I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 162

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Episode 162 Outdoor Camp (5)

A closed city, a corner of the field.

This place is inhabited by innumerable types of demons entangled together. It was the same place as the Galápagos Islands in the monster world.

A place rarely visited by people.

However, for some reason, a small presence was felt in this quiet field.

A man is standing in the middle of the outskirts that should have been empty.

Min Jae-hyeon was the antagonist of the prophecy that Asgard had occupied.

“Then, let’s move slowly.”

Jaehyun looked around and became familiar with the ecology and topography of the monsters.

‘If you don’t take a good look at the surrounding scenery in advance, you may encounter difficulties in battle later.

It’s right to investigate the surroundings when you have as much free time as possible, and to use it in battle when the situation arises.’

Jaehyun walked away, giving off the scent of a veteran raider.

The magic detection was left on, of course.

“As Soyul-senpai said, there seem to be three types of monsters living nearby.

After all, the unique skill is a scam. How can you grasp the information of the field so quickly without mapping?”

Originally, it would have taken almost two days just for mapping and examining the beast ecology.

After all, Jaehyun and his colleagues have skipped at least two days and moved on to the next stage.

Jaehyun was impressed, recalling that Kwon Soyul’s ability was suitable for team play.

“by the way… … After all, he must be the best for food, right?”

After mumbling a little, he nodded his head.

Jaehyun lowered his eyes and started walking around. She looked intently at the ground, as if she were looking for something.

After a while. Jaehyun’s gaze, which had been scanning the floor, stayed in one place.

The corners of his mouth rose and a smile spread across his face.

“I found it sooner than I thought.”

His gaze was directed to the area where the traces of depressions were left.

The color is damp due to the humidity, and the color is slightly darker than nearby. There were also traces of something huge hanging around.

“Traces of the ground being overturned. wet soil… … And even the venom that flowed around. Undoubtedly. He’s the guy I’ve been looking for.”

I knew the location. Now all you have to do is summon the monster.

After putting strength on his legs for a while, Jaehyun lightly poured his mana into it.

Tsutsut… … !

―Active skill 《Mana Weapon》.

Blue magic permeated his body.

Then, after concentrating all of his mana on his legs, Jaehyun stomped his feet vigorously.


softly… … !

At the same time, an unknown grotesque noise was heard from the floor.

Jaehyun smiled.

Let him continue to stomp and shake the ground without stopping.

Aaaaaa… … !


A scream erupted and the ground began to crack.


Jaehyun took out the mana blade he had made before he knew it and held it in his hand.

In terms of cutting power, it would be better to use Nidhogg’s fangs, but I’m just here to get food ingredients.

If you put too much effort here, you’ll end up eating all the edible parts.

“Would you like to loosen up?”

Jaehyun kicked the floor with his sword in his right hand and lightly stepped back.

Koo Goo Goo!

A demonic beast with a gigantic body and the shape of a snake rose along with him.

A worm appeared.

* * *


Intermediate monsters resembling snakes and earthworms that live underground.

After removing the skin, removing the blood and cooking it well, it was a good food ingredient.

‘Good. Worm’s meat will be quite helpful to the other kids.’

Jaehyun nodded.

Worm meat has the effect of resisting poisoning when consumed, so it is suitable food for survival in the field.

Especially at a time like now when it is difficult to find potions, it was the special effect attached to food that shined.

‘Because in Daegu, there are a lot of monsters that are especially poisoned.

I’ll be fine thanks to Hel’s protection, but I’m sure it’ll be helpful to the other kids.’

After Jaehyun finished his thoughts, he blew magic into the hand holding the dagger.

Aaaaa… … !

The worm that rose up with a wild cry looked at Jaehyun and his eyes flashed.

The eyes of the red witch.

It looked exactly the same as the picture I saw at the museum in the site in the past.

‘Dozens or hundreds of people who met those eyes died.’


At the same time as he swung the sword, the hard outer skin was wounded.



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The demon’s scream erupted.


“under… … .”

Jaehyun felt that the current situation was ironic and gripped his sword again.

appearance of the witch. Raider he has to fight him.

Suddenly, a question that emerged from the deepest place stirred Jaehyun’s head.


Where did the demons come from, and what is the purpose of the Awakener and Aesir system?

This was a story that had not been properly revealed even in the timeline of reproduction before the return.

Monsters and Raiders. I can’t say that there is no correlation between the two.

And maybe that’s it.

‘Odin and Asgard… … It must have something to do with the Aesir god.’

However, it was too early to think about it now. Jaehyun’s strength is still far from being able to deal with those who have the same divinity as Odin.


Jaehyun suddenly raises his head and cheers.

A new skill that has never been used before bursting out before long.

―Active skill «Intermediate Daggers».

The flames from the fingertips permeate the Mana Blade of Jaehyun.

‘That Hoyeoni guy, his teaching talent was the worst… … The results aren’t bad.’

Jaehyun laughed.

At the same time, his body jumps and shoots accurately at the enemy.

message that comes with it.

―Activate the active skill 《Dagger Dance》.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Along with the new skill that was activated again, a solid line was drawn on the thick outer skin of the worm.

Streams of blood splattered and floated in the air.

Chow ah!

Soon it started to wet the floor.

Aaaa… … !

fleeting moment.

Countless wounds were formed on the demon’s skin.

not long after


Worm’s huge body collapsed on the floor.

The boy’s body was already full of wounds. That’s proof that Jaehyun’s dagger skills were excellent.

Jaehyun briefly recalled the past.

[therefore. If you use a dagger like that, you’ll get in trouble! What can I say more like this… … Pod! and suddenly! With a feeling!]

[What bullshit is that?]

[Pat! and suddenly! It’s a vera with a sense of doing!]

[…] … Are you kidding me now?]

During the past circle training, Jaehyun had learned the sword from Hoyeon Ahn.

At first, I couldn’t figure out what the hell that meant. Ahn Ho-yeon’s ability to teach others was at an unprecedented level.

Well, it’s okay because I’ve only learned a few things now… … .

‘At first I wanted to kill him… … If the results were bad, I would have killed him for sure.’

Jaehyun thought about it and nodded.

I will also find food.

Now, a pleasant dinner time awaited.

“It’s been a while since I’ll be devouring myself with food.”

* * *

When Jaehyun returns from hunting. The tent was already in full swing.

Ahn Ho-yeon, who seldom raised his voice, was clearly in his eyes as he shouted and got angry at Kim Yoo-jung.

The Goseong of the party going back and forth. At this, Jaehyun felt a chill run down his back and hurried her steps.

Lee Jae-sang wept as he saw Jae-hyun arrive at the residence quickly.

“Re-jae-jae-ah, Jae-hyun!”


Jae-hyun separated Lee Jae-sang, who was trying to cling to him, and asked Ahn Ho-yeon.

“what’s the matter? How long has it been since the training camp started, are you already fighting?”

Despite Jaehyun’s appearance, Ahn Hoyeon was still struggling as if he couldn’t calm down.

he said clenching his fists.

“No, listen, Yoo-jung says she will make dinner herself!”

“Why is that a problem in the first place!? This time, it’s really confidence!”

Kim Yoo-jung did not back down and confronted him. An Ho-yeon flinched, but never backed down.

Jaehyun’s expression became stunned for a moment.

‘Are we fighting like that because of the dinner shift?’

Was that enough, Kim Yoo-jung’s cooking?

‘… … Not really.’

Jaehyun quickly nodded.

“… … I don’t know anything else, but I’ll have to take Hoyeon’s side. definitely say You are not a real cook.”

“What are you saying?”

Kim Yoo-jung sighed in an annoyed voice, then crossed her arms.

“it’s okay. don’t make it for you And Soyul unni decided to eat it anyway!”

“… … uh?”

Kwon So-yul’s eyes shook.

I wanted to say ‘I never said that’, but I had to swallow it. It was because Kim Yoo-jung was looking at her with her bright eyes.

Kwon So-yul let out a small sigh and thought.

‘no way. I’d say it’s just a little tasteless. Do I really have to die?’

* * *


It tasted terrible indeed.

Kwon So-yul shook her head, recalling the dish she had just eaten.

‘Yoo-jung’s cooking… … It was amazing. On the bad side.’

Kim Yoo-jung received some of the ingredients for the worms that Jae-hyun had been hunting a while ago and cooked them separately for herself.

… … No, was that a process that could be called cooking?

It was made by putting it in a large pot without taking off the outer skin properly and pouring in unsuitable spices… … It boasted a taste that is difficult to describe.

How can you make such a terrible dish with just fine ingredients?

While Kwon So-yul felt unjust, the rest of the party ate the dishes Seo In-na made. Only smiles fill the mouths of those who eat food with joyful faces as if they have become one.

Kwon So-yul, who was watching this, had no choice but to clenched his fists in resentment.

why me… … Why did you only give me this! why!

But I couldn’t show off.

How does it taste with twinkling eyes? I can’t openly say hurtful things to Kim Yoo-jung’s face.

In the first place, Kwon So-yul was the type who was not good at saying unpleasant things to others.

at last.

“Yeah, I think it’s okay… … .”

she said so While she thought it was best not to hurt each other.

but… … Kim Yoo-jung’s reaction was somehow strange.

“Isn’t that right?! Because I knew it!”

In response to Kwon So-yul’s ceremonial answer, Kim Yoo-jung immediately shouted with a triumphant face.

“hey! Did you hear?! My sister said my cooking is delicious! Anyway, you guys don’t know the taste.”

“Ah, no, it’s delicious… … .”

But Kim Yu-jung did not listen.

In the end, Kwon So-yul gave up first.

‘Anyway, this is Yoojung’s last cooking… … .’

At that time, Kim Yoo-jung broke her thoughts and said.

“I’ll make it again for you next time! To expect!”

‘… … what?’

Kwon So-yul’s expression hardened coldly. Jaehyun laughed.

So, you should have listened to us.

Well, that was his expression.

* * *

like that. At the end of a peaceful(?) meal.

Jaehyun had no choice but to deliver one bad news to the group who were exhausted from the hard schedule.

“Everyone wake up. It seems like we have to move right now.”

“… … What do you mean by that?”

Kim Yoo-jung was the first to answer. Tired, dissatisfied expression.

However, at Jaehyun’s continued words, she and everyone in the party had no choice but to agree.

“I can feel the magic of monsters on the roof of this building.”

The expressions on the faces of all the comrades hardened.

What do you mean?

It was the time when Seo Ina was trying to ask Jaehyun something back.


Suddenly, a young woman’s scream reached the party’s ears.

Everyone’s eyebrows are distorted at the same time, and all eyes are focused on Jaehyun.


Jaehyun raised the corners of his mouth and lightly raised his mana.

‘Why is there no one in the relatively intact building? Come to think of it, it was strange from the beginning.’

Jaehyun looked up and looked at his teammates.

He slowly opened his mouth.

“A harpy lives on the roof of this building. If you don’t take care of him, neither the mouse nor the bird will die in their sleep. So wake up quickly.”

At his words, Kwon So-yul’s expression, which was otherwise hard, hardened even more.

She sighed in an annoyed voice.

“I did the research, but why are you condescending?”

Jaehyun smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

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