I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 118

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Episode 118: Regressor’s Dungeon Strategy (6)

―Use the active skill 《Foresight》.

―Check unconfirmed items!

The corner of Jaehyun’s mouth went up along with the system message.

‘Dozens of swords stuck all over the rock. This is the core hidden piece of the second layer. Well, to be precise, it’s hidden inside.’

Goo Ja-in made the acquisition requirements for this hidden piece ‘unfortunate’. All of them are unidentified items.

This was a measure to prevent cadets from easily finding items.

Simply put, acquiring good items means picking stars in the sky.

However, it was very easy for Jaehyun to find it.

‘It’s not that difficult if you only have 《Detection》.’

a few months ago. Jae-hyun acquired the sub-skill «Perception» of the passive skill «Eye of the Absolute God» at the Magical Engineering Shopping Mall.

It can see through all unidentified items. An EX-class skill that is one step higher than Baek Ji-yeon’s emotions.

Jaehyun was planning to use it to find a pearl in the soil of this rocky mountain.

Giing… …

Mana slowly permeates through the eyes, making them wet and blue.

His colleagues watched him blankly, but couldn’t do anything other than tilt their heads.

Viewers had the same reaction.

[Anonymous23: ?? What are you doing?]

[Anonymous 77: Well. It looks like it has magic in its eyes… I’m not sure what it’s trying to do with it.]

[Anonymous 41: What’s so great?]

[Anonymous 1: But since Min Jae-hyun is doing it, I trust him unconditionally.

[Anonymous 3: ㄴㅇㅇ]

After seeing the reaction, Jaehyun only smiled lightly.

After a while. The magic power that wet his eyes gradually spread and began to peel off the rust from the sword.

Of course, it was a scenery invisible to others.

Jaehyun slowly checked the item information and started looking for the artifact he wanted.


Jaehyun’s eyes drew a charming arc.

‘Here it is. Balmung’s replica.’

Jaehyun smiled as he drew out an old greatsword.

This is the second hidden piece that must be obtained here.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Tainted Balmung (counterfeit)

Grade: A

The beloved sword of Siegfried, an ancient human hero who killed Fafnir.

effect (seal)

1. Strength + 70 / Agility + 30

2. Acquire the passive skill 《Dragon Slayer (S)》

*Currently contaminated, the effect does not activate.

[Passive skill]

Name: Dragon Slayer

Grade: S

When dealing with dragon species, the user’s physical abilities are corrected exponentially.

1. Increases attack power against dragons by 300%.

2. Damage received is reduced by 30%.


A treasured sword that appears in the ancient German epic The Song of the Nibelung.

It is an artifact that kills dragons in Norse mythology.

A great sword with a golden handle studded with blue jewels and rolled up with a golden braid.

Incidentally, Balmung was one of the best morale items that Jaehyun knew, just like TRP’s Thunder Walk.

Although what Jaehyun got now is just an old replica, the real thing that Germany’s famous radar ballack possesses is an S-class artifact.

Although it has not been revealed in detail, it is said that the genuine Balmung possesses unmatched overwhelming power and destructive power.

[Anonymous 1: But how are you sure it’s a hidden piece?]

[Anonymous 6: What will King-God-Jaehyun do?]

[Anonymous 8: ㄴYou look like a bitch.]

[Anonymous 10: Haha, I already have a fixed fandom]

[Anonymous 91: Just looking at what we’ve done so far, it’s strange that we don’t have a fandom hahahaha]

[Anonymous 19: ㅇㅇ]

“Do not worry. Because I have a plan.”

[Anonymous 90: hahahaha you all have plans?]

[Anonymous 50: It’s more like talking about him than anything else haha]

[Anonymous 31: ㅋ ㅋ]

Seeing the reaction of the viewers, Jaehyun nodded as if satisfied.

‘Of course, this replica can only be used inside, and unless certain conditions are met, it’s just scrap metal.’

Jaehyun smiled.

‘But to me, it’s the most valuable thing.’

Now is the time to show the regressor strategy properly.

“I got everything I needed. Now let’s go catch the King Salamander.”



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* * *

“Is this the hidden piece you were talking about?”

Kim Yoo-jung asked as if she was curious.

Jaehyun said yes and nodded.

actually. The item I had now was worth it.

It’s a problem that you can’t take it outside, but… … .

“By the way, where is the King Salamander’s nest?”

“Looks like we’re getting closer.”

To Park Seong-woo’s question, Kim Yoo-jung answered calmly.

Jaehyun nodded in agreement.

“It will arrive soon. But you have to kill some time. King Salamander once a day. It’s a monster that only eats at night.”

Hearing Jaehyun’s words, Kim Yoojung crossed her arms and asked as if she was worried.

“But is it okay if I take my time? Originally, salamanders have a sensitive sense of smell. If you stay nearby, you may be attacked first.”

“that’s right. That’s why we need a countermeasure.”

Jaehyun nodded and thought for a moment.

‘Kim Yoo-jung is right. Salamanders are basically beasts with a sensitive sense of smell. Even more so with the King Salamander, whose physical abilities have been upgraded further.

I need a countermeasure to deal with him.’

This is an attack broadcast.

It is possible to wipe out the enemy with overwhelming force if it is a reproduction of the present, but it is impossible to move the hearts of viewers in that way.

For a perfect attack, you must analyze the enemy’s habits, strengths, and vulnerabilities, prepare for them, and move thoroughly.

“What is the countermeasure?”

“Kim Yoo-jung, I’m going to reverse your words.”


When Kim Yoo-jung asked back, Jae-hyun calmly stood up.

“As much as salamander-type monsters are sensitive to smell, their eyesight and other senses are weak.

That means if you destroy that sensitive sense of smell, everything will be solved.”

In fact, before returning, Jaehyun mainly used the method of blocking his sense of smell when hunting salamander-type monsters.

Getting rid of your own body odor is much more difficult than you think.

As this caused many fellow raiders to have problems, Jaehyun came up with an idea.

If it is difficult to get rid of body odor.

Conversely, wouldn’t it be enough to paralyze the opponent’s sense of smell?

Jaehyun immediately started investigating the strong smelling substance… … .

I know of an insect that emits the most horrible level of stench.

bomb dust bug.

It has the same name as the insect of the same name, but what I’m talking about here refers to a natural monster that has become a beast.

Its behavior is similar to that of the moonlight firefly, but the stench… Quite different.

Jaehyun took out the bugs he had caught just before crossing the second floor from his inventory.

I was in a state of fainting, but moving with my legs shaking…

It just didn’t look good.

Kim Yoo-jung froze and tried to disappear behind Kim Jin-ah and Park Sung-woo.


“Where are you going? You are the most important.”

Jaehyun grabbed Kim Yoojung by the wrist as she ran away.

Kim Yoo-jung screamed.

“What, what are you talking about! You’re infinitely weak in front of bugs! I am!”

“don’t worry. I’m not going to ask you to touch it.”

Viewers who were listening to their conversation asked questions as if they were curious.

[Anonymous 2: But what are you trying to do with that bug?]

[Anonymous 75: It comes out just by looking at it. Those are called bomb dust bugs, but they smell awful. Maybe they’re using that to numb the Salamander’s sense of smell?]

[Anonymous 21: Oh, you’re so damn smart?]

[Anonymous 62: No, the idea is good, but it is impossible to realize. Spreading that smell all the way to the nest wouldn’t make sense. What are you trying to do?

“Don’t worry about that. Because there is a master of wind magic here.”

“… Isn’t that what I’m talking about?”

“There are only two wizards here, you and me. not me then… Yours?”


Hearing Kim Yu-jung’s screams, Jae-hyun smiled with satisfaction.

After a while.

While the two wait for the bomb dust bug to wake up. Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-wu set up their tent again near the King Salamander’s nest.

It takes quite a while to numb the sense of smell, so I killed a regular Salamander and left a splash of blood nearby. It was to avoid the attacks of other monsters by making the smells mix.

Basically, unlike the 1st layer, the 2nd layer constantly regenerates monsters.

To put it simply, unlike the 1st floor, where you farmed comfortably after wiping out monsters. No matter how many monsters you kill, there is no end.

Therefore, the cadets inevitably have to avoid them and defeat the elite monsters.

when it does Beast’s blood is of great help.

‘It won’t last long, but just spraying it nearby should be fine for a few hours. In the meantime, Kim Yoo-jung and I are numbing the salamanders’ senses of smell with bomb dust bugs.’

Just in time, the bomb dust beetle also woke up.

The guys threatened them with the momentum to emit a stench at any moment, and then poured out a strong smell with a continuous explosion sound.

If you use wind magic properly here, you can definitely spread the smell to the inside of the salamander’s nest.

… Before that, of course.

Although the problem was that he had to convince Kim Yoo-jung, who was shaking with shaking hands.

“Kim Yoo-jung.”


“what is it. I have a cherished item that CEO Yoo Seong-nim used to use, right? I’m a staff member, but that’s… … .”

“Are you going to give it to me?”

Light returned to Kim Yoo-jung’s eyes. Jaehyun was startled, but cleared her throat.

“of course! Two words from my mouth… … .”

Whoa… … !

Suddenly, the wind spreading through Kim Yoo-jung’s fingertips carried the stench of bomb dust bugs and began to fly towards the King Salamander’s nest.

The precision of Kim Yoo-jung’s wind magic was beyond imagination.

In order to prevent the smell from leaking out, a wind barrier was erected to trap the odor inside and then move it slowly.


Jaehyun didn’t say anything for a while.

‘… Although the operation was successful.’

Certainly the operation was successful. However, there was one small problem.

‘I just wanted to buy some staff and bring it to you… If I do this, my conscience will prick me a little.’

It wasn’t particularly important.

Anyway, whatever item you give, as long as it is related to Yoo Sung-eun, Kim Yoo-jung will gladly receive it. She herself is good because she can easily clear dungeons.

‘This is good enough for my sister and brother-in-law.’

Jaehyun nodded slightly.

In the meantime.

[Anonymous 1: … Capping the smell and sending it to the nest? what is that… ]

[Anonymous 2: Isn’t this possible only when mana control is extremely delicate?]

[Anonymous 81: Great. It’s great, but… a little…]

[Anonymous 13: ㄴI think I’m in the position of being hurt, so it comes out ;;]

[Anonymous 15: This is the first time I feel sorry for a monster. pollutant terrorism level;]

[Anonymous 18: blah blah blah blah]

Kim Yoo-jung let out a deep sigh while looking at the comments window.

Comments saying that it is dirty, that it vomits, and that humans are sorry continue. It was quite embarrassing, but Kim Yoo-jung tried not to care.

There was only one thought in her head.

Now, with this, you can get Yoo Seong-eun’s staff!

This is what he did while enduring bugs and disgraceful comments from viewers. But the reward will be sweet.

“staff… is to give Keep your promise.”

Kim Yoo-jung’s eyes were bloody. Jaehyun shook his head and said nothing.

‘… I guess I’ll have to ask the teacher.’

Jaehyun nodded and quickly froze the bug.

There is nothing more to use, and it is dangerous if even dust is attached and explodes.

After a while.


The demon’s scream was heard. The purpose was to paralyze the sense of smell… … .

Apparently, the critical hit.

“… Isn’t this the sound of vomiting?”

Kim Yoo-jung said so.

Jaehyun took the lead without saying a word.

Now it was time to kill the elite monsters poisoned by the stench and get the treasure.

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