stood at the top of my arrival and looked down at the bottom where the magma was seething.

Then, something very foreign shimmered and caught the eyes of the two.

Kim Yu-jung asked in a whisper first.

“Is this the item you were talking about?”

“uh. that’s right.”

Jaehyun answered and saw four spheres bubbling in the magma.

A smile spread across his lips.

“I knew there was a hidden piece through mapping, but I didn’t know that something like this was hidden.”

Of course, Jaehyun knew what items were hidden here.

However, I couldn’t explain this to the viewers, so I covered it moderately.

Jaehyun used Ice Rain towards the magma.

Of course, the power was controlled. There is no need to use too much magic.

―Active skill 《Ice Rain》.

The scale is much smaller than when I caught Lava Slime. Cold crystal rain poured down and slowly began to cool the lava.

Profit… … .

Steam created when hot and cold meet.

Jaehyun waited for the steam to dissipate before carefully reaching out his hand.

‘good. The temperature has cooled down enough. I have to take it down before the magma erupts again.’

Jaehyun took out all four items and held them in his hands.

Soon, his eyes widen and a playful voice is heard.

“Do you guys know what this is?”

After that, chatting with viewers began to continue.

[Anonymous 1: ? what? Is it an artifact?]

[Anonymous 4: It looks like it’s eaten? Everything is hidden in the exam hall;]

[Anonymous 33: Yes. What the hell… I’ve never seen it before.]

[Anonymous 19: It looks like a round rice ball… Looks like it? Haha]

“Let me explain.”

Jaehyun interjected.

“This is fire. Lucky for you. I think this is one of the biggest cheat-key items in this dungeon raid.”

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