I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 133

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Episode 133: Great Ruins (2)

Archaeological site of Iceland.

It is the largest relic in the world that even reappearances are familiar with.

A forbidden place where not a single person has been allowed to enter for the past few decades.

Jaehyun frowned and asked.

“But I know that the Great Ruins is a place that no one has attacked yet. I was told that I didn’t even pass the first stage test called ‘credentials’.”

“I couldn’t prove it because I didn’t have the qualifications.”

Hella put her index finger on her lips and lightly raised the corner of her mouth.

“Because the purpose of the great ruins was you from the beginning.”

“You said it was me from the beginning?”

“That’s right. The designer of the Great Ruins, ‘Hrungnir’, left the ruins for you from the beginning.

I earnestly hope that you will inherit your power, kill Odin, and bring peace to the Nine Worlds.”


Hearing the name, Jaehyun paused for a moment and fell into thought.

‘Hrungnir was definitely a giant who was described as Thor’s nemesis.’

I don’t remember clearly, but in mythology, Hrungnir was a very rude giant.

Insulting Sif, Thor’s wife, taking Freya as his concubine, and so on. A giant who was eventually killed by Thor because of all sorts of depravity.

‘But it’s not a story to be believed right away.’

Hela said the other day.

The Aesir gods are distorting the myth, and this is for brainwashing.

Perhaps this time, there was a similar daily probability.

“As you already know, Hrungnir is already dead. He fell for Thor’s machinations and lost his life.”

Hella said calmly, then leaned against the bed a bit.

Jaehyun asked.

“The designer, Hrungnir, is dead. Is there any problem with the second trial?”

“yes. You don’t have to worry about that part. However, there is one minor problem.”

“What is it?”

Jaehyun immediately asked, but somehow he couldn’t hide his uneasiness.

Hella scratched her cheek and said.

“that is… … There is actually not one credential. Everyone must meet both qualifications to step inside the Great Ruins.”

“… … yes?”

When Jaehyun asked in a bewildered voice, Hella looked at him.

Jaehyun asked in an urgent voice.

“What is the other qualification?”

“Strength of 150 or more, Agility of 150 or more, the state of an S-class raider… … Is it about… … ?”

Jaehyun’s face hardened at once.


The realm of S-class radar?

* * *

near the ruins. The lobby of the Silcan Hotel where the European Union stays.

“shit! Do you know how many times this is!?”

A rough voice echoed through the lobby.

The owner was none other than Ballack, the representative of the European Union.

“What kind of credential are you still unable to set foot in the entrance?”

“calm down. Isn’t the permitted attack period over yet?”

Camilla, standing to the left of Balak, replied with an innocent expression.

She was an American S-class wizard and a talented genius raider who held the official record for the shortest time in the Mana Cube Test.

However, despite her words, Balak’s face was still cold.

“I don’t get it. So far we, the European Union, have attacked hundreds of sites around the world. But, does it make sense that there are ruins that cannot even be set foot on?”

“It’s the only grand ruin in the world. You may be thinking too hastily.”


“Balak, I know your heart. But if you think about it, it’s not a big problem, right? It’s a big deal that the proud European Union can’t even step on. Could someone else dare to cross it?”

Despite Camilla’s persuasion, Ballack remained stubborn.

“That is not my business. Find a way to enter the ruins somehow, and attack. That’s what our union is supposed to do. Don’t add excuses. Camilla.”

high-handed attitude. But Camilla shook her head as if she was used to it.

“I will never lose a player.”

Balak gnashed his teeth and spat, then left.

‘I will somehow attack the great ruins.’

I will never give the right to attack to other guys.

That was the only thought in Balak’s head.

* * *

Hella’s shocking declaration. There was an uncomfortable silence for a moment in the room.

“no way. Are you kidding me?”

Jaehyun tried hard to deny the reality, but Hella shook her head seriously.

“The situation is the situation, do you think I would lie?”

“… … .”

Jaehyun had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

I think it’s grown quite steeply recently, but it’s still in A-class.



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The state of the S-class radar is at a level that he cannot even look at.

‘In the first place, stats are also a problem. Agility, I passed 150 with TRP’s thunderous step effect, but… … My strength is less than 70.’

It was frustrating, but there were no other sharp tips.

Now, even if you go around the dungeon to level up, the limit is clear.

I’m drowning in trouble Suddenly, Hella clapped and said.

“It is not that there is no way at all.”


The light quickly returned to Jaehyun’s eyes.

Hella nodded.

“yes. It’s a shortcut, but it’s there. A way to enter the Great Ruins.”

“what is that?”

It was a bit reluctant, but there was no way.

It seemed that Hella also came to visit her with the intention of making her use an expedient from the beginning.

“Do you have a key you got from a themed dungeon in the past?”

“… … ah!”

Jaehyun nodded as if he had just remembered.

Clearly, during the theme dungeon, there was a key obtained after clearing Flanders’ Mansion.

Jaehyun immediately opened the item window to check the information.

[Special item]

Name: Cursed Key

Grade: A

The owner of the mansion in Flanders. A memento of the Count of Flanders.

When the curse is lifted, any door or chest can be opened.

*Cooldown: 2 hours

Jaehyun, who was checking the item description, nodded.

《The Cursed Key》.

An all-purpose key item that can open any door or chest simply by removing the curse. Certainly, it wouldn’t be impossible to forcibly open the door to the great ruins by using this.

Perhaps Hella knows how to lift the curse of the key and has made suggestions.

Of course, the ordeal will be difficult, but with Hella’s help, it will be a great help.

‘The situation is smooth. I’m sure it will go smoothly… … .’

It was strange. A cool sensation that ran up Jaehyun’s spine.

Why do I have this strange feeling of incongruity?

Jaehyun was troubled, but Hella didn’t care.

“If you use the key you got then, you will be able to open the door to the great ruins. I know how… … .”

Jaehyun, who had been listening to Hella, raised his head as if he had suddenly realized.

“Wait. Previously. You have to answer one thing first.”

When Jaehyun rarely stopped talking, Hella tilted her head.

Jaehyun gritted it.

‘I finally found out. The identity of the sense of incongruity I felt a moment ago.’

The emotion of anger with a clear target was clearly revealed on Jaehyun’s face.

Hella trembled startled.

“What question is it?”

When Hella asked as if she couldn’t understand it, Jaehyun raised an eyebrow.

A lively voice came out of his mouth.

“At the time of the Last Festival… … Was the third last you?”


At Jaehyun’s question, Hella immediately covered her mouth.

violent reaction. This was something that could not have been done unless he was a criminal.

Jaehyun approached Hella and said in a quaint voice.

“haha. I couldn’t believe it, but then the culprit was you. Suddenly there will be three people, won’t they be judged as S-class? It was kind of weird.”

Jaehyun put his hand on Hella’s shoulder and gave her strength.

“At that time, I was grateful. I really thought I was going to die.”

Hella immediately turned her head at Jaehyun’s words, which continued to clenched her teeth.

“… … Big, big! Forget everything in the past. It’s an urgent situation right now… … .”

Seeing Hella talking with her eyes tightly closed, Jaehyun felt anger welling up.

He recalled the terrible tragedy(?) of the theme dungeon in the past.

At the time of the theme dungeon.

When Jaehyun was playing hide and seek at the Last Festival. She said to him that Brune was.

There are a total of three people participating in the last event.

Even the power is so strong that S-class monsters appear.

I thought it was kind of strange. Apparently, Hela was caught up in watching him.

Jaehyun glared at Hella with an unjust heart.

‘Thanks to that damn demigod, I almost got killed by Surt’s dust… … ?’

I barely endured the boiling of my mana without even realizing it.

At the time, I just thought I was going to die. But no apologies?

‘Damn cat… … .’

“under… … .”

Jaehyun suppressed the blood that was gushing backwards.

“I think you want to give me something. Or an apology gift. Yes?”

“… … Hearing that, you suddenly want to give something? Do you like churro?”

“I don’t feel like playing around… … under. That’s it. Well, let’s get the gift later.

Now let me explain. How the hell are you going to purify the cursed key?”

Hearing Jaehyun’s words, Hella started explaining with a slightly brighter face.

“It’s simple. It is to remove the evil that sleeps inside with divine energy. To put it simply, it pours out divine mana.”

“Sacred Mana?”


When Hella spoke with a slight smirk, Jaehyun crossed his arms and rolled his eyes.

‘Sacred Mana. I’ve definitely heard of it. Each mana has an attribute when it is manifested.’

It was the information I learned from the magic-related subjects at Miles Academy.

All magic has properties, and among them, there is a very difficult mana called special property.

Holy mana, of course, belongs to the special attribute mana.

“But I haven’t dealt with divine attribute mana yet.”

Hella responded with a smile at Jaehyun’s words.

“no. I’ve already dealt with it. Quite often.”

Jaehyun couldn’t help but shake his head.

Have you ever dealt with divine attribute mana before?

“Oh, no way!”

After thinking for a while, Jaehyun’s pupils constricted. He looked at Hella and quickly asked back.

“Are you talking about Sacrifice?”

Hella smiled faintly and nodded.

“yes. you’re right. Sacrifice. A saint’s magic basically has a ‘divine’ attribute. Except for the activation of magic here, it is to inject into the key maintaining the form of magic with only properties.”

It was a novel method that Jaehyun had not been aware of.

In the first place, he copied the skill using a blank card. It meant that he had never thought deeply about the properties and fundamental relationships of magic.

However, Hella was presenting a new possibility.

How to derive the attribute of mana from a skill.

Also, the singularity of being able to use divine mana to remove curses.

“First, take out the cursed key.”

Jaehyun obediently did as she was told. She took the Cursed Key from her inventory and gave it to Hela.

Hella took the key and returned it with a light smile.

she explained.

“Now then, pour divine attribute magic into this key. Keep in mind. I draw out the mana while vividly recalling the feeling of activating Sacrifice.”

As Hella said, Jaehyun began to draw out his magic.

The most basic horsepower.

A solid line of blue magical power that does not have any attribute or color gradually spreads from the body and is formed.

Repeat shallow breathing and begin to focus your nerves. I thought while controlling the mana that gradually entered my lungs.

‘I was told to draw out magic with the senses right before activating Sacrifice.’

Gyyyy… … .

After a while. The magic power in the form of a thin line started to become entangled like a thread, and it absorbed a transparent light.

Jaehyun thought as he watched the slowly changing properties of magic.

‘Is this divine attribute magic?’

Divine power drawn only by the manifestation of magical power, without the use of skills.

“great. Great for a first time. Of course, it will take at least two or three days of practice from here.”

Hela’s voice was not heard. Her Jaehyun paid no attention to the sounds around her and focused only on controlling her magic power.

‘Right before invoking magic, it controls the flow of magical power and gives it properties.’

Mana is, so to speak, the basis for invoking magic. To put it simply, it is a white drawing paper on which nothing has been drawn yet.

Drawing a rough sketch and adding color to it is a skill or magic.

Hella, who was watching Jaehyun, swallowed her saliva unconsciously.

‘good. With that level of concentration, you can purify the key within three days… … .’


The moment Hella was thinking. She suddenly began to seep out black graphite from her keys, filling the room with her.

Hella said, blinking in disbelief.

“No, nonsense!”

It was unbelievable.

Hella looked at Jaehyun in a cold sweat.

‘In other words, pulling out graphite from an object containing negativity… … .

It means that the negative has begun to be purified.’

This meant that Jaehyun had succeeded in drawing out divine mana in just a few minutes.

Hela thought while looking at the key and reappearance being purified, forgetting to even breathe.

‘What is it? Such a talent… … Even compared to those with divine powers, I’m not pushed at all.’

That moment. Only one thought popped into Hella’s head.

Jaehyun Min.

How the hell did he get such ridiculous talents in a human body?

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