I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 135

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Episode 135: Credentials (1)

“Patrick! Marlon! Has anyone visited the great ruins a while ago?!”

Just now. After Jaehyun passed the barricade, there is a person who found the great ruins.


It was one of the representatives of the European Union as part of the World Radar Headquarters.

An unprecedented and irreplaceable existence that no one knows anywhere in the world.

‘What, what?! What’s going on?’

near the ruins.

The sentinel who greeted Balak looked at him in bewilderment.

It was strange. Although he is somewhat arrogant, he is usually calm.

But, why are you looking so flustered?

“Answer me now! Has anyone passed by this place a while ago!”

“Oh, no. At least no one has passed since my shift!”

It was a man called Patrick who answered.

He switched with the sentry who was guarding this place a little while ago. If someone else had entered before that, he would have given himself a word.

“Did the guy you replaced say anything else?”

“That’s right. that… … Is something going on?”

“It can’t be. Absolutely not!”

Balak murmured, chewing his lips in indignation.

Two people who don’t know why face each other and tilt their heads.

Suddenly, Balak passed the two and started approaching the great ruins.

“I’ll go in right away and check it out.”

“yes?! But now it is dawn. Besides, there was an order from the superior not to let anyone inside without permission, even if it was Balak… … .”

“Then, a rat without the right to attack entered the room, so you’re saying we should tolerate it?”

“What is that… … .”

“A little while ago, someone else entered the Great Ruins. damn it! Without you even noticing!”

“Is that true?”

The two men guarding the front repeated in a bewildered voice.

In the meantime, Balak passed the two and walked towards the great ruins.

‘shit! What kind of guy stepped inside the great ruins?’

Just now. The intense magical power and mysterious power felt near the great ruins.

This was something that could only be felt when the ruins were opened.


‘There is only one great ruin in this vicinity. must be Someone else went inside.’

It was utterly unacceptable.

How much effort has the European Union made so far to attack the great ruins?

However, many years passed without leaving a single footprint inside.

However, an unidentified outsider secretly entered the great ruins?

“We need to find it right now. We have to go inside the ruins.”

Balak, who had passed the caretaker, hurried his steps and stood in front of the great ruins.

‘If the Great Ruins were really open, I’d be able to enter them too. Now, we can attack the Great Ruins… … !’

However, what awaited him was a completely different situation than expected.

[You are not qualified.]

Naturally, Balak was not qualified to enter the Great Ruins.

It was because he did not meet the condition of being an ‘enemy of the prophecy’, which is one of the qualifications.

Ballack, who did not know this, had no choice but to pull the back goal.

“shit! Who the hell went inside?”

I groaned and looked around. Sophistication that leaves no footprints.

Ballack was furious, but made a decision right away.

‘A large number of allied members are waiting in front of the ruins.’

At any time after that, those who set foot inside the great ruins have no choice but to come out.


‘Wait a few days, I will reveal your identity.’

Having made up his mind, Balak picked up his smartphone and called Camilla.

[What’s wrong with calling this early in the morning? It’s off-duty right now.]

A slightly lower voice than usual.

It seemed that he had just woken up from sleep. Her tone was full of annoyance.

Balak replied as if it didn’t matter.

“I will give you as much extra as you need. It’s an emergency, so gather allied members in front of the great ruins right away.”

[Ha, okay. But before that, I need to tell you what happened.]

“An intruder has appeared in the great ruins.”

In Balak’s eyes, saying that, it was hard to live.

* * *

The 2nd floor of the Studio Elixir building.

The party sitting around is talking as if they are bored.

Kim Yoo-jung, who was reading a comic book, spoke first.

“under… … Holidays are over now.”

“… … I know. It looked long when I received it, but it seems to go really quickly.”



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When Seo Eana was told, Ahn Hoyeon also agreed.

“Certainly it is. I don’t even know how the real time goes.”

“Yeah, but I’m glad I got more research time!”

As Lee Jae-sang spoke with a big smile, Seo Ah-hyun, who was standing next to him, crossed his arms and murmured.

“By the way, where did Jaehyun oppa go? I haven’t even been contacted.”

“well. He’s always selfish If I don’t take care of you, you won’t be able to take care of yourself properly.”

When Kim Yoo-jung sighed and shook her head, the other party burst into laughter.

oops, do. It was an obvious laugh.

“… … Smile?”

When Kim Yoo-jung spoke in a lifeless voice, the laughter stopped.

After looking around for a while, she was.

“Maybe Min Jae-hyun is training at least. Look at what you normally do.”

“… … but.”

Seo Ina answered.

at that time. Ahn Ho-yeon asked, looking at Kim Yoo-jung as if he had suddenly thought of him.

“Oh right. Yoojung said that the three of you, Ina and Jaehyun, had a meat party at your house? It was fun?”

“uh? what’s okay? Oh right. Come to think of it, do you know what Ina said then?”

“… … Yoojung?”

“well. He asked me if I was dating Min Jaehyun. I was really surprised to hear that.”

Ahn Ho-yeon scratched her head at Kim Yoo-jung’s words and asked.

“uh? no?”

“… … do you want to die?”

Ahn Ho-yeon pretended not to know the cold reply and turned his head away.

Seo Ina, who was sitting next to her, coughed softly and said.

“… … however. After the academy gets back to normal soon, you have to join the circle. Have you thought about how to do that?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Kim Yoo-jung, Ahn Ho-yeon, and Lee Jae-sang, who recently withdrew from the circle due to a workshop, were all silent.

Kim Yoo-jung said boldly, wiping the cold sweat with her sleeve.

“That, wouldn’t Min Jae-hyun take care of that?”

“okay! I don’t think Jaehyun would abandon us and enter the circle alone… … .”

“… … Doesn’t anyone really know yet?”

Seo Ina rarely cut her words. Ahn Ho-yeon and Kim Yoo-jung’s spines became chilly.

Joining the Milles Academy circle is a must, and they wanted to join the same circle as much as possible.

In particular, it should be on the same team as Min Jae-hyun.

He is number one in his grade, and has the privilege of drawing on all the perks.

for example. Priority use of facilities and discounts, increase in size of insolvency, amount of circle support fee, etc.

Thanks to this, in their eyes, Jaehyun couldn’t help but look like a walking bundle of benefits.

If you can do it together, you have to catch it somehow!

Only one thought ran through their heads.

Ahn Ho-yeon, who pondered for a while, nodded and came to a short conclusion.

“Let’s treat Jaehyun well when he comes.”

“… … okay.”

Seo Eana answered and the conversation between the four ended.

Lee Jae-sang locked himself in the workshop to make a bribe potion to present to Jae-hyun.

* * *

“As Hella said earlier, there is no time. Give me a chance.”

Jaehyun asked as politely as possible, but Smir was stubborn.

“I cannot allow it.”

“Smir! If you persist like this, Midgard will be ruined!”

Hella was exhausted. However, it didn’t have much effect on Smir.

“Principles are principles. adversary. The father’s test is very difficult. Now he won’t be able to handle it with your strength. I am being lenient.”

“Everyone in Midgard may die. Will you be okay?”

“Threats don’t work for me. Jotunheim has already been destroyed, and we giants have no place to return to. I’m just following my father’s orders and guarding this place.

The only thing I can help you with is the situation where you have to follow your father’s orders.”

When the conversation didn’t go through, I felt annoyed.

how did you get here You can’t even take the test?

Of course, Jaehyun already guessed the reason.

‘Smir is afraid of fighting the Aesir gods.’

Smirda lost her father to Thor. It’s a strange situation that I’m not afraid of.

However, Jaehyun did not have time to persuade him for a long time.

Hella also knew this, and was struggling to get permission somehow.

“Smir. Please change your mind. Wasn’t your father Hrungnir one of the generals who led the anti-Aesir coalition?

If you, the son of such a person, abandon the opponent of the prophecy now, what will the second end be like?”

“What is gone does not come back. My relatives and my father.

Hell’s alter ego. I’m not sure yet. You have already lost so much, so what are you guys fighting for?”

Hella realized. Smir was already sitting down.

After losing his father to Thor in the past, he suffers from severe lethargy and disillusionment.

‘… … How the hell am I supposed to convince you?’

when she was thinking

Jaehyun with an annoyed expression said as he passed by Hela and took a step towards Smir.

“I don’t know anything else.”

A lifelike mana burst out from Jaehyun’s body.

In an instant, Hella’s pupils constricted.

Jaehyun’s behavior was, no matter who sees it, right before the fight.

“What is this… … ! He is our colleague!”

“Shut up and watch.”

Hella stiffened as if shocked by Jaehyun’s words.

However, Jaehyun did not blink an eye.

“Listen carefully. Hella, Smir. I am not a charity.”

Jaehyun’s left eye burns with a golden light, and a huge amount of mana collides with it, pouring out noise.

Tsutsutsut… … !

Smir couldn’t help but be taken aback by Jaehyun’s behavior.

He clenched his fists and glared at Jaehyun fiercely.

‘How dare you stand against a giant with a human body!’

The reappearance was without delay.

“It’s not something you guys can use when you need it and throw it away. Why am I playing with you right now?”

―Active skill 《Chain of Lightning Lv 5》 is activated.

The chain of condensed magical power was shot straight at Smir.


Smir, who immediately blocked the attack, looked at Jaehyun with a firm expression. It was an expression of anger, as if it would burst at any moment.

Jaehyun said with a smile.

“Because I also judged that you were worth using. therefore.”

Raised head.

Smir’s body trembled.

Jaehyun’s vivid emotions made his whole body stand on end. A strange sensation, as if the skin is rising and chicken meat is sprouting.

Jaehyun took another leap with a fishy laugh.

“You have to get out of there.”

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