I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 122

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Episode 122: Hidden Boss (2)

―Find the hidden layer.

―Special quests are accepted.

―Defeat the hidden boss in the hidden layer and return.

hidden layer.

The purpose of Jaehyun was to reach this place from the beginning.

‘That’s why I got Hwajung in advance.’

‘Hwajung’ obtained while climbing to the top of the volcano on the 1st floor. This is a hidden piece that improves fire resistance by 300%.

The downside is that it only lasts for an hour.

That was enough for Jaehyun.

It took less than 10 minutes to find the hidden path through the narrow side road.

‘Ordinary cadets are not even aware that there is a hidden hierarchy. An impossible attempt without a great sense of magic power and fraudulent items.

But it’s not difficult for me, a regressor.’

Jaehyun knew every detail of how to clear this dungeon.

Reaching this place itself is not that difficult.

However, others were different.

Just now. The flames rose up on both sides of the side road the party passed through.

In order to pass through it, enormous fire resistance ability is required.


Most new cadets do not yet have resistance-type passive skills.

Generally, passive skills are acquired by fighting monsters, and it is very difficult for those who have never entered a dungeon to acquire them.

Gu Jain also calculated this and prepared this hidden piece.

The test was cleverly planned so that other cadets could not reach this place.

‘Guardian. By now you’ll be glued to the TV with your eyes wide open.’

Jaehyun smiled inwardly, then looked at the camera and let go of his luck.

“It’s a hidden layer… … Looks like something better is in store for you. Right?”

At Jaehyun’s words, chatting with excited viewers immediately followed.

[Anonymous 3: No hahahaha so far is amazing enough, how did you find this place again?]

[Anonymous 8: I really can’t believe it when I see it… What is Min Jae-hyun’s true identity?]

[Anonymous 91: Yes;; The other kids are still rolling on the second floor, but it’s not enough to catch all the bosses, so what? hidden layer? really crazy ;]

[Anonymous 52: There must be another bulletin board haha]

[Anonymous 45: Which guild would you like to take such a child from?]

[Anonymous 81: ㄴAt a glance, Yeonhwa or Wind God will take it. Honestly, with that level, I could pick any guild and go haha]

“Then let’s find a way to summon the hidden boss soon.”


The party started to scan the field with the viewers behind.

‘In order to summon the hidden boss, you need an altar and a sacrifice. Of course, thanks to what I saw on TV before returning, I know where it is, but… … .

I need to have an assortment, so let’s pretend to find them.’

Jaehyun nodded slightly and pretended to find the altar with the group.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long before Kim Yoo-jung found the altar and the device.

“Guys! look here! Is there something like a round groove on the altar?”

“uh? Really?”

“A digging home… … It seems familiar somehow… … .”

After each party added a word, they looked at Jaehyun.

Jaehyun smiled and nodded.

“I think I know what?”

After saying that, Jaehyun also moved towards the home.

An altar in the middle of a spacious common.

There, there were grooves dug round as if they were woven into something, and countless lines derived from them, extending like tree branches.

Jaehyun and Kim Yoojung had the same thoughts almost at the same time.

“ah! I remembered that shape… … .”

Before Kim Yoo-jung could finish talking, Jae-hyun took out an item.

The item taken out is the core of the Lava Golem obtained after defeating the boss a while ago.

The lattice pattern engraved on the core of the sphere and the shape of the grooves on the floor matched perfectly.

As if it was created for this purpose in the first place.

“Do you think this is the answer?”

“uh. Otherwise, there’s no way it would have been made so perfectly.”

Kim Yoo-jung agreed with Jae-hyun’s words with a disapproving face. It seems that she wanted to appeal that she had discovered it.

However, Jaehyun didn’t even care.

“Then go.”

after you catch your breath Immediately push the Lava Golem’s core into the small hole in the floor.

The sphere left Jaehyun’s hand and fit into the groove on the floor.

Gyyyy… … .

at the same time.

The sound of magic power being born began to be heard, and a scarlet light began to glow from the core of the golem inserted into the groove.

The light began to diffuse little by little, dyeing the bottom of the grid pattern red.

Jaehyun calmly spoke to the group.

“Focus! something comes I feel a very strong magic power.”



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Kim Jin-ah and Park Sung-woo answered. Kim Yoo-jung quickly began to buff her party.

From basic defense magic led by magic armor to speed magic such as wind boost.

‘As expected, it was good that you brought Kim Yoo-jung. As it is specialized in the role of helper, it is highly useful.’

Jaehyun nodded slightly.

just as expected. The audience’s reaction was quite good.

[Anonymous 2: What is that on the floor???? Crazy, what’s coming out?]

[Anonymous 1: Oh, it’s so exciting. What do you want to come out of?]

[Anonymous 91: By the way, Kim Yujeong is talented. Show situational judgment. It’s an open fire from the skill writing speed.]

[Anonymous 46: Ah haha ​​he was the strongest in the world from the beginning ha ha ha ha ha]

[Anonymous 82: Will we be able to see a more proper battle this time?]

[Anonymous 96: Yes, it was a bit disappointing earlier haha]

softly… … .

The ground shakes again, and soon an ear-piercing roar begins to pour out.

Aaaaaa… … !

The earth’s axis is broken and a gap opens. The mana, which was so thick that your feet were hollow, slowly began to spread out from under the ground.

The party was careful not to fall to the floor by calmly turning around their magical powers.

Jaehyun lifted his head and looked straight ahead. A faint smile spread across his lips.

It begins now.

The final chapter of this exam.

Jaehyun gathered all his body magic and shouted at his colleagues.

“Everybody back off!”

at the same time.

―Red Drake, the hidden boss of subspace, appears.

―Survive with all your teammates to defeat enemies and obtain Drake’s Heart.

―Special benefits are given upon clearing.

The golem’s core enlarged, and wings sprouted from it.

Then the sphere constantly changed its shape like a fabled butterfly.

Its characteristic huge body covered with red scales and a wildly torn mouth.

He didn’t become a dragon due to his low intelligence, but he is definitely a dragon.

red drake.

It was a B+-class monster, much stronger than the Lava Golem I faced earlier.

A monster that constantly regenerates, so there is a limit to the damage it can inflict no matter how strong the attack is.

‘The downside is that I have low intelligence and can’t use magic, but… … .’

Even so, even professional raiders are difficult to deal with unless they are top-tier.

At most, it’s definitely not a monster that will appear in the cadet’s exam.

[Anonymous 1: What?? Did you put it in to catch it?]

[Anonymous 81: This is f*cking ridiculous. That’s an A-class magic beast. It’s a B+ grade because it can’t use magic, so it’s not a difficulty that new cadets can catch? What was Goo Jain really thinking when he made that?]

[Anonymous 71: Management is really like a dog. There is no basic concept. It’s still noisy, but are you unaware of yourself?]

[Anonymous 4: No matter how you look at it, this was an irrational number. Who designed the subspace?]

Viewers’ opinion was also not very good. A flood of negative reactions.

It was exactly what Jaehyun intended.

‘after… … Drake is the opposite of me. I’m at a disadvantage. but.’

He was obviously a tough opponent for Jaehyun.

The skills Jaehyun can destroy with absolute arithmetic are limited to magic.

It is impervious to physical attacks.

However, Jaehyun wasn’t worried at all.

Jaehyun took a deep breath, distributing the magic he had raised.

Red Drake was threatening the party by swinging a rough claw once.

at that time.

“D-Drake in this place!”

Kim Jin-ah’s awkward conversation broke out somewhere.

Park Seong-woo’s screaming voice followed.

“Damn it! What is going on?!”

“… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung looked at the two with a tired expression, then shook her head.

‘It’s terrible acting… … must be They’re the ones who cheated on their parents when they were in middle school and never took pocket money from them.’

No matter how you look at it, it was a gloomy acting skill.


After Kim Yoo-jung sighed, she herself began to participate in acting.

“Guys! Step back!”

Jaehyun was a bit impressed by Kim Yoojung’s acting, which unexpectedly had a stable tone.

‘You have talent in an unexpected place… … .’

Note that.

The reason why they are acting so clumsily now is simple.

‘Shall I start soon too?’

Jaehyun smiled and used the magic he spread to intervene again in the subspace.

After a while.

―The subspace connection is unstable.

―Red Drake is running out of control!

* * *

[Anonymous 5: What is this all of a sudden? The connection state of the subspace is unstable?]

[Anonymous 2: Did you get a test error? So what do you do? Will the instructors take care of it?]

[Anonymous 17: Well. Maybe this is a ‘retest’ angle. I feel so sorry for you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[Anonymous 41: Can you shorten it a bit?]

[Anonymous 81: Wiet Nom is the least evil;;]

[Anonymous 64: But are the kids really okay? Well, since it’s Miles, I’ll take care of myself, but I’ll do well.]

[Anonymous 86: ㄴㅅㅇㅋ Because it’s ‘Miles’, I’m worried. Haven’t you seen the guild experience event before? How many kids died there, but they sound carefree.]

[Anonymous 1: So… I hope nothing happens this time.]

[Anonymous 91: Well, it’s a subspace anyway, so people won’t die, right?]

[Anonymous 92: Of course. Have you seen it before No matter how hit you are, not a single drop of blood is shed.]

[Anonymous 91: Yes, that’s right haha]

The chat went up without a break, but they are still completely unaware of the seriousness of the incident.


‘Someone will notice soon. That something has started.’

Almost simultaneously with the idea of ​​​​representation.

[Anonymous 2: Hey wait. Guys, I think there is a real problem with the system?]

[Anonymous 5: ??? what?]

[Anonymous 2: The HP bar on the top right. It’s gone!]

Those words were the beginning.

The HP bar means the materialization of the remaining physical strength using the barrier vests worn by the cadets.

To put it simply, a device prepared so that viewers can see the cadet’s remaining physical strength more intuitively.

But the HP bar disappears?

This meant an error in Milles Academy’s subspace control system.

In other words.

[Anonymous 68: Kids… you could die!]

It also meant that the subspace safety device was not working properly.

The moment the chat window was thrown into chaos.


Red Drake’s smooth claw attack flew towards Kim Jin-ah.


“Get back now!”

Instead, along with Kim Yoo-jung’s voice, the red drake’s claws grazed her abdomen.

After a while.

The chat window became a real mess.

From Kim Yu-jung’s abdomen, which was brushed by her toenails.

Bright red blood started gushing out like a fountain.

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