I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 125

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Episode 125 Spotlight (1)

[Anonymous 8: Really… … It’s an S-class skill… … ?]

[Anonymous 82: No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem to be at the level of A. As long as one cut of Red Drake… … Also, what the hell is that swordsman? Is it human?]

[Anonymous 32: Is that important now? It’s important that the children live! hurray!]

[Anonymous 93: I assure you, Min Jae-hyun is a world-class talent. He definitely floats!]

[Anonymous 41: ㄴAjae;; Condescending while talking about what everyone here knows ;;]

[Anonymous 84: Anyway, I caught the f*ck, so it’s okay. Gujain and Milles are the only things I need to do now. Now that I’ve brought the official website and SNS link, let’s go and get it.

Link: <click here>]

[Anonymous 63: Please also petition. Link below: <click here>]

Enthusiastic response from viewers. In a way, this was natural.

《The Land of Ice》 was equipped with the power of the feast of the royal family of the Dark Elves.

Not only the basic destructive power, but also the great advantage of utility and wide area without restrictions.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but nod his head in satisfaction.

It is by far the most firepower magic as a single one that I have dealt with so far.

Jaehyun’s heart warmed.

‘good. With this level of destructive power, leveling up would be much faster. Since I showed the skill on a live broadcast once, I won’t have to worry about other people’s eyes every time I use it.’

It was the reason why Jaehyun used S-class magic in the hunt for Red Drake.

after. When it comes to Milles Academy’s ‘mission performance period’, you will be able to accept and clear requests from outside, but if you continue to hide your skills as you do now, there will be a big setback in your mission.

For this reason, Jaehyun decided to reveal a large part of his hand in this second practical training.

In the first place, Jaehyun’s core skills are absolute calculation and magic detection.

other skills. In particular, it was easy to attract others’ attention to revealing magic that was flashy and powerful, and it was good to use it afterwards.

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo-jung, who was watching Jae-hyun from the side, swallowed her saliva and thought.

‘Min Jaehyun. All of a sudden, even S-class skills… … I can not believe it. When did you grow up like that?’

I couldn’t help but have doubts.

In general, even if a freshman has only one A-level skill, he or she is treated as a national genius.

From two, it is said that it is an S-class talent, and it rises to the cuba of people around the world, and more than that is so rare that there are almost no precedents.

However, at the age of 17, Jaehyun went beyond A-level skills and even used S-level skills.

‘The gap has widened too much to catch up right now.’

Kim Yoo-jung smiled somewhat bitterly but proudly.

After looking around for a moment, he shook his head to clear his thoughts.

‘For now, it’s first to finish this skit.’

He clenched his fists and took a deep breath.

I could see Jaehyun running from the front after killing the enemy.

Jaehyun shouted in an urgent voice.

“hey! are you okay?!”

‘… … what? What about that smoke?’

Other than that, he seemed to think he was acting realistically.

Kim Yoo-jung let out a small sigh, invisible to others, and fell to the floor.

Of course, it was all actions that were in the script.



“Get your mind right!”

Kim Yoo-jung closed her eyes along with the voices of her colleagues.

At that time, Jaehyun adjusted the timing and adjusted the subspace formula once again.

―The subspace connection is unstable!

―The external sending/receiving system is disconnected!

[Anonymous 34: Huh? what is this sound!]

[Anonymous 3: Why is the communication system all of a sudden going crazy?]

[Anonymous 71: What the hell is this doing? are you kidding.]

along with the enthusiastic response of the viewers.

The arithmetic formula entered an unstable state, and broadcasts that were being sent across the country were cut off.

After a while.

“under… … Your acting was really bad.”

Kim Yoo-jung stood up, narrowed her eyes, and glanced at Jae-hyun.

Jaehyun smiled and said.

“Are you that stubborn?”

“uh. very.”

Kim Yoo-jung’s answer was firm.

But Jaehyun didn’t care. He achieved his goal anyway.

All that’s left now is to finish it properly.

“Then, let’s go soon.”

Jaehyun looked at his colleagues and said.

He put Kim Yu-jung’s arm around his shoulder and said.

“Acting until the end. know?”

At those words, everyone in the party briefly burst out laughing, as if the tension had eased.

Jaehyun felt it.

A fight with Gu Jain. That the time has come to put an end to this game.

* * *



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chump chump chump!

Immediately after Jae-hyun and his party break through the sub-space and come out.

As in the case of Gujain, flashes exploded everywhere.

Jaehyun frowned and put strength on the arm that supported Kim Yoojung.

Reporters must have all come here for the same purpose.

Reporting by Jae-Hyun and his company after a difficult battle and returning to victory.

The correlation between Jaehyun’s negative remarks about Goo Jain during the live broadcast and this incident.

‘Perhaps in the eyes of those people, I’ll look like a walking scoop.’

Jaehyun laughed inwardly, and then put on a cold expression.

One of the reporters standing in front of me immediately pointed a microphone and asked.

“hello. This is reporter Park Yong-chul of NBC. I understand that something dangerous happened in subspace this time. Just one word… … .”

“hello! I am Reporter Lee Soo-ae of VBS! After A-class magic, you used a skill that reached S-class, so what happened… … .”

All sorts of questions pouring in.

However, their mouths were shut tight by a reporter running through the crowd.

“I am a regular reporter at YIBS. Is it true that Min Jae-hyeon signed an agreement with the Yeonhwa Guild first?”

Jaehyun tried to calm down the corner of his mouth that was about to go up involuntarily.

‘It looks like the teacher handled the job properly.’

Without showing any expression, he raised his head for a moment and glanced at the reporters. Jaehyun narrowed his eyes.

“you’re right. But that’s not something we’re talking about now.”

“One word please! Currently, the arrest process for Chairman Gu Ja-in is underway.

During the live broadcast, you gave negative comments about Chairman Gu Jain.

Receiving the reporter’s question, Jaehyun gnashed his teeth and exhaled slowly.

“Because of Milles Academy’s strict confidentiality policy, I can’t tell you everything. but.”

Jaehyun’s whole body was young.

“This is already the third time. Cadets. I don’t want any more of my friends to die.”

After speaking as if declaring, Jaehyun walked past the dazed reporters and walked forward.

Silence flows for a moment.

Reporters who suddenly came to their senses blocked Jaehyun’s way and asked.

“Now, wait a minute! Does that mean that Min Jae-hyun already knew all about the corruption of Chairman Koo Ja-in? You said it was the third, but the other two cases are… … !”

“Is the guild experience incident related? Just say one word!”

A barrage of questions from reporters pouring in one after another. Jaehyun paused for a moment at the rushing crowd.

soon She said in a trembling voice as if her throat had been choked.

“A colleague is injured. Please get out of the way.”

In response to the heavy voice, the reporters quietly opened the way.

Right then. The Yeonhwa Guild’s ambulance vehicle arrived just in time.

He had come to pick up Kim Yoo-jung and the others.

‘Because if I get tested by another medical team, they’ll find out that I’m not hurt.’

Jaehyun didn’t forget to add a word while busily walking towards the car.

“I want you to remember one thing.”

Jaehyun turned around and looked at both sides of the road that parted like the Red Sea.

he added forcefully.

“This is no accident.”

* * *

Radar Management Center. inside conference room.

Song Ji-seok and Park Kyung-hoon are having a conversation. The two voices were extremely furious.

“haha! In the end, Gu Ja-in’s downfall is coming! I knew it would be like this!”

Song Ji-seok said excitedly first. Park Kyung-hoon also received the words in an excited voice.

“I couldn’t believe it, but I really didn’t know that Yeonhwa would intervene in this matter. Haha, I didn’t even know that Min Jae-hyun was CEO Yoo Sung-eun’s direct follower. there… … The Yeonhwa Guild asked us for help directly. To think this would happen… … .”

a few hours ago.

Song Ji-seok received a phone call from Yoo Sung-eun.

The summary was simple.

[Since Gu Jain is committing evil, please prepare to arrest him… … Are you saying this?]

[yes. you’re right. The rest of the procedures will be taken by Yeonhwa.]

[But isn’t there any reason for CEO and Yeon-hwa to intervene directly in this?]

[It’s because my student is connected. I just can’t do it.]

[If you are a disciple… … ?]

[Min Jae-hyun. That child is my direct disciple.]

[…] … Have you secured all the evidence?]

[of course. Afterwards, through a press conference, we plan to disclose all the evidence of Gu Ja-in’s evil deeds and the injustice he has committed so far.]

[…] … All right. We will do our best to cooperate. However, there are two conditions.]

[Tell me.]

[One is that I am also present during the press conference.]

[No problem. What about the other one?]

[I want to meet Min Jae-hyun in person. Please reserve a seat.]

after the call ends.

Song Ji-seok immediately joined forces with the Yeonhwa Guild to issue an arrest warrant and an official document.

A golden opportunity to redeem Gu Ja-in.

Song Ji-seok, who lost his family to him, could not miss it.

In the end, he helped Yeonhwa Guild and succeeded in redeeming Gu Jain. Currently, Jain Gu is being arrested by the Radar Management Headquarters.

“What happened to Agent Jiyeon Kim? Any news?”

“I decided to join this side as quickly as possible.”

“good. Things are going smoothly. But you have to be careful. First of all, clarify that you are not trying to recruit Min Jae-hyun to the Yeonhwa Guild. Otherwise, it could be driven back to Yoo Seong-eun. Got it?”

“All right.”

Park Kyung Hoon nodded and replied.

In the first place, as Song Ji-seok instructed, it was impossible to recruit Min Jae-hyeon to the radar management headquarters.

The National Association steals the jewel from the arms of Yeonhwa, the largest guild in Korea?

It’s not possible, but above all, it’s too risky.

It is difficult to survive even if it is an association if it loses Chuck with the Yeonhwa Guild.

This time, the interests were aligned and the conversation was good, but… …

You have to realize that things can go wrong at any time.

‘I have to put Min Jae-hyeon in the role of a bridgehead.’

Song Ji-seok thought.

If you use Min Jae-hyeon, you might be able to make a kite with the Yeonhwa Guild.

In the first place, he thought that if Yeon-hwa wasn’t a disciple who was precious to him, there would be no way Yeon-hwa could suddenly intervene in a sensitive time like now.

Thanks to this, making a point of contact with Jae-seok became the top priority for Song Ji-seok and the Radar Management Headquarters.

If you maintain a good relationship with Jaehyun, you will be able to get help from Yeonhwa when you need it later.

To this end, Song Ji-seok was thinking of giving Jae-hyun a very special offer.

‘Somehow, I’m making an offer Min Jae-hyun can’t refuse!’

Song Ji-seok brushed his beard feeling proud of his plan.

Park Kyung-hoon crossed his arms and smiled. For the first time in a while, things are going so smoothly.

The two couldn’t help but burst into laughter as they watched the articles posted in real time.

The headlines were all brilliant.

The downfall of Miles Academy, the misdeeds of Jain Gu, the president of Miles Academy, and corruption at Radar Academy, which was considered a group of heroes! etc… … .

Various articles are pouring in, but there are bound to be articles that stand out among them.

The two touched the headline they liked and read the article inside.

[Director of Milles Academy, Jain Gu… … Arrested for corruption and poor operation of the academy]

Gu Ja-in, who serves as the chairman of Miles, was arrested and charged with 17 counts of corruption, tax evasion, and poor management of the academy.

Chairman Gu Ja-in is suspected of watching the deaths of the academy students during his last guild experience… …

* * *

Inside Yeonhwa Guild Ambulance.

Thanks to the specially processed interior design, you cannot hear the situation or voice from the outside.

Jaehyun, sitting on a chair, is tidying up his clothes with a calm face.

After the group relaxes. He was barely breathing and calming his trembling heart.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was sitting across from me, smiled dejectedly and asked.

“You are Min Jaehyun. How can you be so calm when you do something like that? Are you aware that you have done something serious?”

Yoo Seong-eun, who sat next to him, seldom sympathized with him.

“That’s right. The guild experience incident was really big, but… … What were you thinking when you did this time? Well, Yeonhwa Guild benefits, so I won’t say anything about it. It was you who would be swallowed.”

Of course, things went well.

However, it was something Yooseong couldn’t understand.

The original method of representation is not like this.

He waits calmly, takes the time and devours the enemy.

It has been moving like a typical seasoned hunter.

But, why did he plan to hit Gu Jain so quickly this time?

Was there something urgently needed to be done?

Jaehyun pondered for a moment, then clasped his hands.

“I knew after the guild experience incident. It’s good to handle things safely, but first of all, it’s more urgent to save people. This was the best way to stop Gu Jain.”

Jaehyun caught his breath.

He thought about the joy of victory behind him.

‘Gujain moves again. Above all else, he has a connection with the Aesir god.

… … But right now I won’t be able to move. There are too many eyes to see.’

The law cannot bind the radar.

This has been proven countless times in the past decades when Yggdrasil rose.

However, it didn’t matter.

At least now Gu Jain has lost his power and his footing.

No more killing innocent cadets.

That alone made Jaehyun worthwhile.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was watching from the side, crossed her arms and asked.

“what… … are you very unfamiliar? Did you eat something wrong?”

“shut up.”

Yoo Seong-eun smiled at the sight of the two having a conversation.

‘There’s still a part of me that’s like a child.’

Kim Yoo-jung was focused on her smartphone. When she looked closely, she found an article that revealed the true nature of Gu Ja-in in detail, and she clicked likes on all of them.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but stick out his tongue.

“You are amazing too.”

Kim Yoo-jung didn’t even pretend to hear.

A moment of peace passes by. Soon the vehicle’s speed slowed down.

Yooseong said as he loosened his legs.

“Then now we have to make sure we finish. 3 days later, press conference. It all ends there. In the meantime, practice without leaking your pronunciation.”

At those words, a small smile spread across Jaehyun’s face.

Press conference.

At a press conference to be held three days later.

Gu Ja-in’s evil deeds,

It will be revealed to the world that Jaehyun is officially the successor to Sungeun Yoo.

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