I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 148

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Episode 148: Nidhogg’s Fangs (1)

Security conference room near Milles Academy.

The leaders of the S-rank circles are sitting around a long round table.

All of them are senior students who are considered to be the best talent in the academy.

The reason why people who are hard to see together in one place is none other than Min Jae-hyun.

It was a genius cadet who was called the greatest talent of all time and his colleagues.

“I’m going to take Min Jae-hyun away from us, so wake up everyone.”

It was Jeong-hyeon who broke the silence first. He was the leader of Yu, the number one circle in the school.

He is the one who brought together talented cadets based on his excellent speech and skills.

However, they were not the ones who would listen silently.

“No, this time it’s our surname’s turn. Didn’t you guys wipe out the freshman talent last year too? I can’t yield as much as Min Jae-hyun.”

It was Han Ji-an who answered Jeong-hyeon’s words. He was the best healer in the academy.

The circle led by Han Jian was a circle led by wizards.

A circle named after Korea’s best healer, Yoo Seong-eun, with a solid position in the school.

Jian Han elaborated on her opinion and crossed her arms.

“In the first place, the magic world and the martial arts world do not invade each other’s territory. Wasn’t this unwritten? Then, Min Jae-hyeon, a magic cadet, should be handed over to us.”

Others snorted at her words.

The person who answered the words with a frown was Kang Joo-hyeop, the club leader of Aran, the 2nd place in the school.

“You’re talking shit. Fu*k you yeah what? magic world? Didn’t you hear what the media was talking about? He’s a battle mage. It’s nonsense to take her because she’s from a magical circle.”

“That is what I mean. We’ll take Min Jae-hyeon with you, so don’t worry about it.”

“That’s just bullshit.”

At Kang Joo-hyeop’s harsh words, Jeong-hyeon frowned.

Han Jian said with fever.

“Then let’s make it fair. It’s Min Jaehyun’s heart that enters the circle anyway, right? Wouldn’t it make sense for the one with the better offer to take it?”

“Ha, does this sound like such an easy problem? damn you’re stupid Have you forgotten why we met in the first place?”

Kang Joo-hyeop was annoyed and fired at him. Han Jian also shouted in a fit of fuss.

“what?! Are you swearing at me now? Are you crazy because you want to die?!”

heated argument. However, no one stopped them.

It’s a bit radical, but there was a clear reason why they gathered now.

‘Min Jae-hyun is Milles Academy. No, it is an all-time talent that can be counted in the world. He alone outnumbered dozens of other cadets. Our circle has to recruit them somehow.’

They didn’t say anything, but everyone felt it. The one who recruits Min Jae-hyun will later take the top spot in the school circle.

‘under. It won’t be easy after all.’

Jian Han sighed as she looked at the prominent club leaders around her.

No wonder. Jaehyun Min. It’s a move to recruit the best talent in the academy.

Jaehyun is already far beyond the level of regular students. After that, depending on whether or not you train, you will be able to smoothly reach the level of S-class.

However, this was both good and bad news for the Circles.

Jung Hyun was especially sensitive about this issue.

‘If we leave it as it is, there is a risk that the power of the circle that Min Jae-hyun belongs to will become too strong. There is a high possibility that the circle that recruited him will break the balance between the circles and go out alone.

If so… … Yu’s No. 1 position will certainly be shaken.’

If that happens, relatively little public attention in other circles will also fall.

This was a rather embarrassing situation for the circle leader who runs the circle.

It was even more so in the case of Yu, who had a lot of possessions.

‘I can never let it go like that. You must protect Yu’s No. 1 position.’

Jeong-hyeon strengthened his will and repeated that.

However, it was not only him who thought so.

‘Our Seong-eun didn’t make any significant signings last year. Thanks to that, growth was slightly delayed. If I recruit Min Jae-hyun now, I don’t know if I can recover my momentum to last year’s level!’

‘This is a golden opportunity for us, the second-ranked martial arts guild, to rise to first place. I can’t miss it.’

All the circle leaders, including Jian Han and Juhyeop Kang, were thinking the same thing.

In order not to fall behind, we must recruit Jaehyun.

That was their conclusion.

about an hour like that. After arguing for a while.

A girl who had been sitting silently for a long time opened her mouth.

Chae Ji-yoon. He was the only sophomore in this seat and the owner of Circle 3rd Eye.

“Then let’s do this. First of all, each person should make a proposal to Min Jae-hyeon, but if he accepts, let everyone here know in advance. Instead, the circle that recruited Min Jae-hyeon doesn’t lay a hand on his other teammates.

In addition, you must abstain from at least two events at the academy.”

Abstaining from events at the academy. This will be a penalty for the circle recruiting Jaehyun and a huge advantage for the other circles.

Basically, a large amount of points are at stake in various events of Milles Academy, and this is because they are used to equip various facilities and artifacts of the Circle.

For reference, to S-class circles, two events are worth at least tens of millions.

To put it simply, if Chae Ji-yoon’s proposal is accepted, the circle that recruits Jae-hyun will lose at least a few thousand points and at most close to 100 million points.

If you want to take Jaehyun with you, it means that you have to accept that much loss.

“hmm… … If that… … .”

“I like it.”

The circle leaders who sat around Chae Ji-yoon’s opinion nodded.

This is because I knew that it was a problem that could not be resolved even if I killed more time here.

There was no need to worry too much because it was a proposal with a minimal penalty. It was the best decision for now.

“Eh. fu*k. I just wasted time Then I will get up first.”

Beginning with Kang Joo-hyeop’s words, the circle leaders began to rise from their seats one by one.

However, they knew. This proposal does not address the underlying problem.



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In fact, there was still an unknown tension between them.

like that.

The battle for Min Jae-hyun among the S-class circles has begun.

* * *

The next afternoon, the last day of rest before returning to the academy.

Jaehyun went outside for a while to organize his thoughts.

The current location is near the crossroads where the downtown area of ​​the magic engineering shopping district is located.

“You should just order this amount of potions.

If it’s not enough, the chancellor can contact his brother separately.”

Jaehyun visited the workshop Elixir to replenish the consumables he used in raiding the ruins, and then went out into the streets again.

Walking down a quiet street, I calmly start thinking. Recently, he had a big problem.

‘A mythical skill obtained from the great ruins. It should be available as soon as possible.’

In the previous attack, Jaehyun acquired a new mythical level skill. Hela said Jaehyun wouldn’t be able to handle it yet, but she should be able to handle it as soon as possible.

‘Because I said something to Hella.’

Yesterday, Jaehyun spoke loudly to Hella, who was advising him.

[I’ll do the rest somehow.]

In the case of my mother, I decided to get her help, so there shouldn’t be a big problem. It’s Hela’s power. She saw it in person when fighting Hugin in the past.

However, colleagues were different.

‘If not, all the children could be killed by Heimdall.’

In any case, if something like this happens, Jaehyun will have to live with guilt for the rest of his life.

antagonist of prophecy.

It’s because the people around you will be harmed by your fate.

Before returning, Jaehyun remembered Kim Yoojung who sacrificed himself to save himself. Her face, looking at herself with empty eyes, with blood all over her body.

I never wanted to see that face again.

‘But this must also be what Heimdall is aiming for. You must not be shaken.’

Jaehyun knew. Heimdall would not hesitate to use a low-level move to shake himself.

If necessary, I will use others without hesitation. Because that’s their way.

For this reason, Jae-hyun was contemplating how to get used to Shinhwa-level skills.

‘The Power of the Thunder God’. It’s a mythical level skill. I can’t let it rot.’

The power of Thunder God, the passive skill that is the foundation of Thor’s thunderbolt.

It was not unreasonable to advance to a higher level if he could draw out the true power of this skill.

‘Maybe it’s possible to break through the current wall and reach the heights of the S-class radar. It’s worth a try.’

Currently, the realm of Jaehyun was at the top of the A-class.

Of course, the current growth rate is also surprisingly fast in the eyes of others.

Every moment, Jaehyun overcame his limitations and quickly reached A grade, and in the last midterm exam, he showed particularly outstanding performance, winning the eyes of viewers and various large guilds.

However, even such a reproduction could not easily reach the level of S-class.

Jaehyun remembered the quest that Hella first gave him.

There are still three ordeals left.

So far, Jaehyun has only paid for two.

‘The point at which the turning point has not yet turned. However, at the Ruins of Hrungnir, he already requested S-class skills. If I don’t become stronger in the future, luck like this won’t work.’

First of all, at least S-class. Jaehyun had to overcome this.

And in order to go up further, what was essential was the growth of skills.

“Hella, dealing with mythical skills. It must be very difficult, right?”

Jaehyun turned to Hella who was sitting on his shoulder and asked.

Hella frowned and sharpened her claws.

“of course. Mythic level skills are different from S level and unique level skills. If the user’s body is not supported, there is a possibility that the body will collapse just by using it.

Because I blindly copied that skill… … .”

The raised claws poked into Jaehyun’s shoulder.

“Really, thinking about it again, I don’t understand. What on earth were you thinking?!”

Hella said with tears in her eyes, but Jaehyun didn’t blink an eye.

“Well, let’s not care too deeply about what happened. and. You have to have this level of skill to have the taste of taming.”

“What kind of carefree sound… … ! I told you before. It’s still too early for you to have a mythical level skill!”

Jaehyun recalled the past for a moment at Hella’s scathing words.

The time was before the attack on the great ruins.

It was time to purify the key and make a plan to attack the ruins.

Hella said at the time.

[You may not have noticed yet, but blank cards are not something that can only be copied from S-class skills or unique skills.]

[…] … yes? Suddenly, all of a sudden, what does that mean?]

[Did you forget? The Lost Eye of Odin is a mythical item. You haven’t even pulled out half of the power of the blank card yet.]

[I couldn’t pull out even half… … la.]

[After that, if you lead the evolution of the artifact, you will be able to copy all the skills of gods and giants.

In the first place, the blank card was created for that purpose, a weak adversary who would stand up to Odin.]

[Copying the skills of the gods… … Is that really possible?]

[Sure. From now on, you will have a new level of skill that goes beyond the S level and unique level. In other words, you will learn ‘Mythic’ grade skills.

Well, it’s still too early, and if you copy the skill now, you won’t be able to use it properly.]

When Jaehyun heard the story and smiled with a meaningful smile, Hella, who sensed an ominous energy, hurriedly elaborated.

[And keep in mind! It is absolutely forbidden to copy mythical skills right away! Can you understand?]

[Ah, yes~.]

Naturally, Jaehyun did not listen to Hella and copied the skill.

Well, as she said, I had no intention of using a mythical level skill right away.

However, it was true that he wanted to increase his hand in subsequent battles.

‘Honestly, I didn’t like Thor at all.’

Jaehyun laughed a little.

Hella looked at him and narrowed her eyes.

“It’s going to be minuscule.”

Jaehyun opened the skill window for a while, leaving Hella behind.

[Passive skill]

Name: Thunder God’s Power

Object Class: Myth (New)

Stats: –

It contained the lightning of Thor, the god of thunder. The efficiency and power of Brain attribute skills increase rapidly.

1. The damage of brain property skills is added by 300%.

2. The efficiency of brain attribute skills increases by 50%.

3. It is a skill that can switch the on/off state.

*caution! It is an excessively high-grade skill compared to the user’s level. The skill cannot last long, and if it is violated, the body organs will be permanently damaged.

‘Permanent damage to the body… … No matter how much I do, I’m a bit reluctant to do that.’

If he was treated by Yoo Sung-eun, he might be able to do anything, but it was better to give up the thought that he would be able to call her just in time when he was in a dangerous situation.

For now, it was best to keep calm.

Right after Jaehyun organized his thoughts. Suddenly, Hella spoke to her.

“By the way, it looks like you have a guest?”

The exhaust sound of a luxury van echoes quietly in your ears along with the horse.

ugh… … .

Jaehyun sighed and put his hands in his pockets.

“well. Whether you are a guest or not.”

Jaehyun raised an eyebrow.

As expected, the vehicle stopped right in front of him.

“You’ll know when you hear it yourself.”


At the same time, the vehicle’s window was lowered, revealing a woman’s figure. Jaehyun looked at the girl inside with slightly surprised eyes.

‘I never thought I’d meet such a big man here.’

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Do you have any business?”

Jaehyun fixed his eyes on the woman and asked calmly.

The woman smiled and slowly turned her head to meet Jaehyun’s eyes.

White skin and red lips. Of course, she is a familiar person to Jaehyun.

Baek Ji-yeon. The Curator’s Guild Master spoke to Jaehyun.

“hello. Jaehyun Min. I have something to share with you.”

At Baek Ji-yeon’s words, Jae-hyun put his hands in his pockets and sighed.

“I’m sorry, but it’s a little uncomfortable if you suddenly come and do this. Let’s start with the business.”

“It is not difficult.”

Baek Ji-yeon added with a confident smile.

“I would like to recruit you into our Curators Guild.”

At her words, Jaehyun took his hand out of his pocket.

‘Look at this… … ?’

Things were going interestingly.

Dare to covet Yeon-hwa’s preferred negotiator and Yoo Sung-eun’s disciple?

Is that just a merchant guild?

“I already have a guild. You must have already known.”

“I’ll give you Nidhogg’s Fang.”

Jaehyun’s eyes narrow at Baek Jihyun’s declaration.

Nidhogg’s fangs?

Taking advantage of Jaehyun’s blank gap, Jiyeon Baek quickly added her words.

“If you come to our guild, we will hand over the artifact without any conditions.”

Jaehyun’s expression hardened.

‘If it’s Nidhogg’s fangs… … Are you referring to the fangs of Nidhogg I know?’

At the shocking suggestion, Jaehyun narrowed his eyes and looked at Baek Jiyeon.

‘S-class items of astronomical value that are few in the world… … You’re just going to hand it over?’

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