I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 154

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Episode 154. Seo Ina (1)

“… … Did you wait a long time?”

Seo Ina said while looking at Jaehyun, who arrived at the cafe first. Jaehyun shook his head.

“No, I came right away. I didn’t even notice the time passing because I was drinking something.”

When Jaehyun shuddered, Seo Ina smiled lightly, as if her tension had eased.

She sat down in front of Jaehyun and said.

“… … Actually, I thought about it yesterday. what you asked… … It remains a trauma to me. It was a bit difficult in itself to have to bring it up again, even if it was Jaehyun’s request.”

“I see. Is that why you came today to say no?”

Jaehyun asked warmly as if he wasn’t offended.

Seo Ina shook her head.

“no. I’ll tell you. Memories of when I awakened my unique skill.”

“You acted as if you wouldn’t say anything earlier.”

When Jaehyun laughed, Seo Ina looked straight at Jaehyun with a relaxed face.

“Because I believe in you.”

“… … That is very burdensome.”

Jaehyun felt heat rise to his face. She knows even if she doesn’t say it. The fact that Seo Ina believes in and trusts her.

However, it was very embarrassing to hear it in person like this.

Seo Eana probably wasn’t originally like this.

‘Did me and Kim Yoo-jung change Ina little by little?’

Jaehyun had such a silly thought.

In fact, it was a reasonable enough statement. In Jae-hyeon’s memory, Seo E-na before her return was having a hard time being chased by something of her. She always hated herself.

A brief remark she made in a past interview. Jaehyun remembered this.

[I am ugly. When my family members died, I wasn’t sad at all.]

Seo Ina’s heavy words. This was unbearable with normal weight.

Jaehyun knows. It shouldn’t be like this.

Seo In-na was his colleague, and Jae-hyun couldn’t see her trauma. Empathizing with and helping with the pain you’ve been through is also something you should do as a club leader, no, as a colleague.

Also, this will help break the wall of Seo Eana’s stagnant growth and take a step forward. In addition, the growth of your colleagues will come as an advantage to you as well.


‘The reason why Inna awakened her unique skill must be quite related to future events. It might be good to know here.’

only once in the past.

There was an incident where Seo In-na lost her temper and almost hurt a lot of people with her skills.

Jaehyun recalled the incident and thought that someone else might have touched her. Also, the reverse is likely a story about her own family.

In other words, it was related to her reawakening.

‘The incident caused Ina’s reputation to drop. If I listen now, I might be able to stop it.’

own growth. peer growth.

I will catch both rabbits and block Heimdall.

That was Jaehyun’s current thought.

However, from the first phrase I heard from Seo Eana.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but feel his heart skip a beat.

“… … i still think like this My family died well that day.”

There was an indescribably deep mixture of sadness, anger, and loneliness in those words.

Jaehyun’s eyes go to the clear hazelnut-colored pupils.

Jaehyun hesitated for a moment, then Jaehyun laughed.

“are you okay.”

Seo In-na’s shaking pupils and Jae-hyun’s eyes meet.

“I also have a family I want to tear apart. It is also in the present progressive tense.”

* * *

It was about 10 minutes later that Eana Seo’s story began.

As if recalling the trauma was difficult, she chose her words over and over again. Jaehyun waited patiently.

He himself had a similar experience. She didn’t want to rush her wounds here.

father. Jaehyun still has a strong hatred and hostility toward Hugin, whom he believed to be his blood relative. He was the one who had already killed not only himself, but also his mother.

Jae-hyun was able to grow up to this point with just one determination to kill Hugin with his own hands.

After waiting for a while, Seo Eana’s dry lips, which had been trembling a little, opened.

“… … My parents died when I was very young.”

Jaehyun’s brow twitched. Seo Eana’s family history for the first time.

It was starting in the worst form from the beginning.

“… … It was when I was 15, maybe around that time. From then on, I grew up with my relatives.”

Seo Ina raised her head.

“… … It was from then. Around the time my life was ruined and I was speechless.”

“Did your relatives bother you?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Ina nodded.

“… … that’s right. Thanks to that, from a young age, I was able to live with my grandmother at my aunt’s house. The real hell was from there. My relatives actually accepted my grandmother and me to steal my parents’ death insurance money.

I found out about it when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school. I knew then My grandmother and I are on my side. It’s just the two of you.”

From there, Seo Ina was gradually ruined. she lost herself

she said so

Jaehyun looked at Seo Ina with pity.

Her full-fledged story had just begun.

* * *



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As a very young child, I was a tomboy.

Seo Ina. that was my name

My parents were good people. It was like that when I was a kid, at least in my memory.

It was fun at the time. I was happy, and I thought this happiness would last forever.

but. Somewhere in my fifth quarter, I started to break down.

It was strange. One day I went to bed and woke up at dawn to find out that my parents had passed away.

The incoming phone call told a shocking story very calmly. It was her aunt who delivered the news of her parents’ death. My parents left me with food poisoning while traveling together and said that I had lost my life in a car accident after going out for a while.

Why did this happen?

The sound of music that I heard as I rushed to the hospital with the news of my parents’ death. I had absolutely no idea what was wrong. I was still only a five-year-old child, too young to understand the world.

However, even I knew one thing for sure.

I will never see my mom or dad again.

I am an orphan

It only took a few minutes to realize that fact.

It was a near-intuitive, instantaneous thought, like a series of spinal reflexes.

My grandmother just hugged me and kept crying.

A look as if I was pitiful. One side of my chest ached.

It was the worst event of my life.

After that, my grandmother and I moved to my aunt’s house.


I learned that there is a hell worse than the death of my parents.

* * *

A little time passed and after I became the 4th grade of elementary school.

Little by little I learned about my treatment. It was to hit someone else’s wall.

The sympathy of teachers and friends came to me as a trauma that was hard to bear when I was just starting to go through puberty. Even my grandmother, who was always warm to me, looked at me with pity, wiping away her tears when she became a ancestral rite for her parents.


That gaze made me dark at some point.

Not only that. Verbal assault and physical assault by my aunt and her family.

they didn’t love me

The only thing he was aiming for was the death insurance money for his parents.

At first, Grandma didn’t know much about your daughter’s ugliness. She thought it was difficult for her to take care of me, so she gave all of her parents’ insurance money to her aunt, and our lives were gradually falling apart.

since receiving the money. My aunt treated me as a nobody. I was humiliated for not paying for school meals properly, and I was even pointed at by my friends.

Why was it?

Why did I have to go through this?

At the time, that thought was the only thing that filled my head.

* * *

3rd year of middle school. Around the time he was preparing for his high school entrance exam.

[You must become an Awakener.]

My aunt told me so. The reason was simple. Awakeners make a lot of money.

Then she added:

[Do you know how much money it cost to raise you? If you can’t even study, the only way to pay for food is to become an Awakener.]

it’s money I mean, where did you spend the money?

Presuming that the hundreds of millions of dollars she had stolen from the deaths of her mother and father were no longer there, she said as if she was sacrificing herself for me.

It was disgusting and disgusting.

Awakener… … I knew from my teacher that I had the natural talent to be a radar.

But I didn’t want to become an Awakener.

I was still young.

I was afraid of monsters, and I hated fighting. just… … All she wanted was to live comfortably with her grandmother.

But my aunt constantly bullied me. He told me to hurry up and take classes specializing in Awoken, and to raise my performance at all costs to become a raider.

The reason I had no choice but to follow those words was purely because of my weakness.

[I don’t want to be a radar.]

I wanted to say that, but I couldn’t.

to anyone.

I had no friends after hitting the wall in my heart, and my grandmother was a very precious person. The heart that didn’t want to hurt gnawed at me. Before I knew it, my wounds were festering like that, little by little.

[Inaya… … do you really intend to be that? Radar or something.]

One day, my grandmother suddenly asked me.

At the time, I complained to my grandmother.

If my grandmother hadn’t given money to my aunt, then my life would have been a little different now.

Why do I have to live like this differently from others?


The wear and tear on my emotions that day was at its limit, slowly disintegrating.

A mentally driven situation. Her grandmother’s words cut right through my sensitive areas.

so i got angry

[I know I want to do it too!]

Even though I knew it shouldn’t have happened, I still said it.

grandma. you must have been the hardest

He was the one who took care of me even in the sorrow of losing my son and daughter-in-law at once.

I hurt her

But then. A completely unexpected story flowed from her grandmother’s mouth.

[If you don’t want to… … You can stop. I don’t want to see my granddaughter get hurt.]

Why? Tears were shed at those words.

I held on to Grandma’s trousers and cried for a long time.

* * *

As my grandmother said, I changed my course.

I decided to go to a normal school, not an awakened one. I was thinking of finding what I wanted to do in a vocational school, not a regular school.

My grandmother supported my decision. Her aunt told her that she tried to go to Awoken school, but because of her poor grades, she was rejected.

For a while, my aunt’s assault and verbal abuse intensified, but it was better than getting into an unwanted fight.

like that.

Before going on to high school, he spends his time looking for a part-time job.

Suddenly, another cataclysmic news reached my ears.

[Grandma passed away.]

The voice of the aunt who said it was as dry and emotionless as it was twelve years ago when she was notified of her parents’ death.

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