I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 159

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Episode 159 Outdoor Camp (2)

A little away from Circle Nine, where Jaehyun belongs.

The meeting of the circle and seed members Kwon So-yul was in continues.

“so. Are you going to leave Min Jae-hyun alone like this?”

The first to speak was Shin Jun-sang, a 3rd grader. He is the deputy club leader of Circle Seed, and was one of the students who attacked Jae-Hyun and Kim Yoo-Jung during the freshman hunt.

A cadet with a fairly decent talent for swordsman who often attended events with Kwon So-yul.

He had ferocious eyes.

“That guy stole Kwon So-yul, one of our circle’s main strength! If we leave it as it is, Sid’s reputation will go down the drain!”

“know. I don’t intend to just watch.”

It was Lim Seong-ho, the circle leader of Circle Seed, who received Shin Jun-sang’s words. Even for him, this incident could not help but hurt his pride.

Seongho Lim. Who is he?

Isn’t it an elite cadet who is considered a candidate for the next A-class raider and is at the top of Milles?

To give him such a humiliation? Jaehyun’s existence was inevitably annoyed to Lim Seongho, who was obsessed with the idea of ​​the chosen people.

‘I need to dampen Min Jae-hyeon’s growth once.’

Just taking Kwon So-yul away did not mean raising a dispute.

Seongho Lim had the ability to read the current edition.

Currently, Jaehyun is a super rookie who is constantly mentioned on TV and various media.

Already, some are claiming that he has far surpassed the level of a student, and that he can do his part even if he is immediately put into the front line.

In fact, it is only a matter of time before Jaehyun reaches the level of S-class.

Lim Seong-ho was also aware of this, but it was also an opportunity for himself.

‘What if Circle Seed beat Min Jae-hyun even once? If that’s the case, it’s not enough to diminish the guy’s reputation, so he can persuade Kwon So-yul back to Sid.

Where is that? The media will also pay attention to our circle.’

If that happens, there is a high chance that talented freshmen will also apply as seeds.

Jung Hyun’s Yoo (Ryu), Han Jian’s Seongeun (盛恩), Kang Joo-hyeop’s Aran, Chae Ji-yoon’s 3rd Eye, etc.

Perhaps, Sid might be listed in the 4 major circles of Milles as called by the daily.

A smile appeared on Lim Seong-ho’s face as he drew the blueprint.

he nodded and said.

“good. Play a circle nine during an outdoor training camp. If you can’t deal with it alone, let’s press the bridge of his nose even if it’s a joint attack.”

Lim Seong-ho also made the decision after judging that dealing with Jae-hyun alone was unreasonable.

It is Jaehyun who possesses the S-class magic, Frozen Earth. What if you get attacked again due to a mistake in judgment and get a headwind?

At that time, he would not have been able to show his face to the academy because of his disgrace.

‘Well, no matter what, the rest of the circle members are freshmen. Kim Yoo-jung, Ahn Ho-yeon, and Seo E-na. All of them are great talents, but they are still not enough to deal with current students. It’s a landslide victory for our seed.’

Lim Seong-ho thought so and nodded.

Suddenly, a cheeky voice interrupted from behind him.

“It’s funny, I can’t speak. Humans called seniors are plotting to trample on freshmen in such a dirty way.

Since when did Miles become so political?”

The eyes of the circle members, including Lim Seong-ho and Shin Jun-sang, are narrowed, and their eyes are directed to one place.

There was a familiar face there. A recent up-and-coming freshman.

Ranked 4th in the magic world, a genius who is said to be the most outstanding outside of Jaehyun’s faction.

It was Lee Soo-hyuk.

During the AR test in the past, he, who had been insulted by Jaehyun, took Jaehyun’s side for some reason.

* * *

Lee Soo-hyeok suddenly had such a thought.

‘Why am I taking Min Jae-hyun’s side right now?’

He frowned and looked at the ugly seniors, lost in thought for a moment. pathetic. It’s because you don’t have any talent, because you’re jealous of freshmen, so you’re planning something like that… … .

Because of that, a little while ago, while listening to the conversation, I intervened without even realizing it.

It was never to take Jaehyun’s side.

yes no cancer don’t

‘But what?’

Jaehyun Min is better than that trash.

With that thought in mind, Lee Soo-hyeok did not back down at all and stood upright.

He let out a light breath and slowly recalled the events of the past month.

after the last midterm exam.

As a result, Lee Soo-hyeok completely removed his doubts about Jae-hyun.

A confrontational situation with Guin, who is at the top of the academy’s rank. It was because I was completely influenced by Jaehyun’s spirit.

Jaehyun risked his own destiny to accuse the chairman of the board at the time. Although he is said to have been a direct follower of Yeonhwa, the power Gu Ja-in possessed is something that no one can easily see.

However, Jaehyun did not back down and contributed to uncovering the corruption.

Lee Soo-hyuk, who watched this in real time, couldn’t help but admit it.

‘Min Jaehyun is stronger than me.

… … At least for now.’

At least, it was confirmed in the last midterm exam that Jaehyun didn’t use shortcuts to get to where he is now.

In a situation where no manipulation was possible, Jaehyun freely used A- and S-grade skills. At best, he was learning even B-class skills the hard way.

‘I don’t want to admit it and it’s annoying, but it can’t be helped. You have to accept it.’

At the same time, Lee Soo-hyeok thought.

Seo Eana and Min Jaehyun. And even Kim Yoo-jung, who is growing rapidly.

He would somehow catch up with the magic cadets who performed better than him in midterm exams and make his name appear on TV day and night.

Also, he thought there was only one way to do that.

Being next to Jaehyun and following his training and methods. And then, one step at a time.



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Lee Soo-hyeok was thinking of joining Jae-hyun’s circle in order to do so.

If it was according to the original plan.

‘but… … The guy made a circle. Directly on the freshman topic. In addition, he succeeded in recruiting Kwon So-yul, a member of Sid, one of the largest circles on campus, into his circle.’

It was even Jaehyun who was known to have a bad relationship with her.

However, Jaehyun made that possible.

This was proof that he had overwhelming power to attract even those who hated him.

at last.

Lee Soo-hyeok, who couldn’t bear to join Jae-hyun’s circle, decided to join another circle.

As a result, he joined Yu, the number one club in the school, through an entrance test.

The circle where Jung-hyun, who came to recruit Jae-hyun not long ago, is the club leader. It was a place that could have a positive impact on Lee Soo-hyuk’s growth.

Kim Min-soo, who had always been around, also managed to join U with a pull-up.

So, he joins the circle and prepares for the event.

Suddenly, Lee Soo-hyeok heard it.

The story that Circle Sid was intentionally trying to attack Jaehyun.

It was infuriating. Of course, he is hostile toward Min Jae-hyun. It was heroic to uncover the corruption of the chairman and save the students, but that and personal feelings are different matters.

but. No matter how much it is, the current student is trying to keep the freshman in check in that way. No, I couldn’t just watch the act of soaking.

So, Lee Soo-hyeok had no choice but to speak.

“Aren’t you ashamed of the current student subject? If you want to eat radar like that, go out and search.”

After a moment of silence flowed throughout. Lim Seong-ho sighed and said.

“… … What are you believing this chewy? Looks like you joined a good circle?”

To his words, Lee Soo-hyuk responded with a fishy smile.

“I have no intention of hiding behind the circle. But know one thing. You won’t be able to perform well at this event with that mindset.”

“Are you preaching?”

Shin Jun-sang intervened and gnashed his teeth.

That wild freshman didn’t know that he was afraid of his senior and attacked him.

“Hey, hey… … What are you fighting all of a sudden?! me, seniors? sorry. He’s a bit of a brawler, so he’s good at arguing… … .”

Kim Min-soo, who felt a strange atmosphere from a distance and approached, intervened and tried to defuse the situation, but Lim Seong-ho ignored him and continued.

“The cover is missing. Are you Lee Soo-hyuk? Why are you covering Min Jaehyun? why. Can he be your friend? Or should I ask you to put it in the Yeonhwa Guild?”

“Even if you do such a cowardly thing and enter the guild, what does it mean? Are you sick?”

Kim Min-soo’s expression hardened in an instant. He said he wouldn’t have an accident for a while, so I never thought he’d hit it like this.

The seed that Lee Soo-hyeok is now dealing with is a place where people who are rumored to be outstanding within the Milles Academy have gathered.

It means that you do not know what kind of risk you will take on later if you quarrel for no reason.

As for Kim Min-soo, he only wanted to sort things out quickly.

However, Lee Soo-hyeok seemed to have no such intention.

“Since bastards like you are doing radar, it’s not that the people are swearing at you for being an asshole. You are not even seniors.”

“under… … Even if it wasn’t really just an event.”

“For now, calm down. No matter how upset he is, anyway… … .”

when you were talking Suddenly, a man appeared from behind with a raucous voice.

familiar face. Lim Seong-ho saw him and gnashed his teeth.

“Junghyun… … Was Lee Soo-hyuk a member of your U Circle?”

“okay. What’s going on? If our circle members do something wrong, we apologize instead. of course.

If Lee Soo-hyeok really did something wrong.”

“… … How long would you not think that Yu would be able to do as he pleases? I heard that you also made a recruitment offer to Min Jae-hyun and got rejected.

Junghyun, do you think it’s okay to leave him alone? that it might cause a stir. You must have known, too.”

However, Jeong-hyeon was stubborn.

“That is not my business. We have to go out into society soon anyway. Circles are pretty meaningful on their own, but in the end it’s skill that puts them on the radar.

You’d better keep that in mind.”

His eyes narrow and a mischievous smile leaks out. From Jung-hyeon’s body, mana that a cadet could not handle was pouring out.

I don’t know if I’m going to get hit by that magical power.

Lim Seong-ho and Shin Jun-sang, feeling chills running down their spines, eventually turned their heads first.

“I’ll see if I can do that look next time.”

“as you please.”

Jeong-hyeon left the passing party alone and looked at Lee Soo-hyeok.

Lee Soo-hyeok clicked his tongue briefly and bowed his head.

“Sorry for causing trouble.”

“never mind. ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before Originally, Sid is a guy who often commits despicable things. From what I can see, you seem to have a good relationship with Min Jaehyun, but don’t worry too much… … .”

“no. I’m not familiar with that bastard.”

When Lee Soo-hyeok said that in an unpleasant tone, Jeong-hyeon, embarrassed for nothing, scratched his head.

‘If I’m close, I’ll tell you well later, so I tried to seduce you into my circle somehow… … .’

It was the moment when the plan went awry.

Even in the midst of that, Lee Soo-hyeok gnashed his teeth, remembering Min Jae-hyun’s thin face.

‘I can’t help but admit that he’s the best among freshmen. But in the near future, I will pass over my guy.’

Ho Seung-shim stays in his eyes for a short time and then disappears. Kim Min-soo suddenly said, punching him in the head.

“If you act like a dog one more time, I will kill you.”

“… … Are you ignoring me too?”

Lee Soo-hyeok gnashed his teeth, but did not add anything else.

He only wanted to repay the debt he owed to Jaehyun during the AR test as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Jaehyun, who was watching them from behind, tilted his head.

‘Why is Lee Soo-hyuk suddenly taking my side? Am I crazy?’

Before returning, Jaehyun tut and clicked his tongue at the sight of the garbage guy who was acting like a dog to him doing his personality laundry.

What the hell did I do wrong, what the f*ck?

Jaehyun sighed at the thought.

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