I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 121

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Episode 121: Hidden Boss (1)


The son-in-law is darkened with the sound of breaking the transparent film.

yet. A pitch black shadow engulfs the group.

At the same time, a deep magical blue that fills the surrounding atmosphere.

The expressions of Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-woo were tinged with astonishment.

“Something like that… … You want to see us face to face?”

―The boss monster Lava Golem appears.

―After defeating the Lava Golem, return with the golem’s core.

Lava Golem.

A monster of a higher rank that can reach B rank, the boss monster of this second practical skill.

It varies slightly from year to year, but probably about 70 percent of the cadets drop out here.

Of course, the monsters that appear each year are different, but most of them were B-class or C-class monsters, so the top level monsters were placed.

“I don’t think he is an easy opponent. Dangerous.”

Kim Jin-ah caught her breath and said. The other party had the same reaction.

Only Jaehyun was smiling as if it was no big deal.

Jaehyun lightly passed the group and walked forward.

The comments of viewers’ curious reactions continued.

[Anonymous 9: ? What are you doing?]

[Anonymous 10: Why are you suddenly jumping forward? Isn’t the radar basic to collect enemy information while guarding the ranks? What will happen to the rest of the team if they jump out of there hahaha]

[Anonymous 22: ㄴI’m sure you’ll do well on your own. There’s a lot of talk about lying on the sofa at home and playing.]

[Anonymous 87: ㄴㅇㅋㅋㅋㅋ Those unfilial bastards are strict with others;;]

Jaehyun took a potion from his inventory and drank it. It was a heat resistance potion made from frost mushrooms that Seongwoo Park had made on the first floor.

There is also the problem of cooldown. Since the boss fight starts from here, it was good to drink it before the effect ends.

Guaaaa… … .

The lava golem’s roar fills the sky.

Jaehyun looked around.

The boss and his party were abandoned in a long rectangular space with no decorations.

For a location where the main battle takes place, there is little that is special.

This is a device on the side of Milles Academy to be considerate of viewers.

Basically, when fighting a boss, all kinds of skills overlap.

In order to properly convey this to viewers, Milles removed all unnecessary objects when designing the map for the first time.

‘Thanks to that, the place feels empty, but… … It doesn’t matter.’

Jaehyun moved his gaze to the back of the boss for a moment.

There was a small byway there.

Pillars of hot fire rise from both sides, a place that no one seems to be able to enter.

‘good. I checked all the way. What’s left.’


The harsh roar of the lava golem erupts again.

Jaehyun raised his mana to the fullest and clenched his fists.

‘To defeat that guy.’

Jaehyun immediately spurred the ground and began to close the distance with the Lava Golem.

“Jaehyun! Dangerous!”

“Now, hold on!”

Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-wu urgently stepped forward to stop him, but were stopped by Kim Yoo-jung.

Kim Yoo-jung calmed the two down with a calm voice.

“are you okay.”

“… … what?”

Park Seong-woo asked in a dumbfounded voice.

Kim Yoo-jung was watching Jae-hyun’s back with her arms crossed, disapprovingly.

“He’s so damn strong. There’s no way I’ll be out for something like that.”

“… … But that’s at least a B-class monster. Alone… … .”

Kim Jin-ah’s words were not finished.

It was because Kim Yu-jung’s eyes, which were chasing after Jae-hyun’s back, did not waver at all.

Jinah Kim thought while biting her lip.

‘Did Yoo-jung trust Jae-hyun that much? … .’

This is Kim Yoo-jung, who has been friends with Jae-hyun the longest.

There must be a reason for saying that.

On the other hand, Kim Yoo-jung had other thoughts while watching Jae-hyun.

‘Struggling while catching weak monsters.’

Of course, this statement is somewhat ambiguous.

Lava Golem is strong. In fact, it is also a bit difficult for me.

but. Jaehyun is different.

He has already demonstrated his ability by defeating the king of the Dark Elves.

A B-class boss like that. Even the one who weakened in the aftermath of the test could be dealt with quickly.

However, Park Seong-woo was quite taken aback by Kim Yoo-jung’s words.

Of course, Jaehyun is strong because he knows. Just looking at the battles I’ve shown so far, it was like that.

but. Isn’t the boss in front of me a class B?



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No matter how much he handled the boss of the same grade in the mock dungeon… …

That won’t guarantee victory in this battle.

at that time. Jaehyun twisted his body to avoid the enemy’s fist.

It is quite surprising to see him lightly evading the golem’s attack and narrowing the distance.

Viewers were also showing a surprising reaction with the stretching question mark.

‘I’ll finish it soon.’

Jaehyun catches his breath. She started moving a little faster.

―Active skill «Wind Boost Lv 4».

A distance that has gotten closer.

At close range, Jaehyun once again gave a variation to his magic power.

―Active skill 《Ice Edge》.

at the same time.

Sharp fragments of ice rising from the ground hit the enemy’s feet.

However, the hardness of the golem is harder than expected. This is only enough to hurt.


The Lava Golem screamed in anger and punched Jaehyun.

A fist engulfed in flames. A direct hit had the power to drain a lot of HP at once.

However, there were no worries.

thud! thud!

Two consecutive attacks miss Jaehyun.

Jaehyun was already reading all of Lava Golem’s attacks.

―Activate the active skill 《Magic Power Detection》.

It was because <Magic Sense> helped predict the direction of the enemy’s attack.

The party who watched Jaehyun’s battle couldn’t hide their surprise.

So did the viewers.

[Anonymous 3: Wow;; Is this a true battle story? I dodge the attack as if it were visible.]

[Anonymous 8: As expected, Gadjaehyun…! I believed you!]

[Anonymous 10: But why is Jaehyun Min fighting alone like that? Other kids don’t help?]

[Anonymous 19: I heard that Min Jae-hyun himself told me to stay still?]

[Anonymous 32: Isn’t it because you’re confident to kill yourself?]

[Anonymous 31: Bullshit That’s a B-class boss. How can you kill that alone? 😉

[Anonymous 40: Lㅇㅋ Looks like a newbie who doesn’t know how to watch Wiet Nom’s battle.]

[Anonymous 81: In the first place, you can’t even use the balmung you got earlier. Originally, a sword and a golem are almost incompatible. Won’t the day come? To catch it, you have to deal with it purely with magic.]

[Anonymous 99: But… I don’t know! Min Jaehyun will win no matter what. I see the future haha]

‘The golem is hard and the attack is heavy. but. It’s not that there isn’t a strategy.’

Lava Golems don’t move fast.

Jaehyun is an unprecedented wizard who can use high-level magic without casting.

Jaehyun will lose in this battle.


―Active skill 《Bind》.

―Active skill 《Ice Rain》.

Two magics poured in succession.

Jaehyun first blocked the golem’s movements with <Bind>. Attacked the Lava Golem using «Ice Rain».


The golem tried to stomp as he saw the attack flying towards him.

This is to neutralize the attack by using the defense skill.

Intelligent bosses usually fight like that. It is to destroy the raider’s attack, and attack faster before feeding the follow-up.

However, the golem caught in the bind couldn’t take a single step.

‘The effect of «Bind» lasts for only a few seconds at most. but.’

Soon, the golem started moving again, but Jaehyun still didn’t lose his smile.

The moment the skill’s effect ended and the golem was about to move.

The beast’s body creaked and its joints began to spin.

The reason was simple.

The <Ice Rain> that Jaehyun shot earlier got stuck in the joint of the golem and hindered its movement.

Jaehyun smiled and unfolded his magic.

―Active skill 《Water Ball》.

Guaaaa… … !

The golem, unable to even attack, cried softly, but this time the «Water Ball» struck directly. A huge ball of water floated in the air and mercilessly struck the golem.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah!

Not long after.


The golem’s body fell to the floor with a sound.

A message coming soon.

―You have succeeded in defeating the Lava Golem, the boss monster of Subspace Dungeon.

Only two attack skills. However, Jaehyun succeeded in seizing the victory.

The enemy was strong, but Jaehyun was stronger, so it was only natural.

Jaehyun laughed lightly as he saw the golem thrown on the floor.

“I won.”

With Jaehyun’s words, the chat window exploded.

In an instant, the chat window went up and hundreds of comments were posted.

Kim Yoo-jung, Park Seong-woo, and Kim Jin-ah all shook their heads in fright.

“… … madman.”

Kim Yoo-jung looked at Jae-hyun with a small mutter.

Jaehyun was getting stronger every moment.

To the extent that I couldn’t even dream of myself.

* * *

[Anonymous 51: Hahahahaha the boss is so empty hahahahahaha]

[Anonymous 5: Is it really true?;; If it’s a lava golem, isn’t the defense very high?]

[Anonymous 11: Someone please explain what you did;; I’m newbie so I don’t know.]

[Anonymous 82: Let me explain. The first thing to do was block the movement with a bind, and then the ice rain and water ball were fired one after another.]

[Anonymous 71: b?? But isn’t bind a useless skill for boss monsters? Isn’t it all about holding on for a few seconds at most?]

[Anonymous 82: So I used Ice Rain. I couldn’t hold the movement for a long time with the bind, so I put ice cubes in the joint of the golem with an ice rain. After that, I finished it with a water ball.]

[Anonymous 9: Hey ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ]

The reaction in the chat window was insanely hot, as expected.

It was natural.

Jaehyun killed the boss monster, Lava Golem, in one shot.

This is a performance that even pro radars cannot easily show.

―You have cleared all 3 floors.

―You have obtained the Golem Core. Would you like to return to reality?

‘good. Now there is only one thing left.’

Jaehyun nodded. I stared at the chat window, which was still rapidly rising.

When the clear message was heard, the viewers continued chatting as if they were sorry.

[Anonymous 2: Ah, I wanted to see a long battle, but it’s a pity…]

[Anonymous 99: It was nice to see something for the first time in a while, but it’s a bit like that. It ends at once.]

[Anonymous 16: It must have been so exciting haha ​​I don’t think opportunities to see something like that are common in the first place. You have to deal with it quickly anyway to get high grades, so why is it necessary to kill it late?]

[Anonymous 97: Ahh I didn’t see it;; Someone take a clip and upload it to the gallery

[Anonymous 75: Yes, there is a bastard who has lost half of his life hahahaha]

However, Jaehyun knew.

That this test is not over yet.


That here, Kujain would fall.

Words slowly escape from Jaehyun’s mouth.


―Are you going to refuse repatriation to the real world?


[Anonymous 10: ???]

[Anonymous 9: ??????Why not return?]

[Anonymous 41: What is it? What’s left?]

The reaction of viewers was unexpected.

Jaehyun looked at the camera floating next to him and raised an eyebrow.

“Did you say it was a pity that the battle was short? thank god. The test isn’t over yet.”

After saying that, Jaehyun turned around and looked at the group.

“Then let’s go.”

[Anonymous 2: ??? Where are you going? The test is over.]

[Anonymous 12: Isn’t that the story of going back?]

[Anonymous 7: You didn’t accept the voice message after that.]

[Anonymous 11: Yes;;]

Jaehyun after recovering the nucleus. I walked past the remains of the golem for a while.

I moved quickly and stood in front of the side road I had looked at earlier.

A narrow road engulfed in flames on both sides.

[Anonymous 78: Why are you here?]

[Anonymous 4: That’s right..]

Jaehyun for the viewers. Also explained for the old man.

“Because I feel a strong magic power inside of it.”

Jaehyun gave a light chin to his colleagues.

It means anyone can come inside.

“what is it… … Are you really okay?”

Kim Yoo-jung said with a face tired of contemplation.

Jaehyun smiled.

“don’t worry. No matter how sick you are here, you won’t die.”

“… … That doesn’t comfort me at all… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung shook her head.

After a while.

The group all took out the fire tablets that Jaehyun had handed out and poured them into their mouths.

―Fire resistance increases by 300% for one hour.

Jaehyun immediately pushed his body into the side road with a status message.

A blazing fire that overtakes him.

However, there was no damage to the body due to the effect of the fire.

Kim Yoo-jung, who confirmed that Jae-hyun was fine, cautiously entered the side road.

The same goes for Kim Jin-ah and Park Sung-woo.


In front of Jaehyun, who was walking in the lead, a huge, open cavity came into view.


message at the same time.

―Find the hidden layer.

―Special quests are accepted.

―Defeat the hidden boss in the hidden layer and return.

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