I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 124

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Episode 124: Hidden Boss (4)

―The special effect of the Balmung imitation is activated.

―The passive skill 《Dragon Slayer》 is activated.

―All attacks against dragons are added by 300%.

‘There is nothing that excites viewers more than using the right items in the right place.’

Jae-hyun did not hesitate and lowered his sword towards the red drake with all his strength.


I made a solid black line.


Blood splattered along the line.

Jaehyun gritted his teeth and sharpened his sword again. Using the recoil of the waist, the sword is continuously shot left and right and down.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

It was powerful enough to boast a whopping 300% damage against black dragons.

Jaehyun quickly moved to the rear and fired a series of attacks.

There are two destinations.

‘A mole on both heels. It’s Drake’s biggest weakness.’

The other day, when we were studying for a theory test together. It was something that came out in Magical Mathematics.

I remember Ahn Ho-yeon and Seo E-na asking why Drake’s weakness was in his heel.

Recalling that time, Jaehyun straightened his sword.



Aaaaaa… … !

As the heels and dots of both feet were cut at the same time, the enemy’s harsh cries were vomited.

Jaehyun quickly opened up the distance and calmed down.

‘With this, his movement was blocked. Then let’s get to the final point.’

Jaehyun immediately used the active skill of the ring he was wearing.

―Active skill 《Overdrive》.

―For 5 minutes, the user’s skill power increases by 1.5 times.

The deep magical power that eventually follows.

Jaehyun began to use the most effective magic that he could use.

―Active skill 《Frozen Earth》 is activated.

What an S-class skill, Frozen Land.

It was copied from Kainan, the king of the Dark Elves, a while ago.


At the same time as the magic is activated.

In an instant, the entire rectangular field began to freeze.

[Anonymous 3: What, what?! What is that skill now?]

[Anonymous 8: I don’t know the s*x skill, please win! Please come back alive!]

[Anonymous 10: ??That’s the first magic I’ve ever seen?]

[Anonymous 54: Isn’t there such a thing at least in Class A magic?]

[Anonymous 91: Yes. I don’t think it’s class A, right?]

[Anonymous 67: So you mean it’s at least S-class?]

[Anonymous 17: It’s a story with a possibility. It is not that there is no precedent of using S-class skills at a young age. There is only one Camilla in America, but there is also a record of her dealing with S-class magic as an underage. She can only believe in that now.]

[Anonymous 52: Please win! Save the others!]

Ice crystals cool the magma, kick out the flames, and create a new land.

Fragments of ice rising from the ground along with chilling chills to the bones formed a fortress and surrounded the enemy.

‘This is S-class magic… … 《Ice Land》… … !’

Jaehyun felt a chill run down his spine from his own magic.

What if you hit this skill directly in the fight against Kainan?

It would never have stopped at the level of injury.

Just thinking about it made my hair stand on end.

“after… … .”

Jaehyun let out a light breath.

The breath is released, indicating that the heat has completely dissipated.

At the same time, a gigantic wave of magical energy spread out in a semicircle around him.

All of the fields where magma had flowed were completely frozen.


Pieces of ice rushed rapidly toward the Red Drake.

Quad de de de de deuk!

The frozen ground, whose power was amplified by 1.5 times due to the effect of Overdrive, began to eat all the Red Drake.

With a huge, deafening shout, Jaehyun’s attack hits the enemy with precision.


I felt mana draining from my body in chunks.

A small sense of exhaustion.

However, the rewards of a moment’s hard work will be sweeter than ever.

―You have successfully defeated the hidden boss, Red Drake.

―Special rewards are given.

Jaehyun had to calm down the corners of his mouth that kept rising.



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* * *

“ah! That’s not me, manager. I had no intention of doing that this time… … .”

“Park, why are you like this? So you’re saying I did something like this during the midterm exam? You’re kidding too much!”

“no. I mean, I didn’t do this myself!”

Gu Ja-in was getting tired of the repeated phone calls.

Shortly ago, immediately after an unknown incident occurred in subspace. Calls poured in from all over the place where there was a connection with Gu Jain.

It was mainly companies, governments, and other facilities that delivered subsidies to Miles.

All of them were asking Gu Ja-in. What kind of situation is this now? do.

It was obvious, but Gu Jain couldn’t answer either.

what is happening now.

That is to say, the loss of control of the sub-space and the rampage of Red Drake was not an issue ordered by him at all.

However, Gu Jain could not protest.

Even if it wasn’t, it was a situation where the public reputation was hitting the floor, but the incident happened before it was quiet.

In this way, the one who is at a disadvantage is himself.

‘shit… … no one believes me Dangerous.’

After rising to the position of Chairman. I’ve never been hit by such concentrated fire. Most of the problems were handled without difficulty, and there was nothing that Gu Jain himself was deeply concerned about.

However, the current situation is completely different from before.

If you leave Min Jae-hyun alone like this, your reputation will really fall to the bottom.

Also, when that happened, there was little he could do.

“after… … Instructor Park Ha-joon. How is the situation now? What about the reporters? Did you block it?”

“no… … I contacted the reporters, but… well… … All of them turned down the offer because they couldn’t trust Milles Academy anymore. I wonder if someone did this on purpose.”

At Park Ha-joon’s words, Goo Ja-in gritted his teeth.

“Min Jaehyun… … ! He messed up his gear nose and climbed on me?!”

But it was clear that there was something odd about it.

Jaehyun is just a cadet.

That he knows information about himself.

Also, there must be a good reason for being able to do big things like now without hesitation.

‘back. There will definitely be someone who helps him. What kind of baby… … !’

The time when I was indignant. Suddenly, a person passed through my mind.

He is his nemesis and has the power to help Min Jae-hyun.

“no way… … !”


at that time. I kicked the door and a man came in. He was one of Gu Jain’s minions in the academy.

He took a deep breath and called out to Gu Jain in an urgent voice.

“Gu, Gu Ja-in, Chairman! It’s a big deal!”

Gu Jain frowned at the voice calling him and answered.

“Is there a problem? And I would have told you to make sure to contact me before entering the chairperson’s office.”

“that is… … It was so urgent that I had no choice.”

“Ha, what is more urgent here… … .”

“The Yeonhwa Guild sent an official letter.”

“… … yes?”

When Gu Jain asked in a bewildered voice, he quickly added.

“This is an official letter sent directly by CEO Yuseong. Please read it.”

Gu Jain, noticing that the return was unusual, immediately accepted the official letter.

The moment I took out a thick wad of paper with slightly trembling hands and read it.

His complexion was as blue as ever.

An official letter from Yeonhwa Guild. It contained something he had never expected.

[Official notice on the disciplinary action of Miles Academy and the arrest of Chairman Gu Jain.]

The incident that is taking place in the second performance at Milles Academy on the same day is a very serious matter. In a desperate situation where the lives of the cadets could be in danger, Chairman Gu Ja-in disappointed the public again following the previous guild experience.

The fact that he couldn’t keep his word and made the young cadets stand on the threshold of death again. Such as giving bribes to high-ranking political figures to satisfy self-interest. Goo Ja-in is urgently arrested for violating the following 17 radar-related laws.

In addition, the authenticity of this official document is directly guaranteed by guild Yeonhwa and master Yoo Seongeun.

“… … Ah, even so, there is no justification for Yeonhwa Guild to directly intervene in this case! The authority to issue a warrant belongs only to the Radar Administrative Headquarters! Do you think you will accept this lightly?”

Gu Jain’s eyes were red and bloodshot, and he shouted in a furious voice.

“Continue reading below.”

The servant’s voice was still trembling. The same goes for his old man’s hand.

Gu Jain continued to roll his pupils down while trying to keep a calm face.

and. Finally, in one section, his eyes stopped once again.

[Anyone who agrees to the disciplinary action of Milles Academy and the punishment of Gu Jain.]

29 guilds including the 4 major guilds in Korea.

This is an issue directly approved by the National Radar Administration and is irreversible.

“To the radar management headquarters… … You mean interfering in this? Didn’t we block all of their leaders? But, why the hell is this happening!”

“It looks like there was an enemy inside.”

Park Ha-joon said calmly.

Gu Ja-in was also guessing in his heart.

There is an enemy inside.

Again, the enemy is using a trick to break himself.

It was even more strange that Gu Jain, who had experienced the previous guild experience, did not know about it.

The problem is, I don’t know who did it and for what purpose.

“For now, try to stop it somehow. Even the reporters of small local newspapers all called and somehow… … !”


This time it was Instructor Park Ha-joon’s voice.

Gu Jain’s face became more ferocious without any further distortion.

However, Park Ha-jun did not back down and handed his smartphone to Gu Ja-in.

There were many similar articles on the screen of the smartphone.

[Declaring war on the Yeonhwa Guild, Gujain? Trying to kill the guild’s ‘priority negotiation target’ to check.]

[Min Jae-hyeon, the talent who signed the first negotiation with the Yeonhwa Guild! who is he?]

[Already at the level of A-class radar… … About 17-year-old Jaehyun Min and Yeonhwa Guild]

[Yeonhwa pressures Goo Jain to resign. It turned out that it was because of Cadet Min Jae-hyun… … .]

“what? Jaehyun Min… … Yeonhwa Guild’s preferred negotiator?”

Gu Ja-in’s head was spinning, and things from the past passed by quickly.

After a while. Gu Jain gritted it.


now it’s clear

After the first freshman hunt.

How Jaehyun was able to ignore his suggestion so easily.

Also, at the time of the guild experience, why did the Yeonhwa guild request that Min Jae-hyun be sent to their guild so much?

Finally, the second practical exam for this midterm exam.

What was the reason Yoo Seong-eun came out now?

All questions have been answered.

Jaehyun Min. What if he was Yeonhwa’s helper?

Then everything will fall back and forth.

I don’t know how he roasted the instructors, but it’s highly likely that Min Jae-hyeon was the one who stole Miles’ information.

‘shit… … I should have been suspicious… … !’

I was too careless.

Jaehyun Min has been constantly creating variables that he had not anticipated.

Overwhelming force and judgment that can never be found at the cadet level.

It was Goo Jain who had been buying it highly, and now he had no idea that this incident had nothing to do with Min Jaehyun.

Gu Jain urgently exclaimed.

“… … shit! Try to find some other way. It can’t be like this… … .”

Unfortunately, however, Gu Ja-in’s voice did not continue.

“Director Jain Gu must step down immediately!”

“Back off! Back off!”

Protesters and reporters who had broken through the military facility in Miles had lined up right in front of the door.


With the sound of knocking on the door, Gu Jain’s body began to collapse.

“under… … .”

Park Ha-joon said, supporting Gu Ja-in’s body, who was muttering despondently.

“… … I’ll see you. At least I hope you don’t get into trouble… … .”

At those words, Goo Ja-in shook Park Ha-joon’s hand with poisonous eyes.

“yet… … It’s not over. I am. Do you think Gu Jain will collapse over something like this?”

“Everyone, of course you won’t collapse. But now… … .”

Goo Ja-in stepped out of the door lined with reporters, leaving Park Ha-joon behind.

“Now, wait a minute! Chairman Gu Ja-in!”

chump chump chump!

As soon as I stepped outside, flashes started to go off everywhere.

However, Gu Jain clenched his fists tightly and did not blink an eye.

However, he said as if declaring while watching reporters and civic groups filming him.

“I did nothing wrong.”

Of course, nobody believed that. Gujain’s downfall was predestined.

The protesters’ voices filled with resentment soon erupted.

“Take it down now!”

Guin. The chairman of the board of directors of Miles and one of the real powerhouses in Korea.

It was the moment he collapsed.

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