I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 149

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Episode 149. Nidhogg’s Fangs (2)

S-class item. Even <Nidhogg’s Fang> was the highest artifact in Jaehyun’s memory.


A monster with the name of ‘the one who attacks in hatred’ or ‘the ridiculing slayer’.

A descendant of a dragon, it is said that he dwells in Hvergelmir, a spring located in Niflheim, and constantly gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, which roots towards the spring.

FYI, according to mythology Nidhogg’s fangs were poisonous.

The most lethal poison, capable of melting everything in this world.

Jaehyun had heard about Nidhogg’s fangs on TV in the past. It was a program that showed the world’s high-level radar weapons and appraised their value.

[In the case of 《Nidhog’s Fang》, you may feel that it is lacking compared to other items when you look only at the pure stats. Because it is a dagger, not a weapon with a long reach, there are limitations in battle, and the damage it can give is also limited.]

[But that’s not all the value of this weapon. The true value is different.]

[This is extreme reading. I’m not sure if it’s to the extent that it’s described in mythology, but this item has a poisoning passive attached to it that is not found in other artifacts.

There is no weapon like this for combative raiders who mainly use daggers or fight speed-oriented battles. Therefore, the value of this item… … .]

[This is the second of all S-class items. You’ve reached the maximum since Balmung.]

* * *

A small cafe located outside the magic engineering shopping district.

Jae-hyun, Baek Ji-yeon, and her secretary, Kang Ju-yeon, are seated.

Two people who roll their eyes to understand each other’s intentions while looking at each other.

Amid the flowing silence. It was Baek Ji-yeon who spoke first.

“Shall we resume the conversation soon? Jaehyun Min. No, Jaehyun Min’s radar.”

Baek Ji-yeon lightly corrected her words.

The ice from the Americano fell down with a jingle.

‘be good at.’

As a resourceful person, Baek Ji-yeon was a very good conversationalist.

Jaehyun raised a corner of his mouth.

“I am still a cadet. You can speak comfortably.”

Jaehyun smiled innocently like a child his age.

Baek Ji-yeon, who was watching this, subtly soared at the same time.

‘It’s fun. Yoo Seong-eun. You mean you were raising a monster like this?’

It’s a completely different attitude from the cadets my age. She is laid-back in everything and seems ready to throw herself away at any time if she doesn’t like a proposal.

Above all, the uncontrollable amount of mana flowing from the body.

Is that really the cadet’s magical power?

It is interesting.

Baek Ji-yeon was more interested in Jae-hyun than any other radar she had met recently.

“Let’s continue what we said earlier. I would like to recruit Jaehyun Min Radar to our Curators Guild. To do so, we will try to meet the best conditions.”

“It is the best condition. I have a slightly higher standard than others.”

“Of course you are welcome. It is a caution that thinks that Raiders without a spirit of improvement are as good as dead people.”

Baek Ji-yeon laughed. Jaehyun hesitated for a moment at her prompt reply.

Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed.

‘Why? Does the curator have any reason to want me this much?’

From now on, you should be suspicious.

Jaehyun was not going to be seduced by the enchanting mouth whispering sweet words right in front of his eyes. He already has a lot of things. There was no reason to rush here.

‘I have already signed a contract with the Yeonhwa Guild and have had many exchanges. There is no reason to hold hands with the curator until you throw it away.’

Jaehyun nodded and raised his head to meet Baek Jiyeon’s eyes.

“Sorry, but I hate upset stomachs.”

“What kind of rude words. The Curator’s Guild is not expired milk. There is nothing to worry about.”

“You don’t know if it’s true or not unless you check it yourself.”

“You are quite stubborn.”

“Because I am loyal.”


Baek Ji-yeon cut off Jae-hyun’s words and met his eyes.

“That you are sitting at this table right now. Does that mean there is room for negotiation?”

The corners of her eyes curved like half moons. A smile soon appeared on Jaehyun’s face.

I think this negotiation will go smoothly.

Jaehyun thought so and let go of his luck.

“I will listen to the specific conditions.”

* * *

“yes. We are having a conversation now. There doesn’t seem to be any progress yet.”

“yes. All right. We will keep an eye on it and report the situation and get back to you.”

Park Seong-jae was secretly walking around the cafe, looking at Jae-hyun and Baek Ji-yeon’s trends.

It was because Yoo Seong-eun ordered him to follow the two a little while ago.

[But are you really okay? Of course, I don’t think Jaehyun will go to Yeonhwa at all… … I’m worried that it won’t be shaken if I put an S-class artifact as a condition.]

[Jaehyun won’t be so easily passed over. My brother is so worried.]

[Why did someone like that put me on the role of tailing?]

[…] … .]

Yoo Sung-eun was currently suffering from manic depression due to extreme stress.

[If Jaehyun is taken away, the Yeonhwa Guild’s future plans are all over… … .]

It was something I couldn’t help but worry about.

Of course, Jaehyun maintains a close relationship with Yeonhwa. He is his disciple, and has recently succeeded in bringing down the chairman of the board, Gu Jain, by using the power of Yeonhwa.



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However, apart from this, transfers between guilds of raiders are common.

Radars are basically wolves that follow their own interests.

Jaehyun, too, could transfer if other guilds offered conditions they liked.

Seongjae Park, who was on the phone, put his hand in his pocket.

The situation was so serious that it reminded me of the cigarette I quit smoking when I started working on the radar.

‘For now, there’s nothing I can do. I have no choice but to watch.’

Seongjae Park swallowed dry saliva and looked at Jaehyun reflected in the window.

* * *

“Three times the conditions set by the Yeonhwa Guild. If you want, I will put more conditions than that.”

“It is definitely a great condition.”

Jaehyun nodded.

Even excluding the S-class artifact 《Nidhogg’s Fang》, it was a huge condition.

A whopping three times the contract Yeonhwa offered.

When converted into value, it was a proposal worth at least hundreds of billions of dollars.

‘Conditions good enough to make anyone drool.’

If it hadn’t been for the Yeonhwa Guild, it would have been a contract that Jaehyun would have accepted as well.

Jaehyun touched the glass in front of him.

“First, I want to hear about Nidhogg’s Fang.”

Baek Ji-yeon nodded and looked at Kang Ju-yeon, who was sitting next to her.

“Mr. Joo Yeon?”

“All right.”

Kang Joo-yeon immediately opened the subspace and took out the small case she had put in her inventory. She was equipped with an advanced mana sensor, so it took a bit of work to open it.

Baek Ji-yeon put it lightly into the case and let’s wait for a while.


The case was opened, finally revealing the full picture of the artifacts inside.

Jaehyun smiled lightly.

‘The Fangs of Nidhogg I know are right. That’s great.’

Jaehyun tried to hide his greedy expression and began examining the items.

‘It has the shape of a machete knife. I’m sure it’s practical.’

machete knife. It was a dagger with a similar appearance to a jungle sword.

An item that boasts a length of about 18 inches and a black blade that stretches straight out.

Jaehyun brought up the status window to check more detailed information.

[Equipment Item]

Name: Nidhogg’s Fang

Grade: S

A dagger made from the fang of Nidhogg, a poisonous dragon living in Hvergelmir.

It can produce poison all the time without a venom gland and is very sharp.

*Applies a deadly poison effect to enemies.

*When the number of wounds increases, stacking effects are activated up to 5 times.

[Active skill]

Name: Poison (Lv 5)

Grade: S

Adds a poison effect that reduces a percentage of max HP.

Efficiency varies slightly depending on the enemy’s affinity.

A smile that couldn’t be hidden spread across Jaehyun’s mouth, who had always kept a cold expression.

Baek Ji-yeon, who caught the change, looked at Jae-hyun’s face and smiled.

‘As expected, he’s swayed by S-class items. Raiders are such a family.’

While she was thinking to herself, Jaehyun suddenly took his eyes off the item and asked.

“Well, like this, I want to hear the story in earnest soon.”

“The story is all about it.”

At Baek Ji-yeon’s words, Jae-hyun laughed in response.

“I don’t think you would believe it.”

Jaehyun was fixing his clothes.

“so. What the hell is the reason for making such a proposal to me, who is only a cadet, with an S-class item?

If you don’t want to talk, I’ll get up first.”

It’s something I’ve always been curious about.

Of course, the downfall of Jae-hyun Goo, the midterm exam, the theme dungeon, the freshman hunt, etc. It is true that the ransom price skyrocketed through repeated incidents.

However, it is by no means sufficient to make such a suggestion.

A contract with an S-class item.

This was a level that could only be done when the S-class radar was pulled out.

‘Obviously there is an ulterior motive.’

Jaehyun made a clear conclusion.

After waiting for a while, Baek Ji-yeon clapped her hands and smiled.

“Are you getting more and more greedy? i know? Min Jaehyun Raider is a really fun person.

how is it. Do you often hear this?”


Baek Ji-yeon nodded.

“great. Let me tell you. Why am I approaching you.”

Jaehyun swallowed his saliva. What is the purpose of an alternative curator?

why did you approach me?

After a moment of silence, Baek Ji-yeon broke the rhyme with a light smile.

“Our curators would like to establish a relationship with the Radar Management Center.”

“Radar management headquarters.”

“That’s right. I feel like I want to open up with the head office. Even if you look at it like this, I’m in the position of running a merchant guild, so there are a lot of things I care about.”

Jaehyun laughed briefly.

That was a good enough reason.

The curator is a merchant guild. Inevitably, there was no choice but to have a lot of trading volume. It goes without saying that huge taxes are incurred in this process.

In this case, reproduction can be of great help.

Administrative member of the Radar Management Headquarters. One of its biggest perks is tax cuts.

This was a law that also applied to the guild the member belonged to.

“I understand.”

“Our curator, Jaehyun Min, values ​​Radar very highly. I promise you that you will not regret it if you come.”

As soon as Baek Ji-yeon finished speaking, Kang Ju-yeon handed over the briefcase to Jae-hyun. This file contains the details of the contract.

Jae-hyun kills time by looking at the file pretending to be lost in his thoughts.

[Jaehyun-kun, you can’t go over it! I don’t know much about it, but betraying my faith is something I’m not good at! What about spying there? … Hrungnir will be angry at the grave!]

Hella’s screaming voice was heard.

Jaehyun replied without changing his expression.

[well. I don’t care about loyalty because it’s inefficient.]

[Stop, no way… … Isn’t it?]

Hella muttered in shock, and Jaehyun smiled.

He opened his heavy mouth and clasped his hands.

“Let’s think about it. Before that, if you let me touch Nidhogg’s fangs just once.”

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