I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 160

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Episode 160 Outdoor Camp (3)

There is a reason why Miles Academy is located in Daegu, which is already in ruins.

Scholars and radar experts explain this and that for various reasons, but the biggest reason is none other than the restoration of the closed city of Daegu.

Daegu is the first city in the world where the ‘gate’ is opened and numerous demons are rampant.

An underdeveloped area that was taken away first after Yggdrasil appeared. A kind of preliminary preparation to rebuild this place is the outdoor camp at Miles Academy.

Part of an operation to wipe out nearby demons and recover key bases.

Jaehyun tightened the armor he was wearing and thought for a moment.

‘I heard that Daegu’s gate disaster was really terrible.’

decades ago.

Jae-hyun knew the situation at the time of the tragedy in Daegu in detail.

It was a time when he couldn’t even walk properly, but because his mother, Seonhwa Lee, was from Daegu, he had the opportunity to hear about what happened at the time.

My mother was lucky like this, recalling the time when the incident had occurred.

[That was really a big deal.]

After growing my hair a bit. Jaehyun realized that her mother’s words were not an exaggeration.

After entering Miles, I naturally came into contact with the past records of the Daegu incident, because the data I saw at that time were still vivid in my eyes.

Most of the records from the time of the incident have been lost and can no longer be found, but a few photos remain in the museum on the site.

The scenery in the photos Jaehyun saw in the past was truly shocking.

A city burning red.

People lying down on the road and crying, and the red eyes of the demon.

Even the empty pupils of the dying.

‘It was really terrible.’

Jaehyun shook his head.

He recalled a story he heard in class recently.

The textbook of Miles Academy also contains a story about the scene at the time of the incident.

The full text of that section was as follows.

[Past, decades ago.]

[The forces of demons based on Jungang-ro quickly colluded and engulfed the whole of Daegu.]

[In the countless burning flames, the monsters mercilessly killed repeatedly, and humans were crushed like ants.]

[In this process, tens of thousands of Daegu residents died or were injured and evacuated.

At this time, a human with special power appeared to mankind who stood at the end of despair.]

[It was Joo-won, the first awakened person in Korea.]

‘Ju won… … There is no one in the world who does not know. The first Awakener.’

A legendary being known to have worked with Korea’s first S-class raider Lee Jae-shin.

Jaehyun had heard the name Joowon since he was a child and knew it well. There were times when he admired him. That’s because he was a skilled raider.

However, Joo Won suddenly disappeared several years ago. No one knew what had happened, but he probably died fighting the demon. The media made a lot of noise.

Jaehyun thought for a moment, then returned to the case.

Branches sprout from my head, and the content continues.

[Joo-Won obtained the Aesir System, became an Awakener, and confronted the Beast. He began to build a myth by defeating numerous monsters, and people who were influenced by his efforts finally began to rise.]

[Mysterious power. The Awakeners, including Joo-Won, who obtained the ‘Esir System’, succeeded in stopping the Demon Beast from expanding its power at one point.

The area that was protected at this time is where the current Milles Academy is located.]

[Simply put, Milles Academy can be said to be a huge tomb built up with the corpses of senior raiders.]

Well, there was a war, but what kind of land is there other than a grave?

Jaehyun thought about the contents and swung the dagger that was a gimmick wrapped around his waist.

‘When Milles Academy first entered, Daegu was also the first city to deliver support funds. It’s only natural that Miles feels responsible for this.’

Of course, even so, the cadets did not directly bear the burden.

This is, after all, an adult matter. For academy cadets who are still students, the outdoor camp is just one of the events to be recognized for their abilities.

It is true that the risk is low.

However, carelessness is prohibited.

‘Because the really dangerous thing isn’t the outdoor camp event itself.’

Jaehyun’s lips twitch and ridicule leaks out.

Mighty mana that is barely perceptible. I could feel it from deep inside.

Heimdall. Asgard’s gatekeeper was waiting for him beyond.

‘I’ll break it somehow.’

A sneer lingers on Jaehyun’s lips and then disperses. Over the past week, he’s gotten pretty strong too.

All preparations are complete.

‘The ceiling of Asgard.’

Jaehyun looked down at the ruined city of Daegu with calmly lowered eyes.

The week from now will pass more slowly than ever.

Jaehyun knew this better than anyone else.

* * *

The depths of a closed city. The roof of a destroyed building.

Heimdall, the white god, and Hugin the crow are seen sitting on the watchtower.

The two gathered to discuss the disposition of the antagonist of the prophecy. However, the expression on one side was not very good.

“There must have been a more convenient way to deal with it. You bothered to bring work.”

Hugin was the first to speak.

Heimdall responded with a hearty laugh.

“This is just a brief entertainment. okay… … It’s like an aperitif.”

“Your opponent is the antagonist of the prophecy.”



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“Haha, Hugin.”

Heimdall, who had been laughing all of a sudden, stopped talking and looked at Hugin with lifeless eyes.

“Do you think that a blue human kid can dare to deal with the gatekeeper of Asgard? Or is this Heimdall unreliable?”

“This is what Odin himself instructed.”

Hugin went on like that, not backing down at all. Silence flows for a while. After Heimdall relaxed his expression, he took out a bottle of wine from her waistband.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Be careful not to drink while working.”

“You’re not being funny.”

Heimdall gulped down the unstopped liquor in one gulp, then threw the bottle to the floor before he knew it.

It was so high that even the sound of falling was brutal.

Heimdall wiped his mouth with his sleeve and said.

“Don’t worry. We have prepared everything for the enemies of the prophecy.”

“What do you mean?”

Heimdall nodded.

“okay. I used Future Foresight.”

Hugin’s eyes narrowed involuntarily.

《Future Prediction》.

The power that raised Heimdall to the top of Asgard. He didn’t enjoy using it normally, so it was surprising enough for Hugin to show his power against mere humans.

“A week later. The academy’s outdoor camp has begun. Perhaps at that time, the enemy’s allies will flock to this place. Aren’t you looking forward to it? What stains and tramples on that transparently shining smile?”

Heimdall had a cool expression.

“Don’t worry. Everything will go according to I, Heimdall’s plan.”

However, Hugin had no choice but to break Heimdall’s colic.

“It must be difficult.”

“… … What?”

“The antagonist of the prophecy has begun to move.”

Heimdall immediately frowned at Hugin’s words. He quickly spread his magic and began to search his surroundings.

The radar of magical power that spread like a fan in the ruins of Daegu eventually found a being with very familiar magical power.

antagonist of prophecy.

“The antagonist of the prophecy… … okay. Did I change the future knowing I could see it? It’s fun. Fun!”

Heimdall exploded his madness. Every time he laughs, the ground shakes with magical power and even the upper floors of the buildings collapse.

He raised his head and looked at Hugin.

“My plan remains the same. I haven’t fully recovered my strength yet… … This is enough to give him despair.”

“I look forward to it.”

Hugin lowered his head.

“For the great Odin.”

With those words, Hugin disappeared, buried in the shadows.

* * *

The view of the closed city was almost the same as the day of the first entrance ceremony.

It was a bit dark and humid, and the view was blocked by a thick fog that looked like it was going to rain.

‘This isn’t good.’

Jaehyun’s eyebrows were distorted without even realizing it. In a situation where the field of view is limited like now, it is not possible to fight using all the wide terrain as usual.

Even if it is not, the battle in the field covered with the ruins of the city is not easy. Before his return, Jae-hyeon had survived several life-and-death crises here and barely came back alive.

As it is an outdoor training camp in the field, it is inevitable that variables will arise, but it was not very welcome.

‘Well, I’ve finished all the training tailored to this situation, so there won’t be any problems.’

Jaehyun took a closer look at his surroundings as he walked along the broken pavement. Here and there, collapsed apartments, shopping malls, and private houses overlapped with aspects of the bustling past of Daegu.

The word “It’s really bleak,” comes out of nowhere. At the beginning of this closed city, the monsters have not yet appeared due to the hard work of the instructors, but from then on, various monsters will attack.

The attack of the monster with its teeth exposed against the group exhausted from repeated battles will be fierce, and Jae-hyun and his colleagues will have to overcome this and go to camp outdoors.

Even while thinking about Heimdall’s intervention and all kinds of variables.

Jaehyun sighed as he realized once again how difficult the problem he was facing was.

“By the way, the atmosphere is different from inside Milles Academy. There aren’t any decent buildings around.”

Suddenly, Kim Yoo-jung muttered as she walked through the ruined station.

Seo Ina, who was walking side by side, looked around and answered.

“… … huh. It seems to be completely different from inside the academy.

Not to mention the concentration of mana in the air.”

“surely. The ‘fieldized’ area is completely different from the feeling of stepping on it.”

Ahn Ho-yeon also nodded in agreement.


This refers to the pouring of monsters due to the dungeon break and the area being occupied. To put it simply, an area where demons were rampant without being able to stop the dungeon.

Jae-hyun remembered several areas where fieldization had taken place.

First of all, from domestic regions such as Daegu, Gongju, and Baengnyeong Island, where we are now, to famous cities around the world such as Prague, Liverpool, and London.

All of these places have become closed areas where people cannot live due to the appearance of early gates.

However, if the reason why the fielding area was dangerous was limited to the outbreak of demon beasts, that was not the case either.

‘Field areas start to slowly fester from the ground and air. The land becomes uninhabitable due to the excess of magical power.

Thanks to this, the government does not want to restore the area where fieldization has taken place.’

In areas where fieldization has progressed, ordinary people cannot even set foot. Most of them die from mana poisoning, so even if the city is regained, only the Awakeners can survive.

In short, it means that the efficiency is bad.

The percentage of the awakened people in the population is very insignificant. Reclaim an entire huge city for them? From the government’s point of view, there was no such effort and waste.

Now, in the case of Daegu, the first gate was opened, and the search is being conducted under the judgment that there must be many undisclosed secrets inside.

‘The fact that Milles Academy is attached there also plays a part.’

In fact, in the case of other areas where fieldization has progressed, restoration has not even begun.

Jaehyun looked at the group and said.

“okay. As you said, it’s several times more dangerous here than anywhere else. The level of monsters is higher than that of the dungeon, and it’s open, so you can’t escape out of the gate.”

It’s a dungeon, unless it’s a closed dungeon, and you can live if you get out. As long as the break doesn’t explode, later dungeon revenge is possible.

But the field is a land of death. The only places to run from here are broken buildings and empty fields.

It is said that Miles Academy prepared a safety device, but they pushed the cadets into such a place.

Once again, Jae-hyun reminded himself that the school he was attending was a military academy, and that it was a group that trained human weapons.

“Gagagaga, I don’t think the magic beast will suddenly come out… … .”

Lee Jae-sang trembled and said. Looking around was like a meerkat standing tall just to sense danger.

The hand is inside the bag to take out the potion at any time in an emergency. Five times stiffer than usual.

“You never know when something will happen, so being careful is always safe. Of course, the area we search is shallower than the depths, so the level of monsters coming out will be lower… … .

It is absolutely forbidden to be careless. Do you know?”

Jae-hyeon looked at the rubble around and warned the group.

‘You need to find traces of monsters and familiarize yourself with the ones that appear nearby. You will need information to prepare for later.


Before that, there was the most important order.

“First, let’s find a place to camp.”

At Jaehyun’s words, his friends search the area in perfect order. As we had agreed in advance, we started investigating the neighborhood without moving far away from Jaehyun.

In the case of Lee Jae-sang, he instructed not to take any individual action.

‘Because the chancellor’s fighting ability is close to zero.’

After a while.

As if Kim Yoo-jung had found a useful building, she gestured with a bright expression.

“Hey, how are you doing over there? It looks good that the building is still intact, doesn’t it?”

After searching around for a while, I found a grayish-white building that could be used quickly. As if it was originally a pharmaceutical company, all sorts of medicines are messed up on the floor.

“It sure looks good. Let’s go over there.”

At Jaehyun’s words, his colleagues nodded vigorously.

He probably won’t talk, but he’s probably pretty tired. The camp started around 2:00 PM. It’s 7 o’clock now, so it must be because of accumulated fatigue.

As Jaehyun, there was no need to worry for a long time at all. Since we have to start cleaning the surroundings from this evening, we should hurry up and set up the tent.

Now would be the best time to move.

Jaehyun thought about it, but Ahn Hoyeon took the lead and said.

“I will set up the tent. You guys, please search the surroundings.”

“after. yes please.”

Along with Jaehyun’s answer, the rest of the party nodded. Kim Yoo-jung said she would help Ahn Ho-yeon, and she took out various necessary items from the survival kit and started listing them.

At that time, Jaehyun, who was taking a breather, asked Kwon Soyul, who had been silent the entire time.

“how is it? the tracking. Are your skills working properly?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Kwon Soyul, who had been stiff, narrowed his eyes and said.

“you… … Are you really going to catch that monster?”

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