I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 130

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Episode 130 A Brief Break (3)

“… … yes?”

Jaehyun asked in a stern voice.

Seeing Jaehyun’s eyes, the uncle began to add with all his enthusiasm.

“Hmm. Even though Yoojung is a bit strong, she has a kind heart, a good brain, and… … ouch! Wrong. Anyway, temper hair.”

Kim Yoo-jung pinched his side so that his father couldn’t talk any more strangely, and the uncle laughed as if it was always the case.

Kim Yoo-jung looked at the two in turn with her eyes wide open.

“I want you to bring the meat quickly. Min Jaehyun, move too!”

“That, yes. What, what should I do first?”

The old man jumped up and started carrying things.

“okay. Can we move all of that?”

When Jaehyun sighed and got up, Seo Ina also got up and started moving things.

The aunt and the uncle said that it was okay to stay still, but the two of them busied themselves saying that they couldn’t do that.

When the five people moved, all food materials and tools were quickly moved to the outdoors.

Currently, they are on a small terrace in the yard of Kim Yoo-jung’s house.

This was the place for today’s meat party.

after preparation.

Everyone was seated and the uncle decided to grill the meat.

With his ragged muscles, he brushed olive oil on the meat for a large steak, seasoned it, took out spices, and marinated them for a while so that they could penetrate the meat well.

After a while. The enduring time is all over. Finally, the meat started to go up on the fire.


The three of them involuntarily swallowed their saliva.

The uncle must have known such a feeling, and he immediately grilled the meat and served it to me. The meat, which was quickly cooked and cut to taste, was put on a plate and placed on the table. It was the start of a serious party.

“As expected, the man grills the meat very well.”

Jaehyun wiped the saliva with his sleeve as he spoke, and the man replied with a big smile.

“what. Even if it looks like this, isn’t it a former chef? That’s about it! haha!”

The uncle seemed to be quite excited about the praise.

Seo Ina also tried the meat and opened her eyes wide as if in shock.

Kim Yoo-jung crossed her arms and said in a triumphant voice.

“My dad grills some meat. Of course, everything else is a mess, so I can’t live without my mother.”

At Kim Yoo-jung’s words, the lady who was pouring the drink next to her laughed for a moment.

“It would have been nice if Hoyeon and the chancellor brother came too.”

Suddenly, Kim Yoo-jung put a piece of well-cooked meat into her mouth and said.

My father, who grills meat, wrapped a large wrap and put it in his mouth.

Jaehyun nodded and took a piece of meat himself and shoved it into his mouth.

“Well, they say everyone is busy. I can’t help it. Let’s meet separately next time.”

“… … huh. OK.”

Seo In-na also agreed by chewing on the meat.

After an hour of mindlessly eating meat like that. Finally, Kim Yoo-jung’s father joined her at the table and added her words.

“Anyway, Jaehyun is you. I was really surprised.”


When Jaehyun raised his head and asked, the old man raised his mouth and said.

“It was during the second practice of the midterm exam. If it wasn’t for you, Yoojung would have been seriously hurt. Even if you look like this, you are a precious daughter.”

“… … no. I haven’t done anything.”

Jaehyun turned his head and replied, probably because he felt remorse.

The man thought Jaehyun was shy and acted like that, but… …

Everything was just a play of representation.

Thoroughly planned work for Guzain’s downfall.

Because of knowing that, Kim Yoo-jung is also grinning at Jae-hyun.

Kim Yu-jung cut off her father’s words when he tried to lengthen them.

“dad. If you’re going to talk, shouldn’t you be nice to me? What does it look like?”

“Cheup! no, that’s what it says haha. Guys, eat a lot of meat.”

The uncle gave his daughter a small wink while breaking out in a cold sweat.

Seo Ina smiled lightly, and Jaehyun also raised the corner of his mouth.

But this time, the lady patted Jaehyun on the shoulder and said.

“Ajumma is also happy to see that Jaehyun is doing well. He worked hard every day.

I’m saying this now, but she was very surprised when she first heard that you were going to the magic world. To put it bluntly, I didn’t want to be separated from Yoo-jung, but I wanted to.”

“It’s not… … Thanks anyway.”

Seeing Jaehyun answer, the woman nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Oh, the more I look at him, the better he looks. Our Yoojung should also bring a boyfriend like you. He has a bit of a personality… … .”

“Oh really! What’s wrong with mom? Eat some meat! If not, will I eat mom’s too?”

Kim Yoo-jung said in a fit of anger.

Jaehyun smiles awkwardly at the conversation between the two, but from the side, knock! A voice was heard. It was Seo Ina.

“what’s the matter? What’s going on?”

“… … no.”

Ina immediately denied Jaehyun’s question.

It seemed that he had lost control of his strength when he put down his chopsticks.

Jaehyun tilted his head, but soon turned off his nerves and continued to enjoy the meat party.



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* * *

“Do you even know what you’ve done!”

Ahn Seok-gu’s voice, his face flushed red, reverberated through the house.

Ahn Ho-yeon, who stood in front of him, did not reply and looked at his father with a cold, hard face.

My father continued to raise his voice.

“Chief Jain Gu… … He had a bad back, but he was a guy who could definitely support you! But what? You said you saved the dying cadets because you felt sorry for them? Fool!”

Ahn Seok-gu was angry from the top of his head. He could hardly understand his son’s behavior.

recent. Chairman Gu Ja-in was arrested on charges of corruption and tax evasion.

The downfall of the one who believed that he would grow his son into the best radar in Korea.

Of course, Ahn Seok-gu couldn’t help but be angry.

Together. Recently, I learned that my son and Min Jae-hyun were involved in his downfall.

It is said that Min Jae-hyeon is a direct disciple of Yeon-hwa and Yoo Seong-eun, and Ahn Ho-yeon cooperated with him in preventing the guild experience incident.

From Ahn Seok-gu’s point of view, it was as if his son had pointed a gun at him. If he had stepped out a little too late, Ahn Seok-gu would have been arrested under the pretext of agreeing with Goo Ja-in.

Ahn Seok-gu’s eyes were bloodshot.

“Ugly bastard! How dare a son put his father in jail?! Are you still my son!”


“Shut up and listen! Ahn Ho-yeon! You must be the best radar in Korea. You have to put everyone under your feet! That’s the privilege of those with power!

Bring down Min Jae-hyun right now. Do whatever it takes to be the best… … !”

“Please stop it.”

Ahn Ho-yeon said with a face full of contempt, as if he would not hear it anymore.

I have tried to convince my father several times.

In the past, Jae-hyeon was a benefactor who saved him several times, and the guild experience incident was also that he directly asked for help from Jae-hyeon.

But my father didn’t even listen.

He taught him to crush all his cadets, his friends, as rivals.

It was disgusting.

Ahn Ho-yeon knew.

Even if you go that far and reach the top, there is nothing left.

Even if I climb to the highest place alone.

Can you save a true comrade?

‘It can’t be.’

Ahn Ho-yeon has now come to a conclusion.

I will no longer live according to the Father’s will.

“father. Because this is my life.”

Ahn Ho-yeon put strength into every word. His eyes grew colder than before.

Ahn Ho-yeon said as he pushed his father who was holding me by the shoulder.

“My father lives his father’s life. honest.”

“Ah, An Ho-yeon! Can’t come here right now! Ahn Ho-yeon!”

Ahn Ho-yeon went outside ignoring his father’s words.

One destination.

It was my mother’s hospital.

* * *

Seoul Central Hospital.

Ahn Ho-yeon greeted the nurse with a familiar face and entered the hospital room.

I see my mother, who has not yet woken up, lying in a hospital bed.

Lying in the hospital room, barely exhaling.

Ahn Ho-yeon pursed his lips and lowered his head.

‘mom… … .’

It was not uncommon for Ahn Ho-yeon to visit his mother’s hospital room.

He was a filial son by nature, and his mother was a very precious family to him.

Previous. Until many years ago, his father was also like him.

In the past, the father loved his wife dearly, but now he has changed.

It was very difficult to cure the disease of his wife, who was deeply wounded by the demonic beast, and required an astronomical amount of money and the help of a professional healer radar.

However, the father did not have the strength to do so.

My military connections didn’t help.

I was tired because

He ran around in various ways to save his wife, but in the end he gave up.

In a newly changed world, those with power monopolize medicine.

If you don’t have anything, if you can’t dominate others, you’re thrown away.

My father gradually deteriorated.

after. He began to obsess over Ahn Ho-yeon’s talent.

Because it was the only way to save his wife. So he overworked his son and constantly put him into more difficult situations.

But now, many years later. All desire for his father to cure his wife was gone.

Just a twisted desire to raise her son as a special person and be recognized by others, and an ineradicable sense of defeat.

Ahn Ho-yeon recalled the face of his father who was angry with him.

the father said

To beat Jaehyun somehow.

Engrave your name on the highest place.

Of course, Ahn Ho-yeon also intended to do everything in his power to defeat Jae-hyun.

But I won’t win in a cowardly way.

in a fair way.

Ahn Ho-yeon knew better than anyone what he had to do.

“I’ll be back.”

After chanting softly, she got up from her seat, leaving her ailing mother behind.

* * *

After the meat party is all over.

The three of them were sitting on the sofa after roughly tidying up.

Kim Yoo-jung’s parents were not at home. Because she had reserved a movie for the night, she hurriedly ran out while looking at her watch a moment ago.

“I have to get up soon too.”

Jaehyun, who was watching TV, yawned and said.

Kim Yoo-jung lifted her head and looked up at Jae-hyun.

“Are you going already?”

“hey. what already It’s almost twelve o’clock now.”

“Since when did we ask for that? Just wait a little longer.”

“If I had more, your father wouldn’t leave me alone?”


Kim Yoo-jung leaned over under the sofa and asked.

Jaehyun answered while pushing away Kim Yoojung’s face with an annoyed face.

“It’s kind of like when you’re away from your parents for a long time. Will you be scolded unconditionally?”

“You don’t have to do anything to get scolded. Isn’t that right?”

“… … Oh, yes.”

Seo Ina answered a little late.

Kim Yoo-jung tilted her head, but did not pay much attention.

Jaehyun took out his smartphone from his pocket and checked his watch.

The current time is 11:53. It was soon midnight.

“I’m leaving in 7 minutes.”

“really? I also have one, but be ruthless.”

“shut up.”

The two squabble as usual.

Seo Ina, who had been watching the two of them suddenly, opened her mouth.

“… … I have a question for you… … Can I ask you something?”

“ok? What? Ask me anything.”

Kim Yoo-jung crossed her arms and said.

Seo Ina seemed to be thinking about it for a while, then she licked her lips and spat out the words with difficulty.

“that… … Maybe the two of you… … Are you dating?”

There was silence for a while.

Jaehyun’s small sigh flowed through the unknown silence.

“… … what?”

Jaehyun thought.

What the hell is Ina talking about?

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