I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 145

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Episode 145: Two Swords (2)

About 3 minutes ago.

With Balak in front of him, Jaehyun’s plan was simple.

‘To face Balmung, the same grade. No, at least one master sword is needed.

My swordsmanship will be pushed back, but if it’s just to create a momentary gap, I can do anything.’

It was a clear conclusion.

By the way, visible magic could not be used. It was because if it was revealed that Jaehyun was a battle mage, there was a possibility that his true identity would be identified, so he needed to be careful.

Jaehyun hadn’t reached S-class yet, and was unable to withstand the attacks of other giant guilds on his own. For now, it was best to hide your presence moderately.

‘Because safety is the most important thing.’

Of course, the situation was not good.

This was especially the case with numerous enemies surrounding Balak and Camilla.

Two S-class raiders.

Dealing with them was a hellish experience for regular raiders.

A fight you should never try even if you have two lives.

Because of this, Jaehyun chose a slightly different method. Shaking the minds of Ballack and Camilla to somehow buy time.


The result was an imitation of Balmung he was holding in his hand.

―Active skill 《Formation of magic tools》 is activated.

―The equipment item 《Balmun’s Imitation (A)》 has been created.

―The passive skill 《Genius of Arms Manufacturing》 is activated.

―The rank of 《Balmun’s Counterfeit》 will increase by 1.

―《Dragon Sword Balmung》 has been created!

[Equipment Item]

Name: Dragonslayer Balmung (Crafting Item)

Grade: S

The beloved sword of Siegfried, an ancient human hero who killed Fafnir.


1. Strength + 100 / Agility + 50

2. Acquire the passive skill 《Dragon Slayer (S)》

Jaehyun smiled and waved the sword he was holding in the air.

The corner of the mouth goes up all the time. Of course, luck works at such a timing and even passive skills explode. It seemed that there was no law to die.

‘The power of the skills handed over by the Van Aesir faction is as expected. I never thought it would be possible to copy an S-class item.’

During the midterm exam, when Jaehyun first got his hands on a replica of Balmung.

he thought

Even though it is an imitation, Balmung is an artifact that can be usefully used when catching a Dragon type demon. Wouldn’t it be nice if it could be produced?

Right before entering the ruins, Jae-hyun had a chance to briefly recall the characteristics of the skill called 《Formation of Magic Tool》.

[Active skill]

Name: Formation of magic tools (LV. 1)

Rating: EX

A skill that uses mana to shape weapons necessary for battle.

The higher the grade, the higher grade the weapon can be produced.

Weapons will disappear if you don’t continuously inject magical energy into them.

1. Shape the magic tool.

2. Options and grades are given randomly according to level (current minimum grade – C).

3. If the grade of the weapon is too high, the grade will drop according to the user’s level.

The corners of Jaehyun’s mouth went up as he pondered over the skill description.

‘There is no story anywhere that there is an item that cannot be crafted with this skill.’

The only thing written on the status window was the duration, the required magic power, and the fact that if one’s level was low, one could not fully demonstrate its power.


‘Even if the grade is lowered, wouldn’t it be possible to produce an S-class artifact if I use the skill well?’

In fact, Jaehyun did an experiment about it afterwards. The result is a great success.

Balmung, which was used in the subspace where the midterm exam was held, can now be produced and used outside.

‘Of course, the only weapons that could be produced were the ones I’d personally touched. I couldn’t make a weapon I’ve never seen before.’

Maybe it was natural.

If that is possible, it means that you can copy all kinds of weapons on TV without any restrictions.

This was something that severely disrupted the balance of the system.

“why? Isn’t there a law that says you can’t do it unless you have two balmungs?”

Jaehyun’s playful words permeated the hall with a deep magical power that made you shudder.

Of course it was Balak’s.

Jaehyun straightened his sword. As he was about to push a little further, he heard Camilla’s voice.

“Balak! be careful. His weapon… … I guess I made it up. I can feel the vortex of magical power strongly in the artifact. You have to be careful.”

‘As expected, an S-class wizard. Did you already find out that far?’

As soon as Camilla saw Jaehyun’s weapon, she knew it was a magical object. The situation is not very positive as a representation that the more things are hidden, the better.


The situation was not rational enough for Balak to look around.

“dare… … You copied my weapon? under! I will never leave you alone.”

It was natural for Balak to be indignant.

To him, Balmung has been his trademark and proof of his strength over the past few years.



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The weapon that raised Balak to the top, and at the same time everyone looked up to him.

However, have these core artifacts been stolen?

It was exactly what he made up, but he was fine with minor problems now.

Jaehyun’s mouth twisted.

“To be agitated over something like this? There’s nothing special about the S-class radar.”

“From now on, I will show you whether there is anything special or not.”

Balak immediately injected magic into the hand holding the sword, and then activated the skill.

Jaehyun swallowed his saliva.

‘What he’s trying to do right now is his signature skill, Intangible Sword Type 1.’

Intangible sword type 1.

This is one of Balak’s most frequently used swordsmanship and was his signature skill. A swordsmanship that uses mana to make the sword invisible so that it cannot be read, and then cuts through the gaps in the enemy.

Jaehyun frowned.

‘There are only two ways to prevent Type 1 of the intangible sword. Predicting the enemy’s sword path in advance, or using transcendent reflexes to counter attacks that come within range.’

Nothing was difficult.

In the case of the former, it was obvious that it would be difficult if one was not proficient in swordsmanship, and in the case of the latter, it was also very difficult to have transcendental reflexes.

However, Jaehyun’s worries did not last long. He smiled and put strength into his sword.

‘Go to the latter.’

Right after Jaehyun made his decision. The color of the sword she held changed.

The green effect stays in Balmung, but soon loses all color and disperses.

‘That’s… … Is it the intangible sword that raised Balak to the top?’

Jaehyun caught his breath. Do not be swayed by the splendor of the enemy.

‘I can roughly read the trajectory of the sword with the movement of the wrist, but… … That guy is an S-class raider. I can’t relax.’

However, Jaehyun didn’t worry more than necessary.

“I will not kill you. But as for the limbs… … .”

Balak’s voice followed unexpectedly. However, Jaehyun frowned and cut off her words.

“for a moment. That’s something I’ve heard before from someone much worse than you. I have some trauma. therefore.”

Powerful magic power erupted from Jaehyun’s body.

“Could you shut up?”

“What, what… … ?!”

Balak’s brow furrowed and his face flushed.

Seeing his reddened face, Jaehyun smiled a little.


Balak kicked the ground, and there was the sound of his new model cutting through the air.

However, Jaehyun did not waver this time either.

Just waiting for the enemy to come towards him.

Meanwhile, Camilla, who was watching their battle, gnashed her teeth.

“Ballack… … This stupid bastard… … !”

What is the most important thing in the European Union?

Knowing the opponent’s strength, and always fighting with a cool head.

Didn’t they teach me repeatedly that even with that alone, they could come back alive from dozens of dying battles?

‘To think that the representative of the coalition fell for such a cheap provocation… … !’

It was something Camilla couldn’t help but jump up.

Other members of the coalition did not even dare to intervene in the fight.

Camilla let out the curse she had been holding back and stretched out her arms toward Balak.

“That trash! idiot! So my wife is cheating on me!”

Tsutsut… … !

A defensive force field placed on Balak along with the noise of magical energy.

At the same time, six protective magics overlapped by multi-casting embraced him, and he began to prepare for the upcoming conflict.

“You should know that this is the only time you will save me!”

As Camilla’s magical power increases, so does the magic that protects Balak.

Jaehyun, who watched her silently, let out a smirk.

‘I knew it would be like that. Camilla isn’t one to wait behind her and leave her hand behind her.’

Of course, it didn’t mean much to Jaehyun.

As long as you activate the magic very quickly, at a speed that the enemy doesn’t notice.

―Active skill «Absolute Calculation».


Because protection magic is easily destroyed.

At Jaehyun’s eccentricity, Camilla’s face gradually grew astonished.

“What the hell! why… … Has the magic been destroyed?”

magic is destroyed It was incomprehensible to her.

There is someone who dares to break the defensive magic of an S-class wizard?

The enemy is definitely a fighter. He handles the sword, and although he is crude, he was a skilled enough to stand up to Balak. However, he could even destroy magic on such a subject.

Is that a reasonable thing to do?

At the same time, she suddenly came to her senses and shouted.


However, Ballack, who had already accelerated, did not stop and only shot at Jaehyun.

Jae-hyun began to gather the magical energy that was born from all over his body into the sword. A huge amount of mana permeates the lungs. It was a level that increased several times more than what was dealt with in the past.

However, Jaehyun did not stop there.

‘It’s not enough yet.’

―Active skill 《Overdrive》.

―Attack power and magic power temporarily increase.

-caution! After using it, you will be unable to use magic for a while.

The deeper magic power moves from Jaehyun’s body to the white sword.

Blue magic flames that spread like a torch. It didn’t go away, it only got stronger.



Just before the two balmun collide.

Hella’s telepathy sounded in Jaehyun’s ears.

[I’m ready! Now slowly finishing… … .]

At her words, Jaehyun shook his head with a soft smile.

[Sorry. Could you please wait a moment?]

[yes? what is that… … .]

[An opportunity like this doesn’t come very often.]

Hella’s expression hardened as she looked at Jaehyun hiding her presence nearby.

Jaehyun did not stop, drawing out his mana to the limit.

[A chance to share a sword with an S-class raider.]

Hella’s mouth opened slowly.

No matter how you look at it, it was a fight where Jaehyun was at a disadvantage. However, no matter how you look at Jaehyun’s expression, it was not that of someone who intuited defeat.

Soon by the time Jaehyun’s telepathy ends.

Balak, who had reached in front of me, raised the corners of his mouth.

“Leave the upper half of the body.”

Balak brandishes his sword with a fishy sneer.

A sword that swings from the bottom left to the top right with all the power in the waist. It was truly astoundingly destructive.

However, Jaehyun did not back down either.

He responded by putting strength into his sword.

“I won this time.”


with a huge roar,

Two swords imbued with magical aura collided.

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